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The Hairdresser


My name is Nisha and I am from Sri Lanka, a beautiful country with even more beautiful beaches and sexy women. I am 18 and most people describe me as a tom boy. This is mainly because my hair is cut short and I don't have big breasts compared to my mom. She has a gorgeous pair of 34d's that are all natural. Though I 28b's, I have a fantastic figure with wide hips, narrow waist and a tummy most women would kill for. This is because I love sports and work out at least 3 hours a week. My legs are long and nicely muscled and well suited to my 5 foot 9 inch frame. I do get hit on by lesbians more than guys and that sometimes bother me. My mom Anusha is 39 and most of my physical traits are from her, except the short hair and small boobs. She is a widow, since dad died when I was 14. She never remarried and I never really caught her even looking at a man after dad's death.

I have an easy going and fun personality. I love to read mostly romantic novels and the odd erotic story. OK, let me be frank. More than the odd erotic story and I love browsing for sexy stories online. I dare say that some of the stories I read could make some ladies shudder. I also do watch porn as I have a number of good friends who are guys and I am not ashamed to borrow some of their DVD's. I take care not to let my mom see me watch porn and I keep them well hidden on my PC. I live in Colombo, the business capital of Sri Lanka. My story starts when I took my mom's advice and set up an appointment at the place where she gets her hair cut. I used to stick to the cheaper salons since I don't believe in spending a fortune on my hair. So I took this up partly to keep my mom happy and to sample the taste of fashion that most women spend their lifesavings on.

The salon was an old house that had been refurbished. It didn't look impressive from the outside. I walked into the salon and was instantly impressed about is decor. According to my mom, it was owned by one of her old friends. I was greeted by a lady who seemed like she was at the latter stages of her 30's. As she escorted me to a private room I stared at the gentle sway of her wide hips. She told me that my mom had booked me for a massage as well. Instead of getting upset over this little addition to my program, I decided to enjoy it for once. The room I was in was separated from the rest of the customers by a small cubicle so that I had privacy. It had a door that had no glass so that the privacy was complete. I presumed that it was because of the massage facilities. I settled into my seat awaiting the lady who was going to change my look forever. If I had known in advance what would happen next, I would have rushed out of the salon in a second.

The door opened to let an extremely pretty girl into the room. Her face seemed vaguely familiar and I realized that she closely resembled the lady at the counter. I assumed that she was related to the owner. She smiled at me and for no reason at all, I was suddenly self conscious. I usually feel so comfortable with my looks and I was surprised at my reaction. The girl looked like she was in her 20's and had dark hair. Her hair was straight and elegantly highlighted with streaks of dark red. Her skin was slightly dark giving her an exotic and mysterious look. She had shoulder length hair and when she turned to close the door, I realized that she had a substantial bust for her slim figure, which accentuated it further. Her tummy had a slight curve that I find to be sexy on a woman opposed to me near flat tummy. The fact that a woman has a certain amount of fat on her belly makes her more feminine and sexy. I remembered my mom's tummy at the sight of her. This lady had slimmer hips and wore a tight pair of pants that stretched across her cute little butt. She suddenly turned and I had no chance but to smile sheepishly noting a slight smile of what I detected to be a mix of amusement and embarrassment on her face. I quickly turned towards the mirror trying my best to count the lines on my palm.

"Hi," she said in a sweet melodious voice that I instantly liked.

"You must be Nisha, the daughter of my best customer," she smiled at me in the mirror.

"I am Sharon and I am all yours for this afternoon," she said. The statement would have made me blush, but she said it in a manner that was sweet and innocent.

I quickly smiled and looked down again to cover my embarrassment.

"Hey, it's OK. It's not unusual for a woman to check another woman out," she said, breaking the ice instantly. I liked her more. I looked up again and met her eyes and was surprised to see a certain amount of tenderness. Her hand started to stroke my hair, running her fingers through it, feeling its texture. This simple gesture sent shivers down my spine as I have never been touched liked that before. Sharon turned a fairly simple action into a comforting and tender experience. This is the first time I let a woman touch me this way. This is mainly because I am generally not a physical person and I don't relish physical contact as much as many women do. I am more comfortable shaking hands with women than hugging them which attracted a lot of teasing from my close friends. I tended to wear a bra under my nightdress when I had to share a room with another girl. So for me, letting Sharon touch my hair in this manner was a major leap forward in physical relations.

