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The Gym-Wife


Cindy had a bet going with her girlfriends about who could tire out the new guy at the gym where they all worked. She first thought her new hard aerobics-class would wear me down, but it didn't work. Now she had to come up with something else. The was leaving Cindy a bit frustrated. Between looks, body, and for those who make it that far, sexual prowess, she was used to get what she wanted.

Now the gym where Cindy works there are more girls like this, and they have banded together, naturally, to make fun of the guys. There is one girl in the little select group, Lana, who came to them with a problem. There is this one guy in her aerobics-class, who she has tried to wear down hard, while he has been staring at her all through the class, night after night, and she can't do it. They all thought this was fun, and there is a bet made; whoever wears this guy down first wins. She has done this many times before with many different men; most of the time with her routine, other times with her sexual prowess. Cindy made sure to invite me to her hardest class, and after two hours of the hardest fitness-routine she had, I am still there, smiling, staring, undressing her with my eyes. Something else is required here. After the class was over she was standing there, shining in sweat, smiling, cooly.

"Stay for the next session... or are you too soft to last? Afraid to work hard? I can see you barely broke a sweat..." The others in the class dragged themselves out, not believing the conversation.

I was standing tall, 6'2" of all muscles, black trunks and white shirt, smiling as I looked her over, some of the other patrons looking her over as well as they pulled themselves out, ready to collapse. Cindy was 5'7", a toned 120 lbs with the most killer 34DD-tits you had ever seen. She had red hair and was in her mid-thirties, sexier and fitter than any 23-yearold you would ever find. I knew she was divorced, she had literary worn out worn out two husbands. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt knotted under her fantastic breasts, the print "Tight" in white over those orbs only drawing more stares, completing the ensemble with black spandex shorts.

"So.. Cyndy is it? You have another class?" smiling as I walked, slowly towards her lovely statuesque form, steps heavy with the massive bulk , moving across the padded floor, casting myriads of reflections in the three mirrorwalls around us.

She was standing not letting her eyes follow me. She was acting unaffected when I could tell she'd prefer me and her alone in bed. She was letting me look her up and down

"Yup. I'm filling in for Holly." I was watching the reflection of her perfect ass in the mirrors as I moved, the calves, thighs, toned lower back, smiling as I licked my lips

"And you are filling it in nicely. Great. I might as well stay then. I usually stay for Holly's classes after you leave." She grinned, watching me watching her.

"Holly's cute... but her classes are easy... a nice cool down I'm sure."

"I like her stretch-routine. Yours lack some of that I think, but then again, it takes some time to work through. Holly takes that time instead of fast-pacing like you." I was watching her intensely, she could feel my eyes burning away her clothes, looking at the smooth soft skin underneath. She looked up, glared.

"Stretch before you come in little boy. My classes are work time."

"I was talking about post-workout stretch..." I flexed a bit, a massive bicep moving under tanned skin, watching her watching me. Her nipples were hard in that t-shirt now, watching me.

"So was I." I looked around.

"So... seems just like you and me here?" She smiled.

"That usually happens when Holly doesn't show. Her usual crowd doesn't want to risk it."

"So? Cancel or one-on-one?" I was grinning.

"Oh, one on one definitely. Here or someplace else?"

"Anyplace you're comfortable Cyndy." She could not help to hear the "sin" in the name clearly this time as I stepped closer. She walked across the room, casting a myriad reflections of a perfect physique as she bent over and got her bag She tossed me her car keys.

"Anyplace I am is my place Dylan, I make myself comfortable."

"I bet you do. Let's go then, after you." I walked out after her, jingling the car keys, watching her tight ass as we made our way to the parking lot. She was sauntering ahead of me, the heat between us obvious to those we passed. She casually reached up adjusting her ponytail, letting me see the outline of her splendid shoulders, neck and plunging neckline.

"Mmmh... I'd hate to see you leave, but love to see you go, Cyndy." I commented. She shot back a smile as she slipped into her lowriding car. She settled into the passenger seat, adjusting the seat a bit

"So what sort of exercise are you in for Cyndy? Swimming? Mat-wrestling? Hoops one on one?" I was smiling, knowing she would turn them down. She indeed cocked an eyebrow, letting me know none of the above was acceptable. I pulled out of the lot, driving down the road, watching her as she sat beside me, still shining with sweat

"I see..." She was looking out the window, acting bored.

