The Half Demon has Halloween...!


"Why should I answer you?" she said, "You are just another pathetic little boy! Now that you are starting to annoy me with those questions, I don't think I can have fun any further. So then..."

She picked up a pair of scissors, from a tray of the bedside table, in both her hands. She raised them high & said, "Let's finish your story here!" And she plunged both the scissors right into his stomach. Blood spattered over her uniform. Max's eyes widened; she was looking at him coldly with no trace of smile on her face. She pulled out the scissor, got up from above him & climbed down the bed. Max slowly closed his eyes feeling the pain left in his stomach where the scissors had been stabbed & pulled out mercilessly. Blood was gushing out of it.

She turned in front of him & muttered in a sadistic happy voice as she started to walk away, "Be happy... I didn't kill you a ruthlessly as I had killed them. I gave them a harsh hand job four to five times before they would get tired & exhausted from pain. And after that I would kill them, butchering every part of their body. I didn't kill you like them, because you were the first to let me have some true fun. And because-" she paused, as she reached the door & was about to leave the room, before she continued "you asked the right questions, knowing the answer &... about me. Well then, die there in peace slowly." She laughed hysterically as Max saw her turning at the door towards the corridor.


There was a loud noise of metal being ripped apart. The nurse snapped her head back swiftly & here eyes widened with a mixture of fear & surprise, much to his please, as Max grabbed her right shoulder. He whispered coldly with a smile on a face to her, "Now then let me ask you more questions then."

He pulled her back in the room by her shoulder & threw her flying in the air on to the bed. She fell softly on it. She got up & backed to the bed's broken top side frame behind the pillows. He shut the door behind him &, in a falsely sweet voice, said, "Let us not make any noise outside. We don't want the staff & other people come rushing in here, do we?"

"B-but I just stabbed you! How are you still standing? W-who are you? Or rather what-?" she barely asked him, when her eyes widened again; Max was standing right in front of her front her, in a blink of an eye, with his right index finger over her lips; indicating her to keep quiet.

"I am Max. A human & a demon" Max whispered to her. He removed his finger off her lips & said, "And don't worry about my wounds, I have covered them already; & as I am half demon, they would heal; back on their own slowly. And now that I have answered your questions, it's your turn to answer mine. I will add some more to later. But first... how are you able to touch other people?" He sat on the stool beside the bed looking at her calmly with a smile.

"And why do you think I will answer your questions?" she snapped back angrily & launched at him with the pair of scissors still in her hands, roaring loudly, "You should die you vermin!"

Max grabbed her hands quickly & effortlessly. He pressed them a bit hard which made her drop the scissors. As she dropped the scissors Max loosened his grip on her hands & said, "My my thank goodness that I had put the noise sealing spell over this room. Anyway, I don't think that you are going to answer me this way. Let's make you spill out using my way!"

She was looking puzzled at him in fear. Max turned her around & hugged her. He could feel her shiver as he did that. His left hand held her left hand, his fingers entwining with hers. Whereas his right hand slipped over her breasts & held her throat softly. He kissed her left ear & whispered seductively softly in them, "Wouldn't it be good to forget everything even if it's just for tonight?" He pressed her against him & continued,

"Indulge in pleasure. Breathe the sweet poison deep into your lungs."

He felt her body shudder; this was the sign he was waiting for. He knew now that she was defeated. His right hand roamed over the front of her body, while his left hand still held her left hand; her fingers responded by entwining with his fingers too. He kissed her left side of nape. Her hips pressed against his cock. His right hand held her left boob & pressed them gently. They were so soft & firm even if they weren't big. She moaned as he kissed her. Max unbuttoned the two big buttons, in front of her uniform, on her shoulder & one below it. He pulled her shirt off, in which she helped him dutifully. Then he unhooked her skirt stripped it off her for her. He pulled off his scanty patient's clothes & got into bed along with her. He pressed his naked body to hers from behind; his erect cock poking in her soft ass. His hands went inside her bra & fondled her boobs. He kissed her shoulder. He saw her hand go down, inside her panties, & rub her pussy. He smiled & sent his left hand inside her panties helping her to rub herself too. She moaned higher.

"Now then... tell me when did this happen?" Max asked her as his finger did the magic below to her pussy.

"T-two months ago" she replied with a moan.

