The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

byTrue North©

"Wow. Are you going to take off the wig and mask, too?" he asked. "I'd like to know who you are."

"No, those are staying on." She giggled, tilted her head to one side and spread her legs a little, allowing candlelight to shine between her legs from behind. "Are you going to take your costume off, Charlie Brown, or just look?"

Charlie felt like he'd be happy to just look at her all night, but... As she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs, Charlie thought what the hell and pulled his oversized shirt off. Then, as he looked at her and she licked her lips, he undid the button on his shorts, pulled the zipper down and pushed them down. They dropped to his ankles and he kicked them away, leaving him with his boxers on, tented.

"Go on, Charlie Brown," she whispered from the bed. He looked at her, then pushed his boxers down to his ankles, his cock springing free, and kicked them away. He quickly reached down, untied his shoes, pulled them off as he hopped in front of her a bit, then pulled his socks off as well. He then stood, cock pointing straight out toward her, and looked at her. "And since you know who I am..." He pulled off his mask and tossed it on the floor.

"It's my turn to say 'wow'," Charlie Brown. She uncrossed her legs, held up her hands and beckoned him. He stepped closer and she beckoned again, so he stepped closer still, until he was right in front of her, cock pointing almost at her face. "Mmm. Nice," she said. "Now then..." She leaned back, reached for the pie and sat back to face him again. Digging her fingers into the pumpkin pie, she scooped a bit out. Taking his cock in hand, she smeared the pie over his head, then bent to take him into her mouth.

"Mmmm," she moaned. As he looked down, she kept her fingers wrapped around him and licked and sucked all the pie off him. Pulling off him with a pop, she looked up at him. "That's tastes like more," she said with a giggle."

"Oh, please do, Pumpkin. Feast away," he said with a laugh and she giggled. Still holding him, she dipped her fingers back into the pie, scooped some more and smeared it over him. Admiring her handiwork, she again took him into her mouth, the vibrant red hair of the wig framing her face, her eyes sparkling from behind the mask. She closed her eyes and again sucked and licked the pie from him as he watched, hands on his hips. "Mmmm," she moaned and ran her tongue around and around the head of his cock, looking up at him.

Okay, Charlie thought, I don't know what this is, but it feels like heaven.

Pumpkin pulled back, her fingers still wrapped around him and smiled. "I need more champagne, Charlie, it's on the dining table." She let go of him and sat back.

Charlie looked down at her and let his eyes wander over her body again. The candlelight threw her face into some shadow, but highlighted the curve of her breasts, illuminated a flat belly and trimmed bush and put a sheen on her green nylons.

"All righty," he said, then tore himself away from his study of her body. He turned and walked out of the bedroom to a dining area where there was a bottle of champagne in a pail of ice. He pulled the bottle out, pulled the foil from the top and, as he untwisted the wire holding the cork in, felt Pumpkin press against him, her breasts warm on his back. She kissed his shoulders as he freed the cork, which dinged off a light over the table. As he reached to pour the champagne into a couple of glasses on the table, she stepped from behind him and put the pie on the table.

Picking up a knife on the table, she sliced the pie into cubes then stepped close to him and took a flute he offered. She sensuously sipped the cold bubbly, running her tongue around the rim of the glass. Charlie clinked his glass to hers and watched her mouth. "Yummy."

He then watched as she lowered her flute, poured some in her hand, then, looking down, washed off the head of his cock with the champagne. The sensation of the bubbly on his head was fantastic and he could only look down and watch as she stroked him and rinsed him off with it. He moaned at her touch and she looked up and giggled.

"Now it's your turn, Charlie Brown." She set her glass on the table and walked around behind him again, running fingertips across his back. As he turned to follow her with his eyes, she pulled a chair away, then hopped up a bit to sit on the edge of the table. Lying back on the table, Charlie watched as she dug into the pie with one hand. She picked out cubes, then placed them; one in the hollow of her throat, another between her breasts, another on her belly button and a last one on her mound, in the trimmed hair there.

As he watched, she then carefully placed one high heeled foot on either arm of the chair and put her hands behind her head, smiling at him.

Needing no further encouragement, Charlie moved to the side of the table, then bent to the pie cube at her throat. He took it in his mouth, chewed and swallowed it, then kissed her throat a couple of times. She moaned contentedly. He then kissed his way down to the tidbit of pie between her breasts and she arched her back to meet him. Gobbling the pie, he nuzzled into her breasts, kissed each nipple, then moved to the belly button pie. He ate it as well, then licked into the tiny hollow.

Bending low, he turned his head and placed his cheek on her belly to gaze at the last morsel, tempting him from atop a patch of pubic hair. He turned his head the other way and looked at her face from between her breasts as she lifted her head to watch him. Smiling, he then kissed his way back up between her breasts, to her throat. Moving to the side of the table, he lowered his arms onto it so his face was above hers. He looked into her eyes, then bent to kiss her gently.

