The Guest Room


Harry and his wife Elena had owned their late Victorian house on the out skirts of the city for over twenty years. The large home had been in Harry's family for generations, so when his wife tragically died at the young age of fifty two, he didn't have the heart to sell it. Together they only had one child called Edward, who stood in line to inherit the family home.

Not long after his mother's death, Edward split from his long term girlfriend and his father naturally offered to put him up.

"So, father, can I have that fabulous room you haven't used since you have lived here?" Edward asked.

"Sorry, son," he replied. "You will have to use the spare bedroom."

"But why?" he complained. "It's such a waste." "I'm thinking of renting it out on a short term basis." Harry replied.

The room Edward was referring to was situated at the rear of the house. While Harry occupied the entire first floor, Edward could never understand why his parents hadn't used the room themselves. It had great views of the city overlooking the lush garden below. Yet they never used it.

Edward gave his father an odd look. "Why can't I have it and you can rent the spare bedroom?"

"That room is for guests only," he said. "Just wait and see."

"Who are you thinking about renting it to?" Edward inquired.

"I'll place an ad. In fact, we can interview the candidates together." Harry smiled. And they did.

When it came to it the two men voted on the same woman, a sexy young brunette with an enticing cleavage. Her name was Sophie and she had the kind of breasts and arse that thrust themselves into your attention. She had shoulder length curly brown hair with sexy green eyes, and her soft lips had the pout of pure sex.

"Imagine those lips around your cock!" Harry said, once Sophie had left. "I did," Edward groaned, "and you obviously did to, you dirty sod." Harry turned to look at Edward and grinned. "Come with me son, I have something to show you."

Edward followed his father into the study, which was nothing more than a walk in closet. There was just enough room for a desk, a chair and a bookcase. Harry grinned at Edward in the dim light. He pointed to a spot on the wall, and Edward saw a hole, a spy hole. His stomach tightened when he realised that on the other side of the wall was the guest room.

The deal was that Sophie would stay for a couple of months while she got settled into her new job in the city, and from the start, things could not have gone better.

On her first night Sophie eat dinner with the two men, but it was obvious that she didn't want to hang out with them.

Once Sophie had retired to the guest room for the evening, the two men collided in their desperation to get into the study. Inside the small room, Harry unveiled another surprise by removing a picture from the wall, revealing a second spy hole.

"Where is she?" Edward moaned.

"I think she's in the bathroom," Harry replied, "I can hear splashing."

"Look, dad ... on the bed, it's her jeans and vest." Edward gasped; excited to see she had shed her clothes before entering the bathroom.

Then, Sophie entered the room, not nude but half naked in a sexy matching black bra and panty set. Her body was sexier than either of them had imagined.

"Oh lord, look at that body," Edward groaned.

But for his heavy breathing, Harry remained silent, watching her walk slowly towards the bed as if it was his one and only chance to look at her. The boys knew they had months ahead of them enjoying this young body. But the first time, the first impact of Sophie partially dressed, just a few feet away, unaware that she was being watched, would be the best.

Sophie poured the last of the wine and then pressed the cold glass against her flushed cheek. She looked hot. She was hot. Sweat trickled down the back of Edwards's neck, while Harry remained calm and composed.

Sophie searched inside her bag for a few moments before taking out a book. Then she sprawled on the bed. As she turned on her side towards her secret voyeurs they quickly realised she was holding an erotic novel. Propping her head up on one elbow she began to read.

The two men groaned silently to themselves. Their flushed faces pushed up tight against the wall, watching through hungry eyes.

"Look at those tits!" Edward hissed. In her position, Sophie's breasts were pressed firmly together, and the full curve of her lower breast was overflowing her bra cup.

"I know," Harry murmured, "look at how tight and constricted they are, begging to be freed"

"I hope she releases those juicy tits soon." Edward added, almost panting.

"If she doesn't, I think they'll burst free on their own accord." Harry chuckled.

As if hearing their dirty thoughts, Sophie reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, trading one type of tension for another. She pulled the bra off and tossed it onto the floor, then went back to her novel.

There was a sudden gasp for breath in the tiny study; neither knew who it came from. But whoever it was, they were both mesmerised. A strap had fallen innocently down her shoulder and the cup which concealed her left breast, fell forward. The naked breast was soft and round. The stiffness of her nipple emphasised her arousal and the whole image was a picture of mouth watering perfection.

Edward grabbed his cock through his trousers and squeezed it satisfyingly hard. Without realising it Harry practically mirrored his son's actions as they both watched her, unknowingly, bare her breasts.

"She's beautiful, dad, those tits are amazing." Edward whimpered, watching the action of her breasts as she tossed the bra.

The two men ravished her with their eyes, lusting after every detail of her near naked body. From the curly brown hair on her head down to the red polish on her toe nails, and back again.

As Sophie began to read her book again, Harry's eyes were drawn to her stiff nipples. Then he noticed she was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling with each deep breath. Sophie turned a page and then her hand went to her breast. Taking the stiff bud in her fingers, she squeezed it hard and groaned.

"The dirty little bitch is turning herself on." Edward groaned.

