tagErotic HorrorThe Halloween Guests

The Halloween Guests


Pete's a good natured guy. He understands having a little fun, hanging out and just being yourself. And he loves kids. He loves reading to them and helping them with their school work and building stuff. He used to do all that with his kids until Maddy, his wife, divorced his ass and took the kids.

Still he likes to be a fun guy so when Halloween rolls around he puts out some fake tombstones, hangs a few skeletons and plays creepy music from his porch speakers. Since he lives on a farm and the nearest neighbor is two thousand yards away and most parents take their kids into town for Trunk or Treat for safety he doesn't expect many visitors. He doesn't mind though because the lights and sound keep the teenagers from coming round to egg the house or some other nuisance.

A big bowl of candy sits within easy reach as he watches his horror film of choice. This year he is doing the double feature of An American Werewolf in London (the original) followed by Lon Chaney, Jr. in Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. He'll eat most of the candy on his own.

Not ten minutes into the first movie the doorbell rings. At forty-seven Pete has seen a few kids come by so he doesn't think anything's unusual about getting visitors. It's just during the last five or so years there's been fewer and fewer. They do come early though so they should all be done by time his movie gets to the first attack scene. If he even gets another visitor.

At the door two small imps stare up at him from the porch. They chorus, "Trick or Treat!"

"Ooh, I'm scared," Pete shakes his rugged suntanned body for effect because he knows the kids like that. The two hold open grubby bags waiting for the goodies. Pete thinks the costumes are getting better every year. He can hardly tell that they're wearing masks and their parents must have set them up with some electronic voice modulator to get that weird tunnel effect. Odd, usually the parents are right at the edge of his yard but he doesn't see them anywhere.

Two chocolate bars into the bags and back to the film. Pete stops closing the door when instead of a thank you they say, "Stay in side for the rest of the night," in unison.

Pete looks at them quizzically as they leave without another word. They sure are fast he thinks as they vanish when they get to the end of his walk. Not a bad idea though he thinks to himself. He walks back in and then returns with a stool and the bowl of candy and a sign. With a marker he writes, Take One-Happy Halloween, on the front. Not a bad idea after all he thinks as he grabs a piece of candy and heads back to his movie.

Ten minutes later the doo bell rings. Pete ignores it figuring that they did it from habit and once they read the sign they'll take all the goodies and go. The doorbell rings again. Ok, he thinks, the kids really want to say I told you so. The sun had dipped past the horizon a few minutes ago so he turned on the light as he makes his way to the door.

The bell rings for a third time. "Beware for whom the bell tolls," he jokes to himself.

Pete pops the door open suddenly bent over making the goofiest face right at child height. "What the hell, give'em a little thrill," he thinks. And he finds himself staring right at the navel of a woman. Pete jumps up taking in the whole picture. The woman, girl, couldn't be more than twenty with dingy blond hair, pale blue eyes and a What-the-fuck sneer. "I beg your pardon," he stammers.

"Whatever." Taking in the whole picture he sees that she is dressed, if you could call it that, in red and white stripped knee-high socks, Daisy Dukes and a plaid shirt tied below her breasts open all the way. His cock stirs in his pants as his eyes linger a little longer on her cleavage than is strictly polite.

Behind her with one foot on the porch stands a guy not much older than her. At first Pete didn't notice him until he spoke. "Can we come in and use the phone?" The boy's hair is artificially black, mussed and greasy looking. He has a James Dean look; leather jacket over white tee, jeans and boots. Pete doesn't like him instantly.

Normally Pete is the model of hospitality, but on Halloween he knows there are crazies out so he is a little more cautious. "What's the trouble," he asks as he sizes up the two looking for danger, not seeing it to his misfortune.

"We're headed to a party and my car broke down over there," he waves generally off to the left.

"Yeah, sure, use mine," and he hands his cell to the kid without crossing the threshold. The girl licks her lips.

They stand looking at each other while her boyfriend makes the call. Pete couldn't help but be uncomfortable as the girl undisguisedly checked him out. It's like being licked as her eyes travel up his powerful arms, across his broad muscular chest before lingering on his crotch.

Likewise he checked her out from the candy red painted lips to the china white skin over her flat stomach and the nearly bony hips. He saw now that her breasts had only at first appeared large due to her thinness. In truth they were firm round globes, youthful and bouncy. "Ya live here alone?"

