tagGroup SexThe Good Girl Ch. 01

The Good Girl Ch. 01


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My name is Heather, and I used to be a good girl. I used to be a shy, timid little thing that didn't like making a scene, didn't like being bad, and didn't like telling people what she really wanted. It kept me from getting boyfriends for years, despite being pretty attractive. I didn't even masturbate. Hell, I even used to have a hard time cursing.

That all changed when I got my hands(and everything else) around my first cock. I was 19, and it belonged to my first real boyfriend. As soon as he popped my cherry, my whole world flipped on its head. I had an epiphany. That day I realized what my body really wanted, and from then on, all I could think about was fucking and sucking cock, licking pussy, and getting my tight body covered from head to toe in as much warm, wet cum as I possibly could. Now, at 23, I'm one of the nastiest and kinkiest women that I've ever known. I love everything about sex. I love having my ass fucked, my pussy filled, and my holes stretched. But what I love most, is cum. I love feeling it warm on my body. I love tasting it, drinking it, and massaging it into my skin. Just the sight or smell of it turns my pussy into a drippy swamp.

Shannon, my best friend slash fuck buddy, and the person who basically changed my life by introducing me to that first boyfriend, knows how I am. She also shares my tastes in sex, so I knew that I'd be in for some fun when she called me at 6 on a Saturday night with an almost giddy mood.

"Hey, you busy?"

"Not tonight, you wanna come over?"

"Nah, just seeing if you wanted to go to a 'special' party." she said with a giggle.

My knees went weak at the mention of a "special" party. She had mentioned them before. Every couple of weekends a few frats from the college she attended would rent out a dance club for an evening and get together for a "party" with a bunch of guys and a couple of girls. The numbers supposedly ranged anywhere from 25-50 guys, and usually 2-4 girls, so there was plenty of delicious cock and cum to go around. Shannon happened to be in a sorority which girls were often plucked from. I had never been to one, but Shannon had told me about them, and they sounded right up my alley.

"I would LOVE to go! It's about fucking time I got invited!" I said excitedly.

"Yeah, you can thank me later." she said.

"What time?"

"I'll pick you up in an hour and a half."

As soon as she hung up I raced to get ready. Shannon used to be the yin to my yang. We were long-time friends, since childhood, but she found her sexual peak earlier than me. By 18 she was getting fucked by multiple partners, taking on football players at our schools, all before I even got my first boyfriend. Now, the tables had turned. Sometimes it was hard for her to even keep up with me. I guess I was making up for lost time.

Before she had hooked me up with a boyfriend, we had just been good friends. Afterward, I started to look at her in a new, far more sexual light. We experimented with each other, and it soon became clear we were definitely both bisexual. Now, whenever one of us felt like getting off and was alone, we just called the other to come over and fucked each other silly!

I jumped in the shower, shaving my entire body clean, including my pussy. I wanted to feel as sexy as possible. I love the feeling of having a bald pussy. It makes everything so much smoother and erotic. I gave myself a quick enema, because I was pretty sure I'd be needing it tonight. I love anal sex. There's nothing like the feeling of a big cock stretching my tightest hole, and if there's one around, it usually winds up stuffed in there.

I got out of the shower, dried and styled my hair, and studied myself in my full-length mirror. Before my true feelings about sex had come out, I usually hid my body, and didn't quite realize what I had underneath the conservative clothing. I've since been told by countless people, of both sexes, that I have a nearly perfect body. My tits are a large and perky D-cup, with small, dark areolas, and I have a perfectly rounded ass with well toned legs that are in balanced proportion with my 5'7" body. My hair is a little below shoulder-length, and strawberry blonde with long, light curls, and I have pale green eyes that I've been told can "pierce souls." Everyone tells me they look particularly amazing staring up from between their legs.

I finished checking myself out and considered what to wear for a minute, deciding on my favorite black lace bra and panties, and my sexiest pair of 5 inch heels, with laces that ran all the way up my calves. I pulled on a black leather miniskirt, and then figured anything else would just get in the way. I didn't expect to be wearing much for very long anyway. I put on a little black eyeliner and perfume and waited for Shannon to pick me up.

The doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, my mouth fell to the floor. Shannon stood there, looking like a fucking sex goddess. She was wearing a pink and black garter belt and thong with black thigh-highs. Her ripe C tits were held by a matching bra, and she wore a sexy pair of fuck me pumps. Her auburn hair was straightened and fell to the middle of her back, and black eyeliner framed her aqua blue eyes.

"Holy shit, you look amazing!" I said.

"So do you. Good enough to eat!" she grinned.

"You promise?"

"Oh, I promise." she said, licking her lips. "You ready to have some fun?"

"Hell yes. I haven't had a proper fuck in ages. I need to get a cum fix." I replied.

"Well, you'll definitely get plenty of cum tonight!" she laughed. "Let's go!"

I grabbed my coat and we hopped in her car. The first thing I noticed was that the seats were covered with plastic. I realized she must REALLY not be kidding about getting my fill of cum!

When we got to the club Shannon talked to a large guy outside, who looked like he was acting as the bouncer. She flashed her ID to him, but he obviously knew who she was and quickly opened the door.

When we walked in, I got the second jaw-dropping moment of my night. I hadn't really known what to expect because Shannon had been mum on the details, besides that there would be a whole lot of guys, but what I found was a club that looked like a fucking sex palace. One wall was taken up by a giant projection screen that had porn playing on it, with some hot bitch getting pounded from both ends, taking a cock in her ass and getting face fucked. Around the walls were various tables with all kinds of sex toys and alcohol, ranging from basic vibrators, to butt plugs of all sizes, to a bit more kinky devices like handcuffs and ball-gags.

I could tell right away this would be a night I would NOT forget.

There was some rock music playing, and what looked to be about 35 to 45 guys standing around in various states of dress, some drinking, some talking, and some just admiring the show being played on the projector. Shannon grabbed my hand and took me around, introducing me to a few of them. They all seemed pretty charming, but the sexual charge in the room was about to overload. Soon Shannon suggested we get the party rolling, and dragged me up onto the dance floor, tearing off my coat and throwing it aside so she was just wearing her lingerie, and I was in my bra and leather miniskirt.

She started off by facing me and zipping off my miniskirt, tossing it aside and digging her long nails into the curved cheeks of my ass.

"Kiss me." she whispered.

She pulled my pelvis into hers, and I could feel her hot breath on my face as she leaned forward and brushed her lips against mine. She snaked out her tongue and licked along my lips lightly, parting them and running her tongue over my teeth and gums. Shannon was one of the best kissers I had ever had the pleasure of making out with. I caressed her soft, pink tongue with mine, tasting my cherry lip gloss on it. I dug my pelvis into hers to the rhythm of the music as she pushed into me. She grabbed my tongue between her lips and sucked on it, lightly grazing it with her teeth before letting it go with a little kiss.

Her nails scratched along my tight ass and she turned around, pushing her ass back into me, leaning her head over my shoulder and lightly kissing and licking up my slender neck. My pussy had been wet since her phone call, but now my juices were really starting to flow. I reached around her and slid my hand down her stomach, finding the hem of her panties. All of the guys had now turned their attention to us, some of them now beginning to make their way onto the dance floor, stripping shirts and shoes away. I slid my fingers underneath Shannon's panties, down her shaved mound and started massaging her clit, rubbing her hood it in little circles.

"Mmm, finger fuck me..." she whispered into my ear.

I slid my fingers down to her slit and started probing her pussy as her panties completely soaked through with her juices. I split her lips and pushed two of my fingers into her cunt, finding her g-spot and lightly stroking it as she started to moan. I loved the way her pussy felt. Wet. Tight. Soft, hot, and slick. My fingers played with her, enjoying the sensation of being squeezed by her tight hole.

I looked up from her pussy and searched along the sides of the floor, finding a guy who already had his cock out. I locked eyes with him and smirked, then started fucking the shit out of Shannon's cunt with my fingers. I slammed them in and out of her hole as fast and as hard as I could. She yelped and her knees started to quiver as her pussy made wet sloppy sounds around my fingers. I felt her breath in my ear as she bit down on my neck. She screamed "FUCK! Oh fuck me, I'm cumming!" as her orgasm hit. I felt her pussy clench my fingers and warm juices gush into my hand as she slumped in my arms. My fingers slid out of her pussy and she fell to her knees, shaking. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked each of my fingers clean of her juices, never breaking my stare with the guy stroking his cock.

The party had begun!

