tagLesbian SexThe Hairdresser Ch. 02

The Hairdresser Ch. 02


A short description of myself and my mom before I continue my story.

My name is Nisha and I am from Sri Lanka, a beautiful country with even more beautiful beaches and sexy women. I am 18 and most people describe me as a tom boy. This is mainly because my hair is cut short and I don't have big breasts compared to my mom. She has a gorgeous pair of 34d's that are all natural. Though I have 30b's, I have a fantastic figure with wide hips, narrow waist and a tummy most women would kill for. This is because I love sports and work out at least 3 hours a week. My legs are long and nicely muscled and well suited to my 5 foot 9 inch frame. I do get hit on by lesbians more than guys and that sometimes bothers me. My mom Anusha is 39 and most of my physical traits are from her, except the short hair and small boobs. She is a widow, since dad died when I was 14. She never remarried and I never really caught her even looking at a man after dad's death.

On my way home after my encounter with Sharon, my thoughts were like Hurricane Katerina. My ears were buzzing and I shuddered inside the bus as I remembered Sharon's probing tongue on my pussy. This got me so hot again that I wanted to rub my pussy in the bus. I dared not since there were so many people in the bus. I had to try hard to control myself until I got home. I had to really control an urge to push my hand into my panties.

Thankfully, my mom was not home when I got back. I rushed to my room and locked myself up. I was so wild that I grabbed my stuffed teddy bear and pushed him onto the bed. I didn't have time to take off my skirt or my panties. I whispered Sharon's name repeatedly as I started to rub my wet pussy against his fur. I was going crazy. The bed shook as I rubbed my pussy against teddy and I was sucking his shiny nose, moaning aloud as I continued my onslaught against the helpless stuffed teddy bear. Its fur was so soft that I stopped momentarily to take off my top and bra so that my nipples started to experience the luxurious feel of its fur. I realised that something inside me had snapped after my session with Sharon. All I could think of was her body as I kept rubbing myself against Teddy. Just when I was about to cum hard I heard the front door slam. It was as if I was struck by lightening. One moment, I was on the verge of an orgasm and the next, I was scrambling madly off the bed trying to find an excuse for being topless. My mind was blank and all I could think of at that moment was to rush into the toilet. After rushing into the toilet I suddenly realised that I had left my bra and top on the floor in my room.

I was so jittery that I couldn't bring myself to try anything in the bathroom. A lost orgasm really messed things up for me. I was wishing my mom had given me a few more minutes. I heard her come into my room and she knocked on the door of the bathroom.

"Hey Nisha, how was the haircut?" she said.

"It was fine, I am having a shower," I said, my voice shaking.

"Didn't they give you a shampoo after the haircut?" she asked.

"Yes, mom, but the bus was so crowded and it is so humid today that I sweated a lot," I said, hoping and praying she would believe me.

"OK, don't be too long. I am hungry and I'll wait for you," she said. I sighed in relief when I heard her close the door to my room.

I finished my shower as quickly as I could and dried my hair. To my amazement, my pussy was still wet. It felt squishy and no amount of drying helped. I gave up as I heard my mom call out to me. I wore a sexy pair of shorts and a tshirt without a bra. Not that I really needed a bra!

I went down to find mom seated at the kitchen table. I avoided her look as I busied myself fiddling with the plates as I dished out some rice and curry. I sat down and felt her check my hair out. She nodded approvingly.

"Looks like Sharon has done a nice job with you," she said and I felt blood rushing to my face.

My mom misunderstood my blush and said that she thought the hair style suited me. I nodded, trying not to look at her face.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, her motherly instincts kicking in.

"No mom!" I responded, a bit too sharply.

"You look a little dazed," she said. With this she got up and sat down next to me. I couldn't help but notice her big breasts. They reminded me of Sharon.

