tagIncest/TabooThe Halloween Masquerade Ball

The Halloween Masquerade Ball


"God damn!" Roger Ellis groaned, almost screaming as his balls exploded, cum shooting from his cock.

He gripped his fists in the mass of fiery red curls in his lap, holding tight as his cock pulsed in her throat, pumping cum as she somehow continued to suck, milking him. Not until he had pumped himself dry did he release his grip, allowing her to slowly rise up off of his still hard cock, all 9-1/2 inches of it.

"Mmm," she purred, rapidly flitting her tongue at the slit of his cock, teasing him, tasting the last droplets of cum which had beaded there.

"More?" she asked, sticking the tip of her tongue in the slit of his cock, looking up at him with her emerald green eyes shining with lust.

"I think I'll have a turn," he replied, a finger beneath her chin, gently lifting her beautiful face. "Maybe something to whet my appetite," he said with a smile as she gracefully rose to her feet in front of him.

She stood 5'10" tall and her mass of red curls hung down below her shoulder blades. She had that beautiful alabaster skin redheads are so famed for, with a beautiful speckling of freckles everywhere. She had natural 36D breasts which sat full and upright on her chest with broad dark-pink nipples crowning them, now very hard and very erect, sticking out more than a half an inch. Her stomach was flat with clear definition in her abs. Her hips flared gently to long straight legs, in between which nestled a hairless pussy with just the brush of a red mustache above the shaven lips, between from which protruded a fat erect clit, as big around as the tip of a little finger. Below her clit her inner lips curled outward, spreading in a wrinkled invitation to the delights within.

Roger stood up, towering over her at 6'6", his cock sticking straight out in front of him. His blonde hair was stylishly tied back, hanging down below his shoulders. His bright blue eyes shone as he smiled at the vision in front of him.

Stepping towards her, Roger smiled as she backed up, stopping when she felt the 8' round bed against her legs. Demurely sitting down, she slid up onto the bed, letting her legs spread wide, her feet flat on the bed, her knees bent, opening herself wide to his view. As she let a hand slide between her legs so that a finger could gently tease her own clit, Roger crawled up onto the bed, licking her leg from the knee upwards, not stopping until his tongue was ensconced deep in her sweet pussy.

Roger sucked her pussy, tongue-fucking her in between sucking on her pussy lips, pulling on them, gently chewing on them. When he fastened his lips on her clit, sucking it like the little cock that it was, he also slid two, then three fingers into her, gently finger fucking her as he sucked her clit.

It wasn't long at all before she started to arch her back, her whole body tensing as an orgasm washed over her. Roger drank her up, not stopping until she had collapsed back onto the bed, wrung from the intensity of her orgasm.

"I love the way you do that," she purred, her hands caressing his head and face as he continued to lick her. "Now crawl up here and do it right," she suggested, tugging on him. "Breakfast will be ready soon."

"Are you suggesting that I hurry?" Roger asked, crawling up until he felt her hand wrap around his cock and guide it to the warm wetness of herself. As he lowered himself onto and into her, Roger felt her pussy grip him and begin milking, just like her magnificent mouth, sucking on his cock as he buried all of it deep inside of her pussy.

As he began to slowly pump himself in and out, she rising up to meet his every thrust, Roger lowered his face to her breast, taking first one, then the other nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, chewing on it, biting it hard enough to elicit a gasp as he continued to fuck her.

Just as he was pushing himself up onto his knees, holding her legs in his hands and lifting them up into the air, spreading her wide so that he could watch as his cock slid in and out of her hungry pussy, the door opened and a very tall, very black man entered pushing a wheeled serving trolley before him laden with a hot full breakfast for two.

His uniform consisted of a red sash tied around his waist, making it very obvious that he was muscled like Hercules. A huge black cock and ball sack hung between his legs, yet tumescent, completely shaved clean of any hair.

Behind him was a young Latina woman wearing a red sash around her waist also. She was stunningly beautiful with black black hair braided down past her waist. She had full voluptuous breasts, bronze like the rest of her body with large dark nipples crowning them. Her hips flared widely, tapering down to full thighs between which a thick patch of black hair protruded above her shaven pussy. Her fat outer lips looked like a cleft peach with just the hint of a clit peeking out at the top.

