tagFetishThe Halloween Hump

The Halloween Hump


It all started about two weeks before Halloween. It was the weekend, and there was a gathering at my mom's friend's house. My sister was good friends with their two daughters, especially Marzia, the youngest. Their family was just like ours, parents married in India but the kids born in the U.S. While I had known Marzia since I was little, we hardly ever talked until I was in high school and even then she was a bit timid. She also was very plain looking back then, and had slight acne. While I had many crushes on my sister's friends, Marzia wasn't one of them. While she wasn't unattractive, I didn't find her that attractive either.

She had gone away for college, so this was the first time anyone had seen her in nearly 4 years. She was now 23 and I was 20. But our ages weren't all that changed. She was no longer a plain Jane. Her acne was gone, and in its place was a warm smile. Her body had developed nicely and while I had never really checked out her boobs before, they were noticeable larger, going from a B-cup to a C-cup. This change, while not monumental, was rather striking. While still not a knockout, I did feel quite attracted to her now.

That night we all caught up, and I noticed she was also much more friendly. If I didn't know better, I would think she was flirting. Before the night was over she invited my sister and me to a little dinner at a restaurant the following weekend. After the party, I just couldn't help it and began thinking of Marzia sexually. It was on the drive back home that I made a pledge to myself; to try to get into Marzia's pants. I jacked off several times to fantasies about her in anticipation of seeing her again.

Sadly, at the restaurant the next week, I wasn't able to talk to Marzia much. When I finally got a moment with her, she was leaving, but not before asking me my plans for Halloween. I told her I was going to this big local party thrown by this kid I sorta knew. She laughed, telling me she was going to go as well, and that she's hope to see me there.

Yet deep inside I doubted it. This was a pretty big costume party, with over a thousand people. I may go the whole night without seeing Marzia. It was suppose to be pretty crazy too, with hopefully lots of horny girls. My plan for the evening was to test my luck and maybe go home with somebody. Yet I did hope that I would see Marzia, even if the best case scenario was begging her for a short dance.

A few days before Halloween I went searching for a costume. I originally wanted to be an angel, but thought that may come off kinda gay, so searched for either a knight or gladiator costume, something girls might dig. But alas the search was a failure, and I almost left the store before spotting an open costume with a half price sticker on it. It was the scream mask and black outfit from the Scream movies. I loved those movies, and so even though it was a little hard to breathe in the mask, I couldn't pass it up.

When Halloween finally came, I took my little brother "trick or treating" and then afterwards headed to the party. Sadly, it was a bit of a bust. While there were scantly clad girls all over, most of them were already taken. It didn't help I got their kinda late and many people had started leaving. I didn't see anyone I knew, so I went searching for some candy. One bowl looked like it had really peculiar candy, and I grabbed two. I examined the packaging and laughed to myself when I realize that these weren't candy but Halloween condoms. I pocketed them and went on my way.

I was about to leave this disappointing shindig when I finally spotted Marzia. She was dressed up as a witch, with a black crown and matching dress with purple trim. While it definitely wasn't naughty (her cleavage was near non existent) it was still more revealing and form fitting than I had really seen her in before. She also had on purple eyeliner and some mascara, which made her look a little like Maleficent from Snow White, but hot.

I wandered over to her and casually asked "how's it going?". She sheepishly answered but looked puzzled before asking who I was. Surprised, I asked if she recognized my voice but I guess it was so muffled by my mask she didn't. She had no idea who I was. I took it all in before making a decision: I couldn't let an opportunity like this pass by.

I first played like I had mistaken her for someone else. We laughed about it before I introduced myself under the disguise of another name. We talked for a bit, exchanging a few laughs and pleasantries. It was then I noticed Marzia was seriously flirting with me. This made me hot, and before I knew it, there was a obvious tent springing in my pants. As I tried to hide it the best I could, I wasn't paying attention to my own words and ended up asking Marzia if she wanted to join me on the dance-floor.

Her reaction was definitely not what I expected. She said we couldn't go on the dance-floor because "something had come up". She was looking down at my crotch, my boner nearly ripping out of my outfit. I was embarrassed but she exclaimed she would like to "dance" in private. It was the way she said it that I knew exactly what she ment. She grabbed my crotch and whispered for me to follow her upstairs. I began to shake out of being nervous before she took my hand and led me to an empty bedroom.

The bedroom was nearly barren. The only piece of furniture was a mattress on the floor. Marzia approached me and began to take my mask off, but I stopped her. I told her we should keep the costumes on. She smiled, and probably thought I just wanted to be kinky. She hiked up the witch dress and pulled off a pair of black satin panties. She then pulled her neckline down so that her tits stuck out. They were perfect, nice and round with the most perfect brown nipples I had ever seen. I ached to suck them, but since I was wearing a mask, I fondled them instead. Oh boy they were a handful, and it wasn't long before I was hard and ready to go.

I pulled my penis out and was about to put the condom on before Marzia stopped me. She bent down and before I knew exactly what she was doing, I was in her wet mouth. Her tongue danced around my dick as she blew me. She was so good that I couldn't resist and yelled I was about to cum. She continued to blow me, and I must have shot the biggest load into her sweet little mouth. She took it all, and swallowed most of it, only letting a little drip down her chin. She quickly cleaned her face and then began rubbing my balls, trying to get me hard again.

It worked. I was ready to go in no time. Marzia quickly lifted her dress over her head, and now stood before me naked. She then wondered over to the bed, and lied there, just waiting. I slowly approached her, and took out my condom. She got a chuckle when she saw the condom was pumpkin orange. I quickly rolled the condom onto my dick, and inched closer to Marzia.

Marzia took her hand and guided me in. She was nice and tight inside. It was hands down the best pussy I had ever had. The brown outer lips of her labia perfect wrapped around my member, like flower pedals. My penis looked like an orange popsicle inside her, and it made me so hot watching it disappear into her.

All the while, Marzia's nipples were now erect, and she would fondle and pinch them, as she licked her lips and arched her back. She was squirming in ecstasy, and after what seemed like only a moment, I could tell she was cumming, as my costume suddenly felt damp.

We then switched positions, with her on top. She rested one hand atop my chest and the other cupping her left tit. My right had gently pressed her down, as I tried to fill her up as much as possible, while my left hand cupped her right tit, her nipples in between my fingers.

Suddenly she began to grind me hard. I couldn't take it and we both began to moan. I couldn't hold it anymore, and suddenly came. I wrapped my arms around her waist to let her know what had happened, and she bent down towards me, smiling, before climbing off.

Afterwards, Marzia got up and asked if I wanted her number. She found a napkin nearby and wrote it down. I pocketed the napkin in the same pocket where I put the other condom. We then walked down stairs, as if nothing had happened, and the evening was over.

A week later, Marzia came over to my house with her sister. They were dropping off something for my mom, but stayed a while and dropped by my room. I didn't expect to see them their so my closest was wide open, the Scream outfit in plain sight. Marzia noticed it and looked at it peculiarly but didn't say anything. Luckily her sister left for a moment to go use the restroom. When she left, Marzia quickly reached into the pocket, pulling out the napkin with her number and the other Halloween condom.

I quickly apoligized for misleading her but she didnt' seem to care. She was actually more upset I didn't call her as she had been itching to fuck again. Before her sister came back we arranged a date to hook up again.

For a few weeks we would meet up and fuck and I still can't believe it all happened because of that one Halloween night. Just you wait until the next holiday though, Thanksgiving.

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