tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Good-Fuck-Fairy

The Good-Fuck-Fairy


Friday Night:

Danny sits alone in his bedroom, listening to the commotion in the next room over:

"Oh Fuck! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!! oh GOD!!!"



It was Jackie this time. He was sure of it. The walls of Danny's mom's house were far too thin. Ever since his older brother Steve had lost his job and moved home, the problem had been growing worse! It seemed like every night his mom was away at her boyfriend's house, Steve had some random girl over for an all night fuck-a-thon. These girls were all escort 'girlfriends' from 'Club J.' Steve was apparently spending the last of his savings on 'entertainment.'

"Oh, STEVE! Such a BIG BOY... oh.. OHHH.. YES!.. YES! YES! Like that!


That's it... Oh SHIT, YEAH!! ....yeaH!! OH!

Danny had just graduated from high school with honors, and was trying to pull everything together to start community college in the fall. The evenings when he wasn't working were his only chance to study for his various entrance examinations. He was sorry he'd put things off til' the last minute. He needed to study and to read.

Right now, Danny was having difficulty doing either. He was 18 and as horny as any boy his age!

His books lay open on his desk. He lay on his bed, his hand down his briefs. His eyes scanned the blankness of his ceiling. His imagination reeled with what must be playing out in the next room:

On the other side of the thin wall, Jackie Ling straddled Steve. She knew he was an easy 50 bucks. Steve was a sucker like that! Jackie was 24, and ridiculously well-endowed. She had given up nursing for escorting on the weekends. The pay was much better and she was just plain HORNY!

Steve lay on his bare mattress... his hands found their way up her slick olive colored skin, holding her under her smooth arms. She had ENORMOUS tits! Steve still just couldn't get enough! Here was this cute asian girl he'd known since high-school, perfect round tits, each the size of her head! When Jackie rode him like this, they bounced and jostled in a way that made him nearly loose his mind! Their peaked pink nipples pointed this way and that as her luscious melons hefted on her chest!

Jackie raised her arms over her head and her buxom body cast shadows on the walls of his cluttered room. The silhouette of her swerving figure arched its back and bounced harder and HARDER... her bouncing shadow dominated the many childish things in his shelves and walls: his high-school medals, his football pictures, his picture as prom-king!

Her shadow swerved and tossed across Steve's favorite high-school era poster: roller-babes in bikinis! Suddenly the bouncing shadow lifted and revealed the shadow of an unusually large dick... the dick blew its load!

"OH, GOD! OH... OHHH!!!!!" Bellowed a lower voice...

Danny tried to cover his ears. Steve was cumming. Again.

A fat wad of cum landed squarely in the middle of the poster...the rest landed on Jackie.

"Shhhhh... Shhhh... such a GOOD BOY!" consoled Jackie's soothing voice.

"Oh.. fuck me!" whispered Danny under his breath. He felt his dick harden past the point of no-return... he'd been stroking it inside his 'tighty-whities' hoping for it all to be over.

"Oh!" he let out, and caught himself in the middle of his own pitiful orgasmic whimper.

Danny was always disappointed with his own dick. With his abilities in bed. Why were his own orgasms always such a let-down?

He'd had a girlfriend for the first part of senior year, and they'd played around. But nothing ever happened with him the way it seemed to happen with Steve. Danny secretly knew he wouldn't last two seconds with the kinds of girls Steve routinely brought home.

He had an early day at work in the morning, so he decided to call it a night. Danny closed his eyes, and pulled his a pillow over his head.


At 2:30AM, Danny got out of bed and wandered down the hallway to the bathroom. He still couldn't sleep. He was horny again, and even more disappointed with himself for masturbating AGAIN! He was surprised when he reached the bathroom:

The door opened for him.

He found himself face-to-face with Jackie. She had beautiful sympathetic eyes, and dark straight hair. It hung below her bare shoulders. She made a final adjustment to her tight corset, her gracious bosoms nearly popping out in his face.

"You must be Danny! I'm Jackie!" She said in a slightly hushed but friendly tone. She extended her hand, which Danny took immediately. She shook it, and then glanced back down the hall toward Steve's room.

"Are you going?" Was the only question he could think to ask.

"I... um..." Jackie looked him in the eyes "Yeah. I've got another... appointment."

Danny stood, transfixed in her presence. She was so fully sexual, so confidant, so FITTED in tight leather and strapped black lace!

