The Grateful Virus_Ch. 102


He could tell that if it wasn't for the virus suppressing their fear, there was no way they'd still be there. They didn't seem to know what to do. He stood still, watching with amusement as their lust finally grew to the point where it overwhelmed their shock and confusion and they each began to take cautious steps towards him. Then he opened his arms to them and smiled, and they instantly rushed him, almost knocking him over. Their hands were all over him, grasping at his cock, pressing against him, kissing whatever they could find of his skin. One girl was unbuttoning her shorts. Before the others got that idea too he stopped them and made them line up. He slowly undressed them one by one, savoring each moment as their bodies were revealed and his lust for them grew almost unbearable. He wanted to take his time caressing and exploring their now naked bodies, but he was just too worked up. He decided he'd take one of them quickly, satiating himself so he could take more time with the other two. He got behind the tall girl, lifted her right leg onto the bench, and slid his cock back and forth along her slit briefly before nestling his tip in her tight entrance. Then he turned her head towards his with his right hand while grabbing her waist with his left, and pushed. Her eyes widened as he met resistance. He pushed harder and her hymen suddenly broke. A virgin! This girl suddenly got even sexier in his eyes. He was suddenly close to coming. He pushed a little farther inside, feeling her incredible tightness and watching the pain on her face instantly transform to impending orgasm as the virus forced her body to prepare to come together with his. He paused, not wanting to come just yet. She whimpered a little, but he kept holding still. Suddenly she pushed back hard, impaling herself the rest of the way onto his cock. He instantly spurted deep inside her thin body and began pumping deeply in and out of her tight and spasming little pussy as they came together.

Now momentarily satiated, he took his time exploring the other two, caressing their bodies all over. They were both very lithe, maybe bordering on too thin. Jim did a double take as he turned the longer-haired one around. He wasn't sure if he had ever seen a body quite like hers, and by this time that was saying a lot. If he had, it was probably one of Jen's followers, and he had been in no condition to notice it. She had an amazing combination of extreme thinness, particularly at the waist, with wide hips and a very rounded and shapely ass. Normally Jim wasn't a big fan of too-skinny girls, but this girl made it work. Her elongated upper body tapered down to a very tiny waist and a stomach that was beyond flat -- it was concave even when she leaned forward. But her ribs didn't show, she had reasonable although still small breasts, and her face was still very cute and healthy looking, not sunken and ghoulish like an anorexic. Then at the hips her shape suddenly flared back out dramatically sideways and then in back, just as suddenly outward to form a pair of very pertly rounded butt cheeks. In front, her lower belly was perfectly flat and her smooth, creamy skin seemed stretched across her just barely protruding hipbones. Her legs were very thin and her hips were wide, so despite the well-rounded ass she had a very sizable gap between her upper thighs, allowing him to easily caress her tiny, almost hairless pussy as she stood with her legs together. She was ticklish just about everywhere else, but touching her here got quite a reaction. She moaned and ground against his hand while grabbing it with both of hers and pressing it harder against her. The shorter-haired girl's body was tiny and definitely sexy, but not curvy enough for his taste. Her face, however, was incredibly cute and sweet. She was absolutely adorable with her tiny little mouth and her brown, innocent, sparkling eyes. As he kissed her he brought his free hand down to her crotch and felt her smooth wetness. She was just as tight as the other one. They felt like virgins. They acted like it too. There was the ticklishness and the blushing. But most of all there was their obvious intense lust -- both were now panting and moaning with need -- that neither of them seemed to have the slightest idea how to satisfy.

He couldn't wait any longer. He raised the bench up to just below waist height and had the shorter haired girl lie down on her back with her legs spread and the long-haired girl on top of her on her knees, so that their pussies were both within reach. In this position, he could see the cuter one's face, while the sexier one's unbelievable body shape was accentuated even more. He rubbed his cock along both of their slits, causing a renewed frenzy of moaning from both of them. Then he slid his cock down to the bottom girl's tiny entrance and nudged it gently in until it rested against her hymen. He stayed there for a moment, rubbing her clit with his right hand and lifting her head up with his left. Her eyes were screwed shut and her body was shaking as she let out a series of little "oh!" sounds. She didn't sound like she was coming, but she might be close. He pressed slightly forward against her hymen and watched as her eyes flew open. He stopped and caressed her cheek with his thumb, his hand still holding her little head up as he looked into her eyes and smiled, making soothing sounds. When she seemed to relax, he pushed again and suddenly felt her hymen give with a pop as she gasped in pain.