"Your hair is different from your mom's," she said looking at me smiling.

"Yeah, mom said that you are good with your hands. I mean with your scissors, or whatever," I said kicking myself.

She seemed unperturbed. "Oh, did she really say that?"

I nodded like a dumb fool.

"That's nice of her. She is a gorgeous lady and I love cutting her hair," she said.

"She is one of those ladies that makes me wish I was a guy. And I didn't know she had a gorgeous daughter as well." she smiled.

"Oh, thank you," I murmured.

"So what do you want me to do for you?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Well, its overgrown and I want you to put some femininity into it," I said.

"Mmmm, that won't be difficult," she said.

"Let's wash your hair first," she said.

She turned the chair and tilted it so that my head was resting on the edge of the sink. She wore a tight fitting black t-shirt with a deep v neck. I realized that the way she was bending over me was giving me more than a glimpse of her cleavage and the black lacy bra she wore. She bent over me and washed and dried my hair. I had no choice but to gaze wonderingly at the lovely breasts shaking to an erotic rhythm of their own. They were at times dangerously close to my face. Her body radiated with a heat that I found to be alluring to the extreme. I tried to brush away this feeling, but miserably failed. Basically, I was beginning to enjoy this encounter a whole lot more than a simple hair dressing appointment.

I had no way of judging whether she did this on purpose. Sharon finished wiping my hair and turned me back to face the mirror. It was quite cold in the room and my nipples were hard against my flimsy bra and I could see them pressing against my thin strap t-shirt. My eyes moved from my nipples to her face and I realized that she had been staring at them too. Her gaze met mine, not acknowledging the fact that she had stared at my nipples and showing no reaction at being caught.

"Do you mind if I slip your straps down?" she asked. I assumed it was my t-shirt and I nodded.

To my amazement, she slipped my t-shirt and the invisible bra strap down and had a cloth wrapped around my neck to keep away the hair off my skin. I shuddered as I felt her gentle hands turn the simple act of tying that cloth around my neck into an intimate gesture. I was struggling to drag my mind to the task at hand. She started to cut my hair, ending a stream of thoughts that were buzzing in my head. I don't know if it was by accident or design, but she kept rubbing her breasts against my shoulder and neck as she cut my hair. Sometimes, she would cut some strands on the opposite side of my head by pressing me against her soft cleavage. I decided that it was OK to do that since it was a girl and it felt so soft and comfortable.

Finally, she finished and started to give me another wash. By then, I was looking forward to getting another glimpse of her breasts and the thought annoyed me a little. I didn't truly understand the feeling I was experiencing and it was one of those moments where I felt as if I was at the edge of a deep pit thinking whether to take a leap. This happened to me a number of times. First, when I discovered a sex story on the Internet. Next was when I discovered masturbation. Third was when I discovered that rubbing my panty covered pussy on the tummy of my 3 foot toy teddy bear was more pleasurable than my hand. The fourth moment was when I discovered that my mom had been using the same teddy bear. Though at first, I didn't want to use it any more, the thought of her deriving pleasure out of my toy made me hornier and I flew off the edge in that occasion too. Yes, I know it sounds weird but she did use it for the same purpose. In my experience, everyone has secrets like this that they would rather forget. These are moments of insanity driven by an extreme need to satisfy ones needs. Different people express this need in different ways, some eat their way to death, some turn into serial killers, some turn into sex maniacs and I settled for my teddy bear!

I was relishing the thought of looking down a gorgeous woman's cleavage for the second time that day and I jumped off the edge. This time, she positioned herself over me so that she was half lying on my body as she washed me. This was sending my heart on a rampage inside my chest. I had goose bumps all over my body at the sensation of her breasts rubbing against mine. The straps of my t-shirt remained off and I could feel the outlines of her bra rough on my skin. If ever there was an example for the phrase - time stood still, this was it. Her face was inches off mine and her breasts were soft against my body. I had this urge so taste those dark lips and I felt as if I was at the edge of the precipice again. Then suddenly, I felt her move away and the opportunity was gone. I cursed myself for thinking like this and when I moved my legs, I realized to my horror that I was slightly wet under the skirt I was wearing. I moved self consciously just to be certain and there could be no mistaking the sliminess I felt there. I was going red.