"Oh... Listen..um.." Danny stammered to speak. "If you're not busy.. that is.. some time.. some evening... I.. that is maybe we..."

What was he doing? Was he actually asking her to sleep with HIM?!

He was. Damn it! He was!

"Oh..." Jackie blinked, lowered her eyes for a minute, realizing Danny had been staring at her chest.

"Listen, Danny, you seem like a really nice guy. You... that is... your brother PAYS me to stay with him. You... you need to find yourself a nice girl. I'm not for you. Steve's just a paying customer. YOU can do better. Understand?"

Danny stepped back, a little shocked at his own proposal, but slightly relieved.

"Oh. Well, I guess..."

Still, he couldn't help admiring her form...he felt himself stiffening by in his boxers.. it was beginning to show. He turned his eyes away from her, becoming self-conscious.

"Listen, Danny." Jackie looked back down the hallway and seemed to be considering something. She applied a new coat of red lipstick and turned her eyes back to him. "Danny, I want you to take this."

She reached into her black vinyl purse and retrieved a small card. It looked like a business card, but it had only a number on one side, and nothing else.

"If you want, this is someone special... magical... Text this number if you ever.. that is.. WHEN you feel the need to... well.. you'll see." Her level eyes told him she was serious, and that she didn't give this number out lightly. The card had slightly warn corners, as if it had been kept in her possession for some time.

"Good night. Be good!"

Jackie kissed him on the cheek, patted his shoulder, and slipped out of the darkened house.

Danny still stood in the hallway looking at the number when Jackie's car started in the street and drove away in a storm of thumping techno.

He was too flustered to call anyone at this hour. He had no idea what he would say, anyway! He felt so lame. All he knew was he had a 'raging boner' that needed taking care of.

Five minutes later, Danny collapsed into frustrated sleep. His raging boner had proved to be the day's final disappointment. It had taken him all of thirty seconds to cum, and resulted in only two meager drops. He was no Steve. He was ashamed!


Saturday Night:

Danny wished the library had been open for another two hours. Make that ALL NIGHT! He wished that his mom would come home.

squeak..... squeak.... squeak..squeak..squeak..SQUEAK..SQUEAK..

"Oh.. Oh! OH! OHH! OHHH FUCK ME STEVIE! Oh, YeaH! YeaHH! "

Danny wished he had a huge dick like Steve. He wished he had SLUTS he could pay to FUCK! DAMN IT!

"Oh, TINA!! God.."



Tina had been a classical dancer in college. At 28, she realized there were only a few ways to translate dance into an income. She chose the 'low road' which, this particular evening, lead to Steve's bedroom. Her dark black skin shimmered with perspiration, smooth dark chocolate flesh...

Steve held his hands on her impossibly narrow waist, gazing up the length of her arched back. He saw her dreadlocks, her shoulder blades, down to her perfect round ass... he loved to fuck Tina like an animal! He was filled with sheer pride that he had his dick deep up inside such a sleek sexual creature.. he pounded harder and harder and HARDER, his bed frame creaking against the wall... she arched her back and ground backward on him with every thrust...

Tina was a pro. On a good night, she could make seven men cum this way. She could fuck for hours if necessary, all the while privately considering changes to her Facebook page!

Danny had tried changing rooms, but every room in the house provided a spectacular aural perspective of Steve and Tina's fucking. Hell, the neighbors could probably hear it across the street!

He was about to simply give in and jerk-off alone in his bed (like always) when he thought of the card... the mysterious card!

He pulled it from his wallet, and examined it again.


The lamp nearly shook off Danny's desk. Tina started howling on the other side of sheet-rock:

"OoooUUUUU!!!!! Ouuu-Ouuuuuh!!"

She always howled when she was getting fucked against the wall.

Concentrating, Danny thumbed the number into his phone. He typed a pensive message, and pressed send:





The response came faster than he had expected! The buzzing made him drop the phone. When he picked it up, it read:





He tried to respond, but his phone was frozen up... it did nothing when he pressed its buttons.

"What the hell?"

A moment later, he began to suspect something very odd had just happened. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was as if the world had gone still.

Wait! The world HAD gone still! The air was perfectly silent... not a bump or a creak or a moan from the next room.. not the buzz of a fly indoors, or the wail of a police siren from the outside world... what was going on?

