tagIncest/TabooThe Halloween Haunted House Ch. 02

The Halloween Haunted House Ch. 02


I would like to thank ChasP for editing this story for me.

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


Justin opened his eyes as he awoke. Getting his bearings he felt the sweat soaked sheets that lay under him from fucking his mother the entire night. As he glanced over to his left he could see his mother. Her face was turned away from him as she slept on her side. Turning toward her, he gazed at her wonderful ass.

Justin could feel his loins churning again. Her round ass was igniting his sexual desires. He reached his hand down and grasped her firm bum. Justin could hear her softly moan in her sleep as his hand began to caress her fleshy skin in his palm. Dipping his fingers lower, Justin eased them between her crack. His finger found her asshole and spiraled around and around. Her ass began to contract as he toyed with it. His mother stirred and her hand reached back and grasped his, pulling him away.

"Justin. That's enough back there. That area is off limits, Mr."

"Okay, Mom." Justin replied, but his cock raged and his lust for her had overwhelmed his body. He needed to feel his stiff dick inside her again. He needed to hear her begging for more.

Justin moved his body closer to hers. His throbbing pole connected with her ass as his hand reached around her body. He rubbed his hand all over her front, from her breasts down to her stomach.

"Justin. You're hard again? My god, boy, doesn't that thing sleep?" Trish chuckled.

"It did until it found out how much it likes being inside you, mom." Justin replied as his running hand strolled lower until it found her mound.

"Oh...Honey... Please, baby, it's too early. Let your poor mother sleep."

Justin ignored her plea as his hand tickled her pussy lips. He could feel her wetness build as his fingers parted her folds and latched onto her clit. His cock slid up and down her ass as her body rocked back against him.

Faster and faster Justin rubbed. Trish's wetness grew and her legs parted more and more as her body responded to her son's sexual touch.

Justin's cock pushed more firmly into her ass and slid between her cheeks as her breathing grew faster and louder. His fingers moved harder and faster on her stiff little nub. His mother was now bucking back against him as his hand assaulted her soaked pussy. He could feel her trying to adjust his cock with her ass so it would slip down to her waiting cunt. But he wanted something else. As Trish pushed back, his dick would connect with her little asshole, catching ever so quickly then pulling away. He felt her excitement grow by the minute as he eased his fingers down to her pussy and slipped two of them deeply inside her hot cunt.

"Oh... Justin.." his mother pleaded as she pushed herself harder back against him. His stiff cock connected more often now with her little brown hole. Justin increased his finger fucking and slipped a third digit into her. Moving his fingers at the same pace he pushed, he developed a rhythm that his mother's body fell into. With every push, his dick now touched her asshole. Justin worked his fingers faster and faster in and out of his mother, deeper and harder. Her breath raced and her moans increased. Her ass pushed back harder and harder. And just when he felt her ready to cum, with one hard push...

"Ohhh..... Fuckkk.." Justin groaned as his hard cock parted his mother's virgin ass and forced its way inside.

"Oh... No!!! Oh.. Justin.. Take it out.. Oh.. Fuck.. You're tearing me apart!" Trish screamed, as her son's dick went farther into her tight little ass.

Justin grabbed hold of her hips as he rammed deeper and deeper into her forbidden zone. Trish wailed and squirmed as his thick cock worked its way inside her.

The pleasure had overcome the pain and her body orgasmed, as his cock rammed harder and harder.

"Oh.. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh." Justin heard her moan. "That's it, mom. Fucking cum for me. I can feel you quivering on my cock."

Trish's ass tightened as her climaxes raged on and on. Justin couldn't take anymore, her tight ass cheeks gripping his pole had pushed him over the edge and his hot sperm expelled deep inside her brown hole.

"Oh. Fuck, mom. You're making me cum." Justin exclaimed as his body tensed and his hands grasped her hips, and held her tight to his pumping dick.

Trish gasped for air as she felt her son's hot cum filling her ass. Her body twitched and spasmed as his seed filled her. With what strength she had left in her spent body she rolled forward sliding her son's dick out of her.

"Oh.. Justin. That was too much." Trish huffed. "I can't handle your dick in there. I thought you were going to rip me apart." she said, as her ass still felt the pain of being stretched.

"I'm sorry, mom, it just felt so inviting. I couldn't help myself."

