The Great Outdoors


Brian wanted to replace his finger with his aching cock and fuck Jenna right there on the beach towel. He knew that if he didn't stop, that might happen and with Becky only a few feet away he figured that would be trouble. So, mustering up all his strength he withdrew his fingers, and clapped his hands exclaiming "time to go!" This shocked Natalie and Becky out of their erotic grind and all four got up extremely turned on, but sexually disappointed. The girls donned their swimwear and they all marched back to the river's edge, Brian's dick painfully straining against the fabric of his swim shorts.

It was mid morning when they shoved off onto the river but temperatures were already approaching 90. They had a few hours of floating before they reached the next public launch site and would have the river mostly to themselves. The high temperatures encouraged some heavy alcohol consumption and it wasn't long before the women were sunbathing topless, this time in full view of the guys.

The guys were unaware of the teasing plan hatched by their women in the river that morning to send them into a sexual frenzy. Nonetheless, the girls started working their plan early, flirting with anyone but their husband, who they completely ignored. Exposed boobs were intently brushed against both men and other women. Jenna set the bar high early when she reached across Brian to grab something and made sure that her nipple traced across his mouth. Nick could barely take his eyes of Becky's bronzed, exotic body. Feeling his gaze she turned away from him, arching her back, slowly bending over giving Nick a great view of her backside and the outline of her pussy beneath what little bottom she wore. Natalie's main strategy was on rubbing up against the hardened dicks in the raft. She started by grazing them with the back of her hand, but advanced to squeezing them and bumping into them with her backside.

Topless women, serious flirting and touching left the guys with nearly constant erections. Their only sanctuary was jumping in the river to cool off, which they did often. As the next launch site came into view, the girls put their tops back on, not because they had inhibitions left, but because flashing strange guys seemed like fun.

That afternoon the river was packed. A couple of times there were enough floats that someone could hop across the width of the river without getting wet. Everyone was smashed and giving summer a great send off. To the guys benefit, there were more tits seeing sunshine than they could have imagined and their women were right in the action.

This second day on the river was much more leisurely than the first day and included more stops. Sometimes the group would pull into what could only be described as a beach party or they pulled off on to a sand bar of their own. It was common for pairings to swim away from the raft to talk to other floaters or just get some time away. Those pairings were mostly all the guys or all the girls, but as the day wore on it was more common to be a mixed couple, not husband and wife. When the mixed couples would go off, there was always playful, suggestive touching going on. Girls would often stroke the cock of their friend's husband through their swim shorts under the water and occasionally their hand would wander beneath their shorts. The guys started with groping, advanced to "motorboats" and occasionally, slyly ended up with a mouth full of nipple.

When the guys left together they would flirt with some of the other girls on the river, but anytime the women were left unattended there were always several guys that would float up to them looking for some action. One particular highlight was when a raft full of college guys pulled next to the girls raft to flirt with the unattended women and soon all were engaged in drinking games and body shots. The college boys were going to push the women as far as they were willing to go -- starting with some moderate groping and body shots out of the girls cleavage. Soon the girls were topless and guys were sucking whipped cream alcohol off their exposed and excited nipples. Becky, Jenna and Natalie were living in the moment and enjoying the attention while across the river, their men were giving them the thumbs up sign.

Jenna and her large boobs were demanding most of the attention from the guys. She lost count of how many times the guys in the raft had sucked the whipped alcohol from her nipples or how many times she had squeezed those young hard cocks. Becky was dancing to the party music and started to grind against one guy who had dared to slip his hand into her bikini bottom and was gently fingering her. Becky was as horny as she could ever remember and the young guy's finger had slipped into her wetness without any resistance. She found herself rocking and grinding against his hand. With his other hand he was aggressively kneading her tit, gently twisting the nipple which stood erect nearly a full inch from her breast. Natalie had freed a cock from one young man's shorts, coated it with the whipped alcohol and was on all fours sucking and licking it clean.

