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The Hairdresser


As I pulled out of my driveway I was smiling to myself. My husband, Michael, was at home with our two kids, the oldest being twenty-four months, and he had just told me to have a good time. It was a Saturday morning and I was on my way to the hairdresser. He closed his shop at noon and I had an 11:30 appointment. I was getting a haircut. My hairdresser, Joe, was getting a blow job.

I was thinking about what had led up to this point. How Michael liked to watch other men look at me. He liked to see their reactions. Michael also loves for me to tell him stories about my past sexual exploits, of which I've had a few. Actually, some of them have been with Michael but for the most part they have been from before I met him or they were, like today, little adventures he sends me on and when I come home I tell him all about them.

Today's encounter with Joe was the result of two years of by-play between the two of us. There was light but constant sexual banter between us until I came in for my first hair appointment after I was pregnant. Joe wanted to see me naked. Apparently he had never seen a pregnant woman up close and personal and he let me know he would appreciate the opportunity. I told him I would speak with Michael and let him know. I came in twice after that and, although Joe kept asking, I had never said anything to my husband.

The baby came and I never got naked for Joe. He was disappointed and he let me know it. It was all I could do to keep from laughing when he would show me the hurt puppy face and say, "All I wanted to do was see you naked."

My baby had been born in February and I had been in to see Joe a few times over the intervening months. Every time I saw him Joe would give me a big smile and then I would get my body report. He would tell me how great I was looking as I was losing my pregnancy weight. He was especially impressed by my full breasts which seemed even larger as I got back into my regular clothes. Once I heard him murmur, "God bless the titty fairy." You have to just shake your head and smile with Joe. Truth be told, his comments were making me feel pretty good about myself and the way I was snapping back from having the baby.

When I came in for a cut in September I had just found out I was once again pregnant. Joe quickly reminded me he wanted to see me naked. "Yes Joe, I know. You want to see me naked. Okay. Let me ask Michael."

I was scheduled again for the middle of October and when I came in Joe took one look at me and could barely contain himself. "Jesus, Kathy," he said, "Your tits are huge!"

"Yeah," I replied, "They're swollen, and they're hard as rock. They hurt like a son-of-a-bitch."

"Hard as a rock? Why are they hard as a rock?"

"Joe, they're full of milk and I can't breast feed because I'm pregnant again."

"Can I see them?"

"No, I never said anything to my husband."

"You gotta let me feel'em."

"No Joe. You can't feel them. There are people all around. Maybe some day -- be patient."

I laughed as I remembered Joe begging to feel my tits. My nipples got hard just thinking about it. "Well, it won't be long until he gets to see them now," I thought to myself. I briefly had self-doubts, "They're not as full as they were and my nipples have been chewed on pretty good for the past seven months. I hope he likes them."

I relaxed remembering Michael checking me out the night before and telling me I looked great and that I had great tits and nipples. I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen; Michael was very excited. He was orchestrating the encounter with me verbally as we fucked the night before. Like I said, he loves this stuff.

I pulled into town and now all I had to do was drive through to the other side, to the street where the shop was located. I started thinking about Joe. He was a bit younger than me and considered himself a player. He was constantly telling me about the women he was dating and I don't believe the whole time I've known him he has ever brought up the same one twice. He's maybe six feet tall, probably 180 pounds with dark hair and eyes. He claimed to have a big cock. "I'm thinking we're going to find out about that big boy today Joe."

He was good looking but not in a cute way. He was ruggedly handsome and was a hockey player. He looked strong, I could tell his hands and forearms were strong from watching him cut my hair. He had a flat stomach, I was wondering if he had abs, and he had a great ass. I was hoping he had good abs. It's been awhile since I've been with good abs.

I remembered setting the appointment up the previous month to be his last one for that Saturday morning. He had anywhere from six to eight other staff that would be there and they usually hung around until close, but he said he could get rid of them.

I smiled remembering the day before and his call to my work. He just wanted to make sure we were still go and was asking what I was planning on wearing. I told him I would be there and my outfit would be a surprise. He sounded like a little boy all excited about Christmas. "Joe, I need to get back to work. I will be in tomorrow and we'll play. My husband said to enjoy myself. Am I going to enjoy myself, Joe?"