He knew he could just thrust hard a couple times and come, and that the virus would make her come with him, overriding the pain. But he wanted to take more time with her. She was just too cute. So he held still and reached down with his hand, jerking himself until he got close. That did the trick. She gasped in a very different way and started to writhe against him. He had to pull back out of her for a second and pause to keep himself from coming yet. This was quite a discovery. Although taking a virgin was an amazing feeling, he hated seeing them in pain. Could the virus even remove the pain entirely if he was close to coming when he broke a girl's hymen? He decided to find out. He carefully brought his throbbing cock into contact with the top girl's wide open entrance, nestling it against her hymen and holding both hands on her beautiful ass as she instantly matched his impending orgasm and began to try to push back on him. This was going to be tricky. He needed to be close to coming in order for the virus to make her body do the same, but the moment of deflowering her was so incredibly sexy that it was likely to make him come if he was close. He was probably a little too close right now. He waited just a little longer until he felt the edge come off, then suddenly pushed forward, tearing through her hymen without warning and stopping an inch inside her. This indeed brought him right to the edge, and he thought for a moment he might in fact come.

"Did that hurt?" he asked as he held her firmly and waited.

"No! It's so good! Put it in now! Do it! I need it!"

He slid in another two delicious, tight inches and again stopped at the edge of climax. "Any pain?" he asked again.

"No, it feels so good! Please!" she whimpered.

Wow. This new technique was great! He was going to have fun with those 100 virgins he had set aside yesterday. This could get addictive. He might even need to start having the Angels specifically recruit large numbers of virgins.

After another pause he was able to slide slowly all the way inside her, producing a stream of happy sounds that may have been Japanese. He paused again and then slowly pulled back out, quickly positioning his cock at the other girl's entrance. He was still on the edge, and as soon as his cock touched her pussy the virus made sure she was too. He made eye contact and slowly pushed two inches inside her tiny, tight little body, pausing again together with her at the very brink. It felt amazing inside her, but what really turned him on was her face. It was so beautiful, so sweet, so innocent, and so full of need and lust for him. And just a few minutes ago she had been a stranger on the street, and a virgin. These thoughts kept him on the edge for quite some time. He held her hips completely still until the crisis passed. Then he pushed all the way inside her, savoring the feeling and the combined look of near-orgasm and first full penetration on her sweet face. After pausing for a long time again, he was able to pull back out and switch to the top girl. Again she was instantly as close as he was when his cock made contact, and his hands were ready on her ass to prevent her sudden attempts at thrusting onto him. He slowly pushed into her to the hilt and held himself there, taking the opportunity to run his hands over the unbelievable shape of her hips and waist while his body had her pinned. Then he was able to pull back and do another full, deep stroke into her without coming. Again he paused deep inside her and caressed her incredible body as she whimpered and moaned. He couldn't come in her yet. Her body was just too good. He wanted her in other positions. But he couldn't stand to wait much more. He knew he was going to have the kind of orgasm that went on and on and he felt like he would pass out (but never did anymore, thanks to the virus). Pulling slowly back out he switched to the sweet little thing on the bottom again. He again made eye contact as he pushed in. He had to pause after just an inch. She was so tight, he had been near the edge for too long, and the pleasure on that open, fresh face was too sexy.

"Do you know what I'm about to do?" he asked.

The other girl spoke up. "She doesn't speak English," she said, and then quickly translated, got a reply, and said "She says no, but don't stop."

"Tell her I'm going to put a baby in her," he said.