Jenna had pushed off several attempts by the young guys to slide a hand into her bikini bottoms, but their persistence paid off when Jenna saw Becky bucking against the hand in her bottoms. Each of Jenna's tits was being worshiped by the mouth of a young stud and now, a third guy's finger was slowly sliding inside her. The 3 women were precariously close to the beginnings of a river orgy. Becky was engulfing every cock in front of her as she knelt in the raft, but when one guy freed his cock behind her and prepared to enter her, the girls called fowl and battled their way back into their raft.

Though their view was mostly obstructed, the husbands had sensed it might be getting out of hand and were swimming toward the raft, but even before they reached it the college guys had moved downstream waving the girls bikini top trophies in the air and cheering, heading for their next conquest. The girls may have lost their tops, but they did manage to secure some of the whipped alcohol from the other raft.

Without their tops, the women had to become more creative with their flashing. Their primary technique was to use each other's hands to alternately cover and expose their boobs, but a few times they elevated the show to include rubbing their boobs together, some short, but passionate girl-girl kissing and once Becky pulled Jenna's nipple into her mouth. Jenna nearly came seeing her friend's lips latched on to her tit and feeling the gentle, knowing flicks of her tongue agaisnt her excited nipple. She noticed how intently the guys stared at them and let the pleasure sweep over her body and moaned, in part for the show, but also in complete pleasure.

The fun was really escalating by late afternoon when they passed the last take out site. Without the crowds of people the excitement was slowing, but the flirting continued between the couples. They only had about 4 hours of float time left and weren't scheduled to get picked up until mid-afternoon tomorrow so they decided to pull off early and make camp.

As soon as they hit the beach, Natalie dropped Brian's trunks and declared it a nude beach. The other women agreed exclaiming the guys had been covered for far too long. Seconds later all 6 were naked with 3 stiff cocks pointing toward the warm sun.

Natalie proposed the group split up with 2 search parties for firewood and a 3rd for setting up camp. Keeping true to the inter-couple trend of the day, and the girl's master plan, Natalie took Brian in one direction while Jenna and Nick headed in another leaving Justin and Becky on the beach. A few minutes later all three groups were out of sight and given the breeze through the trees out of earshot as well.

Jenna's excitement was high, anxious to tease Nick. Most of her day's teasing had focused on Brian. As soon as the beach was out of sight she hopped on Nick's back and demanded a piggy back ride. Jenna knew Nick could feel the heat and wetness of her spread pussy on his lower back and deliberately rubbed it, and her boobs on him as much as possible. The ride only lasted until Nick tripped and together they tumbled to the ground. Somehow in the fall, Jenna ended up sitting on Nick's chest.

Both were laughing about the fall, but the laughter trailed off to an awkward silence. Jenna recognized that this position offered a great opportunity to tease Nick. Jenna leaned forward on all fours, her boobs hanging in Nick's face. Gently she let them swing, the tips of her nipples dragging lightly across his mouth. Nick opened his mouth and Jenna didn't resist him when he engulfed her swollen nipple. The growing ache between her legs suggested that she may have let him suck a bit too long.

When she pulled her breast from his mouth she slowly crawled forward extending the tease with an intimate view of the hot, wet sex between her legs. Jenna had half expected Nick to try to get a quick taste of her wetness, but did not expect Nick to grab her hips and bury his tongue deep inside her pussy. The day's teasing had played its toll as much on her as it had the guys and she moaned in pleasure the moment his tongue parted the folds of her pussy. As he devoured her sweetness, Jenna felt herself sinking into guilty pleasure, body weakening. Finally, somehow she mustered the will power necessary to pull her aching pussy away from his talented tongue. She stood, knees week and continued walking up the trail.

Further up the trail Jenna bent to pick up some wood when she felt Nick close in behind her, his cock between her legs, knocking at the door to her wanting pussy. Jenna stayed in the position, slightly opening her stance. Nick's throbbing member slid along, parting the lips of her pussy, but not quite penetrating it. His hand reached around and slowly massaged her clit before sliding a finger into her wetness. Lines were getting harder to distinguish and Jenna turned and knelt before him, slowly taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. It was only a tease and after three glorious strokes she stood and continued collecting wood for the fire. Nick was able to slip a finger into her pussy a few more times during their escape and his cock found her mouth once more before the two finally headed back to the beach -- both on the brink of explosion.

