tagErotic HorrorThe Halloween Hazing

The Halloween Hazing


This is my entry into the Halloween erotic story contest. If you are looking for a romantic love story with a happy ending, this isn't your story. If however, you are looking for a terrifying horror story with plenty of totally twisted erotica, then you have come to the right place. If you are really brave, you should wait until well after dark, turn off all the lights, and enter my nightmare. Happy reading...happy Halloween...and don't forget to vote...


The parade of females walking silently down the street was definitely a sight to see. There were six of them in all, one leading the way with an air of cockiness about her, followed by three identically dressed and blindfolded girls, who were holding onto a rope that was stretched from the leader to the two women who were bringing up the rear.

The leader of this group was Tabitha Sanders, a senior and a "big sister" to the three pledges who were following behind. It was often said that Tabitha had a mean streak a mile wide and this little jaunt was just another example of that. This, being her last year, was also her final chance to really leave a lasting impression on the minds any future pledges to her sorority. Her plan was to reset the bar for hazing rituals, which, although outlawed, were still heavily practiced.

Tabitha still got chills up her spine when she thought about how purely evil her plan was. She had spent weeks setting this up secretly, and in the process had taken some big risks. If she had been caught, she would have faced expulsion, and possibly even prosecution from the local police. Luckily, she had managed to recruit the help of a few frat boys by promising them a fun evening, and with their help, she had gotten everything set up in time. After all, in order for this plan to be fully effective, it had to be carried out on Halloween night.

Following blindly behind Tabitha was Trish Gray, a smart and confident young woman who was certain that she could handle anything that her superiors could dish out. Trish, along with the other two blindfolded pledges behind her, was wearing a long white flowing gown that was made out of a sheer material which made it see-through. Underneath the sheer gown, she wore a plain white bra and white "granny" panties.

Behind Trish was Jennifer Haas, a short, brunette girl with a stocky build. Jennifer was known back in her hometown high school as Jenny Juggs because of her prodigious breasts. She took after her mother in that aspect, as her mother had actually went under the knife and had breast reduction surgery six years ago after suffering from back aches caused by the heavy weight of her FF breasts. Jennifer's breasts didn't quite measure up to her mother's massive mounds, being just DD, but she was self conscious about their size just the same.

The last of the freshmen pledges was Amanda Chan, a beautiful Chinese American girl, whose stunning good looks would look right at home on the cover of any fashion magazine. Amanda had been offered a modeling job while still in high school, but her studies were more important to her and her mother would have been very upset if she hadn't gone to college.

Behind Amanda, holding the tail end of the rope which was leading the three blindfolded freshmen, was Ally Lewis, and Paige Douglas, two of Tabitha's lackeys. They were both sophomores and looked up to the seniors, a fact that was not lost on Tabitha, who quickly took them under her wing and easily got them to do her dirty work.

They arrived at the spot they were heading to and Tabitha told them to stop, then she turned the three pledges in the direction she wanted them and gave her speech, a speech she had practiced several time that day.

"Pledges, we have arrived at our destination. Your final task will prove to the sisterhood that you do in fact have what it takes to join our great organization, and become part of our wonderful sorority. Ladies, remove your blindfolds and gaze upon your final task."

The three pledges all reached up and slipped their blindfolds off. Blinking and wiping their eyes, they all gazed up at the vacant house a half dozen yards in front of them. Only this wasn't just a house, it was a huge mansion with two floors and so many windows.

Tabitha continued her speech. "This house in front of you is legendary around these parts. Some people claim that it is haunted, others say it is full of demons, of course not everyone is a believer. Everyone who has gone into the house, hasn't been able to stay inside for more than thirty minutes at a time. They report feeling other presences in the house with them, and the longer they remained inside, the more uncomfortable they felt, until they had to leave right away."

"It's been boarded up for more than twenty years. Throughout the last few weeks, I have had some of my friends go into the house and leave some items for you to find. You will find a clue to all the items tacked to the wall near the entryway. Your task is to go find all the items and bring them to me. The way you go about the task is up to you. You can stay together as a group, or you can separate. You should know that if you stay together, the chances of you finding all the items before thirty minutes is very slim, but if you are confident that you can handle being inside for more than thirty minutes, then you should stay together. Are there any questions pledges?"

