tagGroup SexThe Good, the Bad, and the Nasty

The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty


Texas 1867

There lived two sisters name Stacy and Pamela. They were both hot busty blondes; but, they had different personalities. Stacy was a female gunfighter while Pamela was a lounge singer for many saloons in Texas.

One day while riding on a train, Stacy and Pamela were playing cards in their private train cart. Little did they knew, a dangerous gunman sneaked on board for one reason: to steal money and jewels. He placed his scarf over his mouth and loaded up his gun. he, then, entered the next train cart surprising Stacy and Pamela in fear.

"Now if you, ladies, want to live, you will give me all of your money and let me leave," the gunman ordered the sisters. Stacy and Pamela held each other tight.

"yes, sir. It is in that safe behind you," Pamela pointed out to the gunman.

"Do you know the code?" he questioned them.

"I do," Stacy answered. She looked at with a secret idea. She walked over to the safe. Secretly, she hid a little gun in her bra. The gunman pointed one gun at Pamela and the other at Stacy.

"Hurry up. I don't have all day," he ordered Stacy who was playing with the lock. Meanwhile the gunman stared at Pamela up and down. Pamela noticed and gave a little smile.

"Are you almost done?" he questioned Stacy.

"yes, I just need one more turn," she responded. Without him knowing, she grabbed a cane and tripped the gunman with it. As he fell to the floor, Stacy took out her gun and pointed at him. Pamela was straight behind her, holding the other gun.

Stacy straddled him while holding him down at gun point.

"And what are you, ladies, going to do? hold me hostage?" the gunman made fun of them, "or maybe man-handle me?" he laughed at them.

"What should we do with him, Stacy?" Pam asked her. Stacy smiled.

"I was thinking about maybe shooting this gentleman's balls off," Stacy answered. The gunman's smiled dropped when he heard that. Pamela looked down at the gunman's pants.

"I don't know, sis. He looks pretty big down from where you're sitting," Pamela responded.

"Well, he sure feels big," Stacy responded while his balls through his pants.

"Why don't you open it and see?" he told the girls. They unzipped his pants, pulling his big cock.

"Oh, we can't let this go to waste, Stacy," Pamela responded.

"You're right, You try it first, sis," Stacy said. Pamela began to touch the gunman's cock with her tongue first, letting it go completely in her mouth. Stacy began to distracted the gunman by touching his lips with hers. he reached for her ass to grab in her pants. The two kissed passionately while Pamela continued to stroke his cock with her mouth. When he stood up, he grabbed both of the sisters and mad e out with them on the floor.

he, first, untied Pamela's corset behind her, releasing her perfectly rounded breast. Then it was Stacy's turn. The gunman pushed the spenders off of Stacy and instantly ripped her blouse open, exposing her breast. Stacy went down on him, massaging his cock with her mouth. The gunman enjoyed teasing Pamela's breast with his tongue while feeling the warm wetness of Stacy's mouth on his cock.

Pamela picked up the gunman's hat and threw it across the room. The two sisters smiled at him.

" You won't be needing your hat for a while, cowboy," Pamela told him and went back to kissing. The two sisters threw the shirt off of their dangerous boy toy. Pamela made her skirt slip down off of her. Stacy stood up in front of the gunman, making her pants dropped to her feet and kicked them to the side.

Grabbing whole of her ass, he pulled Stacy towards him. Spreading her legs open, she let his tongue play with her pussy. She responded in holding a grip of his hair, moaning with excitement. The three of them with down on the floor indulging him with their soaked bodies.

Their hands slid up and down on his chest, worshiping his big strong body. He held up his cock to Stacy's pussy, letting her slide on to him. She stood up and began to ride him. Soon, he pushed Pamela's body to his face. He started to eat her out, making her tremble down to her feet. Stacy spread her legs wider to ride him faster. The two sisters moan as the gunman continued to take an advantage of them.

Stacy and Pamela then found themselves kissing each other on top of the table. The gunman liked what he saw. He started to touch them with his cock till his slide it into Pamela who was underneath Stacy. As he began to fuck her, Stacy encouraged him to fuck his sister hard.

"If you want all of our money, you, better, fuck us good," Pamela cried to the gunman.

Pamela started to kiss Stacy on the neck and squeeze her ass. Soon, the gunman followed Pamela by slapping Stacy's ass.

Stacy scream to slapped her hard and never stop. Then, he played with her pussy with his fingers. Before she knew it, his cock was back in her. Stacy put one of her hands underneath her, trying to play with her sister's wet pussy.

"That's right, cowboy. Give it to me!" she screamed. The gunman lifted one of his legs up, making himself bang Stacy and Pam at a time. The excitement was so intense. the sisters grabbed on to each others mouths while the table rocked back and forth on the train.

Suddenly, he pulled himself out of Stacy and exploded cum on her ass and Pamela's legs. Pamela rubbed it all over Stacy's ass. The two sisters kissed the gunman while they rubbed the leftover cum on his cock. Stacy, soon, put wrist chains on his wrist behind him. He didn't complaint. Stacy and Pamela lied him back down on the floor for round two.

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