tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Halloween Prank

The Halloween Prank



"Hey look! If it isn't Tommy-boy!"

I cringed as soon as I heard Chad and the other guys laughing. This was the last thing I wanted here at the mall. Especially while I was standing outside of the Forever 21 store and trying to look as if I wasn't.

Chad, Mark, Nick, and Steve walked up to me. I suppose I could say they were my friends. Truth was they were the only guys at my school who ever said anything to me, even if most of the time it was just to goof on me. Since I was new to the neighborhood, these guys were the closest thing to friends I could claim I had.

As they approached, I tried to lean casually against the second-floor railing and look down at the shoppers below -- anything to distract their attention from the brightly lit Forever 21 store. "Oh, hey, what's up, you guys?"

Chad, Nick, Dave and Steve gathered around me. Even though we went to the same school and we were all recently 18, I still felt smaller and less experienced as they came across. These guys were known at school for being devious rule-breakers and rumors of their exploits at keg parties made them the coolest kids in school.

Chad put his muscular arm around my shoulders in a way that wasn't exactly friendly. "Hey, Tommy-boy," he said. "What're you doing at the mall? I thought all geeks stayed at home and studied."

The other guys laughed at this. So did I. "Uh, you know...just hanging," I replied, trying to look cool. I kept looking away from the Forever 21 store and down over the railing to the shoppers passing by on the first floor of the mall, hoping to keep their attention that way. So far it was working.

"Yeah?" Nick laughed. "Do you wanna hang for real?"

"Huh?" I asked, not really getting what Nick meant.

Dave grinned at me. "He asked you, Tommy-boy, if you really wanted to hang. With us."

They kept laughing. I know I sound like a dork for not really knowing what they meant, but I said. "Yeah."

Chad, Nick, Dave, and Steve crowded closer around me. The smiles dropped from their faces. I started to feel nervous. Chad still had his heavy arm around my shoulders. "How about we start with hanging you off this railing?"

That's when I realized they were about to hang me over the side of the mall railing and dangle me over the first floor! I heard myself gulp and that just made them all laugh more. They were all standing so close around me that I had nowhere to go. Nick and Dave grabbed my arms. Steve knelt down and grabbed both my ankles.

"Tommy?" A voice called out. " Help me with some of these."

The guys turned to see who had just called my name. I didn't have to look over to know who it was, but I did anyway.

My mom definitely stands out from other parents. I think she might be 44 or 45 , but she never tells anyone her age. After she and my dad got divorced last year, she went and got herself a "makeover." She made her hair blonder and I'm pretty sure got Botox in her face to make herself look younger. She definitely got something that made her lips look as if she was always pouting. She even got a boob job. (I saw one of her bras in the laundry room and the tag inside said 36C).

That's when my mom started dressing all trendy and pretty much the same way girls at my school do: kind of short skirts or low-rise jeans and pants with tight t-shirts and tops that were either really tight or low-cut or both.

Today was no exception. My mom had on a tight white long sleeved turtleneck top -- the outline of her white satin pushup bra underneath was pretty obvious. Her short little beige suede skirt swished around her long tan legs. The almost-to-the knee black boots she had on CLACK-CLACK-CLACKED loudly as she walked. Her blonde highlighted hair was down just past her shoulders. She was reaching for her cell phone from her purse hanging off her shoulder while holding out a few bags in her other hand while not even looking over at me. "Tommy," she repeated. "Help me with these, sweetie."

Chad, Nick, Dave, and Steve were stunned at the sight of her. They had never seen my mom before. That gave me the chance to quickly slip away from them and -- as much as I didn't want to admit it -- feel relieved to have my mom standing there. I hurried over to my mom and gratefully grabbed the Forever 21 bags from her.

"Hey, Tommy-boy!" Chad called. I looked over and he grinned at me. "See you around."


"Hey, Tommy-boy! Wanna hang Halloween night?"

I couldn't believe it. I didn't know how Chad or those guys got the number to my house, but there I was standing in the kitchen and holding the phone to my ear while Chad was asking me if I wanted to hang out on Halloween.

