tagNonHumanThe Half Demon has Halloween...!

The Half Demon has Halloween...!


The Half Demon has Halloween...!

[NOTE: this is a side story to my previous two stories & is kid of sequel based o the events taken place between them...! they were a bit umm filled with grammatical mistakes! being a mechanical engineer keeps me away from the world of grammar & literature! hope you like this one... i have tried my best to improve the grammar!

& Happy Halloween!


It had been three months since Max had saved Victoria. As he had promised, he went to see her from time to time. He had somehow saved her from Black's teeth in the last moment. He knew that she had her mind set on revenge & that she would have left unhesitatingly to get it; only to fall in death's hand again. To avoid her from killing herself in the thirst of revenge, he had to seduce her to forget going after Black for revenge. He knew that what he was doing was kind of... improper, according to his principles. But he had to do what he had to, to save the girl.

Before going back to his time in the present day world, he had promised Victoria that he would come back in time to meet her, at least once in a week. It was simple for him to keep his promise for past three months because he didn't have many jobs to do. He had killed two serpents in the burrows in the grasslands of Ireland in the present, assassinated a chamberlain who was getting orders from an unknown demon to manipulate pope in Rome by poisoning him in the crowds with a blade, discovered the secret about silent killings in an alley in Greece and finally got to confront a Leviathan on his voyage back to England by sea; though he had his left arm almost ripped out while he tried to finish it. It was one of his most dangerous adventures. He couldn't kill it due to the Leviathan's upper hand in sea. Even if he was a demon having powers of seas & oceans, he couldn't do anything when he had high fever. His fellow crew had died, but he managed to save few passengers. Death had given him another blow & yet he managed to slip past it again. Thanks to his demon blood his arm mended itself it bit. Any normal human would have lost his arms by that kind of injury. His sword had cracked down. Funnily, that was the only thing which made him sad.

When he had went back in time after this incident, Victoria was screaming in anger at him while tending his wounds. This was something unusual for him. No one had cried for him, while tending his wounds at the same time; specially a girl.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Victoria kept on mumbling in anger, as her moist eyes remained red. "What kind of idiot you are to go after that thing? You could have died there!"

She cleaned his wound even if he had told her that he had already cleaned it. But the thing was he knew she couldn't help herself from taking care of him. He opened his mouth to reply but instantly went silent as he looked in her terrifying stare at him. He sometimes would become like a small cowering kid below her stare at such times.

"And on top of it all, you are just acting like a baby on loosing that sword!" she continued on as took the lotion & dripped cotton in it, putting it on his wound.

"But, it was my best sword for demon hunting" he piped up in small voice.

Victoria glared at him & snapped instantly, "Here comes up that demon hunting thing again. So many times I have told you, leave those stupid jobs! Your life is in constant danger because of it. Why don't you understand?"

Max looked away & replied, "But this is the only thing I am good at dear. I am a half demon too."

Victoria gave him a cold stare; under which he cowered. He looked beside at his maid for some help. But even she had the same look as Victoria in her eyes. "Aw come on! Even you appear to be on her side Emilie."

The maid straightened herself, holding the tray securely which had the vials of potions on it. She spoke in her humble but straight voice, "Yes indeed. You appear to be getting into troubles again & again Master. It is not good for you or either of us, who depend on you. You need to exercise control on what jobs you take. If you don't then I can't help you with Madame Victoria punishing you."

Max's jaw fell open, seeing his faithful maid leave his side & teaming up with Victoria. Victoria smiled victoriously beside him & snapped the bandage tight on his arm. He gasped in pain as the young lady tried to be strict with him.

"But" snapped the maid instantly, "You shouldn't be so aggressive on Master too, Madame Victoria."

Victoria obviously didn't expect this. The sudden heated & strict words of their maid also made her jaw drop, upon which Max sniggered silently. Victoria looked away & nodded.

"Well anyway" Max cleared out his throat, "It's getting late Emilie. You head out to your room." Emilie nodded before him & bowed a bit.

"Good night Master" said the maid with a humble smile & went out.

