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The Guest


I tossed my bag onto the small writing table located just inside the kitchen door, the smell of tonight's meal filled my nostrils. "Mmmm, smells good! What's the occasion?"

"I've invited our guest to dine with us tonight. I thought we could use the entertainment."

Our guest being the long departed grandson of our town's magistrate some years removed now. He was occupying the large bedroom on the third floor of my mistress's hotel. The only hotel in town. There were no other guests as it was March, and the town draws so very few tourists as it was even during peak season.

"What time?" I asked, aware of my rumpled appearance from working in the office all day.

"At 7 sharp, so you have plenty of time to, prepare." She flashed me a devilish smile. I scampered over and kissed her. "Thank you." I whisper, close to her ear. Kim had already changed for dinner and she was just watching over her fine meal. She was slim, her back straight which made her appear even taller than her 5' 10" frame. Her shimmering dark hair was straight cut and caressed her shoulders. Tonight she wore a full length skirt of a purple black colour and a black satin blouse that revealed she wore no bra over her small, firm breasts.

I grabbed my bag from the table and ran up the stairs to my room to prepare for tonight's dinner. I tossed my dirty clothes into the hamper and jumped into a shower. The hot tiny daggers felt so good against my naked skin. I lathered my body with soap, running my hands under and over my breasts till my nipples stood erect. My soapy hand glided smoothly over my shaven snatch where my all knowing fingers parted my skin easily. I gently rubbed my clit until I felt a warm glow spread out over my body. I left myself wanting though, and turned off the shower.

Towel dried, I stood in my ample closet, and searched for something to wear tonight. Kim was already in black so, hmmm, red! I pulled out my red dress and went to the bureau to select the proper under garments. White of course. There was the underwired bra, the lacy panties, the garter belt and nylons. The black leather grannies shoes with the tight laces would be an excellent contrast to the innocent of the white stockings.

There! I stood in front of the full length mirror and admired the effect. And the dress was just short enough that any bending and stretching was going to show the top of the stockings and the garter belts. Prrfect! Check the time, oh, almost seven, time to go.

I whisked down the stairs from my second floor room. I could hear amused laughter coming from the sitting room. Kim's hotel was a converted Victorian mansion and included many large rooms for entertainment. There, sitting beside each other on a velvety love seat, Kim and our guest. His name was Andrew from what Kim told me last night after seeing him to his room. He was handsome but not beautiful. Short cropped dark brown hair with a hint of gray at the temples, a small mustache that should a mix of colours that Andrew's hair did not hint at. He wire delicate glasses which tried to hide his otherwise rugged square shoulders and strong chest.

Kim and served him a drink and they were sharing some joke or amusing chatter. Andrew stood as I the room. "Aah, Andrew, I would like you to meet my niece, Shannon." I was Kim's niece for public appearance sake as we were a few years apart. More than some people would believe!

I offered my hand and it look like Andrew as about to raise to his lips but he must have changed his mind, no body did that in the 90's anymore. I would have liked that though. "Pour Shannon a drink, Andrew." Kim told him. "Of course." And he turned to the small bar and added a small amount of wine to a glass.

I sat across from the love seat, in a straight backed Elizabethan chair. Andrew handed me my wine and then he resumed his seat beside Kim who wrapped an arm around his. "Isn't she beautiful?" she asked him.

Andrew blushed quickly and whispered "Very." I smiled and crossed a leg over the other, the skirt riding up devilishly and I was hoping that it revealed a little pale flesh above the stockings. It must have because his eyes were affixed on my legs. I smiled, Kim smiled.

We chatted more, I told a little about my job in town, how I came to be a ward of my aunt. Andrew told us a little bit of his family and how he had always wanted to visit the old homestead.

A small buzzer rang from the kitchen and Kim announced dinner was ready. Andrew offered me his arm as I led him to the dining room. We had reduced the table down to a manageable size or otherwise we would have been dwarfed by the rooms content. I sat our guest at the head of the table, myself on his left side. Kim swept through the kitchen doors and walked over to the clever hutch that was actually a serving entrance to the kitchen. There she lifted out three marvelous roast beef dinners, and rolls. And by soft chandelier light we consumed our meal. Kim had outdone herself and the roast was perfect, a bright pink, a little on the, rare, side. Just the way we liked it!

I volunteered to bring out coffee and dessert. I peaked back out into the dining room and watched as Kim trailed her nails across Andrew's hand. I put the coffee and cheese cake through the hutch and came back into the room. Andrew went to pull his hand back but Kim grasped it tightly and smiled at me. I placed the small plates at our stations and served the coffee into the china cups. After I set the coffee urn back onto his warming plate, I approached the table between Kim and Andrew and lightly placed my hand on top of hers, Andrew's under that. I walked around Andrew back to my seat, trailing my fingers over Kim's hand, over his wrist, up his shirt sleeves, around his neck and back down the other arm.

