tagLoving WivesThe Guitar Players Personal Lesson Ch. 02

The Guitar Players Personal Lesson Ch. 02


If you like this sequel wait for rest.


I hope y'all realise this did take place a few years back, so if I make a mistake here and there chalk it up to a lifetime of sex with so many different women I am almost sorry.

"Take your bottoms off Jack and let me show you how it's really done!" Jo said to me.

Those words were like lightning striking my short hairs. I had just had an incredible encounter with Jo and she wanted more. She was gently rubbing that warm moist pussy against my still hard dick and for a moment I could not respond except to moan a little and stare at her beautiful body.

Looking up at me from the sofa, Jo said, "Come on honey, I wanted you to cum outside of me the first time so we can enjoy a nice long session together."

I slipped my slightly tight and very wet shorts down, smearing my cum all over my crotch and thighs, and sitting with my knees on the floor asked Jo, "I am really new at this Jo -- really, really new at this. What do you want me to do? "

Jo slowly smiled up at me as I think a lioness would, upon seeing a piece of raw meat fall out of the sky at her feet. Arching her back and holding herself up on her elbows she said very softly... "Sweetheart, there no rules in this game except to please each others bodies and minds. I want you to be gentle with me until I tell you different and other than that I want you to fuck my body, kiss me anywhere you like and enjoy every inch of me."

I felt her thigh rubbing against my dick as she spoke and was enjoying the hardness and desire of my previous orgasm returning. I moved my hands to her breasts and met her leg action with my cock sliding along her silky smooth skin,

Fantastic waves of pleasure were building up in my dick and spreading down to my toes. I watched her facial expression changing as I kneaded her tits with both hands. I was in Heaven!

She murmured delicately, "Pinch my nipples, I really like that when they get hard"

Man! They were hard! And the area around them was puckered! She slowly rocked her chest from side to side to gently pull and stretch her nipples under my fingers, causing me to pinch and roll them more. My thumb and forefinger were pinching and the other three fingers were moving over the round softness of her breasts exciting us both more. Thank the stars for nimble guitar hands!

She cooed and rubbed her thighs together trapping my cock between them.

"Yes! Yes! baby! "That is so wonderful"

She breathed in her beautiful voice, "Is that good for you honey..."? .

I nodded weakly.

Jo looked up at me and said, "You must be getting awfully tired of being on your knees..."

I nodded my head gratefully and squeezed each beautiful globe from the sides up into two perfect cones of joy. I had never had titties in my hands for this long before and I was liking them!

Crawling backwards on her elbows to lay long-ways on the sofa, Jo gasped out, "Why don't I lay back and let you up on top of me where we can try some serious kissing to go with all this exploring?"

I must have taken too long to get up off my knees as she looked me in the eye and crooking her finger at me, gestured to her tummy and said, "I want you to lie on my tummy with your cock resting on my pussy.

"Put your elbows on either side of my chest to support you and then...kiss me!"

I moved so fast I almost slipped down on her. She laughed and putting one hand around my dick and one hand around my neck put me where she wanted me.

"Oh Man! " I breathed to myself, "I's finally gonna happen!I am really going to fuck a beautiful woman!"

Jo wiggled under me to get us aligned where she wanted us. My cock was perfectly lying on her naked, wet and very warm pussy and I could not help but slide it up and down feeling pleasures that were on the verge of overwhelming me in their intensity.

I felt Jo moving with me and putting both arms around my neck, pulled my lips to hers and started kissing me. Her lips had a taste and smoothness that beckoned me to open my lips and let my tongue merge with hers. I felt a shock wash over my entire body and I moaned as she held me tighter. Arching her hips she rubbed that hot pink pussy up and down on my erection causing me to go into spasms of anticipation.

Her mouth was warm and wet. She was inviting my tongue deeper into her being with her kiss and I felt the passion building up inside of me. No other girl or woman had stirred my loins as she was doing. Of course, no other woman had made it clear she wanted my cock either.

By now my cock was tingling and pulsing with every movement we made together. Never had I enjoyed a greater pleasure. The burning and tickling along the underside of my dick was making me breathe shallow and to shake with the want of her.

Jo was a mature woman who knew what she wanted and she was getting it! She arched her pelvis and rode my dick along the entire length of her pussy from her ass cheeks to her clitoris. I was matching her stroke for stroke and could feel every fold of her pussy caress my dick making me drip with pre cum and further wetting us.

As our kiss deepened I felt her body shudder and press me all the more harder. I was beginning to think I would cum again outside that glorious little hole when Jo broke off the kiss and looking at my face said, "Honey, I am going to cum again but this time I need you in me".