Ever since Natalie had seen Brian's thick cock she had longed for it to be inside her. Once they were clearly out of earshot of the others, she let Brian in on the women's secret. She shared how they were supposed to tease the men and shared that limits weren't discussed and there were gray areas. Brian asked for more details of the gray areas, but stopped when Natalie bent to her knees and began kissing and licking the length of his hard on. Natalie pondered the gray area while she worshiped his cock. Touching and kissing were both openly done on the river and guys were allowed to suck girls nipples, so she convinced herself that engulfing the throbbing member before her would be fine too, after all, it wouldn't be the first cock in her mouth today. Brian was not accustomed to Natalie's oral skill, that and the day-long teasing caused him to explode long before he wanted to. Natalie's mouth filled so quickly she was unable to handle all of it and some of his juices dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Brian watched her as she used her tongue to clean every last drop that had originally escaped. Standing, she whispered she longed for his cock between her legs. The two gathered armfuls wood and headed back to the beach.

Back on the beach, Justin was unpacking the supplies and noticed that some of their gear was missing, most notably 2 of the 3 tents. Fortunately the remaining tent was the largest and supposedly slept 6. At this point in the trip there weren't a lot of inhibitions left so it didn't seem like a major problem.

Becky dug in her bag for sunscreen. On the sand it was easy for her to sneak up on Justin who was busy rolling out the tent. Stealthily she reached around him and started to rub the sunscreen onto his throbbing cock, explaining she wouldn't want his friend to get burned. Sunscreen only acts as a lubricant for a short while and in less than a minute it no longer served its original purpose ending the moment.

Justin asked Becky to flatten out the tent on her hands and knees and she obeyed, making sure to give him a tempting view. She had fantasized often of him along with her husband filling her with cocks from both ends. On her knees, Becky arched her back and widened her stance to ensure Justin an unobstructed view of her aching pussy. The lips of her pussy glistened with excitement. The sight was too much for Justin and he mounted her from behind, using his cock to tease the opening to her hot pussy. With each slow slide of his cock along the mouth of her pussy she ached to have him inside her. Finally, the teasing was too much and arching her back she thrust her wetness onto his shaft, a loud forceful moan betraying her excitement. Slowly she took him in, inch by inch, until she filled every part of her. When Justin started to slide back out she commanded him not to move, saying "it's not fucking if we don't move." He did as he was told. With one hand he reached around and began to lightly massage her pussy while using the other hand to caress her free-hanging tits. Justin felt her pussy tighten around his cock, her breathing increased and whimpers of pleasure escaping her lips until her entire body shook in the erotic pleasures of orgasm, bucking against his throbbing cock. After her climax, Justin slowly pulled his member from her wetness while she laid on the tent recovering. When the fire wood gatherers appeared from the brush they were somewhat surprised that the tent was not yet fully erected and even more so there was only one. Each of the groups suspected there had been more inter-couple teasing and touching, but no one knew, and at this point no one cared, how far it had gone. It was still hot, but the clouds had rolled in and the sun was setting so darkness was just around the corner.

They may have lost some gear, but the girls had managed to secure some whipped alcohol from the college guys who stole their tops. Rather than eating supper the drinking continued and the guys took turns sucking the whipped alcohol off stiff and excited nipples. The teasing had gone as far as it could so Jenna suggested that the girls go in the tent while the guys extinguish the fire.

Without the fire, it was pitch black. The girls who had shared some tender kisses and hatched another plan, first called for Nick, who stumbled his way into the tent. Stepping into the tent he was met with 3 sets of hands stroking his cock. Hands were replaced by mouths and although he couldn't see, he knew each girl had tasted him. After a bit more teasing the women laid him on his back and his wife Natalie mounted her husband's hardness, reverse cow girl. In the darkness, Nick's wandering hands found wanting targets and while his wife slowly rocked on his cock, his fingers explored the warm pussies of her closest friends.