He tasted pumpkin and champagne as their lips met. She reached up to put a hand on the back of his head, opening her mouth as she did so, and he plunged his tongue in to touch hers. Bent over the table and resting on his arms, they kissed for long moments, exploring each other's mouth, tongue and teeth. He slipped his tongue under hers and caressed the slick underside.

He pulled back, looking at her. "Yum."

She smiled up at him. "Yum indeed." Then she lifted her head to give him another quick kiss. "Charlie?"


"Eat me, Charlie Brown," she whispered. "Please."

"Are you going to tell me who you are?"

"No, I'm not. Just enjoy."

He stayed there, gazing at her face, into her eyes, puzzled. She knew who he was, he had no idea who she was. Why, he wondered, was this going so well then? It seemed not right, and yet so right, at the same time. He sighed a bit, looked down at the remaining morsel of pie and decided to carry on (as if he was going to stop, he realized). He stood, then moved to the end of the table.

Taking one of her ankles, he lifted up a shapely leg, ducked under it and sat in the chair between her legs. She put her heeled foot back on the arm of the chair, then got up on her elbows to look at him. She smiled at him and he began kissing the inside of her thighs, moving from one to the other, slowly edging closer to her waiting pussy. Charlie moved his face close, then blew warm air over her. She moaned and he looked up at her. As she smiled, winked and nodded at him, he put his shoulders under her thighs and took the last piece of pie in his mouth. Chewing it quickly, he swallowed the pie, then kissed around her mound, nuzzling into her pubic hair and barely, just barely, touching his tongue to her lips.

She gasped as he touched his warm tongue to her warm, slippery lips. He parted her lips with his tongue, slipping it inside her, tasting her, adding her flavour to the pumpkin and champagne already on his tongue. As she clamped her thighs over his ears, Charlie contentedly lapped at her, first running his tongue up and down between her lips, then opening his mouth wide to slip it into her as deep as he could.

Pumpkin began moving with him, using her hips and legs to keep her pussy pressed against his mouth as he probed. Bobbing his head between her legs as he licked, sucked at her lips and slipped his tongue inside her, she reached down between her legs with one hand and pulled his face into her. Glancing up to see her watching him carefully, she placed his tongue on her clit and kept it there. Slowly, he moved his tongue on her clit, toying with it and causing her to moan loudly. He sucked it between his lips, then teased with his tongue, driving her crazy. She clamped her thighs tight to his head, keeping his face between her legs and ran her hand around his shaved skin.

Finally, as he quickly flicked his tongue over her clit, she moaned very loudly, clamped her thighs so tight to his ears he couldn't hear, and bucked against him using her hips and ass. Finally, Pumpkin couldn't take it anymore. She spread her legs, releasing his head, then pushed him away with a hand on his forehead.

Charlie pulled back as Pumpkin sat up in front of him, then bent forward to suck a firm nipple that was hovering near his face. "My god, Charlie," she whispered as she reached to caress his face. Looking at him, she bent a leg sharply, put a heel on his shoulder and pushed him back into the chair. He looked up, watching as her breasts heaved as she panted. He gazed at her pussy, agape before him, then reached to slip a middle finger slowly into her. Again, she moaned as he slipped his finger deeper inside, then curled his finger in her wet pussy.

Looking down at him, she clamped her legs closed, not allowing him to move his finger. "Do you want to fuck me, Charlie?" she whispered, his finger trapped inside her.

Looking up, Charlie whispered back. "I think we both know the answer to that question."

Pumpkin spread her legs again and reached down to pull his finger out of her. Then she reached for his hands and, slowly lying back on the table again, she pulled him up so he was standing between her legs. She let go of his hands, put hers behind her head again, and closed her eyes. Charlie put his hands on her thighs and gazed down at her... breasts heaving, her eyes closed, her legs now clamped and hooked up behind him. Reaching down, he placed the head of his cock against her, slightly parting her lips.

"Pumpkin?" he whispered.

"Yes, Charlie?" she whispered back, eyes closed.

"Give me your hands." Pumpkin reached up and Charlie took her hands in his, then slid his cock slowly inside her. He smiled as he slid in... her pussy was so welcoming, caressing. He felt her parting for him and, her hands in his, he began fucking her slowly. Moving his feet apart on the floor, Charlie gazed down at the mystery Little Redheaded Girl on the table. Her breasts moved in a circular motion as he rhythmically fucked her and she used her legs to pull him inside. Steadily, they fucked, their bodies moving together, she using her legs to pull him inside, he clenching his ass and thrusting deeply.

Her eyes were open now and she smiled as they fucked. She watched his smiling face, he looked into her eyes and they continued, moving together, fucking steadily, the smell of sex filling the air with the aroma of pumpkin pie and champagne. He let his eyes roam over her... the sparkling eyes, her smiling lips, the breasts that moved in tandem with him fucking her.