His index finger went up & down rubbing her pussy. Her head arched back & kissed & licked him on the cheeks. He felt her soft lips quite comforted because of him. He pulled off her bra & let her boobs pop out of them. He started to rub her nipples when he asked her his next question, "Can you tell me who did this?"

He pressed her nipples & then pinched them. He pushed her down & led down over her; his fingers still working on her pussy & nipples. His erect shaft lay in between the fold of her ass. He rubbed it up & down. It was beginning to feel a bit numb for being worked twice before without rest, but the softness of her body demanded more which is cock was happy to provide. He rubbed his cock up & down.

"It was a boy... & a friend of his who came to watch him" she murmured. There was a distinct crack; the glass of the window cracked. Max knew this was the sign of ghosts getting angry. And getting a ghost angry on All Hallows' Eve wasn't a good idea. "It was here that he... & his friend ra-... did that to me. They killed me here... & scattered my limbs on this floor. And you know... they didn't get any severe punishment because they were underage. On top of it all his billionaire father removed them out of the prison claiming in the court that they needed mental assistance & that it was me- the nurse who seduced him in the first place. All this blames on me even after my death? No justice for me?"

"That explains your ability to touch things" Max said thoughtfully, "You are stronger here. And you want revenge." He turned her around & looked at her. "I'm sorry" he said. Her eyes started to fill up with tears.

Max cupped her face in his both hands. Slowly he moved his lips & kissed her passionately. It was a soft & gentle kiss. He could see her eyes widening in surprise & closing again lost in his kiss. He didn't move his tongue in between her lips to avoid scaring her from the same scars she received before her death. He waited for her to respond.

At first he sensed hesitation in her, but slowly she started to move her lips against his lips. He could feel her tongue slowly poking his lips. He smiled & responded to her tongue with his tongue. As their kiss started getting wet, Max felt wetness coming back in between her thighs again as his thighs rubbed along with hers. He then started cupping hers breasts with his mouth, sucking the hard nipples. She squirmed in his safe embrace as he rubbed his bare right thigh in between her thighs on her pussy.

"Ah" she let out a moan as he teased her slowly. He licked her nipples & then went straight down. He held her long slender legs covered with white stockings & spread them slowly. He looked up at her & asked, "May I...?"

"I-it's already been yours" she said embarrassed, "So why hesitate now?"

Max smiled at her blushed face. He bent down & kissed her right above her pussy. Her legs wrapped around his neck almost instantly when he kissed her there. Max looked up; her eyes were closed shut unable to bear the pleasure of his wet lips on her sensitive spots. He smiled & dived into kissing her pussy again. There was no smell as she wasn't alive, but it still was wet to him because of his ability to touch ghosts. He kissed her pussy further, licking it occasionally with the tip of his tongue. He then opened he legs around him & spread them a bit, as he got over her.

He held his erect shaft & placed its dark pink head on in between the folds of her pussy. Slowly he gave his cock a push; it went in the slippery walls easily. He pulled his cock again, must to her annoyance. Her hands went around his back on his hips & pulled him in her again. His groin almost hit her wet pussy as his cock went in quickly.

"You are impatient one" he said looking down at her.

"Well it's your fault for being so good. Now take your responsibility" she snapped blushed.

"Sure" he whispered, as he bent down & kissed her on lips again as he started thrusting his cock inside her. He held her by her hips as he humped her fast. Their half-closed eyes remained locked to each other. Max felt her legs locking around him again, but around his waist this time. This restricted his thrusting movement, yet it proved to keep him away from cumming early. He made his movements slow & pulled the cock almost out & then hit it back to its hilt again. This drove the nurse nuts. She moaned loudly along with his each powerful thrust. He grabbed her breasts & groped them gently as his cock pounded her slowly.

Max felt her coming close to orgasm. He pushed himself on his hands separating their lips. Her smooth back arched in a nice angle. Max breathlessly asked her, "W-what's your name?"

"Does it- ah- matters? Now when it's- umm- going to be finished?" she asked, moaning in between at his each hit.

"Yes! To me it does" Max replied, continuing his thrusting.

"D-Daisy! Umm... fast... inside me!" she moaned at him.

Max pulled back & started thrusting his cock faster than before. He went on increasing his speed as her pussy started to get tighter with each thrust. With a low moan escaping his mouth, Max came out inside her tight pussy which shuddered with a long orgasm. She hugged him hard as he came in torrents inside her. He pushed his cock deeper as if hoping that the cumming would slow down if his cock's head hit her vaginal wall.

