tagMind ControlThe Grateful Virus Ch. 02

The Grateful Virus Ch. 02


All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved.

Chapter 2

* * * * *

The explorer probe in Nicole's body was frustrated. It had made very interesting discoveries, confirming that this new host was largely the same as the original one. The differences were also very interesting and worthy of study. But this host's body was too healthy! The probe had not found an adequate number of cells it could safely infect without harming her, so it was just barely able to function, let alone do any analysis. Getting this raw data to the original host was top priority. But in its limited form the explorer could not launch return probes. It simply did not have the capacity in the right places to tickle the host's nose and produce a sneeze. Direct contact with the original host would be needed. But as the probe had observed all day, that kind of direct contact between hosts was rare. It had almost seemed as if the host had been teasing the probe. Over and over again, the probe had watched in excitement as Nicole ran towards another potential host, and then instead of coming into contact chased after and repeatedly struck a round white object. Even if the longed-for original host came into view, the probe dreaded that it would be similarly teased, even though the white object had not been in view for quite some time.

The host really had seemed to care about that white object. As the virus watched her interact with it, it had noticed that she seemed to be trying to direct it toward a particular oblong structure, and that each of the times that it went in to the structure, certain chemicals were released inside her brain. Were these rewards for reaching her goal? If the release of those chemicals could be controlled, perhaps she could be motivated to move towards another host as she had toward the ball. It would be surprising if these organisms weren't smart enough to act like the cells they were made up of, which were at least capable of chemotaxis: moving in the direction of increasing rewards.

* * * * *

Nicole was exhausted but overflowing with happiness. Her team had won their quarter-final match and she had scored 2 of their 3 goals. Scoring a goal was a huge thrill for her. It was almost a sexual thrill. Except forget the almost. It got her seriously hot. Even just thinking back on those goals did it. And she couldn't get them out of her mind. The coach had said they should call it an early night to be well-rested for tomorrow's semi-final match, and Nicole agreed, but she was having a hard time calming down. Sharing a room with 3 of her teammates made masturbation not an option, so she was on her way to the pool thinking that a nice cold dip might settle her nerves, or possibly that the hot tub jets might resolve her problem in the opposite way. In order to keep that second option open by being alone, she hadn't told anyone she was going to the pool. When she got to the pool room, she could see through the glass that there was already someone in the hot tub. That pretty much eliminates one option, she thought. Oh well.

She quickly stripped off her sweatpants and T-shirt and put them on the bench, then turned to go into the pool room. As she glanced at the man in the hot tub she suddenly recognized him as the man who had sneezed on her this morning. Then a huge wave of arousal hit her. What the hell? She stopped in her tracks. That line of thought had most definitely NOT been sexy. Was she developing a sneeze fetish? Whatever. She took another step forward and was hit by another wave. Damn. She looked at the man in the hot tub again and was instantly hit by another wave. This was bizarre. The guy really wasn't anything special. In fact, quite the opposite. He was lying there with his eyes closed, and nobody else was in the room. After getting a few progressively smaller waves just by looking at him, she found that she had to step closer to him to get a new wave of pleasure. She stood for a long time at the door without wanting to move. Opening the door would surely get his attention. Then suddenly he opened his eyes, turned his head, and saw her staring at him through the glass, producing the most intense wave of arousal yet. She moaned as she involuntarily sagged forward against the glass, panting. After a moment she recovered somewhat. What the hell was going on? This was just plain freaky! She turned and ran back toward her room in fear.

Jim wondered briefly what that girl's issue was, then rested his head again and relaxed with his eyes closed, trying to fix the image of her bikini-clad hourglass figure in his mind. What a goddess. But what his mind's eye kept focusing on instead was the bizarre expression on her face. Yes, it definitely looked like sexual arousal, but with way too much fear in it to be sexy. He had never seen anything quite like it. Eyes wide open, jaw slightly slack, face and upper chest flushed... Was she crazy? On drugs?

Outside the pool room Nicole and 16 of her teammates -- just under half of the team -- had gathered and were having an intense whispered conversation. The others had been on their way to use the pool, having quietly crept past the coach's room, when they ran into Nicole running away in fear.

