tagToys & MasturbationThe Hacker Ch. 02

The Hacker Ch. 02


*Author's note - If you have not read Part I, you are encouraged to do so before proceeding.


Cindy was relaxing on the couch in her apartment, flipping through the TV channels hoping something remotely interesting was on -- there wasn't. Either re-runs or completely uninteresting programs. She turned the volume down and tossed the remote on the coffee table. Dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a fleecy top and a pair of fluffy bunny slippers she was treating herself to a lazy Saturday. She took a sip of tea and drew her legs up until her knees were almost touching her chest. She wrapped her hands around the warm mug and drew it to her chest. Wrapped up like this, she felt safe and comfortable, almost decadent. There was certainly things that she could be doing, but she promised herself a day of laziness as a reward for a hard week. It seemed like one of those days that you could wrap yourself up in like a blanket and be cuddled by someone. A perfect treat. Only the TV intruded on the peace and that was almost white noise thanks to the low volume. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the spreading warmth from the cup and let her mind drift to nothingness. Almost like meditation, her body started responding to this by relaxing tension that she didn't even realize was there until it's absence was felt. Her mind started picking up various sounds and sensations and played with them like a kitten with a piece of string. The sudden gust of wind, the reflected heat from the couch at her back, the smooth feeling of her teeth against her tongue. She let her eyes open and wander down to her slippers and was examining the furry material when her ears plucked a ribbon of sound out of the air.

"...Nicola Tesla claimed that he would visualize a new invention completely, down to the most minute details before starting physically working on ..."

It was a documentary on the mind. She had no real interest in watching it, but that one line had a remarkable effect on her. A name blazed through her like a meteor falling to earth -- Steve. Her pussy actually clenched as her mind drenched her in snapshots and sound bites from earlier in the week. She felt her nipples start to stiffen as she swam through the torrent of hot steamy memories and lazily let herself float with the current. He had made her come without laying a hand on her, in essence he had fucked her with his mind and skill. She felt another twitch in crotch and became dimly aware that she was starting to get wet, in more than one way. She'd been so distracted that she had tipped the cup she was holding and had spilled warm tea down the front of herself.

"Shit, and my pants too! Damnit!" She jumped up and checked the couch. "No stains, just me -- perfect."

She walked to her bedroom and started stripping off her wet clothes, letting them drop to the floor. She pulled on her terry cloth robe and headed to the bathroom to run a bath. She was planning on having a soak anyway, the time just got moved up a bit -- this was her trying to console herself about having her lazy day interfered with. The water running in the bath was just the thing to relax her mind and the irritation faded away. She stood at the mirror and started putting her hair up when a thought flashed through her. The last time she was wearing this she was knocking at Steve's door, planning to clean his apartment in the nude. She remembered the raw fear that surged through her as she reached up to knock on the door. "RUN!" screamed part of her as she heard the metallic sound of the bolt coming free of the striker. The shock of realization that he'd cleaned up so she wouldn't have to, the anger she felt at him for covering her bet, and the feeling of tenderness at him being such a gentleman for the very same thing. The rest of the night was spent going from pleasure to pleasure, she would never have dreamed that someone could do that to another. She felt bad that she fell asleep, passed out from exhaustion to be more correct, before she could reciprocate. She felt even worse that she woke up on his couch, wrapped in a quilt and a note on the coffee table facing her.

"Last night was incredible, hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. I didn't have the heart to wake you before I left. I have to head out of town for 2 days - company emergency. Help yourself to anything in the fridge, I'll call you when I get back."

It seemed like a brush off, but didn't at the same time. The last thing she could really remember was the mind ripping pair of orgasms in the kitchen. She turned off the water and slipped into the liquid warmth.

"I wonder if he's back yet?" she mused aloud. Her brain wouldn't stop replaying the images from that night.