"Now then, you lady, you head out to your room" he said to Victoria. He could see that she clearly didn't like being scolded by his maid. He patted her head chuckling, "Ha-ha. What happened dear?"

He saw that she seemed to realize that he was talking to her only when he patted her head.

"What?" she asked to him.

Max repeated again, "Ha-ha. I said you head to your room, young lady."

Victoria smiled widely at him, "Um you mean 'our' room right my love?" Her hands went around his waist. Max understood that she was implying to get naughty. Max was tired from his travels over world & the time dimensions. He didn't actually have any energy left in his body to get naughty along with her in bed. He did not want to make her sad, but was tried searching for an excuse to evade the circumstances of making her sad.

He smiled a bit defensively & said, "Oh. Um I am sorry dear. But you see- this arm can't do anything to satisfy you tonight... & few more nights too."

He saw Victoria's face falling disappointed.

"It's ok" she said with a small understanding smile. Although he could clearly tell that she really wanted him badly.

"I am sorry again dear" he said to her. He got up & held her hand in his, pulling her up to her feet, and guided her to her room. He went in, made her lie down on the bed & lied along with her. He clicked his fingers. The candle-lights in the room vanished, making it dark & quiet. The atmosphere changed. It suddenly seemed so peaceful. Her hand came upon his chest. He kept his hand on hers as she snuggled into him. He pulled the white sheets over them & closed his eyes.

"Good night dear" she said to him.

"Good night" he whispered back.


Few days passed. He had started recovering back his strength & his powers had started to build up back inside him. Regaining his full powers slowly had supplemented his body in healing back soon. He could see Victoria glancing at him every time when night came near. He knew he couldn't avoid her any further.

Finally at the end of the week he pinned her against the wall in the bedroom. His hands were roaming around her butt, as his lips were being sucked by her hungrily. His groin was giving her belly some hard pushes. Her hands caressed his face as she licked his lips.

She pushed him back & started fidgeting with his

shirt, which he dutifully helped her to open. He saw her hands going behind her back to unlace her bodice. He quickly removed his pants & slid his hands under her long skirt, holding her thighs, pulling it up. He pulled her up in the air & pinned her petite body against the wall. She had barely managed to push her bodice below her breasts, with its shoulder straps hanging down lewdly, when he pushed his lips against her eager lips. His erect cock inside his underwear poked her groin. His lips slid from her lips & traveled down left to her neck sucking her smooth petite skin. Her small breasts were rubbing against his bare chest. He could feel her erect nipples scraping his chest. Her hands wet below to push his underwear down frantically.

"Q-quick" she gasped out of breath as his lips kissed her skin all over, "it's so hard. I can't wait any longer!" Somehow she managed to push his underwear a bit below to let his hard cock pop out & slap up against her pussy. "Quick! Inside me p-please!"

Max pulled her panties low enough to expose her pussy down. He could feel her desperate breathing against his face. Her pussy was hiding a bit under her dress. Holding her up in the air by his right hand on her ass, he managed to hold & guide his hard cock's head with his left hand inside her pussy, as he pinned her to the wall. He gave his hard penis a small push, which went in a bit, with an eager welcome. It was already wet! He gave another push, sending it further in. His third hard push managed to guide his cock almost fully in successfully. He felt her shudder with a small "ah..." as his thick cock went in her. Her arms went around his shoulders, grabbing him firmly, as she rested her head on his right shoulder. Her feet wet around his waist & folded around him.

Max started humping her. His cock went in & out. He could feel her body shivering. Within few minutes Victoria came out with a slow moan. He didn't stop. He increased his thrusts inside her pussy harder. He could feel it getting tighter from the moment he started humping her. With her hands numbing his neck as he thrust his cock deeper & harder, her pussy clenched more, which made his cock feel unbearable good enough to cum soon. With a final hard thrust he let out thick spurts cum inside her as she came along with him at the same moment again. It felt so good as he came in her that he felt time had slowed down.

He left his breaths out as his last drops of cum filled her. He could feel her petite body going limp in his arms slowly, as her shivering ceased. Her head was still on his shoulder & her hands had loosened her grip around him. They stayed like that, with her still pinned against the wall, for some time.