"All the girls say you've bedded them after class and worn them out. I just wanted you to know I'm going to teach you lesson and head back to the gym within the hour."

"Really?" I was pulling up outside the motel down by the ramp, getting out, opened the door for her. This was as much a courtesy as a way to get a good look at those toned shapely legs.

"Yes really." She let her tits brush against my chest as she got out. She bit her lip obviously not sure who felt it more.

I walked up behind her, my hand resting easily on her tight lower back as I lead her to room 12, which I had booked to stay in overnight, rather than have to trek back across town. She leaned on the door-frame, cooly looking up at me, suddenly looking tiny compared to me. She opened the door, pushing me gently inside the dim darkness, the huge bed filling most of the room, the rest smelling like incense and hot steam. I grinned softly dropping the bag.

"Make yourself comfortable Cyndy." She sat up on a dresser... watching me.

"That's it." I watched her, walking up to her, gently pushing her back, her toned shoulders against the wall, her hips out on the edge of the dresser as I kissed her neck. She giggled, her head back, smiling, having wanted to see if I had the guts to try. I was sucking and nibbling on her neck slowly, my hands sliding up the outside of her thighs. Her hands slid up my sides, moving her head, dragging her lips across my face. Her saliva was slick, warm. I pulled her lips to mine, kissing her hard as I massaged her toned thighs.

She moaned into the kiss, sucking my tongue like it was a cock. Her long-nailed fingers ran up my chest, tearing my shirt, yanking at it to get it off. Her yanking exposed my wide muscular chest, both nipples pierced, rings hanging from them as I pulled her legs apart , sliding my hands onto her toned curved inner thighs, rubbing slowly. She pushed herself passed me, off the dresser. She looked almost a foot shorter than me, jumping up, her arms around my neck. Her legs around my midsection. She was kissing hungrily, still confident that she would win this. She is a legend at the gym and she knew it. I turned around, pinning her against the wall, kissing her back with equal hunger. I pushed her tits against my bare chest, feeling her nipples like rocks through the top. I could tell she was used to being handled by big guys but she was feeling something different, needing to take back control she dropped her head, sucking on my nipples. Her tongue swirled around the ring, toying with it. I moaned out as she sucked on the pierced nipple, gripping her top from behind, the material ripping at my hands , tearing it in half, exposing her nipples to my slick fingers as I pinned her. I was standing by the wall, pressing her exposed back to it. She hissed out.

"You bastard... I just bought that." I pushed her head back from me as I latched on to her left hard nipple, sucking it perfectly, flicking it with my tongue, the remains of the top sliding off her amazing body. Her head resisted, but then snapped back.

"Oh gawd yesss!" Her head hit the wall, she got momentarily a little woozy. I was licking and sucking, flicking the nipple with my tongue.

She was wriggling against my hard cock, grinding it through our clothes. She was getting wetter by the moment and I could feel it in the way she moved. I was biting onto her hard nipple, twisting it slowly as I turned her towards the bed, leaning over until her shoulders hit the cool covers. She was leaning back, cradling my head and cupping her breasts, feeding it to me. I was sucking and working her nipples, glistening, hard in the dim light as I pushed her down on the bed.

She was gathering energy, twisting, rolling me on my back and grabbing my cock, stroking it through my shorts. Her weddingring sparkled in the dim light as her hand moved up and down the pillar of hard meat. I was watching her on top of me, licking my fingers and fondling her amazing tits, my slick thumbs working her already hyper-sensitive nipples. She leaned over, dragging her hard slick nipples over my body as she dropped down, peeling my shorts down, exposing my thick cock. She was quietly impressed, pumping it with two hands, licking her lips lips wrapping it around the head. She then slid down, moaning as she went. Her hands on my thick pole making it grow towards it full size, watching her hands as I sat up, her body bent before me, my hand on her perfect ass slowly peeling her shorts over the curve of her ass. Her head bobbed, slurping, softly looking up with big green eyes taking me deeper each time.

"Gawd..." I moaned as I reached, stretching to reach behind her, cupping her ass, sticking a finger in under her, tapping at her slit.

