tagLoving WivesThe Halloween Party

The Halloween Party


I have to admit, the Halloween Party was a lot better than I expected. When my wife, Annie, first mentioned it to me, telling me it was at the Mather's house I was a bit apprehensive. June and Ed Mather were both okay as neighbors, but they weren't what I would call close friends. Sure we had been friendly and had even gone out with them on several occasions, it's just that whenever we were with them things seemed a bit uncomfortable. Almost every conversation seemed to start up too suddenly and then end in an uncomfortable silence.

It's too bad things never really got rolling with the Mathers, they were both about our same age, both quite hot looking and well, being married now about twenty years, my wife and I had talked about getting a bit more adventuresome. We both agreed that it might be fun to invite someone, or a couple into our bedroom and the Mathers immediately came to mind. Unfortunately we both feared those uncomfortable silences.

Anyway, Annie and I decided to accept the invitation to what turned out to be a full out costume party. Annie got off on that idea right away and within a day or two got the perfect costume, an Angel, in pure satin white. I procrastinated and had to settle for a clown costume, kind of a sad escort for the beautiful angel.

Well, when Ed and June met us at the door, they had already had a lot to drink and frankly, as they asked us in, quickly got each of us something to drink and began introducing us to the rest of the guests, things seemed wonderful. Oddly, while Annie and I talked with Ed and June, the conversation flowed as if we'd been best friends for years. After the introductions we sat down on the couch and took in the party.

The costumes were amazing, starting with Ed and June who were dressed as a king and his very sexy queen. Her gown was cut deep in the front showing off her amazing cleavage, while the slits in fabric showed a lot of her legs.

Taking a sip of the Mather's pumpkin wine I looked intently at Annie and could tell she was already feeling pretty good from the wine. She noticed me staring and said, "What?"

"You remember when we talked about making things a bit more interesting?"

"Yes," she replied, sitting up to listen.

"We didn't think Ed and June would, ah, work out."

She nodded.

"What do you think now?"

"They do seem very different, do you think they..."

"They what?" I asked.

Annie nodded at something across the room and I turned just in time to see our hosts disappear into a room with another couple, discreetly closing the door behind them.

"Damn, we're just too slow here," I whispered.

"Don't worry about it, we can have fun on our own," Annie replied.

"Yeah, there are a number of rooms in this house. Let me make a quick pit stop in the restroom first."

I got up and headed to the restroom. Not thinking to knock, I turned the knob and when it wasn't locked, I quickly stepped inside. It wasn't until I closed the door that I noticed a tall, red Satan standing at the toilet.

"Oh, excuse me," I said, turning to leave.

"No, no, I'm just about done," he replied, shaking his large cock.

Glancing down I couldn't help but gasp, not at the size, though it was larger than normal, but, quite frankly at its shape. I've never been one to look at or admire cock when my wife and I watched porn together, but this man's cock was simply beautiful. That's all I can say, it looked like the type of cock a man would dream of having, the type of cock that would simply drive a woman wild just looking at it.

The man slipped it back into his pants and flushed the toilet, thankfully not noticing my reaction at seeing something incredible. He moved over to wash his hands while I moved in front of the toilet. I slowly unzipped my pants and fumbled with my clothes until he stepped through the door, before pulling out my cock, which now seemed so woefully inadequate.

When I finished, I quickly slipped my cock back into my clown suit, washed my hands and hurried out. I looked around and though I saw my wife on the couch finish up another glass of wine, I couldn't see the man dressed as Satan.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," Annie said, giggling as she pointed over to a couple of ghosts apparently dry humping against the wall.

"Did you meet the man dressed as Satan?" I asked.

"Yeah, you went off with Ed somewhere and June introduced me to him. He's Andy, June's brother."

"Her brother?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I tell you babe, I walked in on him in the restroom and wow..."

"Wow what?" she asked.

"He's got the most incredible," I leaned close to her and whispered, "cock."

"You mean big?"

"A bit bigger than normal, but it was... well..."

"Well what?"

"It was the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen," I replied.

"Since when have you taken a fancy..."

"I haven't it's just that it was, well... Look babe, why don't we see if he is here with a woman and see if maybe they might want to join us."

"Just go up and ask?"

"Why not?"

Gulping the last of her wine, she stood up and headed into the kitchen. I followed her and saw him standing at the refrigerator looking inside. Annie simply walked up to him and asked if he was there with someone.

"No, I was passing through town and stopped in to see my sister and found out about this party. I rushed around and found a costume, but didn't have time to find a date."

I stepped forward, held out my hand and said, "I'm Mike, June and Ed's next door neighbor. I think you my have already met Annie."