He started first at us and then at Kim. Kim smiled at him. "You see, we are so isolated here in New Brunswick, that when we get a chance to, entertain, someone, we both want to do our very best."

Andrew swallowed and smiled shyly at us. Kim removed her hand and we proceeded to slowly consume the cake and sip the coffee. After dessert we both took an arm and guided him back to the sitting room. Once more Kim had him sit in the love seat beside her and she asked me to fix drinks. I walked to the bar and instead of going around it, I leaned far over to get brandy snuffers and the bottle. If you recall, I chose this dress in hopes of such an occurrence for I knew the red material had lifted up my legs and the white stocking, garters and most likely a hint of white laced cheek were revealed.

As I turned around, I knew it had shown as Andrew was staring at me, my legs, my waist. And Kim had a hand on his thigh. I brought the glasses over, poured the golden liquid and set the bottle off to one side. I sat across from them once more. Kim's fingers slid slowly over his thigh. I parted my legs slightly. Andrew's attention was divided to the hand gliding along his thigh and his eyes feasting on the opening I was offering. Wider I parted my legs. Lower Kim's hand went. Higher my dress slid up and Andrew nearly jumped out of his chair as Kim's hand found his rising bulge hidden under the slacks material.

"Oh." She cooed, leaning sideways to kiss his ear. Andrew turned his head and their lips met. Kim squeezed his cock with one hand and squeezed his lips with her own. Their lips parted, a thin line of saliva still joining them. Kim turned his chin in her other hand toward me and said "Watch."

Kim nibbled his neck and ear, her hand still stroking through his pants. I slid my hips forward on the seat, the dress pulling up higher, the white tops of the stockings revealed and the lace panties demanding his attention. He sat staring at my sex region, as Kim licked and nibbled his neck, her left hand unbuttoning his shirt and her right still teasing him.

His eyes followed my hands as I stroked each thigh, up and over the stockings. I pull my legs further apart, my hands sliding up and down my white skin, higher still until I stopped at the fabric of my panties. My right hand glided over the front of panties, softly at first and then harder, up and down, the material gathering and getting moist. The panties gathered and my pussy lips began to creep out each side.

Kim had His shirt unbuttoned and then his belt was released. She tugged at the hook and then the zipper of his pants. Kim pulled the elastic waistband of his underwear out and slid her fingers into the curling hair. Andrew's eyes devoured my exposed cunt as I pulled the material off the one side and stroked my glistening lips with one finger.

"Come to us, Shannon." Kim ordered me. I released myself and walked to them. I knelt between his open legs. "Be a good girl and suck him Shannon." I helped Andrew wiggle his ass free from his slacks and underwear, and slid them and his shoes/socks off. He sat there on the love seat in just his open shirt, his throbbing manhood rising to greet my mouth. I held him in my hands and guided him to my O shaped lips. He gasped as his cock head slipped into my waiting mouth and my tongue teased the small hole.

Kim stood up and began to undress. I looked up over Andrew's belly and watched him watch her. I could see the garments being tossed onto the corner of the love seat and watched as Kim's naked chest came into view and she leaned down to kiss Andrew. I could see him reach out and touch her firm small mounds, the nipples already hard bullets. Her balanced herself with a hand on his chest.

I sucked and licked him as he started to finger her pussy, her right leg up on the sofa, her left planted on the floor beside us. I lifted his shaft up and trailed a path the his hairy balls which I licked and tickled with my tongue, stroking his shaft slowly with my hand. I returned my mouth to his cock head and swallowed it hungrily, bobbing up and down hard. "oh God, wait, wait!" he said. Too late! He shot his salty load into my mouth and I swallowed it in big gulps, some slipping out around my lips.

Andrew sighed and collapsed against the seat. He seemed a bit disappointed but we assured him the night was young. We each took him by a hand and Kim, naked, led Andrew in his shirt and me, still dressed, towards the hall and to a secret panel in the wall. She led us down the wood stairs, through the hall, through the large oak iron clad door, and into the dimly lit room beyond. This was our playroom.

It was equipped with any number of contraptions including benches, anchors in the ceiling and floor, a large cabinet, an X shaped frame against one wall, and other things. Kim stopped and told Andrew to take my clothes off which he eagerly did. Kim went off to prepare the frame while Andrew unzipped the dress and held me step out of it. My white undies shone bright in the subdued light. He turned me around and pulled me against his body. He reached around and undid the bra snaps and I shrugged my shoulders free form the garment.