Trish patted her son lazily with her hand and said. "Okay, go take a shower before you're late for class."

"Okay, mom." Justin replied, and rolled out of bed.

Trish loafed in bed as her body recovered from its morning assault. Her mind came back to the reality of how wrong this was. She knew it couldn't continue but found it hard to see how she could stop it. Her own body wanted her son. And she was certain Justin wouldn't want to stop either. I think I might need help ending this before it consumes me. she thought, as she shuffled out of bed.

Justin had finished his shower and was already dressed when he was toying with thoughts of his own. If that spirit got me into my mom, who else could I have? he wondered.

He thought about Missy Roland. She was one of the skinny blonde cheerleaders on the college football team. The word around campus was her cherry was intact, that she was saving herself for her future husband. Justin pictured his massive hard cock parting her virgin pussy for the first time as her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper and deeper into her, watching her face -- her big beautiful blues eyes widening and mouth gaping as she took his entire girth deep down her tight little pussy.

"Justin, you're going to be late." his mother yelled, snapping him out of his wishful dream.

"Okay, mom." he yelled back as he raced down the steps and out the door.

Trish heard her son leave and finished dressing herself. Her morning encounter also had her late. As she drove to work she made some calls on her cellphone. Before leaving the house she had jotted down the numbers for a couple local psychiatrists, hoping that one of them would be able to offer assistance in the touchy predicament she found herself in. But she had no idea how to convince them that a spirit had a hand in the matter.

Justin made it to class but found it difficult to concentrate. He kept thinking of a way to get Missy alone with him at the old house. As he walked down the hallway he saw Missy walking in his direction. "Fuck it. I'll wing it." he said to himself.

"Hey, Missy, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Missy looked puzzled and hesitantly replied, "Have we met?"

"Oh um no. My name is Justin. I've just seen you around and I know you're on the cheerleading squad." Justin explained as he continued with his white lie. "I want to do a ghost hunt over at the old Murdle house. And I got the idea if I could get the school cheerleaders to do it, maybe more people would be interested in joining."

"Why would you think we would be interested in something like that?"

"I don't know. That's the reason I'm asking." Justin replied. "I was part of the team cleaning the place up for the haunted house we had. And a bunch of us heard strange noises when we were working over there." Justin lied.

Missy paused for a moment, then spoke.

"Well I can't speak for all the girls but from what you said I'm intrigued."

"If you'd like, after class I could show you where we heard the sounds. I mean, if you're still interested then."

"Maybe, but I would want to bring another person with me."

"That's fine." Justin replied, as his idea of being alone with her vanished.

"Okay, see you there after class."


Trish called the shrinks as she drove to the office. The first psychiatrist she phoned didn't sound like the type of person she wanted to tell her dark secret to. But the second one sounded like a person she could confide in. Number two's voice seemed soothing to her. And without going into too much detail over the phone, she found herself trusting in her. Trish set up a preliminary meeting after work.

As the day ended Trish became nervous, but her fear was held at bay knowing she had to face her demons. Her anxiety quickly left as the Doctor welcomed her into her office.

"Hello. My name is Doctor Williams, but please call me Liz." The shrink said this as she offered her hand to Trish.

"Please take a seat and tell me what your problem is. I know you said it was too difficult to discuss over the phone. But I can assure you by talking, it will get better."

Trish's body began to tremble as she took a deep breath and told her dreaded tale to Liz. She explained how a ghostly figure had her way with her and her son, and how it somehow released a hidden desire she had for her only child. She felt remorse as she went into great detail, telling the Doc how she and Justin, throughout entire nights, had wild passionate sex.

By the time Trish had completed her story, Liz's pussy was soaked. She kept crossing her legs tightly to ease the tingling in her mound. Her body began to sweat and her heart pounded as her own lustful thoughts grew from picturing Trish making wicked love to her own flesh and blood. Liz snapped back when she heard Trish ask her

"So what do you think, Doctor? Can you help me?"

"Umm. Yes. I think I can. And please drop the doctor and just call me Liz. I find it helps people relax when they have to deal with a difficult problem. I'm not saying you imagined a spirit doing these things to you and your son. I would just need more proof to rule out any neurological disorder. If your son could confirm what you've told me, I would be able to rule that out. Then we could tackle the desire you've developed for your son." Liz said, as she watched her patient's face turn pale.