"I have a family," he stammers. Looking at her feels like falling in a dream and her eyes makes his balance disappear. He puts a hand on the door frame to steady himself. "I farm,' he says for no reason.

"A farmer? So, you till the earth. I bet you do a lot of plowing," she purrs.

Her voice is like sweet molasses with bourbon. When she looks back to his crotch he realizes that his dick is fully erect and making a tent of his jeans.

Just then the boy comes back and hands him back the phone, "All set." Seeing what's happening he goes on, "We got twenty minutes, for a hundred dollars you can get your nuts off in her, any hole."

Pete staggers like he's been hit. "What did you say?"

Enunciating every word, "You can fuck her for a hundred bucks," mocks the kid.

"You mean...," Pete stammers.

"That's right, Dude, she's my ho...," he begins.

"And he's my pimp," she concludes.

They all stare at each other. Suddenly, "Naw, man, this is just our costumes for the party. Had you going, didn't I," he laughs good naturedly. "Cynth, I believe he was thinking about it. How'd you like to do the old guy?"

"He's good looking with lots of muscles. I bet he's got a big cock," observes Cynthia. She nonchalantly reaches out and rubs the front of Pete's jeans. "HMMm, yes, I'd do him."

"Too bad we gotta go. Catch you later," the kid smiles as they turn to go. Almost Pete calls them back, but he sees them both hesitate as the thought crosses his mind and then he closes the door. The two were just playing with him he figures as he heads back to his movie.

Half an hour later Pete has the light out and his jeans open as he pumps his eight and a half inch dick; the movie forgotten. He's visualizing splitting Cynth's beaver while she rubs those pretty titties in his face. A crash on the porch and frantic banging on the door nearly cause him to jump out of his skin. He scrambles to tuck his aching cock back into his pants as he stumbles and falls on his way to the door.

A woman's cries for help echo in the dark. Pete snatches up his pistol from the hall table as he reaches for the door. He snatches the door open. Three things happen at once; Pete's pants fall to the floor around his ankles, a woman falls against his legs and his cock sticking out of his briefs slaps her in the face. Pete stares down at the raven-tressed woman at his feet holding a pistol in one hand and the door knob in the other.

She looks up to him past the dark red knob of his crown pleadingly. "Pete, help me. He's trying to kill me," she begs.

It is the face of his beautiful ex-wife Maddy he looks down at. She looks just the way he always thinks of her even down to the same clothes she was wearing in the picture on his phone. Only now those clothes are torn. The white blouse is soiled and rent down the front revealing her shear bra clad breast. The large dark areola is clearly visible through the material.

Pete recovers his wits and lifts her from the floor. With a last look around he closes the door. Was that the Imps standing at the end of his walk? Looking again he sees nothing so he finishes closing the door.

"I'm sorry about this," indicating his exposed cock and state of undress. "Let me cover up and you can tell me what happened. Who's trying to kill you?"

"Don't worry about that. I'm safe here with you. And don't bother; I've seen all of you before." Maddy still looks as young and pretty as the day they got engaged. Eyes as green as winter rye, fine delicate features and a body a super model would kill for. Her 38D's still show no signs of sagging. "Just hold me, please."

Gently he wipes away her tears with his thumb before enfolding her in his strong arms. Maddy melts into his embrace as her hand falls to his lap and his uncovered cock. Pete starts at the contact and flushes involuntarily.

Maddy asks, "Were you jacking off before I got here?" Pete mumbles as his flush deepens. "It doesn't look like you finished. Let me help, it's the least I can do," she offers as she wraps her delicate fingers around his growing eight inches. Dumbstruck, Pete watches as his ex-wife slowly strokes his dick.

They sit in silence both focused on his lap. He reaches full erection quickly as she teases his circumcised crown. She wraps her fingers around the base of his thick shaft, "I know something that will feel a lot better," and she puts her head in his lap swallowing nearly half his length at once in her warm wet mouth. Pete throws his head back and sighs.

Slurping sounds from the couch drown out Lon Chaney stalking the London streets.

The adrenalin, the previous masturbation, Maddy's tongue all conspire to bring Peter to a quick and sudden ejaculation. He barely warns her in time; fighting the urge to hold her head on his cock. It doesn't matter. She hungrily sucks down every drop.