"Yes, Sophie!" Harry grunted as she released the nipple and run her hand over her belly. "Yes!" he screamed silently. "Lower, go lower, touch your pussy."

Harry's preys were soon answered as she rubbed her pussy through her panties, pushing the thin material tight against her slit.

"Oh, Sophie!" Harry groaned, watching her fingers press into the cotton of her panties as she rocked her pelvis back and forth. Soon he noticed a deep wet patch in the black material as wetness seeped through, displaying her wantonness.

Suddenly she sat up and pushed her panties down her thighs. Then she grabbed the empty wine bottle from the bedside table and lay back down.

"That's it, take them off." Harry hissed, when she sat up and pushed down her panties. For a moment the men didn't realise what she had hold of, they were too busy feasting their eyes on what was happening between her legs as she spread her thighs. Her soaking wet pussy was fully revealed, leaking its juices as she slid two fingers down to her slit and spread her lips.

The men started to groan louder as they watched her rubbing silently for a moment, the swollen nub of her clit plainly visible between her fingers. Then the two men gasped in shock.

"What the hell is she planning on doing with that?" Edward said, suddenly realising she was holding an empty wine bottle.

"We picked a right one here, son," Harry grinned, "this bitch is filthy."

To the astonishment of the two men, Sophie lowered the bottle in between her spread thighs and pushed it purposefully between her swollen pussy lips.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Fuck!" she sighed as the top of the bottle disappeared inside her. Then, "Ohhh! God!" again as she moved her hips upward and thrust against the glass bottle. It was an incredible sight. Like watching a dirty porn film, her pussy swallowed the makeshift dildo and seemed to suck it right inside her body. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Yes! Ohhh!" she kept repeating softly as her other hand massaged her breasts. Sophie came very quickly, but then she changed her rhythm and carried on rubbing her clit and fucking the bottle, building towards another orgasm.

Despite the spectacular exhibition taking place in front of the two men, they had managed to not cream in their pants. It was sexual torture watching Sophie go on and on, her breasts bouncing, her thighs pumping and the bottle almost out of sight in that hungry cunt of hers. She could barely keep her eyes open as her body convulsed and slowed, she was a wreck. Sophie lay gasping for breath, her legs spread wide with the wine bottle buried deep inside her pussy.

Happy that the show was over, the two men sheepishly made their excuses and went to their rooms.

A few weeks into Sophie's stay, she turned up at breakfast with an extra spring in her step. "A friend of mine is coming to visit me today," she announced. "Would it be possible for her to stay the weekend?"

Harry and Edward looked at each other for a moment. Sophie caught the glance and looked worried, but she needn't had. The thought of spying on two young women was right up Harrys street.

"Of course it's possible," Harry said, "We would be more than happy."

When Edward got home from work that Friday evening he heard laughter coming from the kitchen. There were three of them in there, Harry, Sophie and Kate.

He could see from his father's face that his brain, like his own, was working overtime. Kate was petite with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She introduced herself with a soft handshake and a mischievous smile.

After an hour or Sophie stood, pulling Kate up by the hand. "I think it's time I showed my friend where were sleeping." Kate smiled at Sophie and then the pair disappeared upstairs, quickly followed by Harry and Edward.

By the time the two men had reached the study the two girls were already locked in a passionate embrace. Kate had Sophie backed up against the wall with her hand in Sophie's hair , pulling her face down to hers, Kate's other hand was under Sophie's top.

Kate was like a sex starved maniac, she had Sophie's breast out in the open, and her top and bra were pulled up high revealing a wonderfully erect nipple. Kate caressed the soft mound of flesh in her small hands, pinching the nipple so that Sophie squealed, then covered it with her mouth. Sophie's eyes were closed, her mouth half open as she leant her head back against the wall, encouraging her friend to carry on.

As Kate sucked her friend's breasts, her hands were unzipping Sophie's jeans, pushing then down her thighs. Then she stepped back as Sophie pulled her top over her head and flung her bra aside. Kate reached for the bouncing flesh, cupping and caressing the swollen mounds.

"I'm not sure how much more of this I can take?" Edward groaned, unzipping his pants.

Harry remained motionless, focused solely on the view through the hole. He longed to be in Kate's shoes as he watched the incredible scene before him.

As Kate sank to her knees and peeled off Sophie's panties, Harry imagined the pink glistening pussy lips that were dripping inches from the blonde girl's eyes. Kate thrust her head forward, planting small kisses around her friend's shaven mound, teasing and rousing her to boiling point. Then she began to lick her, lapping at the soaking wet hole as Sophie moaned louder, gasping for breath as Kate worked between her legs.

Sophie shrieked and thrust her hips into Kate's face while Kate gripped her arse and pushed her head deeper into her crack, hanging on as she rode her friend to a powerful climax.

"Bloody hell!" Harry said in awe. Edward was speechless as he grunted and shot his load all over the wall in front of him.

The next night Harry and Edward were watching the game when the girls returned from a night out.

"You're back early," Harry said, trying to hide his delight. But it soon became apparent why they had come home early, the girls had returned with a man.

Kate leaned close to Harry and muttered, "I've found a friend for Sophie." Harry gasped as he sat back in his chair and watched the two girls take the man to their room.