"Uh..." was all I could think of to say. Then I quickly added. "Yeah!"

"Awesome," Chad replied. "Me and the guys will be by your house tomorrow night."

Just then I heard the front door open and the CLAK-CLAK-CLAK of heels across the foyer's hardwood floor which meant that my mom was home. I hung the phone up and walked through the kitchen to the front door.

My mom was standing in the large foyer. She placed her purse and keys on the high table in front of the large mirror that took up one side of the foyer wall. Another same sized mirror on the other wall showed the reverse angle of my mom.

Her hair was up in a high twist. She had on a thin tight pink tank top with a same style white one underneath that stretched over her boobs. The tight white lowrise yoga stretch pants she wore clung to her hips and legs while showing off her tan midriff and the curves of her firm butt. I couldn't help notice that the gym sneakers she had on had a bit off a heel to them.

My mom was holding what looked like a long black dress in one of those plastic garment bags. In her other hand she had a few bags from stores from the mall. One bag stood out from the others. It was pink - the words "Victoria's Secrets"- stood out among the rest.

I know this is weird to say but I found myself staring at my mom as she went up the stairs to her room. Her boobs were slightly bouncing in the thin double tank tops she wore. The white yoga stretch pants she had on showed off her curves and even from where I was standing at the bottom of the stairs I could sort of see the outline of the white thong she had on through the rear of her yoga pants. And then she was gone into her room and shutting the door behind her.


It was Halloween night.

The sun had just gone down. Little kids in their costumes, most of them accompanied by a parent or two with a flashlight, were beginning to go door to door down the dark block. The house I live in is in a sort of ritzy part of the neighborhood where the homes sit far back on big green lawns surrounded by hedges or fences or sometimes both. Because there are no streetlights on my block, it was pretty dark. The lights of the homes decorated for Halloween definitely gave the block a spooky look.

I was pacing in front of the front door in our foyer. I had on my costume: I was a cowboy. Which really just meant I had on a plaid shirt and jeans and boots and a cowboy hat. Around my waist I had a cheap holster and cap pistol I got from a store. It was pretty lame as far as costumes go, I guess.

"Mom, I'm going out now," I called out.

"Tommy, stay right there," I heard my mom shout from behind her closed bedroom door. Before I could leave, her door opened and she came hurrying down the hallway from her bedroom. She had on her long white silk robe that was tied closed with a white sash. Her hair was up in a fluffy white towel. In one hand she had a martini glass that was half full.

"Sweetie, Mommy isn't ready yet," she said to me while leaning closer. The neckline of her robe opened a little so that I could see the tops of her boobs. "I still have to get into my costume for the party I'm going to. You need to give out candy to anyone who comes to the door until I'm finished."

"Aw, Mom," I frowned. "The guys are waiting for me!"

"I don't care who is waiting," my mom snipped. "Until I'm good and ready with my costume, you are staying right here."

I was about to complain, but my mom just turned right around and marched right back down the hallway and shut her bedroom door. That was that. Just then the doorbell rang.

"Get the door, sweetie!" My mom shouted from behind her bedroom door.


"Trick or treat!"

Another group of kids were standing on the porch that led to the foyer. I tried to keep a happy face on while I handed out candy to the kids from a plastic pumpkin I held. Once they all got their candy, the kids were turning and running down the walkway to where one of their parents were waiting to escort them down the block.

I shut the front door and put the plastic pumpkin on the table in the foyer. I could see by the clock on the wall it was already past nine. "Mom!" I called out. "Aren't you ready yet?"

"I will be ready when I am ready, young man!" my mom's response came from her bedroom. "And do not yell in the house!"

I gritted my teeth, cursing under my breath even though I'm sure my mom wouldn't hear me from all the way in her bedroom. I was already late to meet the rest of the guys. I was practically missing all of Halloween and my mom still wasn't ready yet! As usual things always had to be about her first. I was just getting so sick of it.

