The Halloween Hazing


Slowly, Trish reached out and placed her hands in Amanda's hands. The cold clammy hands closed on hers and tugged her gently forward. Trish allowed herself to be led back to the spot where Jennifer was still sitting, then Amanda began to undress her. She pulled the long gown up and over her head, then she unclasped the bra and bent over to tug Trish's underwear down.

Shivering, not from cold but from uncertainty and fear, Trish willingly sat down between the two girls. Jennifer leaned in and placed her mouth up against Trish's mouth, kissing her with soft but cold lips. Meanwhile, Amanda leaned in from the other side and placed her cold lips on Trish's left nipple, while both girls reached their hands down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy.

Trish closed her eyes as the pleasure going through her body mounted. She was still kissing Jennifer, a wet sloppy kiss that was sending jolts of pleasure straight to her pussy, when she felt a tongue entering her mouth. At first it was more of a thrill and she moaned in her throat, but the tongue kept going deeper. As the impossibly long tongue reached the back of her throat, Trish opened her eyes and tried pulling away. What she saw sent terror through her.

The beautiful meadow that she had been in, was gone. In its place was a desolate wasteland. The ankle high grass was now gray dirt. The sun was gone and a the sky was as gray as the ground. A fetid breeze blew, carrying black ash all over the place. Trish balled up her fists and started beating on Jennifer, as she choked on the tongue which had made its way nearly half way down her throat.

Amanda's face came up into Trish's field of vision, only it looked like her skin was melting off her face, and when she smiled, her teeth were black and broken. Trish watched in horror as her mouth opened and her thick tongue, a sickly yellowish thing, wormed out of her mouth and licked her feculent lips. The disgusting melting creature who was once Amanda said "Now I'm going to eat your tasty pussy. Mmmm" and she moved out of Trish's vision.

With one tongue lodged all the way down her throat and continuing down to her stomach, Trish felt another tongue slide into her pussy and she shuddered from an unexpected orgasm. The tongue in her pussy went deeper, and deeper still, sending Trish into a series of orgasms, one crashing into the next, causing her body to go into seizures.

Jennifer pulled her face back while her tongue continued to slowly elongate, curling around inside Trish's stomach. Trish looked at what was once her friend Jennifer and now was a terrifying mask of evil. Her once flawless skin had turned into a patchwork of wrinkles, making her look like a ninety year old hag. As Trish's mind went numb and the shock sent her into insanity, she watched the now old Jennifer's mouth begin to open. It opened wide, then it kept opening wider, her cheeks on either side of her jaw stretching impossibly.

Trish could do nothing but watch as evil Jennifer's mouth grew larger and larger, until it was bigger than her head. Her body was frozen in fear, none of her muscles able to do anything but tremble. Then Trish felt herself being pulled toward the gaping maw. The open mouth blocked out everything in her vision, and then everything went black as her head was engulfed completely.


The day after Halloween Tabitha Sanders woke to the sound of insistent knocking on her door . The party had gone on until 3AM and she was still feeling the aftereffects of doing body shots. She opened her mouth and groaned, then shouted "What!?!"

"Tabitha, we have a problem. You need to let me in." came the hushed voice from outside the door. It was Ally Lewis, and she sounded very upset.

"Uhhggg" Tabitha grunted again, and dragged herself out of bed. "Jesus Ally, this better be good, or I'm kickin' your ass." she mumbled as she unlocked the door. Both Ally and Paige Davis rushed in and waited for Tabitha to close the door behind them. She turned and looked at the two anxious girls "What?" she snapped.

"They never came out of the house Tabitha. The three pledges never came out." Ally whispered quickly. "What do we do? What if they're hurt?"

Tabitha sobered up a bit at that information, and said "Are you sure? Maybe they went out the back."

"No, we waited there all night long. Once they shut the front door, it was like they were swallowed up in the house. There was no sound, we didn't see any lights through the windows, nothing. We were there all night long Tabitha. We should call the police."

"No! Absolutely not. We can't call the cops." Tabitha barked forcefully.

"Then what do we do?"