"That seemed a little soon and I'm really randy now," she says while licking her lips clean, still stroking his semi-erect cock. "Would you like to fool around some more? I've missed you so much."

Pete can't believe this is happening. It's just like he dreamed it would be. Pete sweeps her into his arms and carries her upstairs to their former bedroom. There he strips the tattered remains of her blouse, the see through bra and her jeans from her body. Standing with an arm crossed under her heavy breasts in only her panties she looks just like she did the day they first made love he thinks.

His own shirt joins the pile of her things seconds later and he lifts her tenderly into their bed. HE finds her mound with one hand while kissing his way down her neck to her round globes. The nipples on each jut upward waiting for his lips. He closes his mouth around one and Maddy groans in expectant pleasure thrusting her chest into his face.

Between her legs his hand has slipped under the waistband and is massaging her Venus mons and gently rubbing her hardening clit. She moans harder rolling her hips into his hand trying to get more pressure on her button.

Like two college kids, his strong mature body her nubile young flesh, wrestle together in their urgency to feed each other's needs. Pete needs this. Needs her. Only with Maddy had he ever known sexual satisfaction on any kind of emotional level. He knows every curve, crease and fold of her body and he puts all of that knowledge to work.

The panties come off as he kisses his way down her smooth stomach. He always liked the way she was old school with a lightly trimmed bush covering her mound. He rubs his nose in her pubes enjoying the tickle. Then he is between her legs. He kisses and tongues his way down and back up her slit. In response her folds swell and separate with pussy juice starting to soak the inner areas in preparation for him.

He plunges his tongue into the waiting orifice. Maddy yelps and bucks grabbing his head and holding him to her sex. He avoids her clit at first then bumps it with his nose. Little flicks of the tongue there and gone follow. Juice flows freely coating him, her thighs and soaking the sheet before he finally attacks her clit biting savagely at it.

"OH MY FUCKING YEAH!!!," she growls. Her hips buck upward as she forces his head harder against her pussy clamping her legs around his head as her first orgasm rolls through her body.

When it's over Pete climbs on top of Maddy. She spreads her legs wide for him. They lay like that for a moment staring into each other's eyes. Her nipples press into his strong chest; his purple headed cock rests at her entrance. "Come on Honey," Maddy purrs, "we both need this right now. Don't think, just fuck me."

She's right. He does need this. Just like in his every dream he slides into her waiting pussy. She feels so hot it's almost uncomfortable. His meat stretches her labia into thin rings around his shaft. I turn her pussy grips his cock drawing him deeper into her body. She wraps her legs around his waist and they fall into a steady rhythm. She feels as tight as the first time they fucked.

They kiss, their mouths devouring each other. One of his hands finds her breast and kneads it brutally. Pinching her nipples makes her squeal and hug him tighter. He alternates long slow strokes with fast hard ones and then changes it up to short and quick. Throughout she responds with cries of joy and shrieks of passion.

"OH DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! Come on fuck me harder. I need you to fuck me harder. Givemethatbigfuckingcockrightfuckingthere," she screams as she cums explosively bucking up to meet his thrusts!

Showing uncommon strength, Maddy rolls them both over so that she is on top without breaking the connection they share through her cunt. From above she takes control of their lovemaking riding his dick cowgirl style. "That was great," she pants. "Fuck, you're deep in me. I love how far inside you get when I ride you."

No longer having to support his weight with one hand, Pete begins mauling her tits for real. He twists, pinches and pulls at her nipples which just makes her ride him harder. He pulls her closer so that he can suck a nipple into his mouth. He bites down hard on the rubbery nub making her cum again.

Soon he has to free her breasts as he feels his second climax rushing up from his balls. He grabs her hips to take control of their motion. On top Maddy is in a trance as orgasm after orgasm explodes in her quivering pussy.

"Here I come, baby," Pete yells. His spunk rockets up his dick and floods Maddy's deepest recesses.

The cum filling her cunt triggers another climax from her, "OH Fuck YESSSS, Cum in my pussy, baby."

Maddy feels as good to him as the first time. The foul sex talk is new. Pete files the thought away as she collapses in a heap on his chest. She feels warm against his skin and heavier than he would have thought looking at her. He files this away too, and they drift to sleep together with his dick softening inside her.