He didn't know what to say. "Sure Kathy. We're going to have a great time. I have everything set up."

"Tomorrow, Lou. Bye."

As I pulled into the parking lot I thought to myself, "Well, it's tomorrow and I'm still not sure what I want to do." Michael has said he definitely wanted me to blow him because he wanted the story and he had envisioned that scenario or as he put it, "I want you to suck his dick until he explodes and then come home and give me a big cum kiss." Then he added, "If you want to fuck him go ahead, it's your call, but I'd really rather be there to watch that."

Therein was my dilemma. I wanted to fuck Joe. I wanted to fuck his young, tight body; I did not want to be another one of his conquests, a discard on the pile of Joe's dating history. I wanted this to be a unique experience for him.

As I walked into the shop I wasn't sure of the outcome, but I was ready. I was a little nervous; in sports I suppose what I was feeling is called 'butterflies.' I don't think your crotch is as tingly in sports as mine was walking into that shop however. I was as ready as I could be; I had thrown a fresh shave on the pussy and I was as smooth as the skin on a newborn's ass.

I signed in with Joan at the counter and took a seat. I tried looking at a People magazine but I was too excited and was still thinking through how I wanted this encounter to go. There were a couple of customers in the shop along with five staff. Joe was at his station finishing up with his customer. He has his chair in the back of the shop so he can see everything from the massage/waxing room, through the chairs and the nail station to the front counter. He saw me and shot a smile my way and I gave him a bit of a wave.

He finished up, his customer left and I got ready to go back. However, no Joe. He had gone off into the back of the shop, I suppose to his office, and I could no longer see him. I was the only one waiting to get my hair done, everyone else had been taken. They were all washed and in chairs and here I sat.

I saw him come out and he walked up to get me. I said, "Joseph, what to hell are you doing?"

He replied, "Look around. Everyone will be finished and gone while I'm still cutting your hair."

I looked around. He was right. You gotta love a man with a plan.

He washed my hair and then started cutting while we made small talk. There was a certain sexual tension in the air and I was wondering if anyone could sense it. The shop was slowly emptying out, every time one of the staff would leave, she would stop by Joe's chair and say goodbye. He called out to Joan and told her she could get on her way. He would close out and there was no reason for her to hang around waiting for him to finish with me.

Finally, the last one, Tammy called over that she was leaving. Tammy and I had been friends for years, she actually was the person who did my nails and I had followed her to Joe's shop when she had changed locations. She looked at me a bit quizzically and asked, "Kathy, are you going to be all right here with our boy Joseph?"

I smiled at her and laughed, "Yeah, Tams, I've got this young boy under control!"

She said goodbye, Joe started drying my hair and we were alone. It was decision-making time.

Joe shut off the dryer. My hair wasn't completely finished but he said, "I'll finish you up when we're done, that way you'll look good when you get home."

I said, "Okay," and got out of the chair.

As he came up behind me he said, "You look great. I've been waiting a long time for this!" He turned me around and gave a deep kiss. He tasted wonderful, a slight minty taste, as he pushed his crotch against my leg. He was wearing a pair of drawstring pants and from the way I could feel his dick against my leg I knew right away he was swinging free, easy and going commando. He took my hand and led me into the massage room, he turned and backed up against the massage table holding me at arm's length,

He slowly undid the buttons of my shirt, pulling the tails out of my pants and letting it fall open. I had worn one of my sexy see-through bras and my nipples were popping. He reached behind me and undid the clasp and then cupped my breasts with the bra, pushing them together and buried his face in my cleavage and then he kissed and licked his way up to my neck and to my lips. His hands slipped beneath the bra and he began alternately massaging my breasts and then twisting my nipples.

I broke away from the kiss, stepped back and grabbed the bottom of his sweater on each side and slowly slid my hands up the sides of his body bring the sweater with me. His body was so tight. I took a look down to see a rippled stomach and an erection that was pushing so firmly against his sweats that they were being slightly pulled from his lower abdomen. I smiled and thought to myself, "This is going to be fun."