I kneeled down with my back against Shannon's as the guys began to strip and make their way onto the dance floor. The guy I'd been staring at reached me first and offered me his cock. I gladly accepted and grabbed his cock at the base, pointing it up and licking my way along the underside of his shaft. I cupped his balls with my other hand and pulled on them gently while sucking on the head of his cock. I lifted it up and took his balls into my mouth, rolling my tongue around them and getting them nice and wet. I pulled off of them with an audible "pop" and spit on his cock, massaging it in and stroking him with both hands. I could hear Shannon behind me gagging and getting her throat fucked.

I took my hands off of my guy's cock, clasping them behind my back and looking up at him.

"Please, fuck my face?" I asked, pouting my lips.

He groaned and grabbed the sides of my head, pushing his rigid cock into my mouth and thrusting forward, forcing all 8 inches of it down my little throat. I gagged a little bit and stuck my tongue out, licking the underside of his cock. I felt his wet sack slapping into my chin with each thrust as he buried his cock balls deep in my throat. I stared up at his face, my green eyes wide and full of lust. He thrust hard and then pulled out, jerking his cock in front of my face.

His cum shot out and splattered into my mouth and on my chin. I let some of what was in my mouth roll out over my soft lips, watching it fall onto my tits. I couldn't believe how much he was cumming. I learned later that all the guys who came to these parties held off having sex and masturbating for days before them, so the girls would have more cum to enjoy. My mouth was filled with his seed, and I looked up at him, sticking my tongue out of the pool of it in my mouth and wiggling it at him. I swished it back and forth, playing with it and savoring what was sure to be the first of many loads of creamy cock juice, before tilting my head back and letting the cum slide down my throat.

My pussy was soaking wet and I could feel my vulva swelling up. I felt a need rapidly welling up inside my body, like an internal itch that was desperate to be scratched. I yanked off my bra and panties and threw them off the dance floor. I kept my heels on because wearing them while getting fucked made me feel feel even sluttier.

I took a look behind me I saw that Shannon was already in full party mode, getting gang-fucked by 3 guys. She was moaning, sucking, and fucking like a pro, streaks of cum already glistening on her thighs and chest. Her ass bounced up and down on a cock while another guy slammed into her cunt from above, and her head was tilted back so another could pound her throat. I could see her throat stretch and her neck muscles strain on every thrust in.

A guy came over and pushed me down to my knees. I slurped his cock in my mouth, coating him with my saliva and making his cock shine. I got it nice and wet and then stood up, grabbing hold of his cock. I stroked him and leaned in, whispering into his ear.

"I want you to fuck me." I hissed, giving his earlobe a little flick with the tip of my tongue.

I let go of his cock and turned around, slowly kneeling on my hands and knees and pushing my ass out toward him. He kneeled behind me and devoured my pussy with his mouth, flicking my clit and fucking my sopping hole with his tongue. His mouth made loud slurping noises as his tongue slid in and out. I could feel the itch welling up inside me as my orgasm neared. He brought me right to the edge, my pussy aching to cum, and then stopped.

He stood up and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my wet lips as he slowly inserted his length into me, inch by glorious inch, and began to fuck me doggie style. His cock filled every little aching fold of my pussy perfectly. He fucked his cock in and out of me as another guy approached me with a wiffle ball gag and shoved it into my mouth, strapping it on to my head and laying down in front of me so I could fuck his cock with my tits. Because of the gag, I couldn't keep the saliva from running out of my mouth, so I put it over his cock, letting it fall onto it and lubing it up. I laid down on top of his cock as he started to fuck my chest. The guy behind me was now pounding into my pussy, pushing me forward and making me tit fuck the guy beneath me.

Before long they flipped me over and I positioned my ass over the tit-fuckers wet cock. I let his prick slide into my ass slowly, and leaned back onto him, feeling every luxurious inch penetrating me. The guy who'd been fucking me from behind kneeled in front of me and split my pussy. I adore being double penetrated, so before long I was screaming and thrashing on their stiff cocks and moaning around my gag. I noticed Shannon had now been picked up, and was being sandwiched between two muscular guys who were fucking up into her pussy and ass. She bounced on their cocks and squealed in delight as they pounded her, grabbing on to the guy in front of her and flinging her head from side to side, her silky brown hair flying everywhere.