Without saying a word or even seeming to notice the couple on the bed fucking, they set up a table for two with the morning's breakfast, then stood silently behind each seat, patiently waiting.

"Oh, Roger, that is so good," she sighed, grabbing her knees and pulling them to her chest, looking down past her full breasts to watch his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. "You can cum now so we can eat," she said with a laugh.

"You have no shame," Roger laughed, pounding her now as he drove himself towards orgasm. "Here you are then," he said, groaning as once again his balls exploded, pouring cum into her hungry, magical pussy, feeling her milk him.

"Oh, I just love that feeling," she moaned, flexing her vaginal muscles the way she had practiced for years doing the Kegel exercises. "It's almost as good as having you cum in my mouth."

"Why else do you think I married you," Roger said with a laugh, gently rolling off of his wife to lay at her side, his slick cock laying across her thigh as he cupped her breast in his hand, his fingers unerringly finding and playing with her still erect nipple.

"Why, because of my facility with the help," she laughed. "Conchita, please," she said to the girl standing by the table.

Without another word being spoken Conchita went to the bed, crawling up onto it between Diedre's legs until she had fastened her mouth onto her gaping and drooling pussy. As Diedre sighed softly Conchita quickly and efficiently licked and sucked all of the cum cocktail from her pussy, cleaning her. Not missing a beat, she lifted her face from Diedre's pussy and engulfed Roger's cock, easily letting the entire length slide into her mouth and down her throat. In just a few seconds she had sucked him clean, leaving his cock glistening with just her saliva and not the combination of juices which had coated it.

"Thank you, Conchita," Roger said when she had finished, moving from the bed to stand behind one of the seats at the table.

Roger and Diedre moved from the bed to the table, not bothering to dress, and seated themselves.

"Thank you, Bull," Diedre said as the huge black man moved from behind her seat to remove the lids from the hot food in the silver chafing dishes.

"Mmm, this is wonderful," Roger said as he helped himself to eggs benedict, also adding some smoked salmon with Beluga caviar piled high on top of everything. A freshly toasted pumpernickel bagel smeared liberally with cream cheese finished everything off.

"My, my, someone certainly has an appetite," Diedre laughed, limiting herself to the eggs Benedict smothered with caviar.

"I'm inspired," Roger replied, reaching for a banana and peeling it. "Conchita," he said, and she stepped to his side from behind his seat.

Without a word being spoken Conchita reached down and spread her fat pussy lips, revealing an equally fat clit hiding between them. Roger reached out and slowly slid his peeled banana up into Conchita pussy, gently sliding it in and out several times before removing it and bringing it to his mouth, taking a bite off the top and slowly chewing it, savoring the flavor.

"Conchita, you make the best bananas I've ever had," he said with a smile, once again sliding the rest of his banana into her pussy. This continued until he had finished the banana, at which point he slid his fingers into her pussy, pumping her a few times before sucking on them, licking them clean. "Thank you."

"You're so cute, Roger," Diedre said, smiling at him. "I think I'll have some dessert after breakfast this morning. Conchita, would you please get my dessert ready?" she asked.

Not hesitating, Conchita came from behind Roger's seat and stood in front of Bull next to Diedre's seat. Being just over 5 feet tall, Conchita barely had to bend over in order to wrap her lips around Bull's massive cock dangling in front of him. As Roger and Diedre continued to eat, Conchita slowly but surely began to suck Bull's cock into a rock-hard black iron shaft which stood out almost a foot from his body.

"She really is something, isn't she?" Diedre commented as Conchita somehow managed to get all of Bull's considerable cock into her mouth, her throat visibly bulging as his cock pulsed in her throat.

"You taught her well," Roger commented, enjoying the show along with his breakfast.

"Roger," Diedre suddenly said, "I think we should have a party."

"Another party?" Roger asked, seemingly bored with the idea.

"No, not just another party," Diedre responded, "lets have a masquerade ball, a Halloween masquerade ball."

"Hmm, that might be interesting," Roger nodded. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, naturally there'd have to be lots of wonderful sex," Diedre laughed. "Why don't we send out invitations telling everyone that they need to supply their own masks and we'll send a cape with the invitation. The cape can be what everyone wears. Of course, everyone needs to be naked beneath the cape, that's what will make it so interesting."

