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I listened to the voice on the phone. It was a voice from the past. Ted Winslow and I had been room mates in college and now he wanted to come for a visit. Ted had just recently been divorced and he was in town applying for a job with a company he had a good chance with. They had set up a meeting on Thursday for him and he wanted to see his old college chum. He would be in town late Tuesday.

It had been years and Ted and I had lost touch when I went into the army and Ted had went to South America with a number one computer company. I guess Ted wanted to chase after the good money. I wanted to get my military time behind me and joined the military police. I had planned on going into security work.

Ted and I were as different as night and day. I was the more serious kind while Ted was the playboy. In college everyone thought that we needed other room mates but we decided not to rock the boat and stay like the administration set us up. Ted had been through two marriages while I had just the one. I had met the woman for me and saw no reason to experiment with others. That's how we were different.

" I guess we will have to make the best of it," Beth said. We had never had a house guest before and she was nervous about Ted's visit. I assured her that it would only be till Friday morning and Ted would be on his way. "In that case then I'll handle it," Beth said and kissed me. I told her that since he was coming the next day that we had better make up for it tonight. Beth grinned.

That night Beth and I had some of the best sex that we had in years. I guess the idea that we would be imposing a monks life on our marriage while Ted was here. Just before we fell asleep I looked at Beth and told her, " I think an enforced time out will be good for us." We had sex almost every night. If you could see Beth you would know why. Men that I knew accused me of keeping Beth a virtual prisoner at home. Truth was that except for outings that we went on and parties given by friends, Beth always said that she was content just staying at home. We had planned on having a baby and then two more next year. My income would be better then and we could afford the have a child.

Tuesday night finally came and at about nine. Beth was ready to go to bed at ten but she stayed up to entertain Ted with me. I still couldn't be up too late as I had some important meetings the next day. Finally at eleven I told them that I had better get some sleep. "Still the company man I see," Ted quipped, " You were always the buckle down, nose to the grind stone kind of a guy."

I couldn't resist a parting shot at him, "At least I still have a job and Beth and I have only been married to each other." That got him and I could swear that I saw him glare at me as I left him and Beth in the living room and went to bed. It was about two hours later that I felt Beth climb into bed with me. I glanced at the clock as i felt her. I turned over to cuddle her but she pulled away and moved to the other side of the bed. I wondered about that but was to sleepy. I wondered if she had been put off by my little snip at Ted. It was very unlike me.

She was still asleep the next morning when I went to work. About noon I stopped for lunch and decided to call Beth. Let me explain something. I was more than just a computer nerd with a software company. Our company was responsible for a lot of our nations security. To this end I had to have my home, which was really owned by the company, wired. The living room and all the public rooms were wired for sound and video. If any problem ever came up concerning my loyalties then the log of what went on in our living room would be reviewed. this had never been a problem and I was true blue and Beth was the perfect wife. I saw no reason to upset her by telling her about the wiring.

I put the phone down and rather than call her right away I turned on the computer first to check on whether or not I would intefer with her work. She edited copy for a Publisher and I had made the mistake recently of disturbing her at the wrong time. The house came into view, The living room was in the main window and other rooms were visible in smaller windows. I could click on one of the smaller windows and bring it into focus as the main window. there were three blacked out windows. These represented our two bedrooms and the bathroom. They were available to me if I typed in a password, but I never used it.

I couldn't see Beth or Ted in any of the main rooms. The living room, the kitchen and so forth. Feeling a little naughty I clicked on to the blacked out bedroom. I expected to see Beth sleeping late. She was up till late with Ted the night before. Beth wasn't there. The bed clothes were all rumpled and on the floor. I was floored. This wasn't like Beth. With more than a little anger I clicked on to the guest room. It was empty. The bed had been slept in but Ted wasn't there now.

I stared at the last blacked out frame, the bathroom. Then i relaxed some. Ted was probably taking a run somewhere and Beth was probably having a late shower. I would just take a quick peek. Beth was in the shower. I could see her through the steamy glass. She wasn't alone. Ted was not out taking a run. He was in the shower with my wife. I saw them hold each other close as they kissed hotly. I hung my head in shock. Then calmly I backed up the computer to where I was leaving the two of them alone.

" I can't believe he said that, Ted was saying. He looked at Beth. She had a confused look on her face at what I had said to him. I listened to everything important that was said as I framed to fast forward. I saw Ted putting on his old act of crying as if I had hurt his feelings. " It just like rubbing salt in the wound...I can't help it if I've had some bad luck and some bad women for wives..." He laid it on and I saw Beth buying it. She had this soft spot, which was one thing I found charming about her.