She gained some confidence, sucking deeper, knowing this is what kept her husband, the gym owner, with her in spite of her voracious appetite for the customers. Good head and big tits gets a girl far and she knew it. She was slurping, painting my cock with spit and lipstick. She was 3/4th of the way down, listening to my moans. She was sucking hard, thinking "He's just another man." I was tapping her slit over and over as I sat up, my cock hard, trembling in her mouth, but unlike so many other men not throbbing hard as she worked the shaft up and down. I was not shooting my load into her mouth, and as she saw me sit up she was stunned. No one had been able to do that since she was 16. I slowly slid my finger back and forth over her slit, feeling the labia slick and warm as I trailed her lovetrail with my fingertip, feeling her thrown off her rhythm. With a long slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrppp and a loud PLOP! she slid over my shaft, biting the cock-head just right, winking, trying to show confidence but inside knowing she could please me like I never had, but worried she wouldn't be able to break me like she did every other man she came across. I was slowly sticking my finger into her, feeling her snatch spasm around the sensation as I looked into her eyes, seeing her doubt, feeding off it. She was getting ready for a last desperate move, deepthroating me, knowing she could take the length, struggling with thickness. I pushed my thumb to her ass as she deepthroated my hard cock, the musk almost overpowering her as I moved my hips, my finger sliding out of her pussy, rubbing her fleshy pearl. I was struggling not to cum, but she was not getting close to breaking me. I was getting close to breaking her. I breathed, moaning, watching her. She pulling off, screaming out as she came, her strong little fist squeezing my thick cock.

I was watching her as I pulled her to me, off my cock, straddling me gently, putting her down, sitting her down on my shaft, cock-head pressed to my hard abs as I looked at her, my fingers still working her slit and ass. Her eyes were glazed, afterglowing a bit, trying to snap out of it. I kissed her as I slowly continue working her in both holes. She was moaning softly, almost cooing, letting me finger her.

"You tired yet Cyndy?" watching her "You just ... gave up..." I chuckled.

"Hmm? Um... uh. No. No way... So what next then?" she was getting her attitude back, shaking her head. "I think you know... or maybe you're afraid to fuck me?"

I rolled her over on her back, watching her as I pulled her long toned legs apart, slowly, sliding my fingers down her abs and over her tits. She grabbed my hand, pulling it to her lips, sucking her taste off my fingers and smiling, trying to look strong. I leaned down, hooking her left leg over my massive shoulder, watching her as I pulled the other leg stretched to the side, swatting at her glistening opening with my massive mushroom-shaped cock-head.

She gasped, looking up, knowing she was in trouble. She couldn't believe I was so in control. It was far more than she had gotten from any other man after such a treatment. I slowly pulled my hips back, my cock-head sliding down her slit after rubbing her clit, then resting at her opening, exerting a small pressure on it, not pushing in yet. She looked up at me, biting her lip.

"Dylan?" she quivered.

"Yes." I was looking down before pushing into her, her lips first resisting and then giving way around my massive hardness. She hissed out.

"Oh gawd... do me... please..."

I pushed into her, her tightness, so many times the bane of guys she had done, stretched wide, surprisingly weak, around my massive hardness now moving into her slick snatch! She gritted her teeth, moaning, loving it, clutching at her tits.

"Fuck YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs..." Her aerobic-queen body dwarfed by my massively muscular one. I was sliding into her, stretching her as I move in over her, looming over her, supported on her hooked leg, stretching her wide as my hands slid over her hands, working her tits. She was lying under me in torn expensive clothes, getting stuffed hard while she panted out.

"More... Faster Dylan... gawd I love it..." Her hips were moving, working my shaft. I was fucking her slowly, slowly, every thrust stretching her amazing legs as I worked her tits with her own hands, watching her under me.

"Was this what you had in mind Cyndy?" She shook her head, her lips puffy from sucking me as she whispered for more. I was fucking her slowly, steadily. "You expected me to be weaker? Easier to tame?"

"Yes darlin... I just knew I'd break you... gawd... I'm like a little girl with you."

"What... did you expect to happen then?" I loved working her, sweating gently, dripping a few drops onto her shining abs, her thighs stretched wide as I held her here, slowly taming her pussy with my hardness.

"I... I... I'd get you off in a few minutes and go back to the gym."

"And it has now been nearly twenty, and you are... slipping, huh Cyndy?" I was watching her as her shoulders rolled, pussy spasming around my hardness. She was looking up, gritting her teeth, whispering.


"Want me to stop... let you catch your breath? Try again?" I taunted as I was smiling down at her, slowly transfixing her on my cock.

"No..." she was locking eyes with me "Think you can break me? Go for it..." She tugged her wedding rings off. "Make me yours if you caaaannnn..." I gripped the ring, pressing it over her nipple, the hard metal edge pushing on her engorged nip as I slowly started fucking her harder, faster.