Slowly the sound of music draws Pete back awake. The holiday lights cast an orange glow through the window blinds. A yellow glow spills through the open door from the hall lights. Heavy on his chest is his Maddy. He absently strokes her golden hair.

He freezes. Maddy has black hair. Slowly he tightens his fist into her hair before using it to lift her head to see her face. The doll-like complexion and pale blue eyes of the twenty-something from earlier gaze back at him. Pete tries to push her off of his chest, but she seems much too heavy and he fails on his first try.

"Now don't go all bashful on me, Baby. It's not every guy that can make me forget to hold my form," Cynth purrs. She holds his right wrist to the mattress with one hand and swirls her finger in his chest hair with the other. "Will this make you more comfortable," she asks as the color of her hair begins to change from wheat to coal starting at the tips?

Transfixed Pete stops struggling as she resumes the form of his estranged wife. "What are you," he whispers?

"She's a succubus. Not a very good one I might add," a young male voice from the doorway offers.

Pete jerks his eyes away from the face of the woman he loves but isn't to see the new comer. As he suspected it is her partner. "What do you two want? What's this about?" The ease with which Cynth holds him down triggers a burst of fear which in turn sparks an erectile response between his legs. He starts getting hard again.

"Oooh, he's getting excited, Billy," Cynth says to her boyfriend.

"You tend to have that effect on men, Cynth," he laughs snidely. "As I said, she is a succubus. A demon in the form of your most lustful fantasy that seduces you then feeds on your soul." He pauses for that to sink in. Added to Pete's inability to lift her it does. "Don't worry, she isn't going to take all your soul; just part. You see we are hosting a party. Or more precisely, you are hosting a party."

As Billy speaks Cynth lowers her head and nuzzles at Pete's neck. Her hips start rolling coaxing Pete's dick to its full length. Pete's captivated by the strangeness of it all and unresistingly responds to her encouragements. Slowly they begin fucking as Billy watches.

Billy just smirks, "I'm glad you are getting into the spirit of the evening, Pete." He moves to the bed and sits on the edge. Absently he reaches a hand to Cynth's breast and gives it a little tweak. "As I was saying," he continues, "she's only taking part of your soul. Some of our friends want to get a taste too. We have a couple of vampires who will be up in a little while to take a bite."

He shows his teeth in an evil grin. "They might fuck you, but you won't really be in a position to resist. Then the ghouls will want to take a bite, you probably won't enjoy that much. The werewolf might hump your leg or just spray the place or whatever werewolves do, I don't know. There are some spirits interested in haunting this house and a poltergeist that has already taken up residence in your attic. Finally, around dawn the zombies will eat your brains. That's the part you aren't going to enjoy very much."

Everything Billy said sounded impossible and frightening. He knows he should at least kick them out of his house or call the cops or something, but it's become very difficult to think clearly. And Maddy is riding his cock just like in his dreams and it feels so good to be inside her. If he could just focus on what's important.

Billy watches for a moment then stands to leave. "Remember to leave some for the rest of the guests, Cynth."

"Hey Billy," Cynth calls, "before you go would you fuck my ass while I ride him. You got the best horn in perdition and I could really go for a DP. Pete won't mind, will you Pete," she says this last to her victim.

"No, no Honey, sure let him screw your ass; whatever gets you off," Pete agrees. He never knew Maddy liked threesomes. Guess it's a good thing Billy is here to lend a dick.

Out of the corner of his eye, Pete sees Billy drops his jeans and pushes his boxers to the floor. He runs his hand up and down slowly stroking it. The kid's cock seems unnaturally long and thick. Pete can't really tell from the angle and the bad light and the breast pressed to his mouth. He worries that Maddy might be hurt by such a monster.

Billy climbs on the bed, "You're a bad girl; you know I can't resist a little piece of ass. Sorry, I haven't any lube. You'll just have to take it raw," he says as he lines his dick up with her ass.

Cynth pauses in her ride to let Billy mount her. She uses one hand to spread a cheek and he presses his head against her hole. He pushes hard until he pops into her. She sags under his weight.

"Yeah, that's it. Come on fuck my ass."

Billy pushes deep into his girlfriend. Pete, underneath, starts thrusting upwards to keep pace with the more powerful anal strokes. Cynth begins howling and groaning as she feels her ass and pussy filled and stretched.

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