Once again the two men hurriedly made their way to the study. When they looked into the guest room, Sophie and Kate were slow dancing as they kissed. And the man sat on the end of the bed with a cheeky grin.

"Lucky bastard!" Harry scolded.

Sophie was dressed in a short, low cut dress which emphasised her curves perfectly. Kate, who was wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse, was cupping the brunettes arse through the thin fabric of the dress, raising the hem as she did so.

Kate then pulled Sophie's head down to hers and forcefully pushed her tongue inside her friend's mouth. As the girls turned the heat up a notch, Kate teased the dress up higher, then higher, until it was level with the man's gaze. Just like Harry and Edward, the man was staring at two ripe cheeks of flesh, barely contained by a pair of tiny black lace panties. Kate pulled the tiny garment over Sophie's arse till it was just a thin black string under her cheeks.

"What do you think?" Kate asked the man.

"She's gorgeous," he replied.

"Look at those sweet cheeks, son." Harry moaned.

"That's the most beautiful arse I've ever seen." Edward murmured.

"Do you want to see her tits now?" Kate asked the man.

"Please, Kate." The man pleaded. So too did Edward and Harry from behind the wall.

Kate turned Sophie around to face him, and the spy hole. Kate's hand pulled down Sophie's shoulder straps before she yanked the top of the dress downwards, over the black bulge of a bra. In a moment, Sophie's dress fell around her waist, revealing her trembling bust. Kate then held her friends hands behind her back, forcing her to thrust her chest forward. The three men gazed with lust.

"Oh lord," Harry muttered.

"Do you want to fuck her?" Kate asked the man, again all three men answered yes.

"Take your clothes off!" Kate demanded. The man was tall, athletic and very handsome. His cock was long and thick, twitching in anticipation as it stood rigid.

"Now lie on the bed!" Kate demanded further.

Although the man didn't look fazed or intimidated by Kate's dominating tone, he did as he was told. He led flat on his back with his cock lying rigid across his belly. Kate took it in her hand. She squeezed it softly, then began to stroke him as her other hand cupped his ball sac.

"I hope you've got lots of spunk for Sophie." She said.

"Ohhh, fuck!" the man grunted as his cock throbbed in her hand.

Sophie was naked, kneeling up on the bed next to them, slipping one thigh over the man's quivering legs. Her glistening pink slit stretched open as she moved above Kate's masturbating hand.

"This is unbelievable," Edward said, "that dirty bitch, Kate is still stroking him off."

Kate knelt by the side of the bed, still holding the man's cock. Then she stretched her neck, bent her head and sunk her mouth over the engorged head. She sucked him for a moment and then withdrew, leaving the swollen tip of his cock glistening with her saliva.

"Sit on his cock!" Kate ordered Sophie.

"Look at her, so eager to please." Harry moaned as he watched Sophie position herself directly on top of the rigid pole. Then, loud gasps of pleasure filled the room as Kate let go of the cock and Sophie slid down the entire length in one motion.

"Look at her taking it all." Edward hissed as he watched the long wet pole disappear into her willing body.

Sophie ground down hard and moaned as her lover hit the spot. His backside was forced deep into the bed while she towered above him, her juicy mouth watering breasts swaying with her downward pressure.

During the intense erotic moment, Kate had stripped off and was now climbing onto the bed. With her delicate petite body she to straddled the man, her slim thighs opened for a moment to reveal a pair of swollen pink lips. Her smaller breasts sat high and firm as she faced Sophie, then she placed her hands on her friend's shoulders and shuffled backwards until her pussy was inches from the man's face.

The man's hands rose to grasp Kate's arse cheeks, spreading them wide then pulling her down onto his hungry lips. "Ooh!" she moaned as she squirmed on his face. "Ooh yes!"

The two girls leaned against each other as they balanced upon his body, their breasts poking and rubbing into the others. They kissed passionately as they squeezed and hugged, their hands busy, one with the man's cock buried deep between her legs, the other with his lips and tongue probing her pussy.

"I've never seen anything like it!" Harry gasped.

"It's like watching a porno movie." Edward said.

A few moments later Edward heard fumbling beside him, followed by a dirty groan. He knew what it was. He put his hand in his pants and he too shot his load.

Kate clung to Sophie as she began to convulse on the tongue eating her pussy. Watching her friend panting, groaning and grunting as she climaxed also sent Sophie over the edge to her own climax. Her sensitive inner walls clamped around the large tool as it continued to probe deeper, and then, with a loud groan, Sophie shook violently as she ground down even harder on her lovers cock.

With Kate's quivering cunt pressed hard into his face, and Sophie's pussy coming on his cock, the man's body tensed as if bolts of lightning shot through his veins, and then he erupted a volcano of hot cum deep inside her womb.

Edward didn't sleep much that night. Flashing images of the sordid threesome that he and his father had secretly watched raced through his mind. Every time he tried to close his eyes he would see Sophie's body, her swaying breasts, and her shaven mound grinding into the man's groin. Already he couldn't wait to spy on Sophie again, but where was it all heading? Edward knew he had become addicted to watching and wanking. He had become a voyeur.

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