Justin was next to be called to the tent, and like Nick was greeted by the lustful hands and mouths of the three women. The women attacked his cock like animals, while the objects in their pussies were driving them closer to climax. He was laid down and mounted by his wife just as Nick was before, which allowed the 3 women to share Brian's cock when he was called to enter. Brian was noticeably thicker than his friends and Jenna couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like between her legs. That thought as she tried to engulf his fullness and her husband's cock buried deep inside her brought her to the first quiet orgasm of the night.

The women's lust was insatiable. The women fucked only their husbands, but as they rode or were ridden, unknown hands reached out from the darkness erotically caressing their sensitive areas. The women found tender kisses from their closest friends in the darkness. The kiss that Jenna was sharing with Becky intensified and Jenna felt the warmth leave Becky's quivering lips when she silently orgasmed. Sleep came between erections and if one couple woke and started again the noise would elicit the same response in the other couples. The number of orgasms was not tracked, but in the darkness all were eventually satisfied.

Jenna was the first to stir in the morning light. Sitting up she looked at the sleeping men and surprisingly noticed that each of their cocks had recovered and was proudly saluting the morning. She leaned over and woke Becky who in turn woke Natalie. The three headed down to the river to bathe.

That morning they bathed together as they had the morning before, gently washing each other's bodies, suds trailing down their exposed flesh. The kissing started almost immediately, tongues dancing between the lips of warm loving mouths. Hands glided easily over breasts, fingers bumping excited nipples.

Jenna tenderly broke her kiss with Natalie and placed small gentle kisses down her neck. After rinsing Natalie's breast, she continued kissing down across the top of it to the nipple where she slowly pulled it into her warm mouth. Natalie's arousal was obvious when an erotic moan parted her lips. This was a new experience for Jenna, sucking, rolling and flicking her tongue against Natalie's hardened nipple. She didn't know that she could get this aroused giving pleasure, but the feel Natalie's body shaking with ecstasy beneath her mouth caused a beckoning warmth to grow between her own legs. Jenna continued to soap down Natalie's free breast with her hand, but spent more time pinching the excited nipple.

Becky took her place behind Jenna and soaped her breasts paying extra attention to her nipples, letting her fingers slide over them one at a time. Soon, one hand trailed down her chest, across her stomach and began to tenderly wash the warmth between Jenna's legs. Jenna was hot and opened her stance to provide better access to her friends wandering hand. Becky's finger met no resistance as it slid between the engorged lips of Jenna's aching pussy. Penetrating her, Becky's touch was gentle and knowing.

Jenna took her cue from Becky and let her hand slide down between Natalie's legs. She slipped one and then two fingers into her warmth, moving in and out of the wetness. Beneath her mouth she felt Natalie's body tense and pussy clamp down on her penetrating fingers. Seconds later, Jenna felt the orgasm sweep over Natalie, waves of gentle jerks rocked her body, her pussy twitched and her breathing which had come to a stop was forceful and filled with pleasure. The feeling she had giving such a gift to such a friend was indescribably erotic.

Natalie's climax broke the tender, lustful embrace. Becky withdrew her fingers from Jenna's pussy who turned and together they shared one last deep kiss. The women were so aroused it felt like they were in some erotic dream.

The women recognized the magnitude of this trip and they would never be able to recreate it. The shared experience was drawing them closer together with no fear of jealousy. There wasn't much they hadn't shared and soon they confessed the lustful desires they held for each other's husbands and agreed their sexual adventure should continue. Becky confessed that Justin had been inside her and told Jenna it excited her to see the desire she held for Brian's cock and she wanted her to be fulfilled and they all agreed that they would not stop their husbands or their friends from experiencing even more and in fact desired it.

From a nude camp to a nude raft trip, the couples piled into the raft and started down the river. At this point in the trip, they were no longer drunk on alcohol, but instead on pure, wild erotica. Each girl openly stroked whatever cock was nearest them, and rarely were they near their husbands. Nipples were rubbed, licked and sucked at every opportunity and many fingers found the warm wetness of the wanton pussies.

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