Trish raised her hand, something that all pledges were required to do before speaking to a "big".

"Yes Trish." Tabitha said.

"How much time do we have to find all the items?"

"Well, you have all night if you need it, but like I said, you should be very careful about being in there too long. Yes Jennifer."

Jennifer's hand was raised before Tabitha had finished her thought, and she cleared her throat before nervously asking "What happened in this house?"

"That's a good question Jennifer, but one that I can't answer entirely, I can only say that a violent act was committed here. The items I've had hidden throughout the house will answer that question for you when you have found them all. Any more questions?" Tabitha was looking at Amanda, assuming she would have a question, but Amanda was just staring at the house.

"Okay then, if there are no more questions, I'm giving each of you a headlight. Strap this onto your head so your hands are free to carry the items that you find. You also each have a watch, I suggest that you set the timer for twenty five minutes and plan on making your escape as soon as it chimes, or else you may become part of the legend of the house." While Tabitha explained this, Ally was fitting the headlamps on each girl, while Paige was putting watches on each of them.

Trish lifted her arm to look at the watch and groaned when she saw that it was a cheap, child's watch in the shape of a pink flower.

When the three pledges were fully equipped, Tabitha said "Okay ladies, let the challenge begin. You'll find that the boards on the front door will pull away easily, I had my boys lightly tack them back up in case anyone happened along. Just give them a pull and they will come right off."

Wanting to appear confident and in control, Trish began walking toward the large house without looking back. She didn't really believe the place was haunted, but she also didn't like the idea of going inside. Showing weakness was out of the question though, so she made sure that she was the first one to the top of the steps and made quick work of pulling the boards off the front door.

By the time she had finished, the other two girls had joined her, their headlamps already shining. Trish reached up and turned hers on before turning the doorknob and pushing the heavy door open. With a nerve rattling creek from rusted hinges, the door slowly swung open. Three lights from the girls headlamps shone into the musty room.

"Shit that's creepy." Jennifer whispered, then turned to look back at the three girls that were watching them by the road. She wanted to go back, nearly did in fact, thinking that she really didn't need to join the stupid sorority anyway, but then the other two girls went inside and asked if she was coming, so she did.

As they stood in the entryway peering around in the darkness with their headlamps, the door slowly and silently closed behind them. Only when the latch engaged did it make a sound and all three of them turned to see the door was shut.

"Oh shit, the door closed on its own." Jennifer whined.

"My parents garage door closes by itself all the time. It's not balanced properly is all." Trish said.

"Hey look!" Amanda nearly shouted when she saw the note taped to the wall. She snatched it away before the other girls could get it, then began to read. "It says that there are six hidden items, two each in the basement, first floor, and second floor. Should we split up so we can get them faster?"

"No" Trish answered. "We stick together and take our time finding them. It's too dark to be rushing around in an unfamiliar place."

"But what if it takes more than a half hour?" Amanda inquired.

"Oh come on, you don't really believe that bullshit story do you." Trish scoffed. "I mean I'll give her mad props for her imagination, but that story was pretty lame, and we're gonna prove it by being here longer than thirty minutes."

"What if she wasn't lying?" Jennifer asked in a near whisper.

"Oh man, not you too...Look, we stick together and if anything feels weird, then we hightail it out."

The three girls stood looking at each other for a moment before Amanda finally said "We're wasting time ladies. Shouldn't we go find these things?"

"What's the first clue?"

Looking at the sheet of paper, Amanda read aloud "Down below, in the depths of the house, you'll find two items, from the murdering spouse. Look up high, and look down low, but WATCH OUT for the dead wife's beau. A clue you will find, on the creaky old stairs, be very careful, and don't forget your prayers. "

"Jesus, someone was murdered here." Jennifer murmured nervously.

"Alright, what's the next clue?" Trish demanded a bit too impatiently.

