tagBDSMThe Gymnast and the Coach Pt. 05-06

The Gymnast and the Coach Pt. 05-06


Part Five

I had been left face down and spread-eagled to the table in complete darkness for a long time. My arm was stretched but not enough to hurt this time, I managed to wriggle my caged cock from under my body so it was not between my legs but the spiked were still sticking in. I don't know how long I was left down there but I was so exhausted I managed to fall asleep. I was woken by the sound of the door opened and bright lights suddenly filling the room. Sir entered the room and walked up to the table. He slapped my arse as he walked past.

"How are you feeling boy?"

"Good Sir, Thank You, Sir. Thank you for doing this to me SIR!"

"Good good boy" he replied as he walked past me. He was still nacked his thick cock hanging between his legs.

"Right boy we need to get you ready. We are going on a trip!"

"Sir?" I questioned

"Don't concern yourself boy"

He unclipped the cuffs on my legs and arms and removed the leather cuffs. I rubbed my wrists feeling sore after being in the cuffs for hours. He handed me a meal shake and told me to drink it all.

"Go shower boy, take the plug out, dry off and come back into the cell you have minutes boy!"

I jogged into the shower room and as I stood in the room removing the plug I looked at my body in the mirror. It was covered with deep red lines crisscrossing my body. My body had never looked better in my eyes showing off the marks or abuse from Sir. My cock again started to push against the cage.

"Stop wasting time boy!"

"Yes Sir, Sorry Sir"

I jumped in the shower and the warm water felt great. I quickly cleaned my body and turned the shower off. I dried off and then jogged back to the cell room. Sir was leaning against the cell bars. I dropped to my knees with my hands locked on my head.

"Good, boy you remembered, now stand up hands behind your back."

I did as commanded, Sir picked up a tube of lotion and rubbed it over my body, it was cool as he massaged it in.

"Nice boy, do you like your body looking like this boy? Tell me how you are feeling boy, you have permission to speak freely."

"Sir, Thank you Sir. I, I can't believe this happening Sir. But, I erh I am glad it is Sir. I feel at one with you Sir. I know you are doing this to help me, Sir. I know this is what I want to be Sir, I know this is where I want to be Sir. In your command and at your mercy Sir. I have more trust in you than anyone else I have ever meet Sir. I grave to be yours, Sir, to please you. I have no rights when I am with you Sir and that makes me feel safe Sir." I spoke from the heart, I had feelings I had never experienced before in the day I had been here.

He said nothing but grabbed me and pulled me into him. He hugged me and I hugged him back. I could have stayed in his arms forever. I am not sure anyone else would understand how I could feel this safe with a man that had tortured and abused my body but I did and I could not be happier.

"Fuck boy, you are something special. So, you and I are sports stars both gay Boy, and being that I know others in sport, footballers, rugby players, swimmers, cricketers as well as actors and celebrities all gay and not out. You hear the rumours and as you are in sports you get the contacts boy. Well, I have grown quite a contact list. Some of those are into this kinky shit as well boy." Sir walked leant over and grabbed the cock gag I had worn the night before and he continued.

"Well, you see boy we have events at someone house. Not a sports star but someone into sport, and you boy and the main attraction today!" He pushed the gag in my mouth before I could say anything.

"They won't know who you are boy, to them you will be a faceless guy with an amazing body. But you're going to be played with by some of the most famous faces in the country boy!"

My eyes widened "I knew you would like it, boy!"

Sir buckled the gag nice and tight my mouth full again. He picked up a hood I had not worn before. It was full leather with no eye holes or nostril holes and had an odd look to the front. Almost like a virtual reality headset. He feeds the tube in the cock gag through the only hole in the front of the hood. He moved it up to my face and I noticed it had a thick rubber lining inside. He lifted over my face and pulled in backwards. It fitted like a glove the rubber lining feeling cold and as he pulled the hood down it almost sucked into my face. Sir buckled the hood tightly and I heard the click of the padlocks. I was in total darkness and silence again. My hands were handcuffed in front of me and I heard the crackle again.

"Right boy this hood has a microphone in it so when I decide you will be able to hear what is going on around, or you will be in total silence. That is up to me boy. We have a visit to make first before we arrive at the party!"

