tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Grand Tour Ch. 03

The Grand Tour Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Paris

My Dear Bartelby

20 June 1727, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris

Well Bart my good fellow the world turns so quickly. So the old German is dead and the new German is on the throne, at least Cock Robin will keep him in check and the wheels of commerce turning, God bless him. At least the Frogs seem to be behaving themselves after the thrashing we gave them in the last war. The old Scotch here are trying to be a nuisance of course.

Now to the more interesting parts of my letter, it took us all of three days on the post coach from Amiens to reach the gates of Paris. You can't imagine the boredom of it, no fillies to ride the entire trip or if they were they were under the eye of some dragon who would breathe fire whenever I came near their little dears. The Inns were just dreadful the food terrible and the beds covered in fleas. Being with the old stick didn't help either but I have to say I was saving my energy for the debauches of Paris.

So it was with great relief that we came to a stop outside the Hotel de Ville and were met by Pater's man in Paris. Well he was a breath of fresh air as he drove away the beggars with his stick and organised a carriage to take us to a friend of my fathers who we would be staying with, a Madame de Crespigny. Of course it has nothing to do with about caring for me but if she puts me up then he doesn't have to pay for a servant and apartments so the old skinflint saves his money. Well the old girl has a tasteful little house on the Boulevard Saint-Germain and I thought to myself when we got there I was going to have a good time here. Blow me down when we see the Madame I am presented to a wicked piece of work who sizes me up within seconds.

Let me try to describe her Old Man. She is a classical beauty, blonde hair, pert nose and wicked blue eyes that sparkle with lust. She is in her forties I would say but has some very voluptuous curves and when I saw her tits offered in that dress I felt like popping them out and devouring them there and then. Later finding out what she was like she would have made a proper go of it and we would have made the two humped beast right in front of the Old Stick. What I did see was a recognition of a similar debauched soul and my appreciation of Pater went up a notch or two.

That was after I got to know her but when I first met her she was a fright, white powder all over her hair and her face made up like a child's doll with red rouged cheeks and white skin. Seems thats all the fashion here but those eyes caught me and they promised me a good rogering if nothing did. Seems that the strumpet had another of her debauched friends over some duchess or other and had made herself up in the most fashionable manner.

I can say that her hand was very interesting to me as I kissed it and she promised me a very interesting time in Paris in a delightful piping tone, to which I replied that with her as my guide, Paris had my interest already. Just as the social lubrication was bubbling along the Old Stick pipes up in that irritating nasal twang and greets the Madame. She looks him up and down and then flashes him a dazzling smile and calls her young companion over. A look at her makes you think that mice walk, so timid and unassuming she was that I hadn't even seen her near us.

But don't you know she strikes the Old Stick dumb and he walks with the little mouse quietly. My God thinks I the Old Stick is sick again or has fallen in love. If he is really lucky he might just get his leg over and be rid of his virginity and then I shudder at the thought of even the mouse having to cope with those spindly legs and his latinisms as he works out what to use and where to put it.

Perhaps I shuddered but the Mistress next to me whispers that I must be tired and that perhaps some refreshment and a lie down would refresh us. Looking at that doll's face made me want to tell her that I would give her a good lie down but I keep being polite through gritted teeth and accept what she suggests and I see that lovely wicked gleam in her eye Bart and I wonder what refreshments are on offer. Valets whisk us to our apartments and we are given some light pastries and other things to take the edge off our hunger though my cock is hungry for quim as you can imagine.

Let me tell you that she has given us some lovely rooms and they are in exquisite taste though too ladylike for my taste, just give me some leather a mattress and something to hump on it and I am happy none of this chintz and lace lark. What is better is that the Old Stick has his own rooms and that means he can't keep his damned eye on me which is worth much to me as he a great damned nuisance. Then there is a light tapping at a wall that slides inwards and a little minx of a maid wanders in and tells me that the Mistress requests the pleasure of my company. Hmm thinks I lets hope there is more pleasure than that and I followed the little trollop into the hidden passage behind the wall.

When the hidden door is opened I am delighted to find the mistress of the house lounging on a fine bit of furniture and with the garish makeup removed and her clothes save for a fine shift off her body and I was able to eye her barely covered breasts to my content wanting to feast not only my eyes but my mouth on those fine paps. But she stops me and begins to ask me questions all the time running her eyes over my body and especially on my cock which has risen to the occasion ready for her. Well not for her she decides and she calls over the little minx of her maid and tells her that she should pop out her tits so that I can enjoy some woman flesh. The Madam certainly knows how to greet a man proper thinks I as I hear the instructions.

Much to my surprise the little slattern pops them out and begins to rub them in front of me especially pinching her tips that grow to nice light brown hills. Well my cock is straining at the leash and I am onto the little maid with a growl in my throat and a cock ready to burst. The girl offers me her tits and I take them in my mouth and start swirling them with my tongue. Well don't you know that the Madam is telling me to go slower and opens my trousers and takes my cock into her hands. Damn but I still don't know why I didn't burst and cream myself right there.