"Nicole, I'm with you. I totally don't understand it, and it freaks me out, but I feel it too, just like you said. I know he's not attractive but it's like nobody told my body that."

"Thanks Jen, I'm glad I'm not the only one going crazy."

"I feel something weird too when I look at him, but for me it's more like a sense of accomplishment or something. Which I know makes no sense. It's not sexual at all. Just a really strong and sudden happy feeling, like I just did something to be proud of."

"So Helen, what you're saying is you're proud that you're able to look at this guy?"

"I didn't say it made any sense."

"I know what she means," said Kelly, "it's not sexual for me, it's just more of a giddy happy feeling. Like I want to jump up and down and laugh. Every time I look at him or move toward him. And I have no idea why!"

"Yeah, exactly. I feel that too." said Trisha.

"You guys are freaking me out. He's totally ordinary. He looks like George on Seinfeld."

"Yeah, crossed with Richard Nixon." This produced a chorus of giggles.

Nicole wasn't amused. "So none of the rest of you feel anything, really? Look closely."

"Oh wow I do all of a sudden," said Sarah, "Yeah! It's so amazing! I feel an overwhelming urge whenever I look at him... I can't stand it anymore. I need to go in there... And jump in the pool and totally ignore that loser! Come on girls."

Jim looked up as a dozen laughing girls entered the pool room. He guessed that they probably wanted the hot tub. Anyway, after a day in which he had ogled so many different girls, even though the impending bikini show looked likely to take the cake by far, this was too much. He was sick of feeling like he was being unfaithful to his wife, even just in his imagination. He was just about ready to be done anyway, so he got out and started drying off. He was keeping his eyes down while the girls stripped down to their suits, so he didn't notice that 5 girls stayed outside the pool room and stared at him with strange expressions. He finally looked up just as he was about to leave the pool room, and stopped still. The five girls he had sneezed on this morning were all staring at him.

For a moment nobody moved. They were 6 deer caught in headlights. Then Nicole suddenly grabbed Jim's pile of clothes and ran. Jim opened his mouth to shout but all that came out was a gigantic sneeze. He was paralyzed by another huge sneeze as he opened the door. Out in the hall the other girls were running after Nicole. Someone shouted "Nikki what the hell?" The rest of them were giggling hysterically as they ran.

As Jim hustled out, one of the girls in the pool called after him "Allergic to women?"

Jim ignored the resulting roar of laughter from the pool room and raced down the hallway after his clothes. These girls were fast! Nicole was already at the end of the hall, trying unsuccessfully to get a room door to open. The other girls stopped two doors closer, right across from Jim's room, quickly got that door open, and shouted to her. They all bundled into the room well before he arrived, but the door closed slowly so he was able to catch it before it latched. Entering the room, he found all five girls laughing hysterically, and two of them literally rolling on the floor. None of them seemed to notice him yet.

"Why Nikki, why?" One of the girls kept saying this over and over in between fits of laughter.

"I don't know! Oh my god I don't know!" This went on for quite some time. Jim would have loved to sneak out with his clothes but they were nowhere in sight. Finally when the hysterics were beginning to wind down and they still hadn't noticed him, Jim spoke up in a timid voice.

"Um, excuse me..."


"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?!" Helen stood up and screamed into his face.

The question hung in the air for a moment.

"Uh... My pants?"

This was a hit. The hysterics returned with a vengeance. This time, Jim was caught up in it too. It took about two minutes before anyone could catch enough breath from laughing to produce a coherent sentence.

"His pants! Hahaha! He wants his pants!"

"Why Nikki why? Oh god! Hahaha!"

"I don't know! I don't know! Hahaha!"

As the laughter was dying down again Jen suddenly caught Jim's eye and stood up. All this laughing had thoroughly broken the ice. She was looking at him with that same expression as before, minus the fear. She took a step toward him.

"Hi, my name is Jen. This is Nicole, Helen, Kelly and Trisha," she said, gesturing vaguely to each of the others.

"Uh, hi, I'm Jim," he said, stepping back toward the door.