Just then I heard the door to my mom's bedroom open followed by the clacking of her heels as she walked into the living room and I saw her in costume. She had on a really long tight black dress that clung to her figure so tightly that she could only take tiny steps across the room. The top of the dress was just off her shoulders and low cut enough to show the top of her cleavage. And from the way I could see her boobs moving as she walked, I was pretty sure that she wasn't wearing a bra. The lower half of the black dress hugged her hips and all the way down her long legs and all the way to the floor where it trailed behind her a few feet. There was a slit up one side that went halfway up her thigh to reveal her legs in black nylons and the strappy black platform heels she had on. My mom had done her hair in big blonde tousled ringlets that went down to her bare shoulders. Her makeup was very dramatic: smoky black mascara around her eyes, her cheeks a deep dark color, and a glossy purple accentuating her lips even fuller. She had her martini glass, now empty, in one hand.

"Uh..." I was trying to figure out what to say as I watched her crossing through the living room. "What are you supposed to be, Mom?"

My mom stopped and looked at me. She put her free hand on her hip, posing for me. "I'm a witch, silly. Can't you tell?" She leaned over to pick up something on the couch. As she did, I couldn't help but get a glimpse at her cleavage as the top of the black dress slid a bit more down her shoulders. My mom straightened up, now holding a big floppy witch hat in her hand.

I turned to the front door to leave. "Ok, I gotta go!"

"Not yet, young man," my mom replied. She began crossing through the living room and toward the kitchen with her empty martini glass. "Mommy still isn't ready yet. I have to call someone."

"Aw, Mom!" I pleaded. "Are you kidding? I've been waiting for, like, two hours."

"Oh, it hasn't been that long," my mom "tsked" at me even though I was right.

"I'm gonna miss Halloween," I complained.

"Sweetie, stop being so dramatic," my mom didn't even glance over at me as she continued to make her way across the living room in the tiny steps her long black dress would allow. "You'll get to have all the fun you want soon enough." And without a look back at me, she went into the kitchen.


"If there's a costume contest, I just may win first prize."

My mom was in the kitchen. She was pacing, her steps echoing into the living room where I was sitting and watching as she passed back and forth in the doorway. She was sipping from her second martini and chatting on her cell phone to a friend of hers. As usual, she was talking about her favorite subject: herself.

"I spent twice as much time on the StairMaster this week knowing I was going to have to fit into this costume," my mom was saying. I watched as she paused to sip from her martini and look at herself in the mirror above the dining room table. "Are there going to be any single men at this party?" My mom asked as she checked her make-up in the mirror's reflection. "Honestly, it can be so boring having married men trying to flirt with me all of the time." My mom sounded a bit tipsy as she giggled and had another sip of her martini.

I rolled my eyes. It never surprised me how much my mom liked to talk about herself. It was obvious from her long slinky black witch dress that she intended to be hit of the party. Just then, the doorbell rang. My mom was too busy chatting on the phone to hear it so I quickly got up to answer the door.

There were four Ninjas standing on the front porch. As soon as I opened the door, they made combat stances and I couldn't help flinching. That caused them all to laugh and when they pulled down the dark material from their faces, I realized it was Chad, Nick, Dave, and Steve.

"Scare you, Tommy-boy?" Nick asked.

"Did you piss yourself?" Dave laughed.

"Probably shit himself, too," Steve added with a cackle.

"Ease up, guys," Chad told them, then looked to me. "What's with the cowboy costume? I told you we were all going as Ninjas."

I nodded and picked up the pillow sack next to the front door. "I know. I have it right here," I explained. "I didn't want my mom to see me wearing it and think I was going out pranking. I was going to change into it after I left."

That just made the guys laugh more, but Chad waved them off. He grinned at me. "Where is your mom anyway?"

As if on cue, I heard my mom's heels CLONKING down the hallway and her calling out in a slightly tipsy-sounding voice: "Do we have some ghosts or goblins at the door?"

I saw the guys quickly lift their Ninja masks back up to cover their faces and hold out their pillow sacks while innocently saying, "Trick or treat!"

My mom walked into the foyer, taking the tiny steps her long tight black witch's dress allowed her and caused her curvy figure to shimmy-shake. She put down her martini glass and grabbed the plastic pumpkin bowl off the foyer table and turned to the guys on the porch.