"What he could do with the stuff I have in here." Her eyes skipped from object to object. He might put the perfume bottle in her, or the hairbrush handle. No, that was too obvious. She almost pouted as she thought to herself that she wasn't as inventive as he was. She tried to force herself to think about something else but it was no use. She slipped her fingers down belly and dove for her clit. No need to be coy about it, I'm going crazy thinking about this already. She placed a finger on either side of the little nub and drew her hand back almost roughly. Her clit was forced out of it's hood and up against her fingers. She rubbed her fingers against each other, gently rolling her clit between them while her other hand found her breast and started mimicking the motion using her nipple. Her pussy itself was twitching drawing up into her, almost like it was trying to coax something to enter her to complete the sensation. She could feel the trembling waves start to build and her mind started to fog.

"Oh... soon..." she said aloud, as if to encourage herself to keep going. Her hips hunched down and released outside of her will, her fingers clamped tightly on their captives and her body finally gave her the release she wanted. This one was more like being slowly submerged in warm oil, starting from the hips and working out. It seems to last forever and at one point she toyed with trying for a second one when the phone rang. Almost in slow motion, she picked up the cordless handset and flicked it on.


"Hey Cindy, it's Steve. Am I interrupting anything?"

"No, I just finished something." She grinned "Are you back in town?"

"Yea, got in yesterday actually. I've been busy"

"I'll bet, have a hard day slaving over a hot microchip did you?"

"Cute. Got any plans for supper?"

"Not really, what did you have in mind?"

"I've got Chinese being delivered in about twenty minutes, enough for two."

"Isn't that a bit presumptuous? What makes you so sure that I'm coming over for dinner?"

"It's not like that at all, I can make the leftovers into something tomorrow if you don't want to come over -- no big deal"

'Damn him anyway' she thought. A man who could sidestep a classic female jab so easily, a rare one indeed, She should sacrifice herself to ensure that his tactics can't spread to other males. She mentally laughed at the little joke.

"Sure, I didn't have any plans. See you in 15"

She jumped out of the tub and started an accelerated version of her morning routine. Thankfully her hair wasn't wet so she could spend more time getting a look together. She picked up the brush and was drawing it through her auburn locks when her eyes met in the mirror. How should she look? Professional, casual... slutty? Casual, with a flirt she decided. Clothes, what to wear. Several changes and one good swearing jag later she was ready to go. A final inspection in the full length mirror by the door she was pleased. Boot cut jeans, a black camisole with a white waist jacket, her hair looking soft but playful and her make-up just right. Shoes were a black strap sandal with a rhinestone buckle to complete the look.

She headed down the hall to Steve's apartment and raised her hand to knock on the door when her mind started flashing images and sensations back to her from what happened the last time she knocked here. Two strong contractions in her pussy reminded her that this way lead to wonderful feelings, her heart started pounding in a response to the adrenaline dumped into her system and seemed to be trying to escape itself. How could she face him, the things she let him do that night, but of the things he did to her that night...

The door opened with her frozen in mid-knock.

"Hey, I thought I heard you coming down the hall, come on in and get comfortable. The food's on the coffee table."

She shook her head slightly to break the dazed sensations from her mind. Mustering all her poise and composure, she drifted into the room.

Polite conversation, chopsticks and cardboard boxes were the next hour. Cindy was having a hard time staying focused. She was sitting on the very couch that had been used that night, the kitchen in the corner of her eye, the linen closet. A week ago if someone told her that a towel could make her go wet she would have thought they were crazy. Hold it together girl, he doesn't need to know how much of an effect he had . WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!

"Pardon, could you say that again"

"I built a new toy, if you're interested in playing again some time. The parts I need for the mixer will be more that a week, so I thought I'd try to make something else. I am your slave for the week remember?"

She blushed. If there is is such a thing, she blushed hard. Head to toe blushing she thought, that's another one that no other man has got me to do.

"I'll understand if you don't want to, things went really far and fast last time. I'm moving too fast -- this is just too weird right?"

"Well, as far as my relationships go, yes. Kinky and fast moving."

"Yea, better if we slow down. You know I wasn't even going to bring up the water bug. I don't know what made me bring it up. I really want us to try to be more than friends, but I can't stop thinking about the other night"

"Water bug?" Just the knowledge that the night of passion she had at his hands was special to him as well melted her even more.

"The toy I built for you."

