tagBDSMThe Hairdresser

The Hairdresser


I get my haircut about every five weeks and I've been going to my local barber, Joe, for about six years. It's a one-man shop in our local shopping center and I can drop in late in the day and Joe always looks after me well.

This day I called in right on closing time, as usual, and found to my amazement that Joe was not there, behind the counter stood a lovely looking lady, probably in her late twenties. She gave me a quick look of annoyance as she was obviously hoping to go home and then turned on a beaming smile.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Hi, I was going to get my usual cut but looks like Joe is missing," I replied.

"Yes Joe was taken to hospital with appendicitis last week and I'm standing in for him."

"Oh that's no good, is Joe ok?"

"Yes he is fine but has to rest for a few weeks so here I am, that is if you don't mind a lady cutting your hair?" she said, again with that lovely smile.

"Yes, that's fine by me," I said, "It will make a change, Joe has been cutting my hair for about six years or so, by the way my name is Steve."

"My name is Anne, nice to meet you Steve," Anne said as she came out from behind the counter. My eyes nearly popped as I took in her lovely figure, large firm breasts, trim waist and long legs. She was wearing a tee shirt and short skirt cut just above her knees.

"If you don't mind Steve I will lock the front door and pull the screens across. I'm a little weary and you will be my last customer today. Then I can take my time with you without interruptions."

As Anne walked to the front of the shop I saw the printing on the back of her tee shirt, "The floggings will continue until morale improves."

I grinned to myself and said, "Look Anne I don't want to put you out if your too tired, I can come back tomorrow."

Again that winning smile as she walked back into the shop after locking the door and pulling the screens across, "No that's fine Steve, I'm ok to do you, really. I'll just pop out the back for a second."

A short time later Anne returned to the shop stretching, "Ah that feels better, that bra was far too tight, much more comfortable like this."

I gazed for too long at her breasts and nipples straining at the white material and blushed when I saw Anne grinning at me.

"Ok Steve, let's wash your hair first, over here to the basin." Anne said as she turned on the water.

"Wash my hair?" I was surprised but quite willing to spend extra time with this sexy lady; "Joe has never washed my hair, but if you want to that's fine by me."

I lay down in the chair with the back of my head resting over the edge of the basin. Anne stood beside me and started to wet my hair. Looking up I had a very close view of her lovely boobs as she wet then washed my hair. Her strong fingers massaged the shampoo thoroughly into my scalp as we made small talk. Anne told me that she liked working as a hairdresser's locum, she specialized in looking after small businesses while their owners took a break for illness or holidays. She explained that it was much easier than paying rent and all the other associated costs of running a small business. Some water splashed on the front of her tee shirt making the nipples even more visible but Anne just grinned and went on washing my hair.

After a thorough wash and rinse I sat in the usual chair for the hair cut. Anne obviously knew what she was doing and I was pleased with the way the cut was proceeding. It was then that I asked the fateful question.

"Anne, that saying on the back of your tee shirt, can you explain it please?"

"Hee hee, it is a bit unusual isn't it," Anne giggled, "You know many have seen it today but you are the first to ask. I actually brought it when I was in England. I attended a medieval show where everyone dressed up as King Richard or a Knight or Princess or Robin Hood, that type of thing. It was great, mock floggings, great food, lots of beer and even a spanking tent where you could get your own bottom smacked."

"Really?" I laughed, "And did you get your bottom spanked Anne?"

"Oh yes, I sure did," Again that delightful giggle, "I must admit that a good spanking really turns me on, but don't tell anyone I told you that!"

"You get turned on by a spanking Anne, really? I can't imagine a spanking turning me on at all."

"Well judging by the lump in your pants when I was washing you hair I would guess that you are a tits man? Would that be right Steve?" Anne laughed out loud as I blushed bright red. "Don't worry about it Steve, I would have been disappointed if my boobs had no effect on you at all."

"Back to business for a minute Steve." Anne continued, "I have to give a guy a shave before his wedding tomorrow and I haven't shaved a man for ages. Would you mind if I practiced on you, no charge of course? Are you in a hurry at all?"

"No I'm not in a hurry," I said glad of any excuse to spend more time with this delightful lady, "You can shave me, just be careful with the cut throat razor."

"Oh thank you Steve, that's very nice of you, and yes, I will be very careful."