Finally Max carried her like that to the bed & fell on it softly along with her. Victoria's legs slowly loosened their grip around him too. His hands went behind her & hugged her close. Slowly he pulled out his shaft out of her. Her breathing was growing back to normal. She slowly let out a small smile & whispered, "Hah... it felt good after all this waiting."

Max grinned amusingly, "Really? But we did it just after like two weeks. Two weeks isn't that big."

"It is for me" Victoria replied quickly, with her eyes widened, as though it was a fact.

Max chuckled seeing the child like cute expression on her face, "Ha ha! You are really one impatient girl Victoria. You should really try to get some control on your lusty desires."

"Well how can I when I have someone loving me" she giggled mischievously as she kissed him, "like you?"

Max nodded funnily, "Of course. I am not that bad, am I?"

"You aren't", she replied smiling warmly as she started falling asleep. "Let us let your arm rest till the morning. We can get more mischievous when we wake up."

"Yes yes" he said, with his hand on her cheeks, as she drifted asleep.


It was past midnight. The white glow of moon was flooding in through the bedroom windows. Slow wind was blowing outside over trees. Yet compared to that peaceful nights silence there was a peaceful calm breathing beside Max. He was still awake. His head was resting on his bent hand, with elbow over the bed. He was looking beside at the little innocent girl beside him. Victoria was sleeping peacefully, with a soft smile over her cute freckled features. She looked like a cute little doll, like the ones he saw in his time. It seemed like she was having a sweet dream. Max rubbed her cheek with his right hand & smiled warmly at her. May you smile sweet every moment like that he prayed. The wind was playing tricks outside with the trees; as though making a silent melody. He pulled up the white sheets over her.

Max got up & climbed out of bed. He went & closed the bedroom door. Then he went by the balcony window & closed the curtains. But instead of closing the windows, he went outside first & then closed the window. He took out his wand & put a spell on the door. Slowly & silently he walked the front of the balcony & stood upright before the marble railings, folding his hands behind over his hips & keeping his shoulders straight.

"It is considered rude to spy on the people so foolishly. Don't you know that?" he spoke plainly to the night.

There was a soft click on top of the roof behind him. Max heard a soft voice speak in an appreciating tone, "Ha ha. You are always sharp, aren't you, my dear friend?"

"Your friend?! You must be having hallucinations" Max snapped.

"Aw... my, my" said the voice, "You don't have to be so hard on me Dark. After all, believe me or not, I am the only fried you ever had in this world."

Max stayed a bit quiet. He spoke in a low business like voice, "So what brings you here Black. Is your Master having a job for me?"

"No. Not for now at least" replied Black.

"Then why are you here? Surely you can't be here without your Masters permission."

"Yes, you are right about that" answered Black, "I was sent here to look at your health."

Max snapped again, "You are kidding. That's never possible."

Black didn't reply for a while. Max waited for his answer, which came out after a while.

"Maybe you are right" said Black, "But it isn't like he completely does not care for you. You are important to young Master because he has to protect" he paused, "or rather deal with protection of common people. So what happens to you is important matter to him. That is why I was sent to you, to check upon you."

"And?" Max asked, obviously noticing the stress on the two words.

He heard Black take out some papers behind him. There was a pause, in which, it appeared Black had paused in the action of what he was doing. There was a silence for a moment, during which only the sound of wind could be heard. Then he heard the shuffling of papers back inside. Black's voice came out again, "There was a job actually. But, that can wait."

"Tell me. I am ready to take the job. There's no problem" Max stated.

"Oh don't worry. It's not like I don't trust your skills, it's just that we don't have enough information about the task. We were wondering whether you could gather information along with doing the job. But I think I can manage digging it all out. So you rest for now."

Max replied skeptically, "Oh how considerate of you!"

But then he heard the usual sweet tone of Black whenever he liked to tease someone. "You are being too considerate too Dark" Black addressed to him, "I see that you have become quite good at taking care of the girl. She seems like doing well."

Max didn't reply. He knew that Black was toying with him.

"She seems quite convinced that you have fallen in love with her" Black started behind him again,

"Don't you think that it's not good to hide the truth from a lady? What if she sees you & me talking here? Or eavesdrop on our conversation?"