"Ahh let's see...Search the first floor, room by room, don't be too slow, or it may spell your doom. Two more well hidden items, can be found lurking about. There's a clue in the bathroom, so relax and don't shout."

"Okay, find the bathroom." Jennifer whispered to herself as if she was trying to keep her mind occupied so she wouldn't have to think about where she was.

"And the last clue is...Two more items are somewhere upstairs, collect them both to finish your affairs. You'll find another clue in the upstairs hall, careful where you step, you don't want to fall."

All three headlamps turned toward the staircase at the same time.

"So...where do we go first?" Amanda questioned.

"Well, I think we should probably go down to the basement first. Get the worst one done first." Trish said.

"I agree." Amanda added. "Let's do it."

"So where is the basement?" Jennifer asked.

"We need to start opening doors. We split up but stay in the same room. Keep an eye out for the bathroom also, maybe we can kill two birds with one stone." Trish replied.

"Can we not talk about killing please?" Jennifer begged.

Rolling her eyes and shaking her head Trish just turned away and walked to the nearest door, which upon opening turned out to be a closet. She left it open and moved on while the other two girls began to make their way around and open doors also.

"Stairs!" Jennifer shouted as she opened the door to the basement and saw the stone steps heading into the darkness. The other two girls made their way over quickly and all three shone their headlights down to the bottom.

"Oh shit, that's freaky." This time from Amanda. They all stood, staring down into the abyss, their lights not even reaching the floor.

Finally, Trish said "Well, we're not gonna get anywhere standing here." and she took the first step. Amanda and Jennifer followed.

At the bottom of the stairs, Trish stopped and shone her light around the inky blackness. Large white sheets were draped over what appeared to be furniture of some kind. Cobwebs stretched across vast areas between the white sheets and steel posts set at various spots throughout the basement. The shine from her light caught movement on the floor in one corner and all three lights followed what appeared to be a large mouse or small rat as it ran from the light.

Jennifer grabbed Trish's shoulders from behind and whimpered at the sight. "I fucking hate this." She whispered.

"Let's just find what we need and get back upstairs." Trish whispered back.

"I don't know if I can do this." Whined Jennifer. "My older brother tricked me into going into our basement when I was five years old. He told me he had to run upstairs for something and he would be right back, but when he got to the top of the stairs, he shut the lights out and slammed the door shut, leaving me in the dark. I just remember it being so dark that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I was screaming for my mother, but she was on the second floor taking a shower, so she couldn't hear me."

"Your brother sounds like a real winner." Amanda observed.

"Yeah, well he was nine years old and he could be pretty cruel back then."

"The sooner we find what we need the sooner we can get out of here." Trish said "And this time Jen, you have a light."

"Yeah, but I still don't like it."

Trish stepped down onto the dirt floor and turned her light back toward the stairs. There on the side was a piece of paper with some writing on it. She pulled it off and read the clue aloud. "To complete the task, you'll need to find the weapon that was used to to commit the murders that occurred in this very house. On the far wall, you will find an assortment of tools, one of which was used to violently slaughter several people. You'll also notice several sheets covering various pieces of furniture. Under one sheet is a wooden armoire with drawers. Inside one of the drawers, you will find a picture of the murder weapon. Your two items are the picture, and the weapon."

"Alright, so we need to take these sheets off." Amanda said, grabbing the corner of one sheet and yanking it off. She squealed in surprise at the vision of a ghostly figure staring back at her, before realizing that it was just a mirror and she was seeing her own reflection. "Fuck that jumped me!" she said, her eyes wide and her heart still racing.

Trish walked over to the largest covered object in the room and pulled the sheet off. It was a large wooden armoire with two large doors. She pulled open the two doors and revealed what seemed like a hundred small drawers. Even the doors had drawers built into them so when it was wide open, it looked like a wall of small drawers. "I think I found what we're looking for." She said and began opening drawers. Amanda came over also and helped her, starting at the opposite end.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had begun to slowly make her way toward the other side of the basement, staying in eyesight of the others. There was a wide doorway leading into another smaller area, and when she shone her light into the other room, she saw several different tools lined up against the back wall. There was a sledgehammer, an ice pick, a chainsaw, a hacksaw, a ball peen hammer, a large wrench, and an antique hand drill.