"Liz, I.. I didn't want to bring him in on this. I know we both have these hidden desires, but I was hoping to handle my son on my own, once I felt I was strong enough to fend off his advances."

"It's not that easy, Trish. The bond between a mother and son is very strong. These feelings you're having, in fact, are very deeply rooted. For you to think you can control them isn't very practical. If you want to change these sexual urges you're experiencing, your son will definitely have to be present and partake in the process."

"I'll have a talk with him tonight and see if I can get him to understand how important this is to me."

"Okay, Trish. Just call my office when you're ready and I'll set up a session for the two of you. Oh, and don't fret over what you've told me.


Justin waited at the front door of the Mansion. He could see Missy pulling up in a car with other people. An older woman was driving and a brunette was in the back seat.

Justin walked over to the vehicle and as they got out, he admired the females' attire. All three had worn skirts. The older woman had on a dress skirt and Missy and her friend had their cheerleading outfits on.

"Justin, this is my mom and my best friend Kathy." Missy said.

Justin put out his hand to her mother. "Hello Mrs. Roland. Nice to meet you."

"Hello, Justin. My daughter tells me you told her this place has ghosts."

"I think so. Like I said to her earlier, a group of us heard a bunch of very weird noises that we couldn't figure out."

"Well I think this whole thing is a crock. But I wasn't going to let Missy come here with just her girlfriend based on something a stranger to me told her. God knows her father couldn't be bothered with watching out for her welfare. Sorry, Justin, but for all I know you could have been some kind of serial killer."

"I fully understand, Mrs. Roland. If I had a beautiful daughter, I would be as protective of her as you are."

"Good.. Good.. We understand one another."

Missy spoke up. "Hey let's get inside before it gets any darker out here."

Justin led the way and held the door open for his guests.

Well I guess I'll give them a tour of the old place and maybe they'll buy into my fib. Justin thought, as all hopes of anything taking place vanished for good.

Justin started on the first floor and made up different spots that he had heard footsteps and strange knockings. He then went up to the attic, skipping the second floor completely. At least it looked very dingy and spooky.

"So what do you think? You interested in speaking to your fellow cheerleaders about doing an investigation?"

"Why did we skip the second floor?" Kathy asked.

"Umm. We didn't hear much there so I figured it would be a waste to show you."

"I'd still be interested in seeing what it looks like." Missy replied.

Justin slowly walked them down to the second floor and opened a couple of doors. He didn't notice that Missy and her mom had decided to do a little exploring of their own. As he turned around, Missy was just stepping into the Spirit's bedroom.

Quickly he rushed down the hall and made sure he held the door open. Kathy trailed behind and also entered the room.

"This room is very nice." Mrs. Roland commented.

"Yeah I just love this bed." Missy said as she and her mom sat on it.

"Wow these sheets are so soft."

"Yes. We left this room intact. Everything in here is going to be auctioned off come spring. I don't think they want anyone in here." Justin replied, as he tried his best to shoo them out.

But it was too late, as he felt the air become cold around him. A strong force pushed him completely into the room and the door slammed shut.

"Why'd you do that?" Mrs. Roland asked.

"I... I didn't."

"So... I see I have some guests." a voice said.

"Oh.. Funny, Justin. This is some kind of a gag, isn't it." Missy said, as she tried to stand.

"Hey... I can't move. This isn't funny."

"Shhh.".the female voice said. "There's nothing to fear."

Mrs. Roland tried to move but was also unable to.

"Justin, what the fuck is going on here?!" Mrs. Roland shouted.

"I.. I'm not doing this."

"Don't yell at the poor lad." the voice continued. "I'm sure his intentions were good at the time. I mean, how could he have known your daughter likes the taste of a woman's sweet nectar over a hard dick?"

"What? How? I never!" Missy yelled.

The voice laughed as both women were pushed back on the bed, as their skirts rode up their bodies exposing their white cotton panties to Justin and Kathy.

"I can't move. Someone please help me."

"I can't either" Mrs. Roland said."Something's holding me."

"Mmmm. Such a pretty sight to see. Just look at those two nice pussies just asking to be licked."

Justin watched as Missy's panties slipped down her body and her legs popped up and spread wide. Her pussy was shaved and slowly it began to move.