With his sweater off, Joe smiled at me, reached out and removed my shirt and bra. He took my hands and pulled my arms out from my sides and slowly lifted them over my head. He was mesmerized by the way my boobs were slowly lifting and I was right with him watching his pecs. Our arms slowly went up and down together as if they were in a dance. My boobs and his pecs were acting as if they were the maestro conducting the movements of our arms. He moved into me and pressed his body into mine. It felt so good. His body was so tight and his dick was so hard. He left my hands in the air and slowly slid his hands down my arms and my sides to my breasts. He cupped each one and slowly began sucking on my nipples. First one, then the other and then back again. Each time he drew my nipple into his mouth he would circle it with his tongue and then he would suck on it, hard.

After having had my nipples chewed on by my last kid this felt wonderful. My nipples were as erect as they had been in a long time and, as long as he didn't bite the nipple off, I was good.

He took a break from working my nipples and kissed his way down over my ribs and licked my navel and lower abdomen as he squeezed my ass. Light kisses and a swirling tongue. It felt great. My pussy was soaking wet with anticipation but my mind was still controlling the situation and I had yet to decide what I really wanted to do.

Joe was strong. He wasn't just squeezing my ass, he was massaging my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and forcing the material to rub against my now sopping wet pussy. I moaned every time the material pulled tight against my clit. I think I may have been able to cum had he kept it up. It seemed as if everything was aligning in that direction.

As he went to undo my belt I said, "No," and pulled him up. Instantly I knew how I wanted this to go. Joe was a few years younger than me, a fact about which he had often kidded me and, on more than one occasion, had suggested that maybe I should teach him something. Naturally, I had agreed that I could; however, I wasn't in the business of instructing young lads without reaping the benefits.

Joe gave me a slightly puzzled look as I pushed him back against the massage table. He said, "You're not changing your mind on me are you?"

I smiled at him and said, "Let me teach you something."

"What are you going to teach me?" his voice was a bit husky now and his antennae went up – just like his erection.

I kissed him, deeply. I then started sliding down his body, dragging my tongue down the side of his neck, making little circles much as he had. I sucked and nibbled on his nipples as I felt and squeezed his chest and upper arms. I couldn't believe how tight his body was. I let my hands trail down over his abdomen and I grabbed his erection through his pants with both hands. He was fully erect and he moaned as I took hold. I let go of his dick and undid the drawstring on his pants.

I now had my hands on his hips and I was holding his pants up. I left his nipples and slowly began the trek south. I stopped at his navel and played there for a moment with my tongue and then I continued down until I reached the top of his pants. I slowly began sliding them down, licking him as each new area of skin was exposed.

I said, "I'm going," as pubic hairs began to appear, "teach you," -- I lightly licked him from just inside his hair line to his navel, up and down and back and forth – his dick was fully erect and as I was licking him it was coming up under my chin and hitting me in the neck through his sweats – "how to," – I continued to slide my hands down bring the pants with me, now about half of his dick was exposed and because of the way I was holding his pants it was pinned down. I couldn't see the top of his dick, it was still pinned by the pants but his ass was exposed so as I kneaded his ass I lightly licked the top of his shaft from where it was covered by the pants into his hair. His dick tasted slightly salty and had that male-sex smell I love so much. Up and down I licked as I kneaded his ass. His ass was so tight I was getting almost as big of thrill out of squeezing that as I was licking what I could see of his dick.

Joe was moaning and I whisked his pants the rest of the way off and his hard-on popped up, hitting me in the face and bouncing a few times. He tried to reach for my head to pull me onto him but I said. "No. I'm going to teach you how to be patient and I'm going to teach you how to let someone else do what they want and get what they want from you instead of it always being about what you want. So just lay back."

He was semi-sitting on the very edge of the table with his feet on the floor and he laid back with me on my knees between his legs. I would never tell Joe this but the view was tremendous. His dick was sticking straight up in the air, with his sac snuggled in beneath and right above his ass – everything was in the right place and the view was terrific. I laughed to myself as I thought, "Joe thinks this is for him, he has no idea I'm doing this for Michael."