The woman strokes along my cock and I feel her rub her hand along my buttocks as she feels their hardness, the rotten little minx keeps out of my reach though and I wonder if the tease will let me cum at all. The titties that I am playing with are truly appreciative of the thorough going over their getting Bart my lad and she is ready for a good furrowing in her cock-valley. Having some experience at reading the signs that women give off she is trumpeting them. Before I can get her on the lounge or even the carpet Madam is pulling her away and saying that to make love to a woman I should do it slowly, damn slowly I want to tell her but a man must do what a man must do and devil take the hindmost.

Perhaps she knows what I am thinking because she spins the maid around gets her to bend over and pulls up her skirts exposing two plump legs cased in white woollen stockings and a smooth naked ass of purest white to my eyes and I am panting like a dog on heat. Damn but doesn't she have a lovely brunette thatch at the top of her legs and the lips a dripping waiting there for me to plow my cock between them. Then Madam is parting her maid's legs and opening her ass cheeks telling me how women like a good tonguing between their legs and that I should learn this way to pleasure a woman before rutting with her.

Shrugging I think anything if I get to dip my wick in her honey-pot so I kneel behind that beautiful rump and run my hands over the plump flesh like I am feeling the meat on a young calf working out what to eat first. It is too much to bear what with that juicy wet quim waiting for me and my cock ready for a good fucking but somehow I put my lips to that lovely waiting hole. Bart old man I never thought a woman's snatch could taste so sweet and she wriggled like a fish on a line as I stuck my tongue into her like a cock. You know something old man they even have a small cock and if you touch it they go crazy with pleasure.

Why she even squirted when she is crying out that she is cuming and I lap at the honeypot even more thoroughly. She ends naturally and Madam is applauding our actions and crying bravo as though she has seen a great performance. And perhaps she has I must say with modesty many a tramp and slattern has told me that I have a natural talent between the bed sheets. Now to finish her off she cries and I am a man who will agree with that and I rise to my feet my cock dripping with precum and very ready to please the woman's maid.

The Madam takes me by my cock and her warm hand holds my hardness and guides me to the young woman's trembling body and then to that wet quim and with intense relief and pleasure I thrust my spear deep into the woman. Well what a groan of pleasure she lets out as I push my cock all the way into her. As I do so the mistress cries bravo again and tells me to be slow let her enjoy each inch she says and for once I listen to a woman since she seems to know her business. Well the maid squirms and cries with pleasure as I hold off from giving her a quick heave ho as I usually do.

So the trollop just cums and cums as I impale her on my spear and she squeezes those beauteous tits of hers as I tease and make her hot quim mine. Well even though I try to keep slow I am soon thrusting hard and fast into her body and I feel my cock ready to explode and I just can't hold anymore as I feel that wonderful release of cum flooding through my cock and into her hot quim.

Do you know Bart old chap it was even better than the quick wham, bam and thankyou since keeping my cuming to the future seemed to make it more pleasurable when it came. As I thrust into the maid and give her my cum the Madam is clapping and applauding my ability and I think she may be jealous it isn't her that is being given a good rogering. Finally soft I slip from the maid who straightens up and blow me down if the woman is the perfect maid and thanking Madam for the service and with a wink to me she is off out the door.

What of Madam you say well the old woman looks at me with lust firmly in the eye and tells me tonight she will ride me ragged if I am a good boy. With a wave of her graceful hand I leave by the normal door and make my way to my rooms below. No doubt you are shaking your head old man that I was so without gumption to not stick it to her there and then but I tell you old man the woman had me so under her thumb I would have barked for her just as long as I got into her lap later on.

So its off down the stairs and I find that a bath has been set with soap and all. These Frogs seem to have this thing with cleanliness and I wonder if this is something I need to do when the maid I have just rogered within an inch of her life is here and taking off my clothes cooing in my ear that Madam would love to see me bathed and perfumed like one of her countrymen. Well left unsaid is if I don't let this happen there will be no fuck and I want that fuck!

What you think, is my old friend becoming some toothless tiger but as she is saying this the little maid is rubbing her lovely breasts that have popped out again into my chest and is wearing next to nothing and she is expertly stripping off my clothes. So there I am as this little girl with her tits out and in her transparent shift strips me and leads me into the bath. Not only that but she steps in and is pouring water over us making that shift damed see through and letting me see that lovely hair covered quim between her legs.

Then the minx is on her knees and she's got my cock between her lips and playing the flute with all the skill I should expect of this Lady's maid. I don't need much encouragement even though she drained me before and I am shooting cum over her face and she's smiling at me and crying out bravo and other Froggy nonsense but I am not a little displeased with my performance and she continues to clean me up especially around my cock and balls.

Satisfied with her work she steps out and dries me off and then leads me to some outlandish clothes she says her Mistress wants me to wear. In for a penny thinks I and I am soon struggling into some of the richest brocades and silks I've ever seen until I look quite the gay blade and properly Frenchified and the little trollop still half naked gives my bottom a slap as she goes out the door.

So my friend I will leave my missal there with you begging for more as I was and will tell you what happened in my next letter. Oh I have some sketches and paintings coming your way. Not for the ladies if you get my meaning unless you have some trollop who may like that sort of thing and may want to learn something new.

Your Friend H...

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