Sir lead me out of the dungeon and up the stairs. I have no idea what time of day it was. We walked through the house and into what must have been the garage. I heard the door of Sir's Range Rover open and I was guided into the seat. I knew Sirs car it was a top range Range Rover with blacked out rear windows so I presumed I was in the back seat. The seat belt was fastened around me and the door shut. I heard the driver door open and shut and felt the engine start.

"Right boy enjoy the drive" the speakers crackled and I fell into silence again.

It's a weird sensation being driven in a car with no sight or hearing, I tried to keep track of the movement, a left turn out the house then a right but quickly lost track. We must have driven for 30 minutes or so before we stopped and I felt the engine stop.

I suddenly felt the seat belt come off and I was taken out of the car. My feet touched cold concrete and a hands on my shoulders pushed me forward. The floor changed from concrete to what felt like a wooden floor. The speakers crackled again.

"Alright coach, fuck you weren't kidding were you coach when you said he was stunning!" I heard I voice I did not know.

"Nope, I told you, fit as fuck and will take anything! Are we ready, you got the design I sent you?"

I could hear the voices as clear as anything but had no idea who this other person was and what design.

"Yep, all done coach and ready to go should only take 30 minutes. Fuck you marked him good! He certainly can take anything!" The unknown voice seemed impressed.

I was backed into what felt like a dentist chair my hands were uncuffed and strapped to the arms of the chair.

"Where do you want it, coach?" What the fuck was happening.

"Here." I heard Sir reply as I felt a tap above my caged cock and slightly to the right.

"Right on the edge of the V shape."

I felt something pressed on the spot and some warm water. I then heard the sound I knew. Fuck it was a tattoo gun, I was going to be tattooed! I started to shake my head but quickly got a slap on the leg.

"Carry on!" I heard Sir say. I then felt a stinging on the spot as the tattoo gun started marking my body. Fuck, I had always wanted a tattoo but never thought my first one would be like this, then I remembered I had told Sir how I want to be forced to have a tattoo, tied to a chair and marked by a Master. The tattoo didn't take long to complete and the sensation caused my cock to get hard again.

"He's enjoyed this," the unknown voice said."Right that it coach all done, anything else you want doing? Pierced?"

"No, not yet anyway. I'll settle up later."

"Right, well leave the clingfilm on for the next few hours and put this cream on and it should be fine."

My mind raced at what had been tattooed on me. My arms were on strapped and the handcuffs placed back on I was lead back to the car and were driving again. The speakers came on in the hood.

"Boy, you are now marked as my property, the tattoo although small is a slave barcode. You have been registered at the Slave Registered. Those in the no boy can check the barcode to see who your owner is. It will also be a permanent reminder to you who your owner is!"

My cock as ever responded pushing into the spiked cage and I would feel precum leaking onto my leg. I had no opportunity to respond but I would have thanked Sir.

"Right boy we are not far away sit tight!"

We drove the rest of the way in silence and after while the car stopped, turned and I could sense a gravel road underneath us. The car pulls to a stop and as the door opened a blast of cold air rushed over my body. I was pulled out the car by two sets of hands and almost frog-marched across a gravel floor then up some steps and when the floor changed to carpet we stopped.

I could not hear anything so had no idea what was happening around me. I stood with my hands in front of me almost trying to cover myself up. I had no idea where I was or who was around me. Suddenly I was grabbed by the cuffs and pulled forward, the floor changed again to wood and I was guided up one step. I was twisted around and the cuffs were removed. Thick leather cuffs which covered my hands and had a bar I could grip onto were attached to my wrists and leather cuffs on my ankles. My legs were pushed apart and my ankles were hooked to the floor. I then felt a weight on my wrists and my arms started to be pulled out to my sides. When my arms were at shoulder height and tight the pulling stopped. Something was attached to the top of the hood which meant I couldn't move my head much other than side to side.