"We go back there and look for them. If they went in, they must still be in there. They probably decided to wait until morning when there is more light, so they can complete their tasks easier. You need to calm down, let me get ready and we'll go back there and find them."

"I'm not going in that place." Paige said, a look of fear on her face.

"Seriously Paige? You actually bought that bullshit story that I made up last night? Come on girl, grow a set." Tabitha snapped angrily.

"No, I just, I'm sorry but...I just can't go in there. I'll freak out."

Tabitha sighed loudly and said "Fine Paige. Ally and I will handle it, right Ally?"

Ally stood silently for a few seconds as Tabitha stared at her. The look on her face said it all. "Shit! Are you fucking kidding me? You're both too chickenshit to go in there?" Tabitha asked.

"Tabitha, I think we should think about this. What if something happened to them? Something bad? We should let the police handle it. We can tell them it was a dare. We won't say it was hazing." Ally reasoned.

"Shhh!" Tabitha hushed her "Don't even say that Ally. Do you want to get kicked out of college? If anyone even thinks we were hazing, we'll all be screwed. That's why we have to handle this ourselves, and we need to go now."

Ally and Paige looked at each other, then back at Tabitha. "We're not going in that house Tabitha. If you want to go in, you can go by yourself."


Twenty minutes later, Tabitha walked up to the front door of the house. Before opening the front door, she turned around and looked back at Paige and Ally, who were standing on the road watching her. Tabitha carried her cell phone in her hand in case she needed help, and it had been decided that she would stay on the line with Ally the entire time she was in the house. She looked at her phone and pushed the send button, then waited until Ally answered the ring. "Here goes nothing." she grumbled under her breath as she swung the door open and stepped through the threshold.

Once inside, she stepped away from the door and it swung silently shut behind her. Holding the phone up to her ear she said "Can you still hear me?"

"We hear you." came the reply.

"Alright, there's nothing here in the entryway. I'm moving into a hallway."

Tabitha walked down the hallway and looked into each door as she passed it. Then she came to the kitchen. "I'm going into the kitchen now." She said.

"Okay." came the reply from Ally.

Stepping into the kitchen, Tabitha could hear the sound of something dripping. Drip, drip, drip, drip. She walked around the table shining her light around, and as she came around by the refrigerator, she saw a pool of dark liquid dripping onto the floor from the door of the fridge. A puddle had formed on the floor beneath. "What the hell?" She said, and stepped closer.

"What's the matter?" Ally asked.

"Hold on, I see something." Tabitha said, reaching for the fridge handle. She yanked the handle and something heavy from inside pushed the door open as it fell onto the kitchen floor. It took a moment for Tabitha's brain to register exactly what it was she was looking at, and then she screamed a bloodcurdling scream and backed away from the sight. A headless body, totally naked and covered with blood. She saw the silly childish watch on the wrist of the body and knew immediately it was one of the pledges. "Oh God! Oh shit!!" She turned to run back toward the door she came in, but the door slammed shut on its own accord. "Get in here now!!" She screamed into the phone.


Ally and Paige heard the bloodcurdling scream come through the phone and Ally nearly dropped it. She shouted into it "What happened? Tabitha, are you alright?", then heard "Oh God! Oh shit!!". Without a second thought, Ally grabbed Paige's arm and started walking toward the house.

"What are you doing? We can't go in there." Paige shouted as she let herself be marched forward.

From the phone came the fearful shout of "Get in here now!" and a few seconds later "Help me, I need... AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

At that, both Paige and Ally ran to the door and pushed it open. Standing on the stoop, Ally shouted "Tabitha...Where are you?!?" There was a loud noise from inside the house, followed by another blood curdling scream.

Paige gripped Ally's arm and screamed "We can't go in there. We need to call the cops."

Ally looked at Paige and nodded her head, agreeing that they couldn't handle what was happening. In unison, they turned back and each took a step away from the house, but neither one moved away from the doorway. They both looked at each other again with fear and confusion in their eyes, and in a split second, before either one knew what was happening, they were yanked off their feet and into the house. The front door slammed shut behind them and the discarded boards that had been pulled off the night before flew back up into place on the door. The screams were the only noises that could still be heard.

The End...

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