tagNonHumanThe Green Blob Ch. 11

The Green Blob Ch. 11


While Becky's transformation was completing more hatchlings had found the same college campus and were looking for hosts or meals. Timothy was asleep in his dorm and did not notice the small green creature wiggling its way through the window.

The blob slithered across the window sill before dropping in to his bed. Tim was sleeping in his boxer shorts which gave the blob easy access to his genitalia. The blob wiggled its way under his blanket and headed towards his crotch. As it was still small in size it slipped between the slit in his shorts and molded around his cock.

Tim still was unaware for the alien creature that had attached itself to his cock as he began to harden. The blob of slime has warming and pulsing to get his member sensitive enough to orgasm. Tim began to squirm a little in his bed. The attention his cock was receiving was giving him some very erotic dreams.

As he slept he dreamt a sexy woman with her warm mouth around his cock sucking him off still unaware of what was really happening. As the blob wiggled and squeezed around his cock more and more it wasn't long before Tim blew a load which rocked him out of his sleep.

Tim sat up covered in sweat trying to catch his breath. After a few seconds he began to notice a wet feeling in his shorts. Thinking he must have had a wet dream he went to get up and clean himself off. He removed his blanket when he screamed out in horror as he saw this green blob of goo around his cock.

"What the fuck is that!" He yelled out as the green blob seemed to be expanding still holding his cock inside it. Tim reached and tried to remove the alien intruder from himself but it would not let go of him. He stood up trying to head to the bathroom but the blob began to vibrate making him fall to the floor as the sensation was so pleasurable it made him weak in the knees. As the creature grew it had dissolved away his boxer shorts.

Tim was on the floor with a green slimy blob all over his cock. He could feel the slime tightening around his member, he watched his foreskin sliding back and forth as the blob continued to extract more semen from him. His fear was slowly being replaced with lust as he couldn't help but enjoy the sensation the creature was forcing upon him as it grew engulfing his waist. It began to seep in to other cracks in his body trying to pleasure him inside and out as he came again. He yelled out his pleasure as he saw white goo squirt in to his captor before it disappeared in to the sea of green causing the creature to grow even more.

Tim was waist deep as the creature was holding him off the floor unmercifully pleasuring more and more semen out of him. The slime he gotten inside his cock and in to his testicles trying to soak up every drop it could before returning to the main blob. He could feel his balls swell and before long he was cumming again this time with much more force than the previous ones. The sensation was so strong we could hardly keep himself conscious. The creature sensing he had no more food for it finally released him and slithered away leaving him on the floor breathing heavily before he passed out.

The creature which was now much larger slithered around the room before finding a small air vent in the wall which it forced its way in to. The blob was moving through the dorm building still looking for a host body. It would stop at openings and sense the room finding only males but it could not bond with a male it could only feed so it continued the search.

A few floors up it found and suitable host sleeping while the it was peeking through the vent above her bed. She was a busty brunette covered by a thin sheet and was wearing a t shirt along with sleep pants which the creature could dissolve easily enough. A slimy green tentacle began to lower down towards her. It hovered above her for a moment getting a closer look at her body before it ran a thin layer of goo along her sheet dissolving it followed by her shirt and pants. As her clothes spilt in half falling to either side of her leaving her mostly naked except for her panties which the creature had planned to dissolve next the creature suddenly heard a noise causing it to pull back.

The door had opened and another woman had come walking in. She was obviously drunk and was stumbling as she walked before falling in to her own bed on the other side of the room. The blob decided to take advantage of this situation, while it was still up in the vent it split itself in to 2 separate blobs. One half slithered through the vents to the opening closest to the other girl while the first half once again began to seep down towards the host it was already preparing.

The green tentacle poked through the vent hanging down and heading for the slit between her legs. It reached her panties and easily dissolved them out if its way before forcing itself inside her. She squirmed a little as she slept but did not awaken. The slime was working as quickly as it could as its size made the process take a little longer but soon it had completely forced its way inside her body and began to transform her. Due to the fact it had already fed it didnt take long for the bonding to complete and soon it had her under its control!

Across the room the other blob sprouted out of the vent in the wall near her bed and worked its way up towards her. The woman was drunk and asleep so she did not notice the alien creature slithering up towards her. She was wearing a skirt so the slime had fairly easy access to where it needed to go as she was also on top of the covers. It wiggled in between her legs and dissolved her underwear before forcing its way inside her. It worked its way in deep when it came across something in her body that made the blob stop and pull away.

The creature had come in to contact with the alcohol in her and it hurt. When it touched the creature it caused the cells to dry up and the blob to back away in pain. As the creature retracted it slid down back to the floor and slithered away towards the other girl figuring it would rejoin with its other half inside its new host. It wiggled its way up and inside the first girl and begun its plan to wait for her to sober up before trying again.

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