Suddenly a guy in front of my blocked my view, shoving his cock in my face. He ripped the gag off and I gobbled his cock up hungrily. He shoved it deep into my slick throat, tickling my nose with his rough pubic hair. I was now being filled with hard cock meat in all three of my holes, and I fucking loved it. They began to build up speed, and I moaned around the swelling cock in my mouth as my tight holes clenched around their throbbing dicks. They pulled out of me and cum exploded onto my stomach and ass. I felt the meat in my mouth expand and thick cum flow down my throat.

They laid me on the floor, and as I waited for the next guy to come and fuck me, I saw the two guys fucking Shannon thrust hard and cum into her together with a grunt. After she climbed down, she hopped over to the table full of sex toys and grabbed a strap-on harness. The harness had two big plugs on the inside, and she slowly inserted both into her tight holes, keeping the sperm that had been deposited inside her from spilling out. She came over and kneeled down next to me, beckoning a couple of guys over.

She started giving head to one of them, and the other stared at me with a hungry look in his eyes.

"Go fuck her baby!!" Shannon encouraged him with a grin.

He came over and and offered me his cock, rubbing the head along my plump, shiny lips. I sucked it into my mouth, getting it wet, before flipping over on my hands and knees and resting my head and arms on the floor.

I looked over my shoulder at him and mouthed "Fuck me." with a little smile.

He kneeled behind me and slapped his cock against my pussy, wetting it with my juices and making me jump. He lined it up with my cunt and slid it in deep, hitting just the right spot, tickling my cervix and scratching that desperate itch inside me.

"Mmm, god... Pound me with your cock!"

He started slamming his cock into me, his thighs slapping my sweaty ass with a wet smack. I lifted my head off the floor and threw my hair onto my back, pushing back against his thrusts. Suddenly I felt his finger tickling my rosebud. I looked back at him and nodded, letting him know it was ok to finger fuck my ass. He wet his finger and slid it in, probing my little hole. I bit my lip as one finger became two, and two turned to three, and he started thrusting them in time with his cock.

"Slap my ass!!" I yelled.

His hand slammed down on my ass, making it sting. A guy came over and grabbed the sides of my head, forcing his cock in my mouth and cramming it down my throat. I gagged and coughed around it as I tickled his sack with my fingers. The two cocks pounded my cunt and throat for what seemed like and eternity. Finally the guy hammering my throat grabbed the back of my head and thrust deep, emptying his balls straight into my belly as my throat twitched and milked his cock. It slid out and I gasped for air, finally able to breathe normally. The guy fucking my cunt pulled his fingers out of my ass and fell forward against my back, gripping me tightly around the waist. I felt his breath in my ear as he picked up speed and started fucking the hell out of me as hard and fast as he could. I leaned forward and reached under me, finding my little clit and rubbing it furiously back and forth. I felt his heavy balls slap against my fingers as he pounded me and his cock spasmed in my cunt, splashing my pussy walls with his cum.

His cock flopped out of me and I rolled over onto my back, absently rubbing my swollen clit. I swiped some of the cum from my pussy and rubbed it into my tits, rolling my nipples between my slick fingers. Shannon was still kneeling next to me, and a line had formed in front of her. She moved down the line to the next guy, and the one she was sucking kneeled in front of me and started fucking me. The guys Shannon was blowing started running a train on me, wetting their cocks in her mouth and then fucking the shit out of me, dumping their loads in my aching pussy or shooting it on my face. I rubbed and pinched my tits, thrashing on the floor and writhing in sexual ecstasy as a seemingly endless stream of rock hard cock stretched my cunt.

One guy crawled underneath me, lining his cock up with my ass. I sat down on it slowly, feeling the head pop in, and every inch of it's thick length slide up inside me. "Ahhhhh, fuck that's good. Pound that prick into my ass!"

Next to me I saw Shannon sucking a couple of guy's cocks, one of them slamming it down her throat while she jerked the other off. I watched as she pulled the guy fucking her face out and stood up, pointing his cock at her strap-on. He groaned as his load shot out all over her fake cock and hands and she massaged the thick cum into both. She looked at me with a grin. "I got a nice wet present for you baby." She kneeled down between my legs and rubbed the slippery cock head over my pussy, slapping my clit with the fat head. She suddenly lunged forward, splitting my labia and slamming the strap-on into my cunt in one thrust.

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