Shaking my hand and then nodding his head to Annie he replied, "Yes, I met her earlier."

"Mike says you have a gorgeous cock," Annie suddenly blurted out.

"I have...."

"I'm sorry, I think Annie may have had a bit too much wine," I interrupted Andy's embarrassed reply.

"But Mike, didn't you want to ask him..." she suddenly stopped when she saw my face.

"Ask me what?"

"No, no I think perhaps we are being too forward here, I mean we just met," I said.

"Oh come on Mike, we'll never do anything at this rate," Annie whined.

"What are you wanting to do?"

"Mike wanted to ask if you might want to join us in one of the rooms here, just you, Mike and I."

"Is that correct Mike?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yes, if you..."

"I would love to," he said, grasping Annie's hand and leading her to one of the rooms with an open door. All I could do was follow.

Once in the room I heard Annie say, "You know, this is a fantasy of mine."

"What's that," Andy asked.

"To be fucked by Satan. Ever since I snuck out and watched 'Rosemary's Baby.'"

It was odd to watch since Annie and Andy didn't bother to remove all their clothes, he just pulled off his pants, while Annie simply hiked up her skirt and let Andy pull off her panties. Apparently I was the only one taking off my entire costume, all the while watching Satan's cock grow hard.

Annie liked the cock too as she quickly kneeled and took it into her mouth. She looked up at me as all I could do was reach down and begin stroking my erection. Seeing that perfect cock slide in and out of her mouth aroused something in me, something that made me need to be part of the action.

I stepped forward and slid the fingers of my left hand into Annie's hair, while my right hand slid down Satan's stomach into his dark pubic curls. Satan looked at me and smiled, reaching down and lightly grasping my cock.

"I want to put your cock in her pussy," I said gazing up at the horned man.

"Yeah," he moaned.

We both helped Annie get up onto the bed and while she held her pussy lips open, I slowly guided Satan's perfect cock into her, sliding my hands along the length of his shaft as it slid into her wet pussy. He moaned again and I knew he would be quick, maybe too quick for Annie to come.

I quickly leaned down and ran my tongue up his shaft, around the edge of her pussy and up to her clit. Immediately I began running my tongue quickly over her clit as Satan continued thrusting into her, his pubis banging against my cheek with each thrust.

The feeling of that large cock, along with my tongue sliding over her clit got Annie going and soon she was lifting her hips, shoving herself against my face and up around his cock. Each time Satan pushed into her, the wetness would spread over my cheek and I knew she was about to come. When she suddenly lifted her hips and moaned loudly I knew she was there.

I rested my head on her stomach as she came while Satan continued pumping in and out of her. Looking up at his face, I could see he was ready, so when he reached down, grabbed her hips and shoved deep into her, I pulled out between them and watched as his balls seemed to bounce as he pumped his hot, white cum deep into her pussy.

All I could do then was wait patiently as he caught his breath, letting his cock ooze the last of his jism into my wife. He then slowly withdrew and fell onto the bed beside Annie. Finally it was my turn. I moved in between her legs, looked down at the gaping hole of her pussy where it had been stretched wide by his cock. Some of his cum was beginning to drool out of her so I immediately leaned forward and shoved my cock hard into her.

It immediately slipped in all the way to the hilt, lubricated by Satan's and Annie's mingling juices. I pumped wildly, barely feeling anything since her pussy was still stretched. Annie reached up and began running her fingers over my nipples while Satan reached down and caressed my balls. As she slowly shrank around me, the wet sensations overtook me and soon, the pleasure swept from my balls, up through my cock and I arched my back, spurting my cum into Annie, feeling it mix with her and Satan's cum.

I fell onto the bed on the other side of Annie as both Satan and I snuggled up to her, our hands both dipping down between her legs, fingers sliding together into the wet, soft pussy of our beautiful Angel. After about thirty minutes, Satan moved over between Annie's legs and slurped up the cum that oozed out of her. Then he stood up, pulled on his pants and whispered, "I better be going now, but thank you Annie and Mike for an incredible evening."

Annie and I got dressed and slipped back into the party. We thanked our hosts and then headed back home.

Once back at home Annie was the first to speak, "It's going to be hard."

"What's going to be hard?"

"Well now I need to find a woman with a perfect pussy to properly thank you for this evening."

"Now you know you don't have to do that," I replied.

"I know I don't have to. I want to."

"Well, until then I'll just have to settle on doing something I have never done before."

"What's that?"

"Fuck an Angel twice in one night."

She smiled and headed for the bedroom.

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