"Sex toy I'll assume"

"Well, that was the impression I got from you about the mixer you wanted me to rework."

"True, I can't blame you there"

"Look, I'm not pushing anything. I understand if this is too weird for you. I shouldn't have brought it up"

"I didn't say that, as a mater of fact, I haven't said no, stop, slow down or anything else. That's your mind making the arguments for me. Here's what I see. You exposed a part of yourself to me that you keep locked up and hidden from everybody -- right?"

"That depends on what part you mean"

"The desire to experiment on a woman for mutual pleasure, using unconventional means to archive that goal."

"OK, when you put it like that, yes."

"You showed me that you are kinky, something else you don't normally share."

"I don't know if I'd say kinky"

"Machines, towels, toothbrushes, vegetables and kitchen tools,"

"Fine, I'm kinkier than a hairpin"

"You say it like it's a bad thing. Actually you're looking at it backwards"

"Huh, how do you figure that?"

"Well, look at it like this. Most guys just want a fuck, the girl's pleasure is either secondary or not a consideration. You on the other hand, have spent a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out how to please a woman. Your hacker skills however are tailored for as you put it -- hardware. You just crossed hacking and fucking and there you go. A considerate pervert!"


"Just joking" She replayed what she had just said to Steve and realized that she was dealing with a very delicate moment. She knew he didn't have many friends and she remembered that it took her weeks to get him to say more than two words to her. He was an introvert that she caught in an uncontrolled moment of passion.

"Steve, show me what you built for me. I'm not promising I'll use it, but it's so sweet that you put all this work into it and I want to see what you made for me."

"OK, it's in the bathroom. I was doing some fine turning earlier"

She let him lead her to his creation. She wasn't really sure what it should look like, but as soon as they stepped into the bathroom she realized that there would have been no point in trying to guess.

It stood in the tub like an insect waiting for it's prey. An X shaped front formed from two spread feet and a pair of antenna with a small "head" between them. The flattened football shaped body extended from the head and towards the back wall while a single leg protruded back and terminated with a single suction cup stuck to the wall. A proboscis snaked away from where a mouth would be and was hooked to the spout of the tub. The entire thing was painted a bright blue. As she studied it she thought it looked better than a lot of modern art she had seen. The name Water bug seemed appropriate.

"So what do you think" he ventured.

"It looks... interesting. What does it do?" She countered

"To be crass," he said, with a bit of forced bravado "you."

"Funny. Seriously though, what does it do"

"I'm not saying." The set of his jaw told her he wasn't joking. "If you want to try, fine. I'm not explaining how it works until I get your personal feedback on how it felt"

"I see. And if I refuse?"

"I'm not making a demand, you have nothing to refuse. I'll dismantle it and you'll never hear me mention it again"

'Damn him anyway' she thought.

"I didn't say I wasn't interested. I just want to know what I'm getting into"

"Getting into?"

"I mean might be getting into, if I was, I mean, if, ah hell" She blushed and admitted to herself that she wanted to know what this machine could do as badly as he wanted her to try it.

"So you wanna ride?" he said with a kid kid style grin.

"All right dammit, what do I have to do?"

"As little clothes as possible. This should work best with bare skin, but it might get you to come in your underwear"

"Nah, you've seen me at my best before" she winked and started stripping. Her back was to him, but she could feel his gaze burning across her back and ass as she stripped. 'I really must do something for him this time' She mused.

She turned around in a classic Venus on the half shell pose and shot him her best innocent look.

"What do I do now Steve?"

"Um, let me run the water to prime the system and make sure it's at a good temperature" He dove for the controls and taps and turned his back to her. Not before she noticed a hint of a blush and flush of excitement on his face. It was that first night again. Like playing Truth or Dare as kids, you never knew when someone would chicken out or if they knew something about you that you thought only you knew.

"OK, put your wrist in the water and tell me how it feels"

"Nice, almost body temperature."

"Let me add a bit more cold water then. Ready?"

"I doubt it, but what the hell. What do I do?"

"Climb on like it was a horse, I'll cover the rest as we go."