They fucked steadily for several minutes, both lost in the feeling of it, the sloppy sounds, the heat of her legs wrapped around him, the fucking motion as they moved in harmony, fingers entwined.

Charlie was throbbing inside her now, and Pumpkin was squirming a little as they continued. He could feel orgasm nearing and she felt it inside her. He clenched... trying to hold back, but then Pumpkin began bucking against him. He speeded up... plunging in and out of her body as she pulled him in with her legs. In and out, in and out. It seemed like they fucked and fucked and finally, Charlie knew he couldn't hold back.

"I'm cumming, Charlie," she yelled, eyes closed, and bucked against him, thrashing on the table in ecstasy as he watched her stomach muscles, like her thighs, working. As she came, her hands grasped his so tightly it was painful. But as she came, so did Charlie, cumming inside her. It felt like he erupted into her. It felt like they'd been fucking for so long and as he came, his cum spurted over and over, draining from him and filling her. Panting now, he slowed. As Pumpkin stopped her thrashing, her legs relaxed and she put her feet back onto the chair arms behind him.

He continued sliding in and out of her, slowly and gently, as they both panted, drained, happy, well fucked. Then, inside her, Charlie stopped, his balls against her bottom. He looked down at her. "Wow."

She looked up at him and winked as he softened inside her. "I know, right?"

They stayed like that, Pumpkin on the table, Charlie softening inside her cum-filled pussy for a few minutes, until he slipped out of her body. As he slipped out, Pumpkin sat up, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him close, her breasts against him. He wrapped his arms around, feeling the warmth of her skin and nuzzled into her neck and hair.

"Charlie, I need a more comfortable spot. Come and lie with me."

Charlie stepped back and offered her a hand. She hopped off the table and he pulled her into the bedroom, where they fell on the bed, pulled the covers over themselves, and fell into a blissful sleep.

Charlie woke with a start, alone, and looked around at the strange room. The clock said 6:30 a.m., all the candles had burned out, and Pumpkin was gone. She must have slipped out in what was left of the night, he thought. Charlie fell back onto the pillow, smiling as he replayed the night's activities and enjoyed the aroma of pumpkin pie that lingered in the bed.

He got up, had a quick shower, got dressed and headed home to change before heading to work. It was one of the better Monday mornings he'd had in a long time. Driving to work, his cock was hard in his pants as thought about Pumpkin's body. And I still don't know who she is, he thought.

At the office, he listened to the radio for a few minutes in the parking lot as his erection subsided, then he got out of his truck and headed in, braced for comments about his newly shaved head. He made some idle chitchat with a couple of co-workers, used the cancer fundraiser headshave line, said hi to Dianne, got a coffee and retreated to his office for some quiet.

At his desk, he again played out the entire Halloween evening in his mind, in slow motion, savouring every moment. He was shaken from his reverie when Dianne buzzed him from the reception desk. "Charlie," she said, "Denise from personnel is here to see you."

"Send her in," he said, a little surprised that someone from personnel needed to see him. Rarely did anyone from the other side of the office venture over to the editorial side. Whatever, he thought.

He looked up as Denise stepped into his office. Oh right, he thought, she had sat in during his job interview. "Hello Charlie, I don't know if you remember me, but I was at the interview when you applied for this job?"

"Yes, I remember you," he said.

"I have a bit of paperwork here that I need your signature on," she said, then walked around his desk to stand near him. She bent to put the papers on the desk in front of him and Charlie caught the unmistakable scent of pumpkin pie as she did so. She walked back around to the front of his desk. "Mind if I sit down?"

A little thrown off by the pie scent, Charlie muttered something, then looked up at her. "Sure, sure. Sorry, have a seat, uh, Denise, is it?" He looked at her as she sat; good body in a black dress, quite dark eyes, medium length brunette hair with reddish highlights. He looked more closely at her, his mouth open a bit. Denise settled back in the chair, then crossed her legs. Good legs, noticed Charlie, with green nylons.

She winked at him. "Yes, Charlie Brown, my name is Denise." She pointed at the papers on his desk. "Can you just sign where I've marked those Xs? Then I'll be on my way."

Charlie had a stunned look on his face, knew it, but couldn't help it. He smiled awkwardly. "I, uh, noticed your perfume... very nice."

"Why thank you, Charlie Brown," she said with a smile. "A hint of pumpkin pie, I think. Very seasonal don't you agree?"

Charlie gulped as the situation dawned on him. This, this was the Little Redheaded Girl, Pumpkin, from the night before. He didn't know what to say. Denise sat across the desk from him, smiling. "Are you all right, Charlie Brown?"

"Um, oh," he stammered. "Yes, yes I'm fine. I was just going to say that, uh, um, pumpkin pie is one of my favourite flavours. I mean, scents? I mean..."

Denise laughed softly. "I'm glad you like it Charlie. After all," she winked, "Thanksgiving is approaching quickly..."

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