More fast forwarding and then I saw Ted kissing Beth. She had only tried to comfort him but he had acted just like he always did and took advantage of it. I saw them kiss and Ted running his hand up her leg and finally he hit pay dirt and his fingers found her vagina. Beth tried to muffle her moans and kept looking at the stairs. When she finally relaxed after an orgasm it was easy for Ted to pull her head to his cock. I knew what she was doing and fast forwarded till I saw her finally pull away and head for the stairs.

I went back to when they were in the shower and fast forwarded to where I knew they would be now. They were there at the present time and they were on the bed fucking like two animals. I heard her moaning and him telling her that she was his. "You are mine now...my cock is larger than John's...this will teach him to throw up my bad luck to me."

"Yes I'm yours Ted...when ever you come to town I can see you...I hope you get that job and then we can see each other more then and not here in this house." I thought about what she said and then stared straight ahead for about fifteen minutes. Then wearily I got to my feet and went to talk to company security.

" Oh you're home," Beth met me at the door. She hugged me and I held her tight. I could smell her clean smell. She must have had another shower after the last scene in the bedroom. " I missed you love," she said and kissed me. I returned the kiss feeling like crap. I wanted to push her away from me. I told her that I would miss her too. She looked at me as if she wasn't sure she heard me correct.

"Hey old buddy...home form the ball and chain I see." Ted was feeling chipper, " Just kidding ...when I go in for that job tomorrow I am going to try my best to get it...yes sir." He was opening a bottle of wine for dinner. I looked to see the table all set and ready, "Surprise...Beth and I got dinner catered for us tonight...though you would enjoy it."

" Well what a surprise...I guess it would be a shame to let it go to waste then," I took off my coat and tie and threw it on the sofa. The same one that they had made out on the night before.

" Hon...you never treat the furniture like this," she went and grabbed my coat and tie and placed it in the closet.

" It's just a sofa...and old couch," I said sitting down at the table." Oh prime rib...just as I like it too. I took a large bite and some juice ran on the carpet. I dismissed it with a wave of my hand.

"What is the matter with you hon..first you just threw your coat and tie on the sofa...we don't do that...now you have gotten the carpet soiled. I took the rib with my fork and took a large bite out of it. The juice dripped down and puddled on the carpet.

"Johnathan...what is with you...you just ruined our dinning room carpet. and now..."

"Hey man I mean I'm just a guest and it's your home and all that but..." Ted started to agree with Beth but I interrupted him.

"Yeah...yeah I know...you are my guest and Beth is my wife..." I put an angry emphasis on that. Beth and Ted stopped their ranting and looked at me...I could see the guilt in their eyes. " That doesn't mean anything to you does it Ted...I mean you have threw away two wives...so I don't expect you to think much about a man's wife." I saw understanding come into his eyes.

" But how did you...," He started hesitantly.

" I don't think you need to stay here anymore...I think you have wore out your welcome. I don't think you will need to worry about making that job interview tomorrow anyway."

"Johnathan...John...what's come over you...you can't talk to our guest like that," Beth was on her feet. Her face was tear streaked now as more tears fell down her cheeks. I stood and threw the rest of the rib on the floor. I grabbed my glass of wine and poured it over the rib. Now Beth knew without a shadow of a doubt that I somehow knew of her infidelity. She came toward me crying openly.

" John...John forgive me...I don't know what came over me...please forgive me..say you'll forgive me." She reached out to me and i had to step aside.

" Beth I have forgiven you...I did that before I came home."

" Well I know where I'm not welcome so " I'll just get my things and go...but I have to tell you she was a damn good fuck...I'm surprised that you found such a good one...did you know that she can su..." That's about as far as he got because I hit him. He grinned and wiped the blood off his mouth. " Now I guess your little wife will have to see you get you ass stomped proper." He came at me and the bottom line is that beth did not get to see me get my ass stomped. What she did see was the brutal way I smashed her lover into little pieces.

I picked him up by his scruff and headed toward the door. "Wait a minute...I have to get my things," his voice sounded garbled.

I opened the front door and there were several men in suits waiting there. One held out a small badge. He uttered only two words, "Homeland security." They took Ted and hustled him off. Three more waited patently as I turned and walked back to Beth.

"Beth like I said I have already forgiven you...I dread to think of what you'll be facing for the rest of your life. It's out of my hands. I had to report what i saw you and Ted doing. You don't know it but you were on video the entire time. Beth I am not just a computer nerd. I am with security and I take our nation's security very seriously. I guess you can say that I am a real company man. I thought that you were my wife but I guess I was wrong. I see that you didn't take much to betray me and our marriage. These men are waiting for you and will take you away. I don;t think you will never have any more sex of any kind so I hope that it was good enough to last you a life time.

I nodded to the three men. They came and took Beth but she fought them. One took a syringe and stuck it in her arm. She took only a few seconds to relax. She looked so pitiful as she looked at me. I turned away. I heard the door close and I sat down and cried.

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