Anne completed cutting my hair and lay the back of the chair down so she could shave my face. Again the delightful vision of her breasts was close to my eyes and well she knew it. After lathering my stubble Anne leant over me to see up close the area she was shaving. Her lovely bosom was practically on my chest at one stage and I could feel the blood rushing into my cock under the protective hairdressing sheet.

"Getting hard again Steve?" Anne asked mischievously as she completed the shaving and wiped the excess soap away, "If you aren't careful I'll have to give you a spanking!"

"Give me a spanking as well as a shave?" I liked the way this conversation was going and decided to test the waters, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Wouldn't I?" Anne laughed again as she removed the protective sheet. "I'm game if you are, you never know Steve you just might enjoy it!"

As I rose from the chair Anne walked backward into Joe's private room, her finger beckoning to me to follow. I grinned and quickly joined her in Joe's office.

"You are really serious aren't you Anne?" I questioned.

"Oh yes Steve, I sure am!" Anne said as she pulled a chair into the center of the room and sat down, "Ok Steve, drop your pants and over my knees!"

"What? Drop my pants? You must be joking Anne!"

"Come on now, don't be bashful Steve, leave your undies on, this will be fun and who knows where it may lead?"

The last few words were the clincher so I quickly took off my shoes and dropped my trousers. With a little trepidation I bent down, positioned and then settled myself over Anne's slim thighs.

"Very good Steve," Anne cried out with delight as she lifted up the tail of my shirt, "Oh a virgin spankee, my first deflowering!"

Anne's laughter echoed through the small office as she placed a hand on my arse. She bent her head down and whispered in my ear, "You behave and do what I say Steve and you can spank me later - on the bare!!"

With that statement I made a silent promise to obey Anne's orders as she started to lightly spank my arse cheeks and upper thighs. I thought to myself this is easy to take, it doesn't hurt at all, little did I know of what was to follow.

Slowly but surely the pressure of Anne's spanks started to increase and although most of them were through the cloth of my undies there was already a slight sting to each swat. There was utter silence in the room except for the sound of Anne's hand making contact with my arse, the sounds of the spanks slowly growing in intensity. I was now starting to wiggle around a little on Anne's thighs so her spare hand now pushed firmly into the center of my back. Then she paused and I thought that it may be over, but then I felt her hand grasp the elastic of my undies and pull them down. I decided to cooperate and raised my hips to assist and heard Anne mutter "Good boy" as she pushed the undies down past my knees and off over my feet. Her hand slid up between my thighs firmly pushing my thighs apart and then resumed the firm spanking.

"Ah that's better Steve, now I can see the effect my hand is having on your skin. It's already a nice pink color but I'm going to turn it red."

With that statement the spanks grew harder and harder and I was calling out after each swat.

"Whack" - "Ouch", "Whack" - "Owww", "Whack" - "Shit that hurts!"

"Don't be a wimp," Anne ordered, "There's still a lot more to come!" Then she bent and whispered to me, "If it really gets too much for you call out 'red', that is your safe word."

After some more hard spanks, which stung quite a lot Anne, stopped and said, "This is stinging my hand too much Steve, stand up for a minute."

I obeyed the instruction and stood up, my hard cock standing straight out in front of me. Anne looked at my cock and then at me with an 'see I told you so' look on her face then turned the chair around so that the back was in front of me.

"Take off your shirt, bend over the back of the chair Steve and grasp the seat." Fearing the outcome but nevertheless looking forward to turning the tables on Anne I obeyed. "Good, don't move, I'll be back in a sec."

I heard Anne's footsteps move into the shop, a drawer open and close and then she quickly returned. She stood behind me and suddenly "whoosh", a leather strap burst across my arse cheeks.

"Owwww, bloody hell Anne what do you think your doing?" I demanded as I straightened and my hand going to my stinging, hot cheeks.

Anne was holding the leather strap that was used to sharpen the razors, her rock hard nipples pushing against the confines of the tee shirt. "Wow that got a good reaction didn't it?" She reached up and held my head with her spare hand pulling it down so she could kiss me. And what a kiss, it took my breath away with its intensity! "Five more whacks Steve and then pleasure for the rest of the night I promise! This has made my shaven pussy so wet Steve, just five more strokes!"

My answer was to kiss her again then bend down over the back of the chair. I braced myself for the onslaught and did not have long to wait.

"Whack, thwack, pow!!" Three strokes all in quick succession had me crying out loud and having a lot of trouble maintaining my position.