My mom doesn't worry too much about showing skin at home and I felt my eyes going to her cleavage. I kicked myself mentally and started to concentrate on my lunch. We talked about hundreds of things that Mothers and daughters talk about and finally lunch was over. I went back to my room. I wanted to give teddy another run but it was too dangerous to do that with my mom around. I waited for my massage with Sharon with so much longing that I dreamt of her almost everyday.

Finally, the day came and by the time I got to the salon, I was so eager to see her that I almost bumped into the older gorgeous lady as she was walking out of the salon. I felt her soft breasts against me as I struggled to regain my balance. She smiled at me as she ushered me into a dimly lit room with a massage table in the middle. There were a few candles and the room had a pleasant fragrance.

"Please get undressed while I get Sharon," she said as she walked out of the room, with her hips swaying gently.

I took off my dress and wore the towel that was neatly folded on a chair. Finally the door opened and Sharon walked in and my heart sank. There was another girl with her. she was dark skinned and around 5' 5". Her hips were slimmer than Sharon's but she was stacked like Sharon. Then I realized that she was wearing a padded bra that accentuated her heavy bosom. Sharon was smiling but she gave no indication of our close encounter through her body language. I presumed that it was because of the presence of the other girl. She introduced the other girl to me has Asha. Asha made me lie face down on the massage table, after loosening the towel. She then started to rub my back with massage oil that was heated up to match my body temperature. Her hands were so gentle and lingering. Then I felt another pair of hands and I lifted my head slowly to see Sharon standing right in front of me, inches away from my head. I lay my head into the doughnut shaped headrest as I felt her hands knead my shoulder muscles. The thought of her inches away from my body made me excited beyond words; my heartbeat reached a zillion beats a minute in a record number of seconds and finally settled down to a manageable level.

I felt Sharon's lower tummy rest against my head. I may have imagined it, but I distinctly felt the table losing its height. I opened my eyes and the floor seemed closer now.

My heart rate jumped again as I felt Sharon's thigh against my head. There was no mistaking that thigh. It rested gently against the top of my head as she massaged my shoulders. Asha's hands kept moving along my back finding nerves that I never thought that existed. I was feeling so relaxed until I heard Asha whisper in my ear.

"Do you mind if I climb onto your back?" she asked sending shivers up my spine. I moaned, my head nodding in agreement. I heard clothes coming off and didn't dare to look at what was going on. I felt the table creak as she climbed onto my back, her legs rested on either side of me as she let my butt take some of her weight. I felt her panties against my butt. From the feel of the material, I realized it was satin. I felt her hands start to rub my skin again. Her crotch started to rub against my butt rhythmically as she continued her massage. The thought of her pussy rubbing against my butt did wonders to the moisture level of my pussy.

"Are you wearing silk panties?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"Yes, do you feel the material?" she asked.

"Yes, I can," I replied.

"Most clients don't like lace panties as its rough against the skin," she explained.

"Some clients, don't like satin either," she said giggling.

"I think she is one of those clients," I heard Sharon answer with another giggle.

Before I could protest, Asha was off my back and the panty came off like lightning. She got back on my back and now I felt her shaved smooth pussy against my butt. I couldn't help but moan and tried to lift my butt to meet her rhythmical movements. She stopped me from moving by putting more weight on me.

"Nisha, you must relax. You are our guest here," Asha said giggling. I stopped moving.

"Sharon, I think you should get undressed too," Asha said.

"Do you want me to strip, Nisha?" Sharon asked. I could only croak, not knowing what would happen next. My mind was at the point of no return. I was not going to let anything short of an earthquake stop this little threesome. I kept my eyes shut as I heard the sound of zippers and her bra being unsnapped. I felt her warm naked thigh against my cheek as she continued her shoulder massage. Then I realized that Sharon was as wet as me. I could smell her pussy. It was unmistakable. I felt her moving towards my elbow that was jutting out of the massage table. Her legs widened as it came closer and closer to my elbow. I could see her as my face was turned towards her now. I almost jumped as my elbow disappeared into her crotch. I pushed it against her pussy as I felt its moist warmth. Asha's pussy was dripping on my butt. Both women were breathing hard. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing. Asha was kissing Sharon. The sound of two moist exploring mouths engulfed the small room.

