tagIncest/TabooThe Graham Reunion

The Graham Reunion


Disclaimer: This story is the sole possession of Mary-Margret Callahan and is fiction based on true characters who's names have been changed. It is adult fiction and intended to be read only by persons mature enough to view adult material.


It had been twenty fives years. Twenty-five years ago little baby Laura had given up for adoption by her then too young parents who at seventeen, unmarried, and still in high school could not take the pressures of responsibility. Laura Thomas had grown up in a good home, with very loving foster parents who put her through school to become a dentist. Laura's foster mother and father told her that she was adopted by when she was sixteen, feeling that she was mature enough for the news. She was shocked but respectful of her parent's wishes not to seek out her birth parents until she was on her own.

Laura had grown up a bright and beautiful girl, successful academically and socially. She was captain of the swim team, prom queen and valedictorian in high school. Laura waited until she was eighteen to loose her virginity and in her first two years of university had taken ten different guys to bed before becoming frustrated that she could not find what she wanted that way. She was never truly happy with any guy she met. There were plenty of interested guys around however; Laura being very beautiful with smoky blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, a pretty face with a few freckles, pale skin, and a killer 5'4", 110 pound, athletic, 34B-23-34 figure. Finally she met someone who mattered and whom she was able to enjoy sex with. Her name was Jade. Jade and Laura were in love and together for two years. Jade was a pretty Asian girl from Hong Kong and was "out." She eventually convinced Laura to come out to her parents, which was difficult but they were understanding and supportive. After fourth year Jade left and went back home to a pre-arranged marriage. Laura, although hurt, realized that Jade was just a LUG, lesbian until graduation, keeping herself "pure" for her selected husband. For the next two years while in dental school, Laura had a few lesbian lovers, but nothing serious.

During her last year in university Laura began her research to find her birth parents with the faint hope of someday getting to meet them. With the help of the Internet, after months and months of hunting she was able to find out who they were, Norm and Chris Graham. After a lot of soul searching, Laura decided to make contact. Nervously she placed the call. She talked to her birth mother on the phone. Chris, now forty-two years old was excited to hear from her first born. She apologized to Laura for giving her up and tried to explain her circumstances. She continued that after a year, she and Norm got married and tried to get their child back but it was too late. She said that she wished she had never gave up her baby.

Laura then asked if they had any other children. First there was a pause, but the answer was yes. When they came to terms with the fact that they would not get Laura back, they had another child, a girl. Chris told her that her name was Heather, but she was out of the picture. They had not spoke with the girl in three years, didn't know where she was, and didn't care. She tried to explain that she was a troublemaker and caused them nothing but grief. They could have talked for hours, but Chris had asked if it was possible to meet. Laura was excited, although they were 400 miles apart, Laura said she would love to fly out and meet her birth parents. The arrangements were made and Laura would fly out in four weeks time.

The morning sun shone brightly through the window, irritating Candi's eyes that felt like onions this morning. She rubbed the grit from them and squinted them tightly again to avoid the evil light. With her head pounding with a hangover, Candi forced herself upright in her bed, the crumpled white sheet falling off her naked body. She felt the agony of her twelve Sambuca night. Her mane of fire engine red hair was a mess, sticking to parts of her face. A length of hair was in the corner of her mouth, her pasty, sticky, dry mouth. She pulled the hair out of her mouth and yearned for something wet to drink as all she tasted was the paste of her mouth, which tasted not so much like Sambuca as it did...hmmm?

"Pussy!" Candi suddenly remembered getting laid the night before. She looked next to her on the bed and sure enough, there she was sleeping like a log. What was her name again? Debbie? Denise? Dana? Perhaps Diane, but most definitely a 'D' name. It was starting to come back slowly. The previous night, Candi had made her way to the university bar. She was not a student there but as she knew a few of the right people always managed to get in. On Friday nights the place is always packed with lots of co-eds ready to blow off some steam. A lot of co-eds also ready to experiment with their sexuality too. Candi had always done well here and last night was no different, picking up this sweet little brunette on the dance floor, bumping and grinding with her all night, doing shooter after shooter, touching and brushing with her every chance. She could spot them. They usually had new tattoos, or a piercing, as if to tell the world, "look at me, I'm wild and I don't care who knows". Candi spotted her early, fresh ink on her left breast of a butterfly and wearing a skimpy tank top to show it off. When Candi approached the girl she noticed the belly button piecing too.