"I'll keep the stockings and garters on if you want?" I whispered in his ear. He smiled and knelt in front of me to wiggle my wet panties off. As my smooth snatch was revealed he buried his face against me and ran his rough tongue over my sensitive skin. Kim joined us and helped him free his arms from his shirt. She pulled him up and guided him to the padded X frame and we helped him. There were ledges for him to plant his feet and we closed the clasps around ankles and outstretched arms.

Kim stepped to the back and with the help of hydraulics, tilted the frame almost upright so that he could have a good view of the entertainment. Kim led me away and stopped us below the dangling chains. She kissed me, took one wrist, raised it and fastened the gleaming metal cuff around it. She raised my other arm and did the same. She knelt and guided my legs apart till she anchored my ankles into the chains on the floor.

Kim stood back and admired her handiwork. She looked over to Andrew and asked him if he liked it. Andrew nodded and his stiffening rod bounced a little. "Would you like to taste her?" she teased him. "Yes." He replied.

Kim walked towards me again, kissing me hard against the lips, pulling my head by a handful of hair and kissed my throat. She let my hair go and kissed down over my breasts, pausing to flick a tongue over each nipple. She didn't stop and down she went till she faced my shaved pussy and she bent her neck into my spread eagle legs and began to lick and suck my moist lips. I moaned and thrashed in my chains, unable to touch her or myself, a victim to her tongue and probing fingers.

Kim stopped suddenly and stood up, pranced over to the now hard Andrew and kissed him, rubbed her wet lips all over his. He licked and sucked her lips, tasty me on her tongue. She wrapped her fingers around his swollen shaft and squeezed, released him. She broke from him roughly.

"Shannon! Look what you have done to this poor boy!" she turned to me, a scowl on her face. "You must be punished!"

I shook my head and pleaded with her.

"No, you have been bad!" And she walked briskly to the closet, throwing the doors wide. She grabbed a few items and came at me. Kim stepped behind me and reaching up, circled my head and pushed a gag ball into my mouth, tying it hard against the back of my hair. I rattled the chains. She secured a Texas two strap around my waist and between my legs and inserted a shiny silver dildo into the trap and eased into my wet hole. She tightened the strap and turned the vibrator on. Its humming drummed against the walls of my cunt.

Kim walked back to the cabinet. I stared at Andrew across the room from me, pleading with my eyes but knowing he was as securely fastened as I was. Suddenly there was a loud crack and both Andrew and I jumped at the sound of the whip. Andrew's eyes went huge as Kim advanced to stand slightly behind me.

"You must be punished for making him cum in your mouth!" she sent the whip tails against my back, the pain an instant fire across my skin, I jerk forward against the chains, straining to get away. "You must be punished for swallowing his semen!" Another stroke. "you must be punished for teasing him with your body!" Snap!

Andrew's cock jumped at each stroke. The tails were leaving little marks on my side as they wrapped around me and Andrew stared at them in fascination. Kim went on for seven more strokes and then she lifted my chin up by the handle of the whip. "Are you a slut?"

I nodded yes.

"Do you want to fuck this man?"

I nodded yes. "Will you give him what he deserves?" I nodded yes.

Kim reached behind my head and undid the gag, I kissed her. She undid the strap and let the silver machine slip from my humming hole. She unfastened my feet and then my hands, turning me around to show Andrew the red welts. His eyes bugged and his cock throbbed. She led me to the X frame. Using the hydraulics she lowered him horizontal and I crawled up over his legs. I straddled his hips and guided his hard cock into my still humming cunt. I sank down onto his lap, he moaned and threw his head back from the pleasure.

I began to ride him, slowly at first and then harder, harder, panting and tossing my long hair around my face, my fingers flying over his chest. I pushed my hips back and forth, pushing his cock in deeper, massaging him with my cunt walls. Andrew was getting ready to cum and Kim could be heard from the side "Give him what he deserves!"

Still riding him, I lean forward, inches from his face and growl my sexual pleasure, growl my blood thirst, growl the hunger that consumes every waking moment. Andrew doesn't care, Andrew just wants to explode inside me, Andrew is nothing but a male! I growl as I feel his cock begin to jump and squirt its foul load. I growl and expose my long canine teeth just as he cums inside me.

He sees now! He sees and yet is feeling ecstasy. I use my thumb on the side of his chin to turn his head, he resists but I am stronger than he ever can be. I turn his head and he watches Kim sink her hard, cold fangs into his wrist, cutting the veins and sucking the hot sex blood. He screams and I bury my own mouth into his neck. His screams enrage us, excite us and we enjoy his salty liquid as it courses down our throats.

Minutes later we lick each others face, lips, chin, cheeks. I climb off our dead guest and we leisurely take him down. He will be found dead, burned to a crisp, in his car in the morning having broken through a guard rail and plummeted down into the valley. And we will shake our heads and wonder like the rest of the townsfolk when this dangerous stretch of road will ever be fixed.

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