Cindy stepped into the tub and studied the creation before her. The saddle had an oval shaped opening to the front and a smaller round nub further back. At the front of the saddle was a panel with a bunch of chrome t-handles and one big red handle labelled 'STOP'. She put one hand on the closest 'antenna' to steady herself and swung her leg over its back. She looked up at the antennas and saw two small brass nozzles pointed at her. 'What have I gotten myself into this time' she thought.

"Looks like I got the hight right. Comfortable?"

"Yea, so what now?"

"The lever marked STOP, push it towards me until it's level with the panel. If you need to stop at any time, this halts everything in one pull." She pushed the lever, but nothing happened. He saw her brows furrow and started to explain.

"Its like a circuit breaker, you just made power available to the system, but you haven't directed it yet"

"Power? There's electricity in here?! You're gonna kill me!"

"No, there is no electricity. The power comes from water pressure -- a pure hydraulic system"

"Ok, so it's safe"

"Remember what I told you last time -- safety then hacking"

"I feel better, so what next?"

"On the panel in front you've got T-handles arranged in a 'Y' pattern, turn the one in the centre a bit to the right."

Cindy grasped the smooth metal and twisted. If the saddle wasn't in the way she probably would have scampered away from the machine. Warm water flooded her crotch and then stabilized into gentle stream of water tunnelling up between her labia, seeming seeking her clit. She wiggled her hips a bit and without Steve knowing what she was up to she managed to spread her lips enough to allow the water better access to her.

"Mmm... that's nice. What a lovely sensation you have here."

"Give the handle a bit more of a turn." Cindy did as he asked and she was pleased to see that the pressure increased as did the water flow. Suddenly the water stopped, disappointment rose as she thought that something had gone wrong when the flow shot back up, and stopped, and then started again. The pattern became regular at about a second on, half second off and she realized that this was no mistake. He had somehow managed to make a water based vibrator. A dreamy smile spread across her face.

"I thought you might like that. It'll go faster and harder as you turn the knob. It's able to do about 500 pulses a minute at full strength."

"Oooh, that sounds like a bit much but it's good to know that it's mnnn flexible. God this feels soo good. I don't know if I've ever felt anything like this before"

"Ready for more?"

"Well, I'd hate to leave all these features untested" she said with a dreamy smile.

"The bottom handle, give it a half turn"

She did as he instructed, but didn't notice any change. After about 5 seconds of nothing, she noticed something rising up from the saddle and was now pressing against her. Lubricated by the water from the jet at her clit, it spread her lips and relentlessly tunnelled inside her. Slowly, oh so slowly it continued its burrowing. It must have been a full 15 seconds before she felt it start to retreat back down. It felt soft and warm inside her but at the same time rigid. Her clit was starting to throb in a very happy response to it's water drumming and this new addition was making her twitch in a very pleasurable fashion.

"From the look on your face, I'll assume that works. Turn the handle to ¾ " Steve's voice was almost trembling.

"Oh fuck this feels so luxurious -- I could do this all day. A slow lover." She giggled and turned the handle.

Her pussy registered the change by way of clench and an almost electric wave of sensations. The mechanical cock started moving faster and was almost pulsing almost twisting inside her.

"Oh Steve, what is this -- what are you doing to me?"

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes! Oh so much. But what is it doing to me?"

"Hopefully, making you very happy"

"Oh, ummm, yes, but , mmm, how?"

"I'll explain later, Top handles to ½"

She didn't realize it until he said it, but she had been gripping the sides of the panel quite fiercely. Without really thinking about what these would do she turned them as he commanded and saw water come streaming out of the antennas of aimed in the vicinity of her breasts.

"You can adjust the aim by moving the nozzles, I'll assume I don't need to tell you where to aim them"

"Duh" She laughed and adjusted the streams until the water was aimed directly at her nipples. The sensations were intoxicating. Her clit was being drummed on, her pussy was being filled with a pulsing cock, and now her tits were being pounded with thousands of tiny water droplets. She was going to come from this and it wasn't going to take long either. Knowing that Steve was standing there watching her squirm on his machine made it a thousand times hotter than it could have been and all the sensations were piling up on her.

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