"Hey, I found the tools." She shouted.

Just about then, Amanda opened a drawer and said "Got the picture!" She picked it up out of the drawer and shouted to Jennifer. "It's the ice pick Jen."

Wanting to get out of here as soon as possible, Jennifer hurried into the room toward the wall. As she picked up the ice pick, she saw a note on the floor, but before she could pick it up to read the sound of screams and the slam of a heavy door jumped her. She spun around and saw that the room she was in was really a cell and the door, which she hadn't seen upon entering, had slammed shut.

In a panic, Jennifer ran across to the door and tried to open it, while Trish and Amanda tried from the other side. "Open the fucking door!!!" She screamed while yanking on it.

"We're trying, it's fucking locked!" Trish yelled back.

"Well kick it down! Get me out of here! HELP ME!!!" terror overtaking her, Jennifer hammered the door with her fists.

"Jennifer, listen to me." It was Amanda, who was doing her best to keep her voice calm "Take a deep breath and let it out slowly." She waited, listening through the door while Jennifer tried to do it. "You need to stay calm Jen. We are here with you okay."

"Yes yes, I hear you." Jennifer whined, her voice cracking with fear.

"Okay Jen, I want you to look around the room, see if there is another way out, or if there is anything in there that you can use, and we are going to do the same thing out here okay."

"O okay." came the muffled reply.

Jennifer turned around and shone her light around the room. Nothing but four solid walls, no windows and no way out. That was when she remembered the note that she had seen on the floor. Hurrying across to where the tools were, she picked up the note and read it.

"If you are reading this note, you are likely locked in the room. If all three of you have been captured, then you will need to break out. Use the tools available to bust through the door. If only one or two of you are trapped, there is a key to the door hidden somewhere. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the key is another one of the items you need to find, so the original clues will help you find it."

Jennifer rushed back to the door and yelled "Trish, Amanda, I found a note!"

"What's it say?" Trish yelled back, and listened as Jennifer read it aloud.

"Shit, that bitch set us up." Trish exclaimed, obviously very angry with Tabitha. "Okay Jen, what kind of tools do you have in there?"

"Uhm, a sledge hammer, an old drill, a chainsaw, a hacksaw, and another hammer. Oh and an ice pick and a wrench."

"Can you start up the chainsaw and cut through the door?" Amanda asked.

"I don't know. I've never used one before."

"Well, can you try it?"

Jennifer picked up the chainsaw and was surprised at how heavy it was. She looked at it, trying to figure out how to start it. She had seen her father use one years ago, but this one seemed different somehow.

Meanwhile on the other side of the locked door, Amanda looked at Trish and said "You know, if she can't get this door open, we are going to have to go find the key."

Trish nodded reluctantly and said "Yeah, I know."

A few seconds later, a very upset Jennifer cried "I can't do it. I can't even pull this fucking cord."

"Listen Jen, you sit tight okay. Amanda and I are going to go find the key, and as soon as we get it we are coming right back here and opening this door." Trish explained.

"I don't want you to leave me." Jennifer cried "I'm so scared. Please don't leave me alone."

"Jennifer, listen to me. You are going to be fine. We will go as fast as we can okay, but we have to do this to get you free."

"No please. Just stay here."

"We will be back Jen, sit tight." Trish grabbed Amanda's arm and pulled her away from the door to the stairs and they headed up quickly while Jennifer wailed behind the locked door.

At the top of the stairs, Trish started bitching "I'm gonna kill that bitch Tabitha. How could she be so fucking cruel?"

"Let's just find the bathroom and our next clue." They headed off down the hallway to open more doors.

-- In the basement, behind the locked door, Jennifer had sunk to the floor and was crying and shaking. She wiped her eyes with her hand and noticed her watch. Remembering the warning to not stay inside more than thirty minutes, she looked at the time and realized that it had been twenty minutes already. "Oh shit! Please hurry." She cried softly to herself.

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