Indeed, for everyone and everything except Danny, the time had utterly stopped! His wall clock's hands were frozen. The grandfather clock in the living room was still. (In the next room, Tina was frozen, breasts pressed against the wall, Steve's dick frozen halfway up her ass!)

A soft blue light suddenly flashed in Danny's window. Lightning? He looked up and saw it flash again -this time brighter. Suddenly, the window began to rattle in its frame!

What the hell?

BLAM!! The window burst open in an explosion of blue light and wind!

Danny dove off his chair and scrambled under his bed. He found it difficult, however, to climb entirely under- The space was so packed with his growing collection of dirty magazines that there really was NO PLACE TO HIDE! Some of these glossy items squeezed out of their stacks and slipped out from both sides of the bed!

The rush of wind mixed with the airy sound of chimes and the tinkling of little bells... From his hiding place, Danny witnessed the blue glow grow to a blinding white, and then fade down to nearly nothing.

A pair of snow-white feet in tall glass stilettos stood on his carpet. Their luminous nails shimmered like blue fire. A female voice spoke, clear as morning dew-drops, yet darkly sensual.

"Ahem. Daniel. Daniel?"

Danny tried hard not to move -not to breathe! He tried to draw his legs up to his chest... a fat issue of SWANK magazine rolled out onto his carpet, open to the a page of fucking cheerleaders...

"Oh shit! Oh shit.. wake up, Danny!" he gasped to himself...

A graceful hand with luminous white fingers glided down to the magazine. The silky fingers lifted it up, and her other hand flipped the pages. The plush little red lips on the girl's spotless face smiled cleverly. The girl's wide set green-within-green eyes looked down at the bed. One narrow silver eyebrow lifted playfully. One hand rolled the magazine into a neat little scroll, while the other pulled a glass wand from her transparent silvery corset...

"Lectivious Navi!"

The bed was instantly lighter than air, and lifted clear to the ceiling. Danny scrambled face-down in his own nest of pornography! He rolled onto his back and struggled back to the wall, kicking with stocking feet! Back against the wall, he looked up to glimpse his assailant.. he held his had up for a moment to block the blue light that seemed to surround the figure... the figure of a woman... a very VERY LOVELY woman!

"You can come out now, Daniel. I won't hurt you!" she said to him.

Her voice was mixed with the sounds of the wind and of little chimes... he felt his panic melt away.. he took a deep breath. The glowing figure stood where the foot of his bed had been. High glass stilettos led to shapely long white legs, which disappeared into a very short pleated silvery skirt... her bare midriff showed a perfect naval on her smooth white tummy, where a little diamond ring sparkled! Her sides and breasts were strapped into in a glowing silvery transparent corset... it's generous low top allowed her white breasts to swell like smooth full moons! Her shoulders were strong yet fine, as were her beautiful sleek arms.. her neck bore a fine choker of glowing blue pearls. Then he gazed into her eyes...

"Oh.." He felt himself nearly melt, looking into those eyes!

Green like emeralds, only alive in a way no stone can be! Enormous and almond shaped. Wide-set in her beautiful round face, with eyelashes of silver and black... an otherworldly beauty to behold!

Her nose was delicate, and her mouth was a perfect kiss upon her smooth little jaw. She was gazing at him curiously. She smiled and spoke to him again:

"Daniel! Oh, you poor boy! Come out!"

Still holding her wand in the air, she glanced down and around him. She turned up a Swimsuit-Edition Sports illustrated with her right toe.

"I can tell I've got my work cut out for me!"

Daniel stood in awe, seeing this woman in his bedroom... she had... WINGS! How had he missed that?!

"That's it! Now come out of there! This way! ...Good boy!"

He timidly stepped out of the pile of rubbish, his eyes glanced between her wings and her astounding breasts... nipples! He could make out silvery pink nipples through her corset! Oh god! He hunched down a bit, covering the crotch of his shorts with his hands.. he didn't want this spectacular sexual beauty to behold his pitiful three-inch boner!

"Now SIT!" commanded the slender being's velvety voice. The bed instantly CRASHED back to the floor behind him, shaking the lamp off his desk! Danny jumped back onto the bed in fright!

"Oh.. sorry!" she said, smiling up at him, timidly. "I can be rough sometimes!"

Her voice seemed to sooth him, and he again looked into her eyes.. at her wings... her TITS!

"Who... Who are you?" he finally asked.