"Boy were have a bit of time before the party starts I am leaving you here ready for the grand reveal." I heard Sir through the speakers then my world went silent. I felt the cover to my new tattoo removed and then I was stood in the same position for a while I was able to slightly bend my arms to take the pressure off my shoulders. No one touched me and no spoke to me but I could sense people around. It must have been an hour or more before I was touched it made me jump. I had no idea whose hand it was then another hand ran down my chest and over my abs. More and more hands were touching me and then as suddenly as they started it all stopped. My arms were suddenly pulled very tightly out to the side and I had no movement in them.

"Gentlemen, welcome!" I heard through the hood "Welcome indeed! Tonight we have a very special present from Coach, a stunning example of prime UK stock!" I had no idea who the voice was but his speech causes the crowd to cheer and clap. It sounded like a room full of men!

"The Manager" I heard Sirs' voice. "I have been planning our main attraction for months and I think you agree he will have been worth the wait!" The crowd cheered again. "But first Gentlemen it is time for food!" The crowd clapped and I could hear conversations start.

"Boy, you have gone down well as I knew you would, well here is your surprise boy!" A bright light flickered on in front of my eyes and suddenly I could see. The hood must have had a screen built inside it. "Boy you earned this, take it and enjoy!" I fell into silence again, but in front of my eyes, I could see the scene in front me. Fuck I had never imagined anything like it. The hood must have a camera at eye level. In front of me was a long table, in a grand hall. Like you see on the period dramas! I was stood at the end of the table on a platform, I moved my head to the side and could see I was being pulled apart by thick chains that disappeared in the wall.

In front me, around 20 men were taking their seats at the table. Stood around the edge of the room I spotted 4 men in nothing but cock cages and gags. Each one of them was built like an athlete. I scanned the table and could not believe what I was seeing. Sat around the table were Premiership footballers, an international rugby player, a record-breaking swimmer, a diver and Olympic athletes. There was also another gymnast who I knew personally! Each one of them I had pictures of, each one of them I had admired for their sports and looks. I also spotted a few TV stars including someone from a soap who was out as gay and was the fantasy of many a gay man. Sat in the middle was Sir and next to him was a sports agent who I had to meet a few time, I imagine this was his set up as when he clicked his fingers the 4 servants, jumped into action, they served the table the first course and drinks.

As they walked around the table the eyes of the guests followed them around but no one touched them. I stood pulled tight at the end of that table like a prized statue as they eat their meal and drank. They were all talking and laughing but it was like watching a silent movie as no sound was coming through the hood. After the meal had finished they all stood up from the table and the servants started removing the tables and bringing in new equipment. I could see a bondage chair, a fuck bench and St Andrews Cross. Also, chains with hooks were lowered from the ceiling. The lighting turned darker and after only a short while the stage was set. The Manager stood on the platform in front of me and the speakers in the hood suddenly came on.

"Right Gentlemen, it is almost time for the party to really start. First a reminder of the rules. You have all left your phones at the door when you arrived and any photography is not allowed. Any sex that takes place is always safe. Condoms and lube are around the room. No exceptions Gentlemen. You all no the Safeword. When it is used you will stop. The servants will monitor the room and anyone not following the rules will be removed and barred from ever returning! Does everyone understand?"

"SIR YES SIR!" the crowd of men shouted in unison.

"Excellent, now some special rules regarding our star attraction. Coach has set no limits for him Gentlemen other than two you can not fuck him without coaches permission and he will not be allowed to cum. Other than that he is yours to play with. LET THE PARTY BEGIN!" He lifted his arms into the air and the crowd cheered and clapped.

I look straight at Sir, from the outside it most of looked like I was just moving my head but Sir knew. He smiled at me and winked! Fuck I could not believe this was happening.

Part 6

As the crowd started to move around the room most of the men had their shirts off already. In front of me were some of the fittest men in the country. Most woman and a lot of men would be in heaven. Some of the guys started to strip naked including the rugby international and he walked towards me his body was amazing he was smooth and thick muscles were on show. His cock must have been 9 inches soft and as he walked towards it started to grow by the time he stepped onto the platform he was at full strength and must of 11 inches of thick cock. He did not speak but grabbed and twisted my nipple. He dug his fingers in deep. I tried to pull away but he just twisted more. I shouted into the gag as his whole face filled the screen in front of me. He let go of my nipple and walked behind me. I heard a click of fingers and watched as one of the servants walked to the podium with a covered tray.

