tagGroup SexThe Grateful Virus_Ch. 100

The Grateful Virus_Ch. 100


The Grateful Virus

All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved.

Note: There's no sex in this chapter, unless you count the part where Jim is systematically gang-raped by 15,000 of the hottest women in America. But it's more of a nightmare scenario, not really intended to be erotic.

Also note: If you’re wondering how we skipped 4 months ahead and all the way to chapter 100, have a look at the “Missing Chapters” chapter, which outlines the events of the missing four months and explains how other authors can contribute to fill them in.

Chapter 100

One of Nicole’s agents saw a bizarre developing news story come up on the wire service involving an entire Girl Scout troop going out of control the previous day and all running off to chase a strange man into the woods in Yosemite. The troop leaders had kept the story under wraps until the next afternoon, when according to the initial reports, the girls had returned apparently unharmed. None of them seemed willing to explain what had happened or why. This story absolutely reeked of Jim. It was the best lead they had had in a long time.

They instantly mobilized all forces in the area. Unfortunately the timing was bad and many of them were in Hawaii for a meeting. But within an hour an elite squad of black-clad Jim’s Angels parachuted in and began following tracks. Soon they radioed that they had found him sleeping in a clearing. He was in bad shape. He was undernourished, weak, filthy, and unshaven due to trying to live in the wilderness for the last few weeks. He groaned when he woke up and saw the group of lithe, sexy Angels in their form-fitting black uniforms, like 15 of Trinity from The Matrix. He was in no condition to run from them, and he knew from past encounters that they were all elite athletes, well coordinated and trained. There would be no point in running even if he was in perfect shape. He didn't resist them. He began to walk painfully with them down the trail, but they wanted him to go faster than he could, so they loaded him onto a stretcher and carried him out at a run.

It wasn't fast enough. As usual, Jen's spies had betrayed them. As the Angels loaded Jim into a van, five hot pink coach buses with darkly tinted windows and fur-lined, leather-covered hubcaps pulled up in the parking lot. The Angels radioed for help as hundreds of Church of Sneezy warriors streamed out in their short pink skirts or sweatpants, tight little midriff-baring shirts, Ugg boots, and big sunglasses despite the fact that it was the middle of the night, not to mention somewhat on the cold side for such skimpy clothing. The 15 Angels on the scene fought brilliantly like the ninjas they were, but they were far too outnumbered. Both sides used non-lethal weapons to avoid any possibility of hurting Jim. Minutes after the last Angel went down in a hail of tranq darts, several pink helicopters with over-sized tinted windows settled down in the parking lot on their leather landing rails with fur-lined struts. Jen's warriors loaded Jim’s unconscious body in to one of them and they all took off in opposite directions. Jim's flew south, staying low to the ground and threading its way through valleys. Near LA, the helicopter approached a pink, pussy-shaped building tucked into an otherwise uninhabited wooded canyon. It flew low up the canyon, its wind causing ripples on the decorative pond in the center of the lower end of the structure. It came to rest on the top of the engorged clitoris. He was lowered into the ceremonial chamber that had long been prepared for this moment.

When he woke up the next day and looked around, he was surrounded by a pink silk curtain. There was a rounded pink roof far over his head. He was strapped nude to a gurney propped up at a 45 degree angle. There was a buzz of excited crowd noise outside his little tent. Inside, he was alone except for one woman. It was Jen. Just like in his recurring nightmares, she was dressed in bizarre ceremonial garb and her belly was just beginning to show her pregnancy. He tried blinking several times and wiggled around in the straps, finally resigning himself to the fact that this was no dream.

"Hi Jim," she said with a wicked false smile, "I'm so glad you could finally join our little party!" She turned and stepped through the curtain. Her voice came over a PA system. "Girls! Prepare yourselves! I have gathered you, the two thousand original members of our church, together to witness a great day! Today is the day of prophecy! All of our prayers, dieting, exercise, full-body tanning, and Kegel have paid off! We are finally worthy of Sneezy!" She waited through a deafening roar of applause from the assembled masses. "I give you... Jim!" The curtain came down, revealing a round room with stadium seating packed full of women. He was on a raised dais. At its edge, two steps down from where he was, stood a circle of pregnant young women facing outwards and armed to the teeth. There was a brief, breathless pause from the crowd as they all strained to look at him. Every face he saw was beautiful, with its eyes locked on him and its expression overflowing with excitement, happiness, and lust. Their bodies all seemed drop-dead gorgeous. His eyes flickered over them, unable to decide which one to ogle. Suddenly, a girl near the back screamed and tried to rush the stage while tearing her clothes off. All eyes turned to her. She was stopped before she got halfway down, but then several others around the room did the same thing at once, and within seconds the room dissolved into utter pandemonium.

The bodyguards around the edge were pepper-spraying the front of the crowd and warding them off with batons while firing tear gas canisters into the middle. Jen hit a button and the dais quickly lowered into the floor. As the ceiling closed over them, Jen switched off her microphone and screamed. "What the hell is wrong with them?! Can't they wait their turn?! I can't fucking believe this! Is there anyone with a brain in this whole fucking church?!"

"Maybe it wasn't quite the right choice of words when you said 'I give you Jim,'" Sarah suggested.

"But we told them how this was going to work all along! Everyone knows their rank! The prophecy says they get him in strict order of seniority. Idiots! Bitches! Maybe they're not ready for him after all."

They all looked up. The sounds of the mob above them screaming and pounding on the reinforced steel doors seemed to make her rethink that. If they tried to deny them what they wanted now, now that they had seen him in the naked flesh, all bets were off. This room was strongly built and could probably resist any assault those girls could mount, but the food supplies in the room would only last a few days.