I rubbed his calves and started licking him on the inside of his right knee. Making little circles with my tongue I slowly worked my way toward his crotch. I was rubbing his thighs and they were so tight. All of that skating he was doing playing hockey was really paying off for me now. As I got to the inside of his groin I was able to feel his erection throbbing against the right side of my face. I rolled my chin and neck over the top of his dick to the other side and started down his left leg, this time feeling him on left side of my face. As I had rubbed my chin and neck over his dick he had slightly moaned.

I guess now would be a good time to tell you about Joe's dick. He had often bragged to me about how he was the proud possessor of a very large cock. Well, after several minutes of observation from various angles I can tell you that Joe had a nice dick, but he fell short of the massive cock category. He was of normal length, probably around six or six and a half inches and wasn't overly thick. What he had was a nicely formed head, whoever had done his circumcision had done a nice job. He also had a nice, straight shaft. His balls and sac were tight, but I had yet to explore those. His dick kept flexing, jerking actually, and there was a drop of pre-cum that I slowly licked off with just the tip of my tongue.

I asked him, "You're not going to cum before I even get to your fine dick there are you Joe?"

"No, I'm good, but damn that feels so good."

"I know," I purred back at him.

I reached up and grabbed his dick with my fist, from maybe the mid-point to the base, and as I grabbed his dick an electric feeling shot through me, something totally unexpected. His dick was so hard. "Oh, my god," I thought to myself, "It's been so long since I've had a dick this hard, this tight. I took my other hand and I twisted the skin. Lou moaned but I really couldn't get any twist on his dick. As the saying goes, I could have hammered nails with this dick.

I slowly slipped his dick into my mouth, just the head, and ran my tongue around the edge of the head of his dick and then, using my tongue, I put pressure on his opening. He began to squirm a bit and then even more as I twirled my tongue pushing into the opening. As I was doing this I took my left hand and rubbed the inside of his thigh and with my right hand I felt his sac and rolled his balls in my fingers.

"Stroke me!"

"Joe, do want a blowjob or jerked off? You just lay back and enjoy. I'm doing what I want and I want to use my mouth."

I took his full shaft into my mouth and stayed like that for a few seconds. I could feel him in the back of my throat, but I was okay, I had sucked larger. I then sucked as hard as I could and slowly started backing off. Sucking and squeezing him with my lips and just ever so lightly letting him feel my teeth. I was pulling down as I slowly slid off the end and his dick jumped up as I released it from my mouth. I gently tried to force my tongue into his opening and he moaned and squirmed.

I felt he was getting too close too quickly; I wanted to enjoy this too. I lifted his dick up and held it against his abdomen; I then licked the length of his shaft occasionally flicking my tongue at his balls. He continued to moan and squirm but I knew he had a better chance of holding out doing this than if I stroked and sucked him with my mouth. I needed him to last until I was finished enjoying his dick.

I turned my head and started sucking his shaft as if I was playing a harmonica. I'd work down into his balls, then back up and over the top and down into his abdomen. I did this a few times and, although it feels great, it gave him a few moments to gather himself and try to prolong the whole experience.

To hold him off a bit longer I turned around and sat on the floor and raised up pulling his sac into my mouth. I was able to get up far enough to get some pressure behind his balls with my nose. I simply pushed as hard as I could with my face, rolling his balls with my tongue. I was watching his ass cheeks and they were clenched about as tight as you can clench ass cheeks. I think subconsciously Joe was trying to tell me his anus was an exit only. I thought to myself, "We're going to have to do a little exploring there in a bit." Joe was moaning pretty good as I swung back around and got back to my knees.

There was a brief respite as I shifted and I could see him relax just a bit, then I plunged my head back down onto his shaft, cupped and rolled his balls with my left hand while my right hand went to the base of his balls and I pressed into that special area on a guy between his sac and his anus with my finger. Joe's whole body went stiff; I could tell he wasn't going to last much longer and I was pretty sure I could control when he would cum.

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