He stood in front of me and removed the cover. On the tray was a selection of pegs all held together with rope and a thick leather flogger. I was to be the rugby players first entertainment of the evening. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my body. He pulled and rubbed my nipples and ran his hands over my chest. He was groaning as he did and I felt his large cock rubbing up against my back. His hands explored my body. I could not see him behind me but only what was happening in front of me. I had a crowd watching me and Sir was stood dead centre. Watching me and the rugby player.

Suddenly my view was covered by the chest of the rugby player, he stepped back slightly and picked up the pegs from the tray still held by the servant. I could see that the pegs were attached to a rope and there must have been twenty pegs on the rope. He started by placing a peg on each nipple. They dug in sharply and I took a deep breath in. He carried on attaching the pegs one on either side of my nipples and then running down my stomach and across the bottom of my abs. It felt like I was being bitten all over. I focused on Sir watching his boy getting abused, I could see other guys rubbing their cocks through trousers and shorts. It seemed like I had the whole room watching me. The rugby player enjoying the attention picked up the flogger from the tray, the servant stepped aside and to the side the room. He waved the flogger in the air.

"How many times should I use this on this stud of a man gentleman?" He asked the crowd.

The crowd shouted out number 10, 20, 40 times. Sir said calmly "30 as hard as you like!"

"His owner has spoken" shouted the rugby player.

Fuck! He disappeared and THWACK the first his landed on my arse, THWACK another landed in the same spot, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK all on my arse cheeks. Each hit moving me forward. I was tensing every muscle in my body now. He carried on flogging my back as the crowd counted the hits. By the 20th hit, he had moved all over my back which now felt on fire. Along with the pegs I was burning all over. My cock, however, was still as hard as it could be, the spikes in the cage digging into my bellend. He increased the strength of the hits for the final 10, the last one along my shoulder blades made my legs buckle and I slumped. The rugby player hugged me again his body pressed against my flogged back. I could feel his cock was wet and was rubbing his cock on the top of my arse. Sir stepped up to the platform.

"Nice Rugby, you may fuck the slave!" That is all he said he stepped back picking up the rope attached to the pegs.

"FUCK YES" I servant quickly jumped on the platform and handed the rugby play a condom and lube. I heard the rip of the condom packet and then felt lube being rubbed up to my arse. He pushed his fingers up my arse and I could feel the wet lube being pushed up. He grabbed my body and slide the tip of this cock into my hole. I tried to relax but he pushed in, he slid his whole cock inside my body and then started fucking me hard. His strong arms were wrapped my chest. I looked at Sir through the screen and could see he was hard watching his slave being fucked by a world class rugby player. Sir pulled the rope tight and the pegs pulled my skin and increased the pain. Everyone was watching me being fucked, the Diver and Swimmer were now naked and the Swimmer was stood behind the Diver wanking him off. The premiership players were rubbing themselves as well.

Rugby players fucking was getting harder how he was groaning and crawly down my ears and my cock felt like it was about to burst. He released his grip on my body and started to let out a long deep groan, he fucking getting quicker.

"Fuck, fuck I'm cumming" he shouted. This must of been Sirs queue he suddenly yanked the rope to the pegs in one quick movement. They all popped off and a feeling like no other rushed over my body. My arse clenched Rugby's cock as he thrust inside and shot his load, the sensation was overwhelming. I felt like I was having the best orgasm of all time as the pain vibrated around my body. Rugby carried on fucking me as his body shock. He slid out of me my arse, now feeling empty. He walked in front me his cock still covered in the condom. He walked up to Sir, gave him a kiss and walked to the back of the room.

My body was trembling from the rush and I fixed my eyes on Sir. He stared straight at me and walked up onto the platform. He grabbed my cuffed hand and leaned into the side of my head.

"Well done boy, you were stunning up there. Squeeze my hand boy to let me know you are okay. I know how overwhelming this is." I squeezed his hand tight. I could not believe what was happening but I knew I wanted more. My mind was spinning from the comedown.

"Good boy, you are more impressive looking than any of the guys here boy. You are doing me proud!". He let go of my hand and put his hand on my caged cock. He squeezed my balls.

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