"Nice ink! Where did you get it done?" was Candi's opening line, making it a point to trace her finger around it. After very little small talk she realized that the little brunette had a tongue stud as well. "Do you know how to use it?" she asked the naïve student. The girl was puzzled, making Candi giggle. Candi had one for a year before getting rid of it, after it somehow managed to damage one girlfriend's pussy so badly she threatened to file a lawsuit. She kept the nose stud and her navel jewellery too. When asked if she had any ink, Candi told the girl, she would have to get to know her better if she wanted to see them. She didn't bother to show her the only noticeable one, which was an amateur tattoo that was done during her three-day stay in the county jail three years ago. It was on her upper left shoulder, a scripted word, SLUT. The others were of a candy cane on the right cheek of her beautiful, round ass and a broken heart on her bikini line two inches up from her clit and beside the tiny patch of trimmed light colour pubic hair. The adventurous co-ed eventually, many drinks and a lot of dancing later, asked if she could go home with Candi and get to see her tattoos. Candi was beginning to remember now too how the girl learned very quickly how to use the tongue stud. Yes her pussy was feeling very satisfied. "Not bad for a rookie" she thought to herself. "What is her name?"

While Candi tried to recall the conquest's name, she looked at the clock, 9:20 a.m. "Shit! I'm supposed to work overtime today!" The recollection forced her to abandon her plan of straddling whatshername's face with her pink pussy over the girl's mouth and saying, "Wake up, breakfast is ready." She loved morning sex but today would have to suffer as she had promised to paint the Wilson's garage, and her work partners were going to pick her up at 9:30 a.m. Candi pulled the sheet off the girl and smacked her ass hard. "Ouch!" the girl awoke, followed by a moan as her own hangover became apparent.

"Come on...uh, honey! You have to go, right now. Hurry, I'm late for work!" She yelled this as she rushed off to the bathroom to wash the dried pussy juice from her face, brush her hair and her teeth and threw on her white tee shirt, overalls and painters cap. It was amazing how she could look so incredible without preparing herself more. The girl from the bed was stumbling to her feet, herself a mess. Candi rushed and helped her. The girl was hard to motivate but Candi was like a Marine Corp drill instructor to meet the task. A horn honked outside Candi's front door. "Come on, let's go!" she yelled at the half dazed girl.

She was giving her the bum's rush as the girl tried to thank her and kiss her goodbye. "HONK!" Candi gave her a fast kiss and forced her out the door, the girl yelling, "Wait! Call me!" and quickly scribbled her number on a corner of paper from her purse. The horn honked a third time. Candi pointed to the bus stop as she dashed to the pickup truck in front of her shabby little house. She was greeted to a chorus of cheers and hoots from her two male work partners as she climbed aboard at 9:35 a.m.

"Well its good to know that one of us got some pussy last night" one of them snickered.

Candi punched his shoulder hard and simply replied, "Coffee!" They drove away from the confused, disheveled girl standing on the curb.

"So who's the new piece of ass?" asked one of her curious co-workers.

Candi finally pulled out the paper from her pocket and read the name beside the number, Amanda. "I knew it had a 'D' in it" she said as she stuffed it in her pocket.

Candi had painted houses for three years, a job she picked up to help pay for college. The college education didn't last but the job did. She was a hard worker, efficient, and reliable. She enjoyed it. It didn't pay much but was rewarding in it's own way. The boss had made her a lead hand because of these qualities and because she lasted this long. Painters came and went all the time but Candi could do this for forever. She had a good rapport with the other workers, most of them male. The two guys she worked with now, Dave and Mike had worked with her almost a year. They loved her antics and her stories of lesbian conquests. She was cooler than any of them would ever be. They would never forget their first day when they first met her. She could tell they were hot for her so she took them out and had sex with both of them. She told them that they would never get any work done knowing that they would be fantasizing all day. It was also important for crew bonding. She didn't get much out of it herself, as it was a work thing. She told them straight up that she was gay and it was a one shot deal. Having sex with men wasn't new to Candi; she had fucked about sixty guys since she first had sex at thirteen almost ten years earlier. It just wasn't her thing. She really got into girls about four years ago and has never looked back. The guys knew she was out of bounds now, and if they ever forgot and tried anything with her at work she would remind them with a hard punch, usually some place vital.