Her legs wrapped around me, her body working under me, not to break anymore, but to please. The sound of wet fucking filled the room. I let her legs move, freeing my hands to play with her neck, shoulders, tits, abs as I fucked her harder. She was moaning, getting pounded under me, her body bouncing and jiggling. I was draining her strong body, feeling her legs and abs shaking, weakening as I drove her towards the edge harder, faster. She was screaming out cum after cum, each time milking my big cock in her spasming pussy!

"You're... strong... Cyndy.. and lovely... but you'll be mine...!" I was fucking her hard, determined not to give in to her pussy or heaving flexing body. She panted.

"Pick me up... Please Dylan... Pick me up.. No one's lasted long enough to do that!"

I easily picked her up off the bed, her crotch fixed on my cock as I lifted her by the shoulders, wrapping my massive arms around her, pulling her to me. She slid down my cock, legs dangling behind me in the air. She was still wearing her aerobics shoes, giving up control of this fuck totally. I kissed her hard as I drilled her over and over again, feeling her limp thigh flexing involuntarily each time I thrusted into her spasming snatch! She was groaning and panting. "Love you... Love you..." She was building to a scream as she came hard, the room spinning for her. I was enjoying her, fucking her the last few seconds before her body would break, tame, exhaust itself on me!

She was giving off a throaty whisper.


"Yes..." I groaned back as I slammed into her over and over.

"My husband is the only one whose had my assss... until today..." She looked pleadingly into my eyes "Please baby? Can you handle it?" Slowing down, my cock pulsing in her pussy.

"Or do you want me to end you in your pussy?" She was kissing.

"I don't care... fuck my ass... please." I pulled out of her, hooking both her stunning sweat-glistening legs up over my left shoulders, her ass arching up as I moved my cock-head down it opening. She was shaking out of her haze a little with the anticipation of me taking me. She was kissing softly, tenderly, whispering.

"Tell me what you're gonna do to me Dylan." I watched her as I moved my cock-head over to her ass, feeling her body shake.

"I am going to claim your ass like I did your pussy, and you will scream and cum so hard..."

"Oh my fucking gawd yes..." She kissed deeper, less tender, more like the gym sex queen. I pushed my cock-head into her ass, the tightness almost overpowering me as I pushed in, her body a mess of sensations under me.

"Oh my gawd Dyyyyyyyyylannnn YESSSSSSSSSSS!!"

Pushing into her I looked into her eyes, almost rolling back, whispering to her.

"Noone... lasted this long... with you... Cyndy?" Pushing into her, her body wracking around me! She was rubbing her pussy, cumming nearly non-stop as I took her ass fucking it harder.

"No one... Gawd!... No one!" Her eyes fluttered "Dylan... I'm gonna.."

"Talk to me Cyndy... tell me when you are going..." I groaned as I fucked harder, harder, drilling into her! Her eyes rolled back, losing consciousness slowly. She was shaking all over, cumming, knowing she was losing it, trying to whisper something but only managing a low guttural groan before she gave out a long drawn-out scream in orgasm, her eyes fluttering shut, fainting! I held her still as she slipped away, then slowly pulled my raging hard cock from her clenching ass, her body wracking as I put her down on the bed.

Her eyes fluttered open.

"What happened?" I was sitting on the edge of the bed, panting, cock rock-hard, shining in the dim light.

"I got you..." She nodded .

"You can have me any time... anywhere. I want to make you cum. Gawd... you if anyone could cum so..." She smiled devilishly. "Want to show me off a little? I've got an idea."

"Tell me" I was sitting on my knees on the bed, sweating.

"I want to suck you off in the aerobic room back at the gym."

"Make it a titfuck/blowjob and you've got a deal."

"Give me 20 minutes and meet me there. Don't be late." She got up, swaying a bit as she kissed me, wrapped some of her clothes out her beg on her and left, leaving me to rest a bit, watching the sweat-soaked sheets and smiling.

As I pulled up outside the gym in my own car, in my workout-gear, I could see her waiting in the lobby, her makeup and clothes perfect. I walked into the lobby and as I passed her she could still feel her scent, her sweat, on me. She openly took my hand, flaunting this affair like she's never done before. We entered the big mirrored room walking with her, the people outside staring. She turned around, kissing me deep, then dropping to her knees, tugging her top off as she went, panting. "Show me... please let me suck it."

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