The Great Outdoors Ch. 06


Rachel, her eyes looking up into Inga's own, kissed lightly around her willing lover's stomach before lips met lips playfully. Resting her hands on Inga's legs, Rachel let her tongue begin to perform pure magic.

Inga moaned as pleasure overwhelmed her, stroking the brunette's wet hair in an attempt to keep that face down there forever and ever. She never wanted this to end -- such a beautiful moment in such a beautiful place. This girl was good! She knew exactly what she was doing, as if she knew Inga inside out. It felt that she was certainly attempting to do that anyway -- her tongue was going deeper and deeper still.

Inga could feel herself on the brink of an almighty orgasm. "More," she stuttered loudly, eyes closed in ecstasy, "! No! No!"

Because all of a sudden, right on the edge, the tongue had vanished and Rachel had moved her face well away, a devilish grin on her face. The bitch! The absolute bitch!

"Please," cried Inga, almost welling up, "please...please don't stop..."

But Rachel shook her head. "It's my turn," she said.

"Oh, is it? Is that how this is going?" replied Inga, laughing now. "If that's how you want to play the game...fine. Come here."

Rachel stepped up out of the lagoon, water running off her beautiful young body as she did so. She took Inga by the hand and helped her somewhat unsteadily to her feet. Their mouths met again, slower this time but with perhaps even more passion. They were beyond excitement; now it was nothing but enjoyment, making this last and last as much as they could. Inga thrilled to hold Rachel's naked body so close to her own, thrilled to taste her own excitement everywhere and anywhere on Rachel's mouth, thrilled to have the opportunity to show now how good she was.

Inga took Rachel's hands and guided her slowly to the ground. She grabbed the clothes they had scattered and discarded around them, tucking them under the brunette's gorgeous body, acting as a make-shift blanket. Rachel lay right back onto them, her hands lightly stroking her body, her eyes pleading for Inga to give her what she wanted. The sense of power was an immediate head rush and an absolute turn on.

Inga got onto her knees, kissed Rachel again, quickly, before making her way down the wonderful young body. She tenderly licked and nibbled at the hard nipples standing erect on those beautiful breasts, smiling as she did so to hear a replying gasp and moan.

She shifted her body so that she was sitting between Rachel's long, smooth, inviting legs, looking up into the glistening wetness that was a mixture of water and excitement. Her tongue travelled along the skin of her left inner thigh slowly; it was her turn to tease now.

As she got higher up, Inga could smell that wonderful delicious smell of warm juices; it had been so long since she'd met with that. Warm recognition flowed through her, along with memories of happier times, of sweet lovemaking with Jess all that time ago. Now she was going to make Jess proud, wherever she was.

The taste was sweeter than she remembered it, but the passion she produced from the lips of her lover were certainly familiar. She became greedy, hungry for more, both of pussy and of pleasure. She felt Rachel's hands on the top of her head, grabbing onto her hair, trying to push her face and tongue further and further.

"Oh!" Rachel moaned loudly, her face screwed up as she began to buckle, to shudder. "Oh...oh, beautiful! Oh fuck! Fuck! Yes!"

This was all going a little too fast from Inga's original ideas, but she herself was getting too carried away not to care. She loved the taste of Rachel's juices so much -- it seemed so much sweeter because it was even better than she had fantasised about it. She felt the gorgeous girl wriggle, her hips buck, her hands tightening further still on her hair before one travelled down her bare back and started to lightly scratch at her skin in sweet desperation.

As Inga' tongue continued to probe, Rachel began to laugh. It started lightly, casually, breathlessly, before it started to increase in both volume and intensity. It was almost wild, uncontrollable. Every so often a laugh would become mixed up in an even louder moan of delight, a shudder of enjoyment.

This was all starting to get a little weird for Inga's liking. Much as she was absolutely loving eating Rachel out, this reaction was not exactly what she had been expecting. To hide the slight offence she was feeling, she kissed the soaking lips one last time before pulling herself up and looking down at the still beaming face of Rachel, as if she too had been playing a game with her.

"I knew..." Rachel whispered, half sitting up so that her face was close to Inga's. "I knew you'd know just what to do...that you could make me feel that way again..."

"What way?" asked Inga quietly back, curious.

Rachel stared into her eyes, serious yet still so full of longing. "Loved," she replied.

Inga felt goose pimples start to appear all over her body. This game seemed to be getting a little too out of hand for her liking. Maybe it was time to put a stop to it?

But before she could even speak, Rachel, as if she had read her mind, took her face by the hand, drawing it closer still. "We're not done yet," she breathed.

They kissed again, deeper than before. Inga let the soft lips caress her own, breathing in the sweet smell of her lover's perfume, feeling her anxieties melt away once more.

"I love how I taste on your lips," sighed Rachel between each long kiss. "So pure..."

She began to move those beautiful legs of hers around and under Inga's own; already Inga knew what was going to happen next, and she was filled with such an immense sense of anticipation. She willingly shifted her own body, taking another opportunity to kiss those beautiful lips, before placing her hands behind her back onto the short, dry grass that surrounded their make-shift bed for support.

Hips bucked; wetness met wetness. The added pleasure doubled by the fact that neither of them had climaxed, it didn't take long before the two lovers were screaming out loud.

'Fuck everyone else,' thought Inga as she bit her bottom lip and whimpered. 'Let them hear us, hell let them see us. Oh fuck, this is incredible! Oh fuck!'

When she came it felt like wave after wave of pleasure covered her entire body, buzzing and brimming. This felt so good, so right. Feeling Rachel climax against her -- the sudden release of a deafening yelp, the feel of it physically on her own body -- forced another spasm for herself.

It was then that she knew, as she collapsed panting on the ground, her chest heaving, that this would be her next adventure. She would kiss Paul goodbye and fuck Rachel hello.

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