Jen sighed. She switched her microphone back on. "Ok settle down everyone. Calm down and listen, please. SILENCE YOU STUPID BITCHES! Ok. You will all get your turn as it has been ordained. We need you to line up, single file, in order of rank in the hall outside the stage entrance on level B2. Anyone who tries to cut in line or enter the stage room without permission will go to the back of the line." She paused, realizing that many of them had just been pepper sprayed and/or tear gassed and might not be able to see well enough to make it to their place in line. "Doors open in one hour, so you have time to get cleaned up and ready to receive the blessing." She switched her microphone back off and in the silence that followed Jim cleared his throat. They all looked at him.

"Uh... Jen? You know this is rape, right?"

She laughed at him. "Of course it's not rape. You're a man, dumbass. Or did you forget? Don't worry, we'll remind you plenty. And you saw those girls. They're the hottest in LA. The absolute cream of the city. The city that hot girls from everywhere flock to. Hundreds of them are famous models, singers, or actresses that millions of men around the world jerk off to every day. This is any man's dream come true. So shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Rape, for god's sake. That's pathetic."

"But I'm married. I don't want this," he begged.

She grabbed him roughly by the hair, lifting his head painfully off the gurney. "Jim," she hissed into his ear, "I can make this much worse for you." She held her cell phone up in front of his face. It had the picture of him with Nicole, but it had been crudely modified to put Jen's slightly too big and incorrectly lit head on Nicole's neck. "Do you have any idea what would happen if we released this picture to the media after we're done with you? If you say one word of this rape bullshit in front of any of those girls out there, I'll do it, and all the fat, ugly girls of the world will hunt you. There are billions of them, Jim, and they're everywhere. What you've been through so far is nothing. If you behave, all you have to do is fuck 30,000 of the hottest girls in America. Don't mess with my church, and you'll have a fighting chance when we're done. The prophecy says you give us all the GIFT of your seed, so you damn well better act like you want this."

He shut his mouth and waited. An hour later, they opened the door let the first few girls in line enter the room. At least, unlike in his recurring dream, he could see their faces. Each lust-crazed girl quickly straddled the gurney, facing him, and lowered her insanely hot body onto his cock. They usually rode him fast. If they didn't, Jen or one of her minions screamed at them. Many times there was a particular girl who just blew his mind, and he desperately wished he could stop and appreciate her more, but they seemed to be on a strict schedule. He never managed to take longer than 30 seconds to come, and then she would be forcefully lifted off of him to allow the next girl in line to get a spurt from the last of his orgasm, so that he would only be inside that one for a few seconds. Each time he spurted in one of them, the virus made her instantly come, causing his spurt to be pumped right onto the waiting eggs the virus had released, as well as making the girl shout or cry with joy and gratitude as she felt her life goal of carrying his baby becoming a reality inside her womb. Even the virgins, who rode him with considerable pain on their faces, came right when he came. He was coming almost continually after a few hours of this, and finally he passed out at around the 600th.

They couldn't get him, or more importantly his cock, to wake up, so they called it a day. The next day they remembered to give him food and water (without stopping of course). The first day had been mostly UCLA students – the first girls they had recruited. The second and third days were about half celebrities. But everything was a blur for Jim. He had had no time to recover from his previous ordeal, and now he was strapped tightly to a gurney all day and only able to move at night. He was just barely able to notice that some of these women seemed familiar. Only a couple times did he realize who they were. Over the next week as his body recovered somewhat from malnutrition, they managed to get him up to a pace of around 1200 per day, but couldn't seem to go any higher. After another week his pace began to sag again. This was despite the fact that the girls had, incredibly enough, gotten even hotter after the first few days, as he got to the point in their seniority list where they had begun recruiting nationally and raised their standards even higher. By the middle of the third week, when he was halfway through their list of 30,000, a day came when he only managed a mere 100. The next day he passed out after only 15. Then the next day they couldn't even get him hard.

In the meantime what little order Jen's church had had was disintegrating around her. The girls who had already received the blessing lost all discipline. Many even dropped out of the church, and few of those who remained could be relied on to follow orders. This was an enormous problem since they, being the senior members, occupied all of the leadership positions, and this was a time when the lower ranks really needed to be tightly managed due to the various forms of insubordination, insanity, and general chaos that lust for Jim inspired. Countless logistical details that kept the church running were forgotten. Basic services were entirely unreliable. Food had gone unordered, causing the cafeteria to shut down for a whole week while everyone starved or joined a clique that hoarded secret stashes of outside food. Bills went unpaid. Garbage piled up. Security patrols were almost non-existent. For the past two weeks, it had been all they could do to keep the line moving. And now that too was impossible because Jim wasn't cooperating anymore. She put out a proclamation that he had suspended his blessing due to bad behavior, and it would resume when the daily functioning of the church was restored to order.

This was met with skepticism and anger. Fearing the worst, Jen and a small group of loyalists fortified themselves in the inner sanctum with a 2 week supply of food. She called in doctors for Jim, all of whom advised them to get him to a hospital immediately. Jen refused and offered to fly in any medical equipment they needed via helicopter.

As they lowered case after case of medical equipment into the stage room, Jen began to wonder how much they could really need. She looked up at the helicopter. They were readying yet another black case. She picked up her phone and called the pilot to ask how much more was on the way. No answer. What the hell? She tried again. Still no answer. Something was wrong. She turned and strode towards the door, fast. Suddenly the cases all burst open at once and black-clad female figures sprung out in all directions. One knocked Jen out with a flying kick to the back of the neck before she could hit the alarm button. The rest of the guards were overwhelmed silently in seconds. Two minutes later, the Angels were back on board the helicopter with an unconscious Jim. They landed at a nearby airstrip and transferred him to a private jet, which took him to Hawaii.

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