tagGay MaleThe Groomsman Ch. 01

The Groomsman Ch. 01


"If you won't tell me the truth then it's over." Angie blurted out those harsh words and then burst into tears. She was trying so hard to stay mad, but it wasn't working. She was hurt and angry.

"What are you talking about?" Ian took a step towards his girlfriend, but she took two steps back. He ran his hand through his thick red hair, trying to think of what to do next.

"It's over. We can't date anymore. You're keeping something from me and I hate that you don't trust me." Angie gave Ian a death glare and then stomped down the street. He wanted to run after her, but it was no use. He had no idea what the hell she was talking about. One minute they were a happy cuddly couple, making out on the grassy hill near their old high school, the next minute she was breaking up with him.

Ian brushed the cut grass from his shorts and slowly walked home. They had been dating almost two years. It had been the perfect relationship. Each step Ian took made him think of another reason why she had broken up with him. He wondered if she was cheating on him. He wondered if it was because he wasn't forcing her to have sex. She had told him she wanted to wait and he had respected that. Ian walked up the stone walkway to his house, not even close to understanding what had happened.

"Oh good you're home early. We have to talk." Ian looked up and saw his mother standing in the front foyer. She had the same red hair as he did and barely looked her age.

"What's wrong?" Ian was in a bad mood so figured he was in trouble again.

"Nothing's wrong. Come into the family room." Ian's mother gestured for him to follow her so instead of walking down the hall towards his apartment, he wandered into the main area of the house.

Sitting in the family room was his dad, along with his two sisters. The whole family had the same red hair although Izzy, his younger sister, had almost strawberry blonde hair now. He leaned against one of the walls and waited for the announcement.

"We've all been invited to Haley's wedding. It's in two weeks time and it's happening on her father's yacht."

Ian tried not to smile. There was more to this story and he couldn't wait to see if his guess was correct. His mother continued.

"Haley and Hunter got themselves into a bit of a pickle and therefore a wedding earlier, rather then later is necessary."

"She's knocked up?" Ian hated how old fashion his mother was. She didn't work and spent her time volunteering at their church. He wondered sometimes if being surrounded by old ladies made his mother think it was the fifties or something.

"Yes. We're not to say anything though. No mention about how soon the wedding is occurring. No mentioning to Haley about how she looks."

"How long do we get to be on the boat Mom?"

Izzy had spoken up. She had just turned eighteen and was thinking of only one thing -- how much tanning time she was going to get.

"One week. Everyone is coming." Ian's mom smiled sweetly at Ian. He knew that look. He had successfully gotten out of most family trips, but this time he was out of luck.


Ian stepped onto the large deck of the boat. Boat was an understatement of course. His family had to take a smaller boat from the pier out to the monstrosity of a vessel. Ian had heard about Mr. Jacobsen's yacht, but to actually see it was amazing. It was three stories high and Ian knew there were two floors underneath. The deck was the size of his backyard and he knew this was only the bow.

"I'm so glad you guys could make it." Ian looked up at saw Haley's dad strolling towards them. He was wearing a white polo shirt and beige shorts. He hugged each member of Ian's family. "Kiki will show you to your rooms. Dinner is at seven o'clock. Dress casually."

Ian and his family were led down the grand staircase to the third floor. The hallway was a dark mahogany color and Kiki showed each of them their rooms. Ian's parents had the room at the end of the hallway, which had a queen size bed. Izzy and Veronica were given the larger room with two double beds and Ian was given the smallest room with the single bed. When he entered he grinned. The view from his window was the emergency boat. He knew this was done on purpose.

After unpacking, he decided to walk around the boat. He turned the corner and ran right into Gabriel.



Ian's heart skipped a beat and he stepped back, landing against the opposite wall. With all the crap he had been dealing with lately, he totally forgot that there was a chance that Gabriel would be here.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Ian hissed those words. His hands were on his hips and he was mad.

"It's my family's fucking boat. I'm not going to miss my sister's wedding." Gabriel was the exact same height as Ian and so they were eye level. Gabriel was equally angry and pissed off and wasn't afraid to show his feelings to Ian. He had never backed down before and he wasn't going to start now.

"You're supposed to be in Australia surfing or something."

"Well I'm here. Deal with it."

Gabriel spun around and stormed down the hall to his room. The door shut with a bang and Ian was left in the hallway wondering if things could be any worse. He had been dumped by his girlfriend and didn't have the guts to tell her why he was keeping secrets. He was stuck watching a friend of the family's daughter get married on a beautiful yacht when he could be at home alone. Now, he had to deal with Gabriel.


Gabriel stormed into his room and swore under his breath. He knew that Ian was on the boat and had a whole speech prepared in his head. He was going to apologize and tell him to forget two years ago. He was going to be mature and responsible, proving to Ian that he wasn't the arrogant immature eighteen year old he was before. He tried to ignore the throbbing between his legs, but it wouldn't go away.

The tall blonde man paced his room. He doubted Ian knew the effect he had on him. He had been young and stupid and had fucked up everything. Ian hated him. He was completely sure of that. He also knew that at one point he could turn Ian on. He definitely knew that Ian still turned him on and wondered if Ian knew this.

"Fuck it!" Gabriel yanked down his sweatpants with one hand and wrapped his hand around his thick member. He leaned up against the windowsill and looked out onto the water. He stroked his cock so quickly his hand was covered in precum. "I hate him." Gabriel tried to get the image of Ian out of his head, but it wasn't working. He massaged his balls and imagined Ian's hands stroking them instead. He closed his eyes and wished Ian had his lips wrapped tight around his cock.

Gabriel switched hands. Jerking with his left hand now he imagined Ian was behind him, kissing and nibbling his neck as he stroked him hard. They had done that in the shower once and Gabriel had cum so quickly he had been so embarrassed. He was older now and was holding back his orgasm. Gritting his teeth he walked the few steps to his bed and sat down.

Looking down he saw his cock was throbbing. It was average size, but the head was thick, purple in color, and the shape of a mushroom. His precum was flowing constantly and that gave him the lubrication needed to continue the assault on his cock. He felt the cum build in his balls and reached over to grab some tissues. He placed the tissues against the head of his cock and stroked up hard three times. On the third stroke his cock exploded. Thick ropes of cum soaked the tissue and once he was done he fell back against his bed, trying to catch his breath.

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