Max didn't reply again. Nor did he turn back. He kept looking ahead on the meadow he owned. But his mind was thinking on what his old mate had said. What Black had just said wasn't entirely wrong. He was right about those few things. His mind was rumbling about how to reply Black, as what he had just said didn't seem like a normal question.

Finally he spoke back in a slow voice, "Hah... you don't have to worry about that Black. I have closed the curtains & windows, & have put a spell on it. She can't hear anything going on outside that room, nor can she try to get out of bedroom without alerting me. So you don't have to worry about her listening to us & then try to get her revenge on your 'Master'. Besides your work is done here, isn't it? It's getting awfully late. You shouldn't be leaving your manor at such dangerous hour late night."

Black sniggered, "My my, that did hurt a bit. Yeah you are right. I should leave. Take care of yourself Dark."

Max turned back finally. He saw Black jumping off the roof into the darkness. But before he saw him leave, he was sure that he saw a mysterious smile on Black's face. He sighed as words escaped his mouth, "Pfft. Silly demon!"

Max went back in & removed all the spells he put on the room. He climbed back in bed & checked upon Victoria. Thankfully she was sleeping peacefully with that sweet small smile on her face. He crawled back in the sheets before falling asleep.


When Max got back up in the morning he was startled when Victoria hugged him hard, while her hand played mischievously with his cock hidden inside below the bed sheet. He was sure that she had removed his underwear already while he was asleep & was waiting eagerly for getting "mischievous" when they woke up. Max gave her small smile before complying with her demand. They spent next fifteen minutes with her climbing on top of him & having his cock cum inside her pussy again, as she kept pushing her hips up & down on his shaft.

When she fell on the bed again Max kissed her on lips & said that he will take the bath. After taking hot bath he dressed & went down to the dining room. His maid Emilie was already setting dish for him. He sat in his usual chair & wished her warmly, "Good morning Emilie! The bread & tea smells nice."

Max opened the newspaper on the table, smiling funnily, as he checked the year on top of it with amusement every time when traveled back in time. But while checking the headlines he looked up at his maid as she didn't wish him like she usually did. Her facial features were set hard & he could see a small furrowing of her eyebrows.

"Emilie?" he asked her defensively.

The maid came near to him with the tray & put the tea cup & saucer on the table before him with a little extra force. "Good morning Master!" she said to him, rather sarcastically. She continued to pour the tea in his cup & then adding cube of sugar & milk as per his likes. Max frowned nervously.

"I-is something the matter eh dear-?" he started to ask her when she suddenly snapped back at him.

"Miss Victoria is just out of her teens! And you are barely out of our injury! And yet quarter hour before, I heard loud moans of her coming down. You two were doing it, weren't you two?!"

'Crap' Max thought. He had forgotten that he removed the sound enclosing spell last night along with removing the sound proofing spell. He knew that mistake occurred because he was sleepy. He opened his mouth to say something in his defense when Emilie stormed away angrily. 'Why is she angry?' he thought further, 'I don't really understand these girls!'

Emilie's mood stayed same like that for two more days when he stayed there. Although when Max used to feel that her anger was calming down, it flared back up whenever she saw Victoria near him. Victoria constantly kept diving over him at every occasion. He tried his best to avoid letting Victoria do something "mischievous" in front of Emilie, much to her dismay. But she still managed to get over him every night. These two nights Max made sure to put sound enclosing spell on his bedroom. But he was sure that his maid kept an eye on them in early morning, believing that they liked to do it at that time.

Finally it was the day of his return back to his world. Victoria didn't seem like she wanted to be parted again. She kept on getting frustrated & her cheeks showed it every time he tried to call her. Emilie on other hand was calm as usual. After he had finished packing he asked Emilie to keep an eye on Victoria, so that she doesn't go after Black & his master for revenge, if she remembered all the past incidents in his absence. When he was walking past the door outside Victoria finally seemed to talk to him, but now she seemed sad.

"When will you return dear?" Victoria asked.

"Soon" Max replied with a warm smile. He held her cheeks & said, "Take care of yourself Victoria."

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