After fifteen minutes Daisy was lying still in his arms; her gasping slowing down as time passed, hers eyes closed from getting tired & her face hidden in between his chest. Max didn't pull out letting her feel safer in his arms. He just kept rubbing the back of her head.

"Do you know where they live?" Max asked her.

"Why" Daisy replied, "Why are you asking? I do not want to talk about this more."

Max kissed her forehead & kept rubbing her back. He didn't say anything further. He just waited. She spoke in a clear low voice to him again, "You made this night worthwhile Max. Thank you!"

Max looked in her eyes & smiled, "Its Halloween dear; every ghost's special day. But to me it was made special by a ghost. Who is at least five years older than me." He chuckled.

She smiled wide. "I want to pass to the 'other world' Max. But I can't. Some of my body parts are still hidden here or maybe there was some unfulfilled wish of mine. Will you grant my wish Max? I want to pass over" she asked him in a helpless voice.

Max nodded slowly. After a brief painful pause he smiled & nodded.

"Your wish will be granted!" he said to her.


It was 9:00pm in the next day. Max was out standing in on the street outside an electronics store. The big televisions kept behind the glass displayed the BBC news bulletin of the day. The eighth floor of the Jennings Hospital was shown burning in a video, under the headline as 'Cursed Eighth Floor'; which sounded a bit harsh for Max. The reporter read the news nonchalantly as if this was nothing & happened in everyday life.

It was Max who burned it near 5:00am in the morning after making sure that there wasn't anybody on the floor. The fire burned every nook & corner of the floor releasing Daisy from her earthly bounds. Yet he knew she wasn't in peace or rather it was his mind which was not at peace. He remembered the softness of her body & how she felt safe with him, letting him do anything with her. At that time he didn't remember anything about the world. He had forgotten that there was a girl waiting for him in another time dimension. Somehow he felt that he had cheated over Victoria, even if he didn't really love her. If he didn't love that innocent girl then why was he laying with her? All these guilty feelings were boiling in his heart since the morning when Daisy's soul passed smiling at him.

A pair of boys & a girl passed behind him in the dark alleyway behind the building where the store was. Max turned & followed them. They were all dressed in Halloween's special dressed. The boys were dressed in wolf-like costume, whereas the girl was wearing a white shirt & a torn long skirt with black stockings underneath; probably dressed as a modern vampire. They were walking along with each other when the boys stopped. One of them grabbed the girl, while other started ripping the girl's clothes off her. The girl screamed for help, but the busy streets of London & a loud Halloween party going on the some floor above, in the building, drowned her voice to the outer world.

The boys started laughing hysterically at her helplessness. They threw her down & pinned her. As they started to tear her skirt apart Max stepped in.

The boys looked at him in confusion & alarm, as he had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Max didn't smile as he would have normally when someone got surprised at his speed & stealthy nature of his running.

"Leave the girl" Max ordered them coldly. The boys didn't seem to listen. He started walking slowly towards them, the echoing of his feet being suppressed in the alleyway only. One of them removed a knife from his pockets & ran at him. Max ducked & punched a hole right through the boy's stomach. No voice came out of that boy's mouth except his last painful breaths.

"One down" Max declared coldly. The boy still holding the girl let her go. Max walked to the girl & put his black coat over the girl's torn shirt. He didn't look at her but said, "There's money in the left pocket. Take a cab & go back home."

The girl ran away, apparently scared of him, but as she turned the corner of the alleyway he definitely heard a faint "Thank you".

Max took the pocket from his trousers pocket, which had taken out earlier before he took off his coat, & checked the time. "9:10pm boy. The exact time you attacked that poor nurse two week ago. You know, you & your father have a same knack of attacking innocent girls. I am going to him once I am done here with you."

The boy standing before him looked frightened out of his wits. He was shaking all over. Max smiled for the first time, coldly though, as he rolled back his white sleeves. "You must be wondering who I am & how I know all of this. It's Halloween, isn't it? Demons, monsters, ghosts... all are coming to this world tonight. And I am just a simple demon who came to this world for people like you. Aw you looked scared. Don't worry" Max said to him, "Relax! I'm not going to kill you now."

Max pulled out his gloves & looked at him with disgust, saying coldly with anger, "But I will rip you apart after I am done playing with you!"


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