After work Candi had a long, hot shower. She craved this all day, and it felt like heaven. She washed her perfect, fit, tone body with all her tattoos and piercings. She washed her bright red hair. She had noticed some blond roots showing through and decided she needed another application of the candy apple coloring soon. After some primping and preening she selected her wardrobe for the evening. Her best slutty top and black bell bottoms were done in from the night before. Besides that, she didn't feel much like going back to the college bar. Instead she thought she would go to the lesbian bar by the airport that was quieter and more subdued. Still worn out from a hard night of drinking and fucking followed by an equally hard day at work, Candi was in for a quieter night of shooting pool amongst friends. There was no pressure there, she had already hooked up with all the good-looking feminine regulars and was top dog in the place. The large, butchy women already knew that she was off limits to them. If any new girls walked in, they usually went right for Candi anyway. She selected the faded Levis jeans with worn out knees and ass and a white, hippy top that barely contained her 34B breasts and opened to show off her tight abs and naval jewellery. She put on minimal make-up, not wanting to cover her light smattering of freckles and didn't fuss too much with her hair. Open toe sandals completed the ensemble, as her toenails were still colored bright red from the night before.

Candi's arrival always stirred up the crowd. It had been a couple of weeks since she was last there, and the regulars were glad to see her. She had to put off a couple early advances from some heavy dykes but soon settled into a game of pool with Jill, a black girl who was fun to hang out with and knew Candi since they shared a cell in the county jail three years earlier. Jill joked with her as Candi bent over for a shot. "Girl, when you gonna give up some of that sweet stuff to me again?" referring to their time in jail.

Candi replied," I guess when we both get busted together," in a laughing way. "Hell let's go rob a bank!" Jill joked. She knew that Candi wouldn't go out with her. She just wasn't her type but sure did try every chance she got.

The mood was mellow after a couple of games and a couple of beers when everything seemed to change quickly. "Candi girl, you sure wanna be checkin this out! Fresh meat." Jill exclaimed. Candi look up to see what just walked in.

The flight into the city was late, but Laura Thomas had a hotel reservation by credit card so it wouldn't be a problem checking in. She was to meet her birth parents, Norm and Chris Graham for lunch Sunday afternoon. Checking her watch, it was almost 10:00 p.m. but she felt nervous and tense. She contemplated finding the hotel lounge after checking in for a drink. Along the cab route she noticed a bight neon sign over a modest bar with two pink symbols for women next to the words 'Lips'. There was also a rainbow flag over the door. The hotel was only a couple minutes ride past the place so Laura thought that instead of sitting in a dark lonely hotel lounge with fat, married, traveling male salesmen hitting on her, she might check this place out. Back at her college town, there was no "gay bar" but most folks around the school were pretty liberal and same sex couples were generally accepted. Laura thought it would be a good cultural experience. She checked into her room quickly, and fixed herself up a bit and brushed her clothes. She decided that the charcoal gray skirt and suit jacket, with her black blouse and black high heels that she traveled in were fine but undid a couple buttons on the blouse to show off some cleavage. She applied a squirt of perfume and she was off.

Although nobody would know her, Laura started to feel a bit apprehensive as she walked through the doorway as everyone seemed to be staring at her. She realized she was a bit over dressed. Most women were dressed like bikers or in jeans or such. Some were dressed like men. She sat at the bar and ordered a Vodka cranberry. She scanned the room and noticed that most of the women were kind of harsh looking. Then something bright red caught her eye amongst all the pale hues of the place from over by the pool tables. It was bright red, four alarm, fire engine red hair that graced perhaps the most incredible looking women she had ever seen. "Perhaps sort of tough looking but a body to die for" Laura thought as her drink arrived.

