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The Great Indian Sportswomen


I realised that I had been so caught up in giving you the lowdown on what happens in Bollywood that I happened to ignore the Indian Sports scene completely.

There is something enchanting about Indian women, more so the women who engage in heavy physical activity. Fewer things in this world are sexier than the sight of a full-bodied muscular woman sprinting across the athletics track drenched in sweat with her bosom swaying from side to side and her ass sashaying rhythmically.

It might be politically incorrect to say that most Indian sportswomen are not very alluring to the average male. But, sadly, that is true. However, those that are hot more than make up for all those that are not. Also, a few of them are such outright bitches who seem to be perpetually in heat.

The Indian contingent to the Olympics this time had its fair share of women from all disciplines. More importantly, it had a few hotties and a couple of super sluts.

Anjali Vedpathak Bhagwat was one of them. Do not go by that soft sweet face. She is one complete bitch of a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it. She is not very tall but she has a pair of very well-developed breasts and a very tight ass. She did not win a medal, but she did make the stay of a lot of other athletes, both Indian and others, fairly memorable.

One of the most promising atheltes was Karnam Malleswari. She was miserable after her injury as she could not rise to the expectations of the people of India. She is one large woman - dark skinned with ample boobs. When she returned to the Games Village she felt horrible. Anjali helped her get back to normal.

Anjali welcomed her into her arms and gave her a shoulder to weep on. Slowly she moved her hands into Maliswari's trousers and between her legs. Malliswari opened her mouth to protest but before she could say anything Anjali had already closed her mouth around Malliswari's into a passionate snog. Malliswari had heard of Anjali's bisexual nature but had never given it much thought.

Malliswari was being swept by the river of passion and there was nothing she wanted to do about it. Her hands moved to Anjali's breasts and she cupped them. Those mounds of soft flesh felt so good. Malliswari had to take her now. She broke their kiss and stripped herself down to nothing. Anjali had never seen Malliswari naked before this and she was amazed at the big body in front of her. Everything about the woman was huge - her breasts, her thighs, her ass, hell even her clitoris seemed to Anjali like a little prick. Anjali felt Malliswari's strong hands on her clothing. She did not relent and let the bigger woman do the work. In no time, Anjali was as naked as her and was on her knees sucking the juice from the big clit of Malliswari.

She had not taken a shower yet and Anjali was highly turned on the mixture of sweat and love nectar flowing down Malliswari's thighs. She licked every drop as she probed a couple of her fingers into that big anus. Malliswari bent over. Anjali knew what she wanted. She went behind her and gave her ass a huge tongue bath. Malliswari even passed gas into Anjali's open mouth which Anjali inhaled promptly.

A little while later Anjali sensed Malliswari spasming - an orgasm without doubt. Her eyes closed as she let out a huge scream and then collapsed naked on the floor in a foetal position. Anjali could not believe this. The woman had collapsed without letting her have any. That is when Anju Bobby George entered.

Being the flag-bearer of the Indian team, Anju had been accorded the status of a superior to all else. She had the right to anything and to anyone. She was the only person in the contingent who could enter into both the mens' and the womens' locker rooms, a privilege she used to great effect. She had seen Anjali naked many times and had often wondered how it would be like to have her. Today she was sure she would find out.

"What were you doing?" Anju asked?

"Nothing. Malliswari was feeling a little low. So I gave her a bit of the Anjali treatment", Anjali winked.

"I can see that", Anju remarked, "She is still passed out from her orgasm. And she looks sexy in that position naked."

She sat on the couch and motioned the still naked Anjali to sit next to her. She ran her hands over those white creamy thighs and probed her tongue in that deep mouth. What a sight! Anjali naked and Anju clothed kissing and necking. She motioned Anjali to take her clothes off. Anjali was only too happy to comply.

Anju lay Anjali on the couch and spread her legs. Her pubis was smooth and her clit was engorged with blood. She felt those soft lips and went down on her. She could not believe a cunt could taste as good as Anjali's. This woman was a cunt worshipper's dream. Her juices seemed to flow forever and she always appeared to be coming. Anju must have licked her for ten minutes and she was sure that Anjali had orgasmed atleast five times.

Anju fished into her bag and brought out a ten inch black strap-on double-sided dildo. She put it on and asked Anjali to suck her artificial cock. Man, Anjali was a good cock-sucker. As she sucked the dildo, she also paid due attention to Anju's anus and breasts. Anju, then, bent her over and in one swift motion rammed her dildo into her ass. Anjali was taken aback by the sheer force of the penetration but she recovered quickly.

Anju pulled at Anjali's hair as she fucked her ass in hard and fast motion. She kissed Anjali's neck passionately and softly and cupped her lovely breasts. She even managed to turn her face enough so that she could plant a huge kiss on Anjali's mouth. Anju had had many women before this but Anjali was by far the best she had. She could do in a few minutes what took others hours. Very soon Anju could feel her juices dripping down her thighs as she came in a violent shudder. Anjali was not far behind and passed out along with Anju with the dildo still in her anus.

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