"Is something wrong?" asked Sharon.


"Did I make you feel uncomfortable?" she asked, concerned.

"No. Not at all. It was really good."

What was I saying? I felt foolish. She smiled at me. Why was I feeling like this? I was at a loss to explain. My heart hadn't stopped its insane beating although it was a little less loud. But I am sure she must have heard it.

"Are you ready for the massage?" she asked, dimming the lights and lighting a candle.

I nodded dumbly. She lifted my t-shirt and took it off as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Her hands brushed against my skin leaving trails of pleasure across my tender skin. She let me sit as I were and started to massage my neck using a little bit of oil that she heated up by rubbing her palms together. Her gentle eyes never left mine, making me feel so safe and comfortable. Her eyes had a hypnotic effect on mine.

I relaxed, leaning against her. My cheek rested against her bra and something on the bra irritated my skin digging into it. I started to fidget and she asked me why. I was embarrassed to tell her but eventually, I mentioned that something on her bra was making me uncomfortable. What she did next was the craziest thing I have ever seen. She just reached into her t-shirt and unhooked the bra and took it off without ever removing her t-shirt.

"There you go. Now you can relax," she said smiling at my open mouth. She waited until my jaw muscles went into action again to rectify the situation. It was a while before I regained my composure. My panties were getting wetter now. Finally, my head sank into her cleavage and I was enveloped by the softest pillow I have ever rested my head on.

I could see her nipples hard under her t-shirt in the mirror. I kept staring at them and I felt her eyes on me. I didn't care. I was already flying off the edge of the precipice again abandoning my morals for something that seemed daring. For the first time in my life, I wanted to make love to this gorgeous woman.

I felt something snapping inside me. It could have been the environment in that room and the beauty and sensuality of the woman next to me. I didn't care anymore. I wanted to go further and see what would happen next. I turned to my side and now her nipple was right against my cheek. I started to rub my cheek against it. Her hands moved with increasing intensity on my head pulling me to her, helping my cheek. I used one hand to unobtrusively pull her t-shirt down so that her nipple would get exposed. I succeeded and my body shuddered as I felt her hard bare nipple against my cheek. It was an exquisite feeling. I felt her hot breath on my face as the pace of her breathing increased.

I used my other hand to pull my skirt further up, exposing my toned thighs. I didn't really understand what I was doing. All I wanted was this gorgeous woman to admire my body. She turned my head further and the nipple edged closer and closer to my lips and after what seemed like eternity her hard nipple was against my lips. I wanted to tease her and so I kept my mouth closed. She kept grinding her nipple against my mouth and I refused to suck it. She was moaning now and pleading me to suck it.

"Oh baby, don't tease me. Suck it into your soft mouth. Oh god, you are killing me. Please suck my nipple," she pleaded.

I kept holding her off and suddenly when she least expected it, I sucked it into my mouth and she jumped. It was like sucking a rubber eraser on a pencil except for the fact that it was more pliable than rubber. I ran my tongue over it feeling its contours.

"Bite it Nisha," she whispered and there was no way in hell I was going to disobey her. I started to bite her nipple lightly, not wanting to hurt her. She abandoned the massage and moved her hand to my bra cup. Her soft hand started to squeeze it gently. I used my hand to prompt her to squeeze it harder. Her t-shirt was getting wet and pulled my head away and lifted it, exposing her chocolate colored nipple for the second time.

I licked its tip mimicking the actions I had seen in many porn movies. I flicked my tongue out at the nipple and she pulled my head closer moaning under her breath. I had no choice but so suck it all in. Her nipple slid like an eel into my mouth and she squeezed my breast hard in response to the intensity of the feeling of me sucking her. I played with her nipple and then she gently pushed me away. It must have been too much for her and then she exposed her other nipple. I went back to sucking. She jumped at the feeling and I bit her nipple harder than last time. She held onto me with her dear life. My hand slipped lower looking for her pussy. Her hand got hold of mine and guided me. Her pants had an elastic waist and I was able to slip my hand in. Her panties were soaking wet and I started rubbing her slit through her panties.