She paused for a moment, her eyes still fixed hungrily on him. The other girls had all stopped laughing and were staring at the two of them. Jen then extended her hand to shake. Politeness overrode Jim's fear and he grasped her hand.

"It's VERY nice to meet you Jim," she said slowly, staring into his eyes and not letting go. Behind her, Nicole took a step towards them. Her eyes were also fixed on his, dripping with lust, and now she too showed no fear. He gulped.

"Are you sure there isn't ANYTHING else you want, besides your pants?" Jen asked as she took a step closer to him, still firmly holding his hand. She licked her lips, which were now about a foot away from his.

"Uh, well there's my shirt and my shoes and socks" he stammered while she moved in and silenced him with a kiss.

* * * * *

Contact! The virus was elated -- it had all but given up hope for the explorer probes when they had failed to send any response by the expected method. It was like a mission to another planet had suddenly returned after having lost radio contact for years. So much new data all at once! The most valuable three pieces of information were transferred first -- the reason for the probe's inability to send information without direct contact, the method the probe had used to try to motivate the new host, and the unexplained relaxation of one small part of the host's brain that seemed to have caused that motivation to begin working properly moments ago. Then the probe began sharing its raw data about the similarities and differences between the hosts. All too soon, the contact was broken and the combined intelligence became two halves again.

* * * * *

Jim broke the kiss and made a half-hearted attempt to back away, but Jen still had his hand in an iron grip. She made eye contact again and stepped her legs apart while slowly guiding his hand into the front of her sweatpants, under her bikini bottoms, using both of her hands and transferring her grip to position his hand so that he cupped her dripping wet sex. Almost involuntarily he ran his fingers along her slit, reveling in the feeling of it. Jen closed her eyes and moaned as her hands flew to his crotch, grasping at his growing erection through his swimsuit.

The other girls were staring. "Dude, get a room" said Kelly.

"Yeah, as in, one without us in it" added Trisha.

"Shut up" said Nicole, and took another step closer to Jim. She had one hand in her bikini bottoms and the other was reaching toward him, but the look in his eye seemed to stop her. Everyone held still for a moment. Jim looked down at Jen's body. Her pink shirt was a little too short and loose fitting at the waist. Combined with the sweatpants being pulled down and outward by his hand, this produced an extremely sexy view. Her pelvis was slightly angled towards him and slowly grinding against his motionless hand. Her stomach was very flat and her waist drastically narrowed as it disappeared tantalizingly into her shirt above her wide hips, made wider-looking still by her spread legs. Her skin was baby-smooth, tightly stretched, and deeply tanned everywhere except just above her crotch, where there was a narrow triangle of paler skin and sparse, curly wisps of pubic hair. That was his hand touching her. His actual hand was in contact with the dripping wet, wonderfully smooth sex of one of the hottest girls he had ever seen.

For a long moment, the room teetered on a razor edge between civilization and chaos; between intentional behavior and utter animalism. They all felt it, even Kelly, Helen and Trisha who had not been sexually stimulated by the virus. Nicole and Jen's behavior had already made it pretty clear that they couldn't care less whether the others approved. They were ready to jump him right there. Jim's virus still hadn't figured out how to apply the trick the Jen-probe had just told it about seconds ago, so Jim's arousal was 100% natural. But he was nevertheless about as turned on as he had ever been.

Looking around the room again at all these hot young girls, he realized three things. First, that what might be about to happen here was way beyond his wildest fantasies. It was so far beyond them that if he had attempted to fantasize this exact scenario, it would have seemed too ridiculously far-fetched to even attempt to masturbate to. He would have laughed at himself. Second, he realized that whichever path he chose he would regret it for the rest of his life. He would probably never have an opportunity like this again. He had only slept with one other woman before meeting his wife, to say nothing of the idea of two at a time, and he hadn't so much as kissed anyone nearly as hot as any of these girls. But he had also never cheated on his wife. He loved her dearly, and even if she never found out he would hate himself for it. So whether or not anything more happened here, he would deeply regret something about this night. For a moment a mischievous part of him pointed out that the regrets basically canceled each other out, leaving the choice obvious. But his third realization was that maybe it was sexier to just keep this as a fantasy. There was no way it could possibly get hotter than this moment, right here, right now. If he said no, he could always remember this with the kind of overwhelming desire he felt right now, without tingeing it with guilt and self-hatred.