The girl on top moaned and shuddered at his words. When she repeated them in Japanese, the other girl's response needed no translation. Her beautiful face was overflowing with joy, gratitude, fulfillment, and need as she reached her hands toward him. He took both of her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers and savoring the look on her face for one last moment before thrusting all the way inside her. They were instantly both right on the brink again, but this time he didn't stop. He pulled back and thrust in again, and they reached an even higher peak. Their orgasm was now inevitable, but he knew he could pause briefly again to lengthen this new height of pleasure, which he did with his cock halfway inside her tight and spasming channel. She found just the right sound for their mutual feeling: a kind of drawn-out, high-pitched guttural squeak. Then he plunged into her again and they came together in a shattering orgasm that went on and on, wave after enormous wave of perfectly synchronized pleasure as he pounded into her. He savored every last bit of it. Back at "work," he would have tried to use this kind of orgasm to spurt inside a dozen different girls. Now he just spent it all in this one, although of course the virus still only let him release the same single spurt of his seed.

He wanted to sit down. The virus had of course long ago modified his brain's pleasure centers to allow him to experience this kind of orgasm without passing out or getting tired beyond the effects of the actual physical activity, but after an experience like that, it still felt great to relax. He fell back in the recliner and put his feet up. The long-haired girl got up and came toward him. "Will you put a baby in me too?" she begged as she brushed past the lab technician who was hurrying to collect his sample from the barely-conscious former virgin on the bench. He hardly noticed the techs anymore.

"Uh, hi. I'm Jim," he said.

"I'm Yuming," she said, laughing. "Call me Ming."

He looked once again over her amazing body. He wasn't ready to be done with her. He wasn't sure if he would ever be. But he definitely wanted to get her in the room with the adjustable floor. There was so much he wanted to do to her that was only possible there. And anyway, he had to get back. His work day was over and his wife was expecting him for dinner. "Ok Ming. It was very nice to meet you. I think I have to go now, but I'd like to see you again next week, if you're still in town."

"Sure. I go to school here. My two friends are just visiting, but I'll be around."

"Great. The woman who invited you in here will set something up with you for next week."

On the way back to the base, he called Nicole. "Nikki you have got to find me more Japanese girls. These three today were amazing. I never had any idea how hot Japanese girls are! Actually since I was mostly staying out of bigger cities when I was on the run, and Jen's girls were all American, I feel like there's a whole wide world out there that I want to, uh, see!"

She laughed. "Ok, we'll try over the weekend, but no promises. This isn't really the right tourist season for them. But we do have empty clinics all over the world. Several in Tokyo alone, and at least one in all other major Japanese cities. So if you want Japanese girls, why not take a trip to Japan and use one of our clinics as a base?"

"Wow, I can do that? What's the setup like there? No adjustable floors of course, right?"

"Not at the moment. But they certainly have all the lab equipment we need for storing your sperm, and given enough warning I think we can set up those floors for you anywhere. I'll look into that."

"Awesome. And the bus, too, if possible. I'm a big fan of the bus."

"Great. I'm glad you liked it. That was my idea. It should be no problem to get you a similar bus anywhere, given a few weeks to prepare. I'll have someone get back to you with a list of cities you could visit, and you and Jess can feel free to plan any number of vacations. You should go for it! See the world while you're saving it!"

Jim thought over the possibilities. Weren't Hong Kong girls supposed to be hot? And what about other Asian countries? He had no idea. Ming might know. And he should definitely try out some other pacific islands. He wasn't sure if he had seen a single native Hawaiian woman today, but he imagined they'd be worth checking out. Maybe Tahiti? Fiji? And India -- Indian girls were so mysterious to him, and their society was sexually repressive, keeping many girls virgins until a nice ripe age. Where else did they do that? China probably. He didn't know. He'd have to spend some time in Europe too. His wife really wanted to go someday. Sweden was a must. And of course Italy, Spain and France. Maybe Brazil too, or elsewhere in Central and South America. He could just explore and find the best countries there! Same with Africa and the Middle East -- he had no clue where the hottest girls were in those parts of the world. Oh, and they'd have to spend some time in Ireland. He was a sucker for redheads. The next few years were going to be so much fun!

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