I felt Anne's hand caress my cheeks, "Oh it's so wonderfully hot Steve, only two more, I promise."

"Whack" - "Owww, oh my God!" I cried.

"Thwack!" - I collapsed sideways and fell to my knees on the floor, the pain was incredible but the effect it had on my cock was amazing, I had never felt it so rock hard.

Anne knelt down beside me, "Oh Steve you were wonderful to take that, I have a special surprise for you now. When you feel up to it come back into the shop." With that Anne walked back into the customer area.

A couple of minutes later I managed to regain my feet and walked back into the shop gingerly rubbing my sore arse cheeks. Anne was standing beside the main chair again, a devilish smile on her lovely face.

"Sit!" she ordered, pointing to the chair which had been laid back to its fullest extent.

I eased my still stinging bottom down onto the cool leather of the seat and Anne placed a hand on my chest and pushed me down onto my back.

"You were very good Steve and now you are going to get your reward." Anne said as she leaned over and kissed me once again. She then produced two lengths of Velcro strapping and before I knew what was happening my wrists were fastened to the solid arms of the chair.

"Gotcha, just where I want you," Anne cried out triumphantly.

"I don't like this Anne," I said, suddenly feeling very vulnerable. Up until this point I really could have used my strength and left at any time, but now I was at her mercy. "What are you going to do?"

"Hush sweet Steven, you are safe and will not come to any harm. For the rest of the night it is only pleasure for you, and me too."

As she was speaking Anne moved up beside my head and in one movement pulled the tee shirt off over her head. Shaking her hair back into place she took a breast in her hand and guided it into my mouth. What else could I do but suck and nip greedily on the hard nipple causing "ooohs and ahhhs" of pleasure from Anne. I felt her hand grasp my cock and start to gently masturbate me, my mind was spinning at the situation in which I now found myself.

Suddenly Anne moved away, smiled quite evilly at me, and moved over to the shaving shelf. My eyes widened as she took hold of the shaving gear and moved back to me.

"Hey, hold on Anne, what are you going to do with that?" I asked nervously.

"I'm going to shave you, so you are smooth as I am," Anne replied with a laugh.

"Oh no Anne, please don't do that, you might cut me!"

"I won't if you stay still Steve, and then I can do this onto your shaven groin." As she spoke Anne lowered her mouth onto my cock and took it full length down her throat. Just as quickly she stood again, her breasts bouncing and she dropped her skirt to the floor displaying her shaven pussy.

"Wouldn't you like to lick and split my shaven pussy Steve?" Anne said as she spread her legs wide apart, "Oh I'm so wet for you! I'll be very careful Steve I promise."

"Oh shit Anne, you sure are a sexy sight," I swallowed hard as I looked at her, "Well ok, but no nicks please."

Anne's reply was to take a pair of scissors and carefully trim my pubic hairs. I concentrated on staying as still as I could as she lathered the soap around my cock and balls. As Anne picked up the razor I shut my eyes and said a silent prayer. I listened to the quiet scrape of the razor as Anne slowly removed my pubic hair, finally washing the excess soap off with warm water. After drying me off with a warm towel Anne held a mirror so I could see her handy-work, I was as bald as a newborn baby.

"After shave lotion Sir?" Anne said with a grin.

"Don't you bloody well dare, that stuff stings something awful, they would hear me across the street at the Seven Eleven if you did that."

"Don't worry Steve," Anne said with another laugh as she removed the Velcro straps. "I think you have had enough shocks for this evening, how about we grab a pizza and head back to your place or mine for a bit of fun. Don't forget, you still have to spank me and I'm as horny as hell. Oh hell, you don't have a wife at home do you?"

"Sounds good to me Anne," I replied as I rose from the chair. "I am single so you don't have to worry about an angry wife. Let's dress and grab that pizza, I'm starved and not just for food."

It wasn't long before we were dressed and out of the shop. Anne gave me her address and went ahead while I brought a pizza. As I drove to her place, I had the horrible thought that she had given me a false address, but she proved me wrong as I saw her waiting on the porch for me with a can of beer in her hand. I quickly moved inside her home and we ate the pizza and drank the lovely cold Fosters as we got to know each other a little.

Finally we had finished and as Anne cleared the plates she said, "Ready to spank me now Steve? I sure need it and after that you can fuck me good and hard."