He took a last look down at each of the girls, trying to memorize the whole scene and especially Nicole and Jen. Nicole frozen in her tracks reaching toward him, eyes dripping with lust, chest and face flushed, nipples standing out hard through the fabric of her top and hand busy at her crotch. Jen's gorgeous tanned and lithe body stretched out and grinding on his hand, her sexy little party-girl face distorted with pleasure. And the feel of her on his hand! He moved his hand in a long last stroke of her sex, briefly inserting his index finger to feel her tight entrance and then running it back across her clit, producing another shivering moan from her, before pulling his hand back and stepping away.

"I'm sorry. I'm married. I just can't."

"Shit," said Nicole.

"God damn," said Jen, as she sat down heavily on the bed. "Nicole, get the man his clothes." Nicole turned to obey, but just at that moment there was a loud knock on the door.

"Girls, open up!"

"Shit! Coach!" Jen whispered.

Helen turned to Jim. "You, in the closet, now!" Not wanting to get them in trouble, he tiptoed quickly into the closet.

"You too Nicole!"


"You're in the wrong room, silly."

"Oh yeah."

Nicole, still dressed only in her bikini, crowded in and quietly slid the door shut. The closet was just barely big enough for both of them. He pressed his back against the wall to leave her enough room to avoid contact with his erection. Nicole, however, either didn't have enough room or didn't want to use it. She gently nestled her soft, shapely behind against him. She wasn't pressing hard or moving, but it seemed impossible that she had so little room that she couldn't move forward the quarter inch necessary to avoid contact.

"Please don't," he whispered, placing his hands on her lower back to gently push her forward.

"Shhhhh," came the reply. At that moment the coach entered the room. He immediately began berating the other girls for their lack of discipline and premature celebration as he walked in past the closet. Jim froze. Nicole's warm hands closed over Jim's, slid them onto her narrow waist, and held them there as she leaned her back against his chest. She kept her butt gently nestled against his erection and ground against him slightly. Her skin was so soft and smooth and warm. He had had no idea that skin could feel that good! But his mind was already made up. He wasn't going to let anything more happen. He gently and quietly pushed her forward away from him.

* * * * *

At this moment, Jim's virus finally figured out where to go in Jim's body to find those motivating chemicals that the Jen-probe had described. The virus had been concentrating on figuring this out because at the moment the virus urgently wanted Jim to make direct contact with this other host that was so tantalizingly close by. Perhaps she too contained a partially successful probe with valuable information, needing only direct contact to communicate. This skin contact was of course not enough. The virus needed wet parts of the two hosts to touch in order to pass messages. So it immediately gave Jim his first artificial jolt of hormones.

* * * * *

Inexplicably, pushing Nicole's ass away from his erection gave Jim a sudden and intense wave of arousal. He had thought before that the situation couldn't get any hotter, but now his desire at least doubled. Barely clinging to some semblance of self control, his lust-clouded mind decided that if pushing her away made the desire stronger, he'd better pull her back toward him. This he did, perhaps a bit more exuberantly than his rationalization called for.

She let out a quiet gasp and started grinding again. He was momentarily lost in a new wave of lust, even bigger than the first. He was completely unprepared for this. He had no idea he could feel such need. He didn't even notice her hands leaving his to do something with her bikini bottoms. His hands roamed over her torso, delighting in her smooth warm skin and coming to rest on her breasts. She straightened for a moment, pushing her breasts against his hands while taking advantage of the momentary gap between their lower bodies to finish sliding her bikini bottoms off. Then her hands were on his erection, scrambling to pull it out of the top of his swimsuit. Jim's willpower was fighting its way back to the surface. The waves of desire were coming fast now. They were no longer taking him by surprise, but they were still powerful. It was all he could do for the moment to make himself hold still.

Was it too late? Nicole was up on tiptoe and she had his dick out in her hand approaching her sex. She fully coated it with her saliva using her left hand. Still unable to move, he felt her guide his head to her tight opening and start to push back.

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