"Please baby, go inside my panties," she moaned into my ear. She helped me push the pants down a little and made it easier for me. My hand felt her hairless pussy and my finger struggled to find her clit. I managed to find her clit and started to rub her slit while my mouth sucked on her nipple. Her movements increased and I had a cramped hand that was stuck inside her panties. I pushed myself to move harder blocking out the pain wanting her to cum hard. She came in the most erotic fashion. She pulled my head off her breast and sucked my lips hard trying to wrench it off my mouth and shuddered as she experienced the most divine moment during sex. She just stood there kissing me less intensely winding down her engine. I pulled out my soggy, cramped hand and before I could reach for the box of tissues on the table, she sucked her juice off my fingers and kissed them lovingly. I looked at her and for once in my life; I was at a loss for words.

She smiled gently at me and moved her hand lower. She pushed me so that I could lie down on the chair and she increased the incline of the chair to almost 180 degrees. I was confused when she took the hair clipper but when she switched it on, I realized what she was going to do. The clipper created a slight noise as it vibrated. She lifted my skirt and placed the body of the clipper, with the protective cover on the blade still on, next to my wet panties. It sent jolts of lightening up my spine as I felt the cylindrical body of the hair clipper vibrate against my pussy. I tightened my thighs around it and tried to move it with my hand. Her hand stopped mine and then she took one of her scissors and cut my panties off to my disbelief. She stared at my hairy pussy. I was feeling shy and kinky at the same time, if it were possible. She just parted my legs and slipped the cover off the clipper. Then with the expertise that could only be displayed by a person of her profession, she shaved my pussy. She had to use a smaller clipper on the lips and within minutes, I was clean shaved. Then she proceeded to rub me dry and that was hard since I kept leaking juice.

"I guess you will need to use a different method to stop the flow," I said, smiling cheekily at her.

"You mean I might have to use something to plug the leak?" she asked matching my naughty smile.

"Maybe," I countered.

"How about this?" she asked showing me her middle finger.

I just looked at her. She pushed the finger close to my mouth and I started to suck on it, making it wet. She slipped her finger out of my following tongue and started making a trail down my body.

Her hot mouth covered mine sucking my lips and pushing her tongue into mine and I returned her kiss. It was nice for once to not feel the irritating stubble of a guy as I felt the smooth skin of this woman. Her mouth moved to my bra cup and sucked the flimsy material into her mouth along with my nipple. Her mouth managed to cover most of my bra cup. I was impatient enough to push her away for a moment as I unsnapped my front opening bra. She devoured my breast at once and my crotch arched up, looking for contact as if by instinct.

Her finger started on its journey in finding my wet opening. Her progress was agonizingly slow. Finally, it reached my crotch and spent a few more minutes relishing the smooth skin down there. I was going crazy and pulling her head to my breast as hard as I could. Her palm closed over my pussy squeezing the wet mass of tissue. Her middle finger was in line with my slit and I felt her wiggling in her middle finger into the slit. I kept pushing up my pelvis to get more mileage from her finger. Her finger curved into the slit searching for the opening. Her finger met stiff resistance as I was tight. I relaxed letting her push her finger in and finally her finger was buried in my pussy.

She kept sucking my breast while her finger started building up momentum. Her mouth left my breast and moved lower to my tummy. She turned my chair so I was exposed to her piercing gaze. Her finger slipped out of my pussy with a wet sound and I moaned in disappointment. My disappointment didn't last for long. She knelt before me and started kissing my thighs and I spread my legs giving her more room. Nothing prepared me for what I felt next when her mouth closed over my pussy, covering it. Her tongue was inquisitive to the extreme. It explored my pussy for the first time. I held on to her head as she licked my slit taking her time over every nook and cranny. She discovered pleasure points that I never thought that existed in my encounters with teddy and my ex-boyfriends.

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