My answer was to walk over to Anne and pull her over to a straight-backed chair. I sat and pulled Anne over my knees, raised her skirt and gazed upon her panty-less arse. Without any prodding from me Anne spread her legs wide apart, giving me a wonderful view of her arse and shaven pussy. I ran my fingers over her pussy that was very wet and a shiver ran through her body.

This being the first time I had ever spanked anyone I started very softly, almost caressing her smooth skin.

Anne wriggled impatiently, "Do it harder please Steve, if it gets too hard I'll call 'red', ok?"

"You bet Anne, whatever you want," I replied immediately spanking harder.

"Oh yes, that's it Steve, mmmmmmmm oh I love it, keep going."

Whack, whack, whack, I seemed to get into a rhythm and it wasn't long before Anne's white skin was turning pink. My cock was getting hard again with this sexy lady over my lap and I knew she must be able to feel it pushing against her. Anne was now wriggling around on my lap as I continued to spank her, her moans and groans of appreciation urging me on. My hand kept raising and falling and Anne's ass slowly but surely turned a soft red color. At one stage I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed it over her smooth, wet pussy resulting in a giggling fit from Anne.

The sting on the palm of my hand made me remember the effect the leather strap had had on my arse so ceased spanking and ordered, "Stand up Anne, and at attention!"

Anne quickly rose, her eyes sparkling with excitement and stood straight at attention in front of me.

I pointed to her skirt & tee shirt. "Strip!"

Anne gave me a mock salute and quickly removed her tee shirt and skirt, standing before me completely nude and without a hint of embarrassment. I walked around her, doing a mock inspection, admiring her pink arse and feeling the weight of each breast. Taking an arm I led her behind an armchair and firmly bent her over the back. A moan of excitement escaped her lips as I spread her legs wide apart and ordered her to "Stay!"

I went for a quick exploration of her home and soon found her bedroom. My eyes widened when I saw the ropes attached to each corner of the bed, what was this devious lady planning? Opening a wardrobe door I found what I was looking for, a selection of leather belts. Selecting the widest and heaviest in weight I returned to the lounge to find Anne still in position over the back of the chair.

I took up position behind her and gave her a few hard spanks with my hand, resulting in a further murmur of appreciation. Without warning her I suddenly whipped the belt across her pink skin with a loud 'Whap'.

"Owwwwww, oh yes Steve, do it again!" Anne cried, not the reaction I had expected but who was I to refuse such a request?

"Whack, whack, whack!" Three hard slaps with the strap had Anne yelling out loudly, but was it pleasure or pain, or some of each?

After two more solid whacks I soon found out that the pain was giving Anne pleasure as she cried out "I'm cummmming" and her body shuddered with an orgasm. I could resist her no longer and quickly dropped my pants to the floor. I pushed my cock up against her vagina and she quickly moved one her hands to guide me into her waiting pussy.

"Fuck me Steve, fuck me!" Anne cried as I pushed my cock into her wetness, our hairless groins joined at last. After all the teasing Anne had done to me at the shop I knew that I would not last long but I was determined to make her cum again. Harder and quicker I fucked her, our moans of pleasure filling the room, both of us wanting to orgasm but to also make it last as long as possible. Grunting each time I thrust forward, I managed to give Anne a few hard spanks on her striped arse cheeks which only made her urge me on to greater efforts.

After all the spanking in the shop and the wait while we ate it wasn't long before I felt a tightening of my balls and suddenly my body was jerking uncontrollably as I orgasmed. Anne wasn't far behind me and she cried out loud as her sexy body received my cum juices.

"Wow Steve, that was incredible," Anne said as she rose from the back of the armchair, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. "Come on let's go into my bedroom, the night is still young and I have another surprise for you."

"Ah yes I noticed the ropes on the bed, what do you have in mind?" I asked with a hint of uncertainty in my voice as we moved into her bedroom.

"Oh Steve, relax and enjoy!" Anne cried as she pushed me back onto the bed. "Trust me and I will pleasure you all night, now lay back in the center please and spread your arms and legs apart."

I decided to put myself in this beautiful lady's hands and did as she asked. It wasn't long before Anne had attached the ropes and I was tied spread-eagled. Anne grinned at me as she went to a drawer and took out a blindfold. She kissed me again as she slipped it over my eyes and my world turned black. Anne then left me for a couple of tension filled minutes while she went into her bathroom, but soon she was back and the bed moved as I sensed her kneeling beside me.

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