Candi looked up at the beautiful blond woman. She didn't recall seeing her in this place before but she looked somewhat familiar just the same. She tried not to stare but couldn't help it, as she was looking at the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The woman sat down at the bar and ordered a drink, crossing her long, sexy legs. She sat poised, refined, and lady-like. Candi felt her knees weaken, and her mouth go dry, which had never happened before. She tried to calm herself down and get a grip. "Don't want to look to desperate," she mumbled to herself.

"You're shot bitch!" Jill said to Candi breaking her trance. Jill had never seen Candi so taken before or so speechless. "Or are you just gonna stand there and drool like a school girl at a Sarah McLaughlin concert."

"I'm fine!" Candi snapped backed as she noticed the woman looking at her from across the room. She took a deep breath and lined up a shot, all the while seductively looking over at the princess. Moving slowly and methodically she accentuated her crouch so that her breasts were displayed lewdly. "That's it, work the rack," she said to herself. Sinking the shot with ease she looked to see that she had the attention of the over dressed blond. Candi moved around the table, slow and cat-like. Every move was deliberate as she bent over the table, her tight jeans displaying her sumptuous ass. She lifted a leg to stretch for a shot, looking as if she was humping the table. The ball was easy to reach from the edge but the motion was purely for effect. Candi whipped her hair over her back before sinking the shot. She walked around the table again surveying the eight ball. She took her time, looking at it from all angles, posing each time. "Oh ya! I have her attention," she thought with a smile aimed directly at the high-class blond while chalking her queue stick. Eye contact was definitely established as Candi, after a pause of a few seconds, smiled at her again, and with lips pursed for a kiss slowly blew the chalk from the tip of her queue. She buried the eight ball, as now everyone in the bar seemed to be watching. She couldn't have played it any cooler.

Jill congratulated Candi as Candi looked over to the woman at the bar. The woman motioned a golf clap and raised her glass as if to say "Cheers". Candi returned the salute with her bottle of beer before downing its remnants. She told Jill to put some music on the jukebox. She took a deep breath again and decided to make her move. She sashayed over to the bar near the woman even though it was farther than she needed to go. She leaned against the bar, sticking her ass out and propping her boobs up on top of the bar. With a flip of the hair she turned to her admirer, sheepishly grinning. "Grace!" she called to the husky bartender, "another beer here and another drink for..." she paused inquisitively looking into the smoky blue eyes of the woman.

"Laura, Laura Thomas," she smiled holding her hand out in greeting.

The red hair babe didn't need to reply as the bartender said, "Here ya go Candi!"

"Candi! That's a sweet name," Laura joked.

Candi wrapped her long hair around her face and neck. With the contrasting pale white skin and flame red hair, the illusion was of a peppermint stick. "See, candy cane," Candi replied. "You're new here, I would have remembered you."

"In town for a family reunion of sorts," Laura claimed.

Family was a subject Candi disliked. Luckily, the jukebox was playing 'Sweet Surrender' so Candi jumped at the chance. "Wanna dance?"

Laura didn't feel very comfortable in these surroundings but somehow Candi's confidence was reassuring and she felt that it would somehow be impossible to turn her down. She wondered how this would work out. They seemed to have nothing in common except their mutual attraction. "I like your threads, very sophisticated. Are you a lawyer?" Candi asked while walking to the dance floor, pulling Laura by the hand.

"No, actually I'm a dentist, just finished my internship," Laura proudly replied.

"What a coincidence, I have teeth," Candi searched for common ground. The truth was that only the animal attraction seemed to be relevant. Laura complimented Candi on her attire too.

Candi was somewhat bemused but Laura added, "You can really make them jeans talk," which delighted Candi. Laura was a little taller than Candi as they slow danced, owed to by the heels that she was wearing. Otherwise they matched very closely in height, weight and build.

Laura loved the feel of Candi's breasts pressed tightly to her body. They were warm and free and could almost feel the erect nipples through the thin material of her top. She obviously was not wearing a bra.

Candi too was trying to stay cool despite the overwhelming desire to pounce on Laura. She loved the feel of Laura's firm body against hers and made her temperature rise. They gazed into each other's eyes, smiling.

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