"Keep going," Roger encouraged her, knowing how convoluted her mind could be when she got an idea.

"Well, nobody will know who anyone is because of the masks," Diedre mused, "so we'll have their names written on the capes in an ink that is only visible under ultraviolet light. You and I will have nice little ultraviolet lights so that we can see who is who, while everyone else will be in the dark, so to speak. Then we'll just let nature take her course and see what happens."

"That sounds like a great idea," Roger said. "You set it up and I'll help any way I can."

"Oh, I'm so excited," Diedre gushed. "This will be so much fun. I just have to have my dessert now. Conchita, turn around and get it nice and wet for me, I'm ready for dessert," Diedre said.

Letting Bull's huge cock slide from her overstretched mouth, Conchita turned around and bent over, putting her hands on the floor, her ass and pussy pointing right at Bull. Bending his knees slightly, Bull lined his cock up with Conchita's glistening pussy and slowly slid it in, not stopping until all of it was buried deep in her pussy. He stroked it in and out several times before pulling it out and turning, his glistening cock pointing right at Diedre's face.

Diedre turned in her seat, grasping the shaft of Bull's cock and leaned forward to suck it into her mouth. Running her tongue around the huge bulbous head of his cock, Diedre tasted Conchita's pungent pussy juices as she stretched her mouth to accommodate his huge size.

Roger watched in amusement as his wife sucked Bull's huge black cock. He had pulled Conchita onto his lap, his cock easily slipping into her wet pussy. He knew that there was literally nothing that Diedre enjoyed more than a mouth full of hot cum and they had seldom in their adventures found anyone who could cum as copiously as Bull.

It never ceased to amaze him as he'd watch Bull's cock slowly but surely disappearing into Diedre's mouth, her nose pressing against his rippling abs as she swallowed all of him.

"Now, Bull, now," she gasped as she let him slip from her mouth, both hands wrapped around the shaft.

Bull grunted and a huge rope of cum flew from the end of his cock right into Diedre's face, hitting her on the side of the nose. And then another and another, coating her face as she directed the streams of cum, then finally sticking her tongue out and letting his cock rest on it, cum shooting into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and sucked, eagerly and happily swallowing as she sucked him dry. She then used his cock to wipe the cum from her face into her mouth, getting as much as she could before releasing him and sitting back in her seat, a satisfied smile on her cum-smeared face.

"Ah, Bull, that was wonderful," Diedre sighed, smiling up at him. "The perfect ending to a wonderful breakfast."

"Where would you like me to cum?" Roger asked as Conchita continued to milk his cock with her talented pussy.

"Oh, I'm feeling so lazy right now," Diedre sighed. "Cum in her mouth and she can bring it to me."

Conchita slipped from Roger's lap to her knees in front of him, engulfing his cock that had just been filling her pussy so nicely. It took but a few seconds and Roger was filling her mouth, pumping hot cum while she continued to suck, not stopping until his balls were drained.

She then got to her feet and moved to Diedre, sitting on her lap facing her and leaning over to kiss her. Her arms went around Diedre's neck as her tongue pressed into her mouth followed by the mouthful of Roger's cum. They kissed passionately as Diedre sucked on Conchita's tongue, drinking up her husband's cum.

"Oh, Conchita, you are just the best," Diedre sighed when they broke their kiss.

"Wonderful breakfast," Roger said, pushing to his feet. "Thanks to both of you."

"Yes, it was wonderful as usual," Diedre agreed as she got to her feet.

Roger Ellis was not only gorgeous to look at, he was also extremely smart. While in college for computer science he had invented the code that allowed his college roommate, Bob Gaites, to create the software that ran most of the world's computers. When given the choice of joining in the endeavor or just selling the code outright, Roger had opted for the $3 billion Bob had offered and was content to dedicate the rest of his life to the sybaritic pleasures that he so enjoyed.