"Oh Asha, your lips are so sexy," I heard Sharon moan, ending in more kissing sounds. These sounds contributed to the increased wetness between my legs. Asha kept rubbing her pussy gently against my butt as she kissed Sharon. Sharon's pussy rubbed against my elbow. I felt her lips separate against my elbow. My pussy was wet and I was hyperventilating.

"I think her thighs need some attention too," whispered Sharon, her mouth disengaging Asha's with a loud smack.

Asha turned so that her back was facing my head and started to knead my thighs. She parted my legs gently, making room for her hands. Her palms were so close to my pussy lips and I was willing her to move closer. It was so hard not to scream at her to touch my pussy. But the fact that I let her tease me made it even more exciting for me. Her hands kneaded the top of my thighs, moving slowly down slick with massage oil. It was so relaxing to be pampered this way except for the fact that two horny women with wet pussies had their sights on my slim little body. The edges of Asha's palm kept rubbing lightly against my pussy lips, teasing me. This made my blood pump harder than ever.

"I think you guys are ignoring your client," I complained.

"She is right, Sharon," Asha replied. She climbed off my back and they started to turn me onto my back. Sharon took a piece of cloth and blindfolded me. They also tied my hands and feet to the table. My legs were parted and I had no way of closing them. I felt Asha climbing on me again. I felt a pair of lips start to kiss my cheek, sucking the skin. They moved towards my ear, licking the inside of the ear. I got goose bumps all over. The tongue tickled my ears but I had no way of stopping her as I was immobile now. Sharon's tongue licked my face and it found my lips. Her fingers held my lips closed as she sucked on them. Asha joined in and they began to feast on my mouth. I tried to kiss them but Sharon's fingers held my lips in place. I gave up, letting the girls have their way.

"Sharon, I love her small breasts," Asha said.

"Can I suck on them, Nisha?" she asked. I nodded my head in response. I felt Asha's tongue start on its way to my breasts. She took her time. Her tongue followed my cleavage, moving to my right breast. Her tongue circled my nipple, avoiding it. I tried to push it into her mouth, but she avoided it skillfully. I pleaded her to suck my nipple.

"Oh, Sharon, please suck my nipple. Oh darling, please suck it hard!!" I moaned but this did not change her course.

Sharon, moved to the other nipple. She did the same to that nipple. I was going crazy. I started to scream their names, asking them to suck my nipples.

Suddenly when I least expected it, the two ladies sucked my nipples hard at the same time. I have never experienced such an exquisite feeling. I guess it was because my eyes were closed and that heightened my senses. The two ladies almost hurt me with the rythmic sucking of my tender nipples. I called out to the them to give my nipples a break. I felt them lift off my nipples and I heard them kiss each other.

"Kiss my nipples Sharon," said Asha. I heard her moan as Sharon responded. She sucked Asha's breasts noisily. Sharon pushed my blindfold up so that I could see them. It was so erotic to see Sharon kiss the other girl's breasts tenderly. I got a glimpse of Asha's nipples from time to time as it slipped out of Sharon's mouth. It was hard and dark. I wanted to suck them so much. Every time Sharon's mouth sucked one of them, she shuddered.

Asha pulled Sharon up by her hair so that she got a chance to suck her lips. They kissed tenderly, their tongues exploring each other like snakes in heat. Their breasts competed for space as they kissed each other. The skin bulged as each breast tried to push the other away.

I could see that they were very comfortable with each other by the way they played together. Sharon, pushed Asha roughly down to her large breasts. They shook as her body tensed when Asha bit one of her nipples. Sharon slapped Asha and I was a bit surprised to see Asha moan as if asking for more. Sharon slapped Asha again. It was not a violent slap but I heard the sound. I saw Sharon's hand move under Asha'a neck squeezing it a little bit as she sucked her breasts hungrily.

