tagErotic HorrorThe Graveyard

The Graveyard

byDG Hear©

I thought I'd try entering a story in the 'Halloween story contest.' I hope you enjoy my little horror story. I don't usually ask for votes but I guess I need them to be considered in the contest.


My wife Chris and I, were holding hands and slowly walking through the cemetery. It was Halloween Eve, just before nightfall. We meet with a number of our friends at the cemetery every year at this time. We have been doing this ever since we were all teenagers, now we are all adults in our twenties.

We live in a rural area of Ohio where the moon and stars can be seen beyond the tall whispering trees above. As we arrived we seen our friends sitting on bales of hay waiting for us. Mark and Susan greeted us, Marsha and Roger, Chuck and Linda, Tom and Audrey were all there. They had their cooler of beer and beginning to light the few lanterns we had.

We would just sit around in the cemetery, telling 'Ghost Stories' and drinking beer. It was just an annual tradition. It was starting to get dark now, the telling of the stories began. Each person trying to tell a story more terrifying then the one before them. Most of the time they were just funny.

With the wind beginning to blow through the trees, and the sound of howling noises when the wind blew through the electrical wires, made it seem like a very eerie place.

It was now my turn to start telling a story.

I began telling them about an old movie that we had all seen. 'Night of the Living Dead.'

It was about 'Ghouls' coming out after dark on Halloween Eve. A 'Ghoul' is described as, an evil spirit, said to roam through graveyards to devour the dead. Mainly the freshly buried. They dig up the bodies and tear them apart just to eat them.

I continued my story. "As we sit here the ghouls are probably on their way to this very cemetery to devour of the fresh meat buried here in the last few days. In fact we are all sitting on one of those graves now."

Everyone looked down and seen we were on a freshly buried grave.

"What would happens if they found live bodies sitting on their future meals? They don't talk, they just make strange noises and they move rather slowly. But only God knows what would happen if they got hold of one of you good looking women."

The whistles of the winds picked up making more howling sounds. One of the lanterns blew out and Marsha screamed. The story was getting to the girls. I think a couple of the guys even got a little nervous.

"The ghouls seem to travel in packs. When you see them, there seems to be dozens traveling together. They have shovels and pick axes to dig out the bodies buried in fresh graves. If they were to surround a live body it would be so hard for a person to escape. Of course if you ever see a ghoul you will want to run, there will be more ghouls behind the first one."

It was really getting dark now. Everyone was tuned in to the sounds of the night.

Susan wanted to act as though the story wasn't bothering her. So she said, "If that old ghoul comes near me I'll just slip off my jeans and he can eat me. If that's what he want's."

The guys laughed and Chuck said, "Susan, if you take off those jeans, I'll eat you." That made everyone laugh.

Then I continued on with my story. "Don't take this information about ghouls I'm giving you lightly. There really are ghouls and they really do come out on Halloween Eve."

Roger just said, "Yeah right," as a figure appeared about a hundred yards away. It was walking toward us slowly.

Linda was the first to speak, "Who is that Ron? Who did you ask to show up?"

I said, "Linda, I invited no one, be careful, be very careful." Everyone didn't know if I was telling the truth or not. They wanted to act as though they knew I set this up, but weren't quite sure.

My wife Chris was getting nervous and looked at me and said, "Ron, who is that? He's making me feel a little scared." as she sat closer to me and grabbed my arm.

I looked at everyone and said, "Hey! I invited no one, I have no idea who that is."

Then in a distance we could see more people behind the first one. All walking slow, some had shovels in their hands. I looked at my friends and said, "We better leave, I don't know what's going on."

Tom and Audrey just laughed and said, "Yeah Ron, we all get up and leave and you hold this prank over us for the rest of our life. No thank you, we'll wait here and greet them"

I told my wife Chris to come with me to the car. "I didn't set this up" I said. She looked worried and we got up and headed for the car.

I looked up at the rest of the couples and said, "Hey guys, I really didn't set this up." As Chris and I left.

Chuck and Linda said, "Ron wins, we're not staying." They got up and headed for their car.

Tom and Audrey just laughed, and asked Marsha and Roger if they were staying?

Roger said, "Marsha is afraid of everything but we're pretty sure this is a Ron setup, we'll stay.

Susan asked her husband Mark to leave.

He said he couldn't let Ron get the best of us, he had to stay.

Susan got up and said, "I'll meet you at the car, I'm not staying. They had parked on the other side of the road, maybe seventy five yards away.

As Susan was walking toward her car she spotted some more bodies coming toward her from a different direction. She was a good fifty yards away from Mark now. She yelled to him but he couldn't understand what she was saying. Then he seen the bodies encircling her as she screamed.

He got up to run toward her. The 'Ghouls' were for real. They grabbed Susan and started ripping her clothes off. The male ghouls were raping her as the female ghouls started taking bites out of her flesh. She was screaming as she was literally being eaten alive. The male ghouls kept taking turns fighting with each other, each wanting to be next to ravish her.

The ghouls kept eating her flesh and got down to her inner organs. Mark looked on when he got there hoping she was dead. She was suffering so much in so short a time. The screaming had ceased. Then Mark was hit with a shovel and the ghouls starting ripping off his clothes wanting to get down to the fresh meat. One female ghoul grabbed his cock and bit it off in one quick bite. I don't think he ever regained consciousness. As his body was devoured.

Tom and Audrey jumped up as soon as they heard Susan scream the first time. They ran but there was nowhere to go. They were surrounded by 'Ghouls' swinging shovels and axes at them. Tom fell to the ground. The last thing he seen was his wife Audrey being ravished by four male Ghouls. They he passed out from the pain of his own torture. Audrey was soon dead also.

Roger was able to pick up a shovel and was fighting back when he looked over and seen Marsha being stripped and her body being raped and being eaten by the ghouls. One ghoul had cut off her breast with a shovel and was eating it. Marsha screamed out but was soon dead. Roger couldn't hold on any longer as he was over powered by the ghouls and was having his insides tore out before succumbing.

We made it to our car and Linda and Chuck made it to theirs. The Ghouls beat on our cars till they broke most of the windows. We could see them dragging Linda and Chuck out of their car. They were both screaming in agony as they were being devoured alive.

I got the car started and just hit the gas pedal. I couldn't see out the broken windshield. I just kept going forward hitting and running over bodies. Then we hit a tree, the car came to an abrupt stop and Chris's window was being torn out. She was screaming as hands and arms came into the car pulling her body out through the window.

This was the love of my life, the woman I promised to protect being pulled out to be eaten alive. I screamed out at the top of my lungs. "GOD HELP Me"

Then I felt hands grabbing me and shaking me. It was Chris yelling, "Ron wake up, wake up."

I opened my eyes and I was totally wet from perspiring. I grabbed my wife and just held her tight. Saying, "Don't ever leave me. God how much I love you."

Chris said, "My gosh you must have had a really bad dream honey. You're still shaking. Are you okay, are you sure you want to go to the cemetery tonight? It is Halloween Eve you know."

"We could stay home, cuddle on the couch and watch your favorite horror flick. 'Night of the Living Dead' is on tonight." Chris stated.


Thank you for reading my story.

I guess I need votes to even be considered in the contest.

As usual, all comments welcome.

DG Hear

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