"Oh, no one really... I am merely the freer of the sexually-frustrated, banisher of impotence, and trainer of MEN! I have many names...Hathor, Aphrodite, Venus... Names go in and out of style so quickly. "

Daniel shifted on the edge of his mattress. She stood with her legs in a commanding stance... god, her skirt was short! He could almost see...

"These days, it's so important to be direct and to-the-point, don't you think? You can call me the Good-Fuck-Fairy!"

"Um... Pleased... to meet you..."

"Don't worry. You WILL be! You're so cute, Daniel. Now, shall we get started?"


"On your problem... you're terribly frustrated. Sexually. I see it all the time!"

Daniel felt his face growing red.. she had glanced down at his shorts and seen the meager bump of his erection. Now what? This beautiful goddess of LUST wanted to make-it with him? He was so embarrassed at himself, he couldn't even bear the thought!

"No, no, no, Daniel.. Don't be ashamed! Daniel, look at me! Now, don't worry about a thing! I'm here to help."

Daniel gulped and looked back into her eyes... her eyes were deep oceans of envious green!

"Now, I've found that it's important to take a no-nonsense approach toward solving problems such as yours. I usually like to start with the equipment." The pretty fairy deftly directed her wand at his kaki shorts.

"Pantheria-Aperio!" She commanded. The buckle of his belt instantly flipped open, and it's leather length slipped out, undulating like a long black tongue! The top button of his shorts tipped on edge and spun like a neat little top, vibrating like mad before popping its way out of it's hole! The tab of his zipper stood directly out, as if yanked by magnetic force; it buzzed in air slightly.

Slowly, the fairy lowered her wand in her silky hand... his zipper followed suit, unzipping downward from top to the bottom. His shorts seemed to just splay wide-open, revealing the crotch his seamed white briefs.

"Now this is part of your problem right here!" she exclaimed with a sort of pity and shock. She looked from his eyes back down to his tighty-whities.

"Daniel, Men can't DEVELOP properly in these... these things!"

She held the glass rod loosely in her hand, and then directed it sharply with her index finger.

"Genetrix Verto!" Daniel sat upright, overcome by an immense tickling sensation! He looked down, and discovered, through his open shorts, that his briefs had been transformed into a thousand shimmering silver butterflies! The fairy held the tip of her wand to her pursed pink lips. With an airy breath, a shimmering wind carried sparkles from the wand's tip across the room to Daniel's lap... the wind perturbed the butterflies, which immediately beat their wings and flew free of his shorts.... they dispersed upwards, leaving him naked beneath. Daniel gasped at the sensation of their wings beating their breeze over his genitals... the butterflies rose disappeared in a cloud of shimmering dust!

"That's better, don't you think?" The fairy stepped close, and knelt at the foot of Daniel's bed. She rested her hands on his knees, and leaned in to his lap... She pursed her translucent lips, and blew... the last dust of the butterfly wings rose from his nakedness. She looked up at him, and smiled sweetly.

"Daniel, you have nothing to be ashamed of!"

"But I DO!! I'm such a puny wimp!" He had cut her off, and was now almost pleading with her.

"Something you should know, Daniel.." She looked into his eyes with beautiful understanding "Is that the shame you feel is only in your mind... your body can bring you wonders, if only your mind will accept its gifts!"

"I...I don't know..." Daniel stammered, turning his head away... he felt his dick shriveling up on sight... he couldn't bear the humiliation any more! He clasped his hands over his open shorts.

"Daniel?" He felt her hands give his knees a little squeeze "Daniel? Look at me..." He slowly turned his head, and glanced up at her.

"It's ok. Let me do something nice for you. I'd like to give you something nice. "

"W...what? What could you possibly..."

"Something very special, and just for you..." She let her hands slide up his inseams, her thumbs making little glowing tracks in his inner thighs...

Daniel looked into her eyes... then realized he could look directly down her cleavage from his vantage point! Her hands slid back to his knees, her thumbs re-tracing their tingling path... he felt his dick begin to tighten... little by little... he looked down. He had never felt so calm and comfortable around such a beautiful woman... he saw his erection standing at attention; All three inches of it!

"That's better. Now.." The fairy slipped away and stood up, smoothing her skirt down about her silky thighs... her thighs rubbed sensuously against one another as she took two steps back. "Daniel, this won't hurt a bit, but I warn you, no one can undo what I'm about to do..."

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