She was breathing in gulps and hugging me to her harder, she reached between her legs and grabbed my throbbing, pussy juice covered dick and placed the head at the opening of her soaking wet pussy. She slowly rubbed it in a circular motion over the lips of her pussy and made my entire back arch in pleasure. Gently tracing the mouth of vagina with my dick was almost more than I could take; now I knew why she had me cum earlier before we got naked.

She cooed sexily and then pushed her pelvis closer to me letting the tip of my cock begin to enter her wetness.

"How's that feeling Jack?"

I was breathing like a sperm whale and managed to gasp, "Can I go in some more?"

She sighed and removing her hand from my cock said, "Go in slowly until the base of your dick meets my clitoris and then let me fuck you.., and try not to move if you can..."

Let me tell you about the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Specifically not ramming my swollen pulsing cock all the way through to her carpet! I still cannot believe I did as I was told, but I entered her pussy lips like I was pulling on a pair of silk gloves. Slowly, enjoying every inch of mounting pleasures reserved for only the first penetration of a woman who really needs you to fuck her. I fully entered her and except for a little uncontrollable twitching, lay within the folds of that pussy - a moment I would never forget. I was breathing in gulps relishing in my moment of glory.

I gazed into her eyes and she whispered in a purr.

"Jack, this is how we do it..."!

Her pussy started moving no more than an inch or two over my cock causing it to send pulses of ecstasy thru my body. I moved to her lips and began to make love to her mouth again.. This kiss took on a life of its own as she fucked me in a way I could never have imagined possible. Our tongues wove around each other and I wanted to just swallow her whole... She continued moving her hips with a minimum of effort and maximum of effect.

I knew my pre cum was leaking out of my dick like a water hose and I could feel her wet pussy muscles clamping down on me in tiny spasms. As her spasms got stronger I felt my cock moving on its own and fearing her disapproval kissed her deeper. I could not help myself. I started matching her short fucking strokes with my own. I was fucking. Better than a dream. Better than a fantasy. Better than anything...

Jo broke the kiss and she was beginning to moan and call my name, her breath coming in spurts. She had to notice my thrusts as the tempo of our lust and passion increased with each moment. She panted.

"That's perfect sweetheart.Don't stop fucking me now, baby I have waited for this longer than you know".

Jo's hips suddenly slowed down their tempo and her eyes grew quite wide as she suddenly quivered, grabbed me and began a low grunting that started in her tummy and grew in intensity as she cried, " You are making me cummmmm..."

Her pussy ground onto my dick faster and faster as her orgasm took control away from her and assumed its own life.. I could feel her pussy clamping around my dick and I swear, my toes curled and then I started becoming rigid over my entire body.

She kept fucking my dick and her body was writhing under me when she screamed.

"I'm still Cumming baby, it's not stopping."

Her face was pulled back into a grimace of pure, concentrated pleasure and she began kissing my face leaving saliva everywhere. Her shuddering and moans aroused me even more.

That's when my dick began to pulse with currents of pleasure that began at the base and slowly traveled to the tip. I actually felt my balls contracting, sending their cargo of ropy strands of white cream upwards to her pussy.

I was actually thinking a fuse was slowly burning up from the pit of my stomach hissing towards the end of my cock to explode.Inch by incredible inch my orgasm built and crawled thru my dick to be swallowed by her convulsing cunt! Time stood still for the first time in my life and I could have stayed there forever.

My eyes screwed shut, I opened my mouth and I started moaning.

"Jo! Jo! I'm cumming in your beautiful pussy- and it is sooooo goooood..."

It was everything and more. It was 4th of July and my birthday all in one. I was climaxing in this gorgeous woman's pussy and she wanted me there!

Jo brought me back to reality with a strangled, frantic cry.

"Jack! Baby! Rub my pussy with your hand! Anything! I can't stop cumming!"

I quickly reached down to her pussy and massaged her lips with my hand. I was terrified!

"Oh yes!"

"That is better" She purred. "I never had THAT happen before.What did you do? "

I must have looked guilty. Jo smile like a cat and asked, "Can you do it again?"

We both laughed at the same time and kissed and snuggled together on that sofa. That sofa should be bronzed and a plaque screwed [sic] in the center commemorating our first adventure together. We got up and showered together and getting dressed I suddenly remembered why I was invited in the first place.

I asked her," Are your girlfriends late for the party"?

"I thought they'd have been here by now".

"Oh no". She said. "I told them the party is next week... I wanted a private concert today."

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