tagGay MaleThe Groomsman Ch. 03

The Groomsman Ch. 03


"Go faster. Stroke it harder and faster." Gabriel was lying on his back gripping the sheets of his bed. Ian was kneeling by the bed with his hand gripped tight around Gabriel's cock. Gabriel was panting, desperately trying to gasp for breath.

"Fuck I missed this " Ian leaned over and wrapped his lips around Gabriel's cock. This was absolute heaven. He loved the feel of Gabriel's cock in his mouth. It was so hard and so hot. He sucked faster, knowing exactly how he loved his cock to be sucked. As he did this, he wrapped his hand around his own cock and jerked slowly. It had been two years and he missed every moment of this.

"Can I fuck you, please?" Gabriel was begging with both his eyes and the tone of his voice. It was something he always wanted, but had been very whiny about it in the past. "It's O.K. if you say no." Gabriel bit his lip, so worried that Ian was going to blow up at him.

Ian slid his lips up and down Gabriel's cock and then looked up. "Yes." He then licked the tip gently before climbing onto the bed. "I want this more than anything." Ian lay on the bed with his legs in the air, watching Gabriel put on a condom and then squirt lubricant on his throbbing cock. He pushed the head gently against Ian's ass, really not sure if he was doing this right.

"Oh." Ian moaned. The feelings were intense and he loved how nervous Gabriel looked, it was damn sexy to him. Gabriel pushed harder and gasped when his cock was surrounded by Ian's tight entrance. He slid further and moaned as he was finally able to thrust back and forth gently.

"Is this O.K.? Am I doing this right?" Gabriel had his hands on the bed and was leaning over Ian. Ian was moaning. "Fuck yeah. You can go harder. It feels good." Gabriel nodded and soon he was thrusting harder and faster into Ian's ass. Ian cried out. He had this feeling of intense pleasure. Gabriel's cock was rubbing against his prostate and his cock swelled and twitched. He was about to blurt out that he was going to cum, but it was too late. His cock began to shoot thick ropes of cum all over his stomach. He was so overcome by the intense orgasm that it wasn't until he opened his eyes that he saw that Gabriel had cum as well.


"Wow is right. I'm sorry I was so immature. Really I am." Gabriel began to apologize, but Ian kissed him to quiet him down. "Shut up. I don't care."


Haley and Hunter stood facing each other as her father read out their vows. It was a perfect sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Haley was wearing a loose white dress and as the breeze blew her dress around her baby bump was very visible. Ian tried not to stare at Gabriel, but couldn't help it. He was wearing a sexy black tuxedo and was the perfect groomsman to his sister. Ian was sitting between his two sisters and grinned as the two of them cried a bit when the bride and groom kissed. It was a wedding of necessity, but still romantic and sweet.

"You look sexy." Ian leaned over and whispered in Gabriel's ear as everyone waited for the new couple to enter the dining room.

"You do as well." Gabriel tried not to blush. He glanced over and saw his sister scowling at him. He took a few steps away from Ian. Ian noticed and looked back and forth between the two siblings.

The tension for the rest of the night was thick. Every time Ian tried to get close to Gabriel, Gabriel would find a reason to move away. He was following his duties as a groomsman religiously. Ian was getting more and more confused and it wasn't until he saw Gabriel dancing with Izzy that he knew what was going on. Haley had pushed the two of them together and whispered something to both of them. Izzy reluctantly wrapped her arms around Gabriel and Gabriel placed his hands lightly on her hips.

Ian couldn't take it anymore. He thought everything was fine. He thought he could trust Gabriel, but obviously not. His own family and friends were scamming him. He stormed right up to Haley.

"What the fuck is going on? Tell me the truth."

Haley blinked and her face smiled an evil grin. It wasn't a calming, relaxing smile. It was an expression that showed she was enjoying the pain she was inflicting or about to inflict on someone else.

"You really shouldn't go drooling all over my brother. He's really dating Izzy behind everyone's backs. I just thought that since everything is coming out in the open this week on the yacht that everything should come out into the open."

Ian hated her voice. She had always been whiny and conniving and this was just worse. It was like since she had on the wedding dress she could be bitchier and more ruthless.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh come on Ian. Izzy and Gabriel have been secretly dating for the last two years. Izzy is just too sweet to tell Derek anything. I figure since everyone knows that I'm knocked up and it isn't Hunter's that everyone should know that you're gay and desperately trying to win back Gabriel, not like it's going to work."

Ian gasped and it took all his power not to punch Haley. Instead he spun around and stormed out of the dining room. He needed fresh air and he needed it now. He stomped up the stairs until he was on the top deck. The area was still decorated from the ceremony and he sat down on the raised platform where just a few hours ago Haley and Hunter how vowed to remain loyal to each other. Ian couldn't help but smirk. This whole wedding party had been a farce.

Ian didn't even realize he was crying until his hands, that were covering his face, were wet with moisture. He tried to hold back the tears, but it was no use. He cried and cried. All the emotions that he had held inside were coming out. He thought back to him dating Gabriel the first time. He realized that they were both young and stupid and more concerned about societal values than their own personal values. He thought back to the two years he dated Angie, how fake their relationship was and how even when she burst into tears while breaking up with him, he was in denial. She knew he was gay, but he was pretending to deny it. He then thought about the last few days and how he had put so much trust in Gabriel, hoping and wishing he had changed, only to find out that he was just a pawn in his sick mind games.

Ian got up and decided to hide out in his room until tomorrow. The boat was docking back at the pier and everyone but the bride and groom were getting off. Haley and Hunter would continue their honeymoon on the yacht for another two weeks.

Strangely no one checked up on Ian and in the morning he had his bags packed as soon as the sun rose. He felt the boat stop and he quickly rushed up to get onto the water taxi. The yacht was so large it couldn't be brought anywhere close to the pier. He looked down the whole time and practically jumped off the boat the moment it docked. He was thankful he had driven himself and got into his car and drove back home.

Storming into his apartment he locked the door and opened up his computer. He would immerse himself in his doctoral work, hoping to forget this horrible week. Ian stupidly opened up his email and gasped when he read the last email sent to him. It read:

My sister lied to you. I don't expect you to believe me. I love you.

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