Meeting Diedre his senior year of college had been the icing on the cake. He had noticed her at a practice for the girl's volleyball team and had been immediately captivated by her animal vitality, not to mention the red hair and million dollar body that she so effortlessly threw around the volleyball court. When she had sucked his entire cock into her mouth 30 minutes into their first date, he had proposed to her on the spot. He had never for one moment ever had reason to regret that decision in the 20 years they had been together. Even though she had a sexual appetite that knew no bounds, he had never felt any jealousy whatsoever, knowing that she loved him so completely and thoroughly. He had very quickly learned to enjoy and appreciate her sexual drive, whether it was directed at him or someone else.

He remembered asking her about her incredible appetite for and love of cum. She had told him about how her parents had taught her to love the taste of cum, first by always having cum on her mother's nipples when she would nurse, and later by letting her suck their cum-covered fingers whenever they would have sex. By the time she was a teenager cum was her favorite flavor and any of the boys who dared to try to find out benefitted from her appetite.

When they had had the twins their second year of marriage, Roger had been afraid that Diedre would change, but the only thing she changed was getting her tubes tied. She had satisfied her reproductive urge and didn't want to have to be bothered again.

Jason and Juliet were the perfect children. They inherited everything good from their parents. Jason was an inch taller than his father at 6'7" and Juliet was just over 6' herself. They both tended to strawberry blonde hair which had never been cut. They wore their hair tied back and/or braided and had never caused them one second of grief or disappointment. They had always been away at the very best private schools and were co-valedictorians when they graduated with perfect 4.0 averages. They were both currently going to college at Cambridge University in England.

The fact that Jason and Juliet were always away at school had allowed Roger and Diedre the freedom to indulge in their preferred lifestyle without having to unduly worry about hiding everything from their children.

Diedre was in her element planning her masquerade ball. She loved parties and preferred to give them than to just attend. All of the little details, doing everything perfectly, these things inspired her. She knew from many comments that in their rarified social set her parties were considered The Party to attend. Seldom and never did someone not attend who had been invited.

Diedre's first task had been to design the invitations. After many attempts she was finally satisfied. Roger and Diedre Ellis are pleased to invite you to join us for a Masquerade Ball on October 31st of this year. A masque is required and it is your choice and obligation to provide one unique to yourself. Enclosed is a gift which is the rest of your costume. We look forward to seeing you.

For the gift Diedre had finally decided on a diaphanous sheer black cape trimmed in red which only tied at the throat, leaving the rest of the cape to swirl around the body freely. It hung to an approximate ankle length and with a backlighting of any sort appeared almost invisible.

She personally wrote each person's name on the collar of their respective cape with a magic marker pen whose ink was only visible under black light. She had designed and had made two bracelets with black light emitters for herself and Roger to wear.

All in all Diedre invited almost 100 people from all over the world. At the last minute she had decided to send Jason and Juliet each an invitation, knowing that their studies wouldn't allow them to attend, but also knowing they'd enjoy seeing what she had planned.


"Jason, mom's sent us packages," Juliet shouted out to her brother as she closed the door on the FedEx delivery person.

Jason came out of his bedroom in the penthouse suite apartment that he shared with his sister in Cambridge while they attended college. After all the years at private school in Switzerland being in dormitories, they found that they really enjoyed sharing an apartment together. Even though their parents had tried to shield them from the totality of the life they led, Jason and Juliet had seen and heard enough to know that their parents weren't at all monogamous. They also had never in their lives met two people more in love with each other. Consequently, their own attitudes towards sex were more in line with European openness than American puritanism.

They often saw each other nude or in some state of nakedness and had even walked in on each other from time to time in the middle of a sexual tryst. Just recently they had had sex in the same room laying on the floor right next to each other. It had been a strange yet exciting experience for both of them, one which they had talked about and agreed that they'd like to repeat.

"What's the occasion?" Jason asked.

"Hmm, looks like they're having a Halloween Masquerade Ball and they've invited us," Juliet replied. "Oh, look at this!" she exclaimed, pulling out the cape and holding it up. "This is so beautiful."

"What is it?" Jason asked, opening the package addressed to him.

"This is the costume we're supposed to wear," Juliet said with a laugh. "We'd practically be naked," she observed.

"And we're supposed to have a masque," Jason observed, reading his invitation. "But look, it's the end of October. We'll be studying for finals."

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