The Hairdresser


Chapter 1

Trevor had needed to get a trim for a few months now. He likes to have his light brown hair at shoulder length, but it was starting to get longer than he wanted it. His previous barber that he went to since he was kid had just retired. So he had no idea where to go. He was particular about who cut his hair, he was funny that way.

His friend Kate recommended a place downtown called "Magic". She had told him that they did fantastic work and they even knew some of the hairdressers and the owners. She also recommended that Trevor should get Teri to cut his hair. She assured him that he wouldn't be disappointed.

He called them the next day and made an appointment for that afternoon. When he arrived there, fluorescent lights and dance music playing in the background greeted him. He had never been in a place like this before so this was all new to him. He went to the receptionist and told her that he had a 3 o'clock with Teri. She told Trevor cheerfully that Teri would be with him in a few minutes and to please have a seat.

He sat in the waiting area and glanced at a few magazines on the coffee table. He then noticed a tall woman with long wavy brown hair and stunning green eyes approach him. Another thing that he noticed was that she had the most beautiful legs he had ever seen in his life. Not skinny like a models, but long and shapely and tanned. He found himself getting aroused.

She introduced herself and led him to wash his hair before she would trim his hair. As she worked they made small talk. Such as what kind of work Trevor did, what were some of their interests, etc. Trevor couldn't help but keep sneaking glances at her. He became more aroused as he watched more and felt her touch in his head. Then he did notice something odd. There was a lump on her throat. This woman he was getting turned on for, had an Adam's apple. She wasn't a woman she was really a man.

Trevor just had to ask her/him. "Excuse me, but can I ask you something?"

"Yes." Replied Teri and she did the final rinse of Trevor's hair.

"I couldn't help but notice that you have an Adam's apple. Are you a guy?"

Teri smiled and replied, "I am a transsexual. I was born a man but choose to live as a woman. Does that bother you?"

"No." Trevor had replied truthfully. He had always been open minded and he idea on life was "Live and let live."

She then led him to her station and started to trim his hair. As they chatted he found himself attracted to her. He couldn't help himself. He asked her about her transformation and he wanted to know more about it. As she told him, he remembered when he was a teenager; he had a fantasy about gorgeous women who didn't have a pussy, but a cock. He had always considered himself straight, but from time to time he would see beautiful women and wish they had a cock.

Trevor then asked if he could ask her a personal question and if she minded him asking all of his questions. She replied that she didn't mind at all and that he could ask anything that he wanted. He asked her if she was going to get the surgery to get a vagina. She told him that she had surgery to get breasts, (that he noticed were very curvy and a delight to stare at) but she loved the combination of being a woman with a penis.

That got Trevor's cock rock hard. He had never actually met or been with a T-girl. He knew that he wanted Teri. He wanted her so bad that her touch was intoxicating. He wanted to take her into his arms and started kissing her passionately and start rubbing and feeling her cock. He couldn't believe how horny he was getting. He knew that he had to keep himself under control, and he managed to achieve this task with the help of some will power.

When she was done and he paid her, he told her that Kate had recommended her.

"Oh yes, I know Kate." Teri replied. "Her and I are great friends."

"Cool." Trevor replied. He had hoped that this would be the chance to see Teri some more.

When Trevor arrived back to his apartment and into his bedroom and masturbated and thought about Teri. He thought about kissing and fondling her. He wanted to touch and feel her cock. When he thought about sucking her cock, he came. His hot white cum shot out of him in a long stream and it landed all over his chest.

He lied in his bed relieved for that moment. He knew that he wanted to see Teri again. He wanted to know if she wanted to see him again. More importantly to him, he wanted to know if Teri liked to have her cock sucked.

To be continued.

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