tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Hairdresser Ch. 02

The Hairdresser Ch. 02


It had been a long shift at the parlor and Teri was very glad to arrive home. She had been on her feet all day and all she wanted to do was take a long hot bubble bath and relax. She felt that she had earned it.

As she went into the bathroom and run some hot water in the tub, she thought about one particular client that she had that day. The man that her friend Kate told her about, Trevor. She enjoyed trimming his hair and he seemed like a nice guy to her. She couldn't help something else; she felt an attraction to him. She had no idea how he felt though she did have her suspicions by the way he kept sneaking glances at her and the questions that he had asked her. She knew she had to be realistic and not jump to conclusions.

She undressed, removing her bra, panties and nylons. She then stepped into the hot soapy water and lay in the tub and began to relax. How good to felt just to lie there in the water and reflect on the events of the day. It was a reward that she savored and took advantage of whenever she received the chance.

Over the past month she seldom got the chance to have time to herself since Selena moved in with her. She met Selena at a help group for transgender and transvestites over a year ago and the two became fast friends. Selena was 5'8 with medium blond hair and brown eyes and a medium build. She did keep herself in good shape and enjoyed working out regularly.

They had much in common such as they both loved to be beautiful women with cocks and they were both bisexual. They do have sex with each other on occasion. They had an agreement that as long as they were both single, they would be sex friends. They had enjoyed many hot erotic nights together kissing and sucking each other's cocks. Teri loved to suck and be sucked.

One night Teri and Selena even had sex with Kate. Kate had caught Teri sucking on Selena's cock one afternoon while she paid them a surprise visit one afternoon. Instead of being revolted and running away in disgust, Kate got turned on and horny. She then took her clothes of in front of the two t-girls and started to help Teri suck Selena's cock. Selena loved the feel of the two hungry mouths licking and sucking on her. She nearly climaxed, but held back. She wanted to enjoy more fun she orgasm.

Kate then lay on the couch and spread wide. Her pussy was hot and wet. Teri and Selena then began to eat her pussy and tasting her juices. The two of them took turns kissing and licking her swollen lips. Kate came that the t-girls licked faster and shared the taste of her sweet pussy juices.

Teri then asked Kate to get into a doggy style position and Teri stuck her cock into Kate's waiting mouth. Selena went behind Kate and started to rub the tip of her hot cock on Kate's lips. Kate moaned in pleasure and she tasted Teri's cock in her mouth and the feel of Selena's hard cock sliding in her wet pussy. They rode Kate long and hard, and Kate came three more times while the t-girls fucked her mouth and pussy.

Selena could hold back no more. She thrust in Kate faster and faster and with a loud moan she withdrew from Kate's pussy and spray a long stream of hot cum all over Kate's cheeks. Teri saw this and felt her own orgasm begin. She fucked Kate's mouth and said, "I'm going to cum!"

"Yes," replied Selena. "Cum all over Kate's sweet face.

Kate agreed with the idea but sucking on Teri faster and humming long and loud as she did. This caused Teri to cum. She took her cock from Kate's hot mouth and shot her hot sticky cum all over Kate's face. Some cum even got into Kate's long brown hair, but Kate didn't mind. She got to taste Teri's hot cum and she loved it.

The three of them kissed and tasted Teri's cum from Kate's mouth and face. The three of them all agreed that they should have hot sex again and in the very near future. A promise that all three kept and followed through with great anticipation and pleasure.

Teri's mind kept turning back to Trevor. She loved the touch and feel of his hair and she wanted to do more than that to him. She wanted to lean over and kiss him and put her hand on his jeans and start to rub his crotch area. She wanted to feel his cock get hard at her touch. As she thought about this, she start to get hard and she reached down in the water and started to play with her self. She was rock hard and she started to stroke as she thought about being with Trevor. She thought about having him in her bed and kissing and holding him close. Both in a hot embraced as they touch and rub each other's cocks.

Teri jerked faster and faster as thought about the passion that would rise. She wanted to stroke Trevor and taste him. She wanted to go down on him and suck his cock and shove it deep in her throat. She would suck him for as long as he wanted her to. She would do anything to him to try and get him to suck her cock.

She moaned with pleasure as she felt her orgasm build. Thinking of the two of them having hot sex in her bed made her climax. She moaned "Oh Trevor" as her hot cum spurted out of her hard cock. She lay in the tub feeling satisfied and relieved.

She knew that masturbating and the actual act were to different things. Both are pleasurable but masturbating is doesn't have the feeling or passion as doing with a partner. After her bath she would call Kate and see if she would like to attend a small dinner party next week. She would also ask her to bring her friend Trevor along. Teri was determined to see him again.

To be continued.

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