Sharon noticed my concern and she smiled at me. "Asha loves a little bit of rough play, don't you?" she asked.

Asha moaned in assent without taking her mouth off the soft mountains of softness. She moved to Sharon's other breast while she got slapped a little more.

My foot was really close to Sharon's buttocks and I pushed my toes against her crack. She looked at me and smiled mischievously. She parted her cheeks and rubbed herself against my toes. It was really erotic and I kept rubbing my toe against her anus. She turned around for a little while to wet it with her saliva and literally sat on my toe.

"Do you like to fuck me with your toe Nisha?" she asked. Before I could reply, my toe was buried deep in her pussy, while Asha sucked her breasts. I wiggled my toe as she fucked it like a cock. I wanted to suck her pussy so much. "Oh please Sharon, I want to lick your pussy once more. I wanted it so much since the last time I met you," I said to her.

She looked at me once again and started to move towards me, pulling out of Asha's clutches. She climbed on top of me and presented me with her lovely pussy. It was dripping wet as it came closer and closer to my waiting mouth. My tongue was quivering in anticipation. Her pussy stopped about an inch away from my mouth. I reached its puffy lips with my tongue, teasing the middle. I licked it gently along the length. Her wetness tasted so sweet on my tongue. I then felt Asha licking my thighs and moving towards my pussy. I moaned as I licked Sharon harder. She untied one of my hands and pushed it towards her anus. I started to tease her little hole as my tongue pushed further into her pussy. She was fucking my tongue now. My finger slipped into her ass and I felt Asha's tongue flick at my clitoris. I increased my intensity of licking against Sharon's pussy and pushed myself against Asha's face. I wished she would finger my anus and as if she read my mind, I felt her finger rub against my other opening. The finger slipped in easily.

Sharon ground her pussy against my face as she moaned my name. "Oh, gosh, Nisha fuck my pussy and ass with your tongue and finger. Oh gosh, make me come baby," she moaned. I moved faster as I felt her reaching her climax. The thought of her reaching her climax intensified my sensations and I came a few seconds after her screaming into her pussy.

We lay there for a while as I slowly came down to earth. When I opened my eyes, Sharon was standing by me with an odd looking apparatus in her hands. I realized that she was holding onto a strap on. I looked at her and she had one on and Asha was sucking it like a cock.

"Please wear this Nisha," she said. "Asha loves two cocks," she laughed as I looked incredulously at the strap on. They helped me get into it and I felt weird having a dick. Asha started to lick mine and I realized that I had a smaller cock than Sharon. Sharon lay on the floor and Asha climbed onto her cock her back to me. She called me to the front so that she could suck my strap on while Sharon fucked her. Asha looked at me and said, "Why don't you get that thing up my ass?"

I was clueless about anal sex apart from what I had seen in movies. They stopped and helped me mount Asha. She parted her cheeks for me and I pushed the slippery cock into her ass. She moaned as I pushed it slowly into her. We started to move and my strap on slipped out a couple of times before I got the hang of it. But in the end I was fucking her like a man! Asha got wilder as she got closer and closer and I thought she would never come because it kept going on and on. Finally, she screamed as her body shuddered under me. My legs were shaking from the exertion. It must be hard being guy, I presumed as I pulled out of Asha's ass and pushed the strap onto into Sharon's mouth. Then I sucked Sharon's strap on tasting Asha's pussy juice on it. We lay there on the floor for a while and I must have dozed off. When I woke up, there were two ladies looking down at me. It was Asha and Sharon and they lifted me up and took me to the bathroom. They pushed me under the shower and started to give me the best shower I have ever had. This is simply because both their mouths were focused solely on my pussy for most of the time.

Hope you enjoyed this. Write to me with your ideas for part 3. This is dedicated to one of my fans Shanna. By the way I am a guy. Enjoy!!

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