"Oh... No! I feel a tongue! She's licking me!

Justin watched as Missy's legs parted even wider, allowing him a crystal clear view of her pussy. He could see it getting wet by the invisible tongue that was latched onto it.

Then, her mom's panties were removed and her legs parted. But it seemed as if a hand was rubbing her mound rather than a tongue.

"Oh... mom. She's.. She's getting me excited."

Justin looked at Kathy. Her eyes were fixed on her friend's pussy as her hips began to twitch.

"Please... Please stop. You're going to make me cum."

"Mmmm yes you are. And I'm going to lick the essence right out of you."

Mrs. Roland was bucking now. Her pussy lips expanded and contracted as if something was sliding in and out of her lovehole.

Both mother and daughter were going crazy. Their bodies shook. Their moans became louder.

"Oh... I never felt anything like this. Oh... Oh no.. Oh no.." Missy screamed as her body quivered and her legs desperately tried to close around her intruder.

"Wait.. Please stop. Not again. Not again." Missy begged. "I can't take anymore. Oh... Fuck!!"

Justin felt his dick rage as he wished it was he bringing her to such a climax. But he also noticed how the situation was affecting Kathy.

"Oh... No.. What are you doing to me? I feel dizzy. Please ssstopp. Missy groaned, as yet another orgasm shattered through her body, and she came on the spirit's face. The woman began to materialize before them. Every time Missy came, more of her became visible. Missy's voice went from a scream to a loud continuous groan. Her body stayed stiff as both her legs shook as if she was being electrified. Then she went quiet and limp, but her breathing still raced.

The phantom was still slightly transparent as she slid herself out from between Missy's motionless body.

Justin looked in amazement at how beautiful the naked specter appeared before them. He still couldn't make out her eyes but her hair was long and blonde. Her breasts were large and bubbly and her ass was to die for.

"Mmmm, now it's your turn to cum." the spirit said, as she eased herself between Mrs. Roland's thighs.

"Oh wait.. wait.. I'm not a lesssbi.... Oh... Fucck.." Mrs. Roland moaned as her pussy felt the touch of the phantom's tongue.

Justin felt his dick discharge sperm into his pants. As Mrs. Roland squirmed on the ghost's face, her hips bucked profusely and her moans wailed on and on.

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming!!!" Mrs. Roland screamed, as her body convulsed. Just as her daughter did, she also must have passed out. The Apparition was no longer transparent but now a solid woman. Like before, she left her victim drained, as she eased away from her "victim's" pussy.

The woman sashayed over to Kathy as Justin watched a devilish smile appear on her pussy drenched face. He could clearly see her eyes now and marveled at how blue they looked.

"And I didn't forget about you, dear." the woman said as she knelt before Kathy, pulling her skirt and panties down. The Spirit pushed between her thighs and locked her mouth tightly to the girl's twat. In no time Kathy was screaming in excitement as her climax exploded.

"Oh my god. I.. I can't stop cumming!!!" Kathy screamed, as her body pushed hard into the woman's face. Kathy went weak and fell to the wooded floor. She wasn't out like Missy and her mother. Rather, she was just exhausted from the ordeal she'd endured.

"Please... Please set us free. I can't cum anymore." Kathy pleaded.

"All in good time, dear. There's still more in you. Now go over and eat your friend's mother." the Apparition ordered.

Kathy didn't even question the request. She staggered to her feet and crashed on the bed beside Missy's mom.

Justin felt abandoned. He so desperately wanted to jerk off. But like before, he was unable to move.

"As for you, Justin," the voice whispered, "these sweet pussies are mine for tonight. Go back to your wonderful needing mother. Go show her how much you want to taste her succulent pussy. I lost my own son and lover many years ago and I wish I hadn't pushed him away. We were so happy. My pussy still yearns for his wonderful cock. Don't make the same mistakes I've made."

Justin could hear Mrs. Roland moaning again as Kathy sucked on her snatch, and saw Missy stirring.

"I'll be right with you, dear. That pussy needs another good licking." the woman said, as she turned and walked towards Missy.

"Goodbye, Justin, and remember what I said." He felt himself being pushed out the door.

As Justin walked away he could hear Mrs. Roland yell "Missy what are you doing? I'm your mother! Oh.."

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