"Oh," my mom playfully overacted at being surprised. "What do we have here?"

"Ninjas!" I heard Chad's muffled voice behind the black material covering the lower half of his face.

"How scary you all look," my mom replied while leaning forward to hold the plastic pumpkin in one hand and use her other to drop candy into the pillow sacks the guys were holding. They lowered the sacks to cause my mom to lean forward even more and somewhat waver in the strappy black heels she had on. She seemed to have no clue she was giving the guys a tantalizing look at how her witch's dress boosted her cleavage at them. From the looks in the eyes revealed by their Ninja masks, it was obvious that Chad, Nick, Dave, and Steve were enjoying the view they were getting. And then someone said, "Nice pumpkins!"

I saw a frown form on the playful pout my mom was giving them. She straightened up and took a step back, pulling the plastic pumpkin back. She haughtily scolded them, "How rude!" My mom shut the door on their laughter and banged the plastic pumpkin down on the foyer table. I watched her figure as she walked back down the hallway in an obvious huff.

"Going now, mom!" I called after her.

"Whatever!" She snipped at me without a glance back as she went to the kitchen.

I grabbed my pillow case with my own homemade Ninja costume inside and left.


Nick, Dave, and Steve goofed on me most of the night about how "lame" my homemade Ninja costume was, but Chad told them to chill out and that at least I'd tried. I thought it was pretty cool he said that because for the rest of the night the other guys eased off me and I got to run around with them doing pranks in the neighborhood. We egged cars and tee-peed houses and even lit a bag of dog poop on Old Man Mervin's doorstep and watched him step on it to put it out.

I was having such an awesome time that by the end of the evening I didn't even realize we were back on my block when Chad said, "One last prank for the night." And that's when I saw that we were standing in the street right in front of my house.

The guys all started up the front lawn to my house while I hung back at the curb, not really sure what they were up to. I could see the lights were on in the house and my mom's car in the driveway. Occasionally I saw her silhouette pass in front of the curtains in the living room window. I started to follow the guys up to the house to see what they were up to.

I couldn't tell who was who but I saw two Ninjas move to the front of the house where the garden hose was. While one stayed by the handle, the other pulled the hose to where the other two were standing on the front porch. I realized what they were up to and started hurrying up my front lawn to tell them to stop but then I saw one of the Ninjas on the front porch ring the doorbell just as I got behind them. I stopped, too nervous to even do anything.

The front door opened and my mom -- still in her clingy witch costume -- was standing in the foyer, Before she had a chance to say anything, the Ninja by the side of the house was twisting the handle and a spray of water shot out of the hose the others had pointed right at my mom.

I heard her shriek with surprise as she was caught off guard and blasted by the water, causing the witch hat flew off her head. The guys on the porch aimed the hose up and down her body, completely soaking her as she stood there uselessly waving her hands to stop the water that was spraying her. The guys began laughing hysterically as they continued to douse her until one of them gave the signal to the Ninja by the handle to shut it off.

My mom stood still in the open doorway to the foyer, a puddle of water around her. Her hair had managed to stay dry and she was trying to wipe the water from her eyes but was only succeeding at smearing her dark mascara. The force of the blast of the water had caused the front of her dress to slide a bit further down her bare shoulders, making her full cleavage even more on display. The long black clingy material of the dress was now wet and stuck to her skin, practically see-through under the lights of the foyer where she stood. We all could easily see she wasn't wearing a bra from the obvious way the soaked dress clung to her curves. The outline of the tiny black thong and dark thigh highs she had on clearly showed through the clingy wet material.

By this time, all the guys were standing on the porch laughing at my mom as she was still wiping at her eyes. At last my mom finally lowered her hands from her face. Her dark mascara was now smudged around her eyes like a raccoon. She looked down and gasped loudly when she saw the state of her witch's dress and how see-through it was under the foyer lights. She looked back up at the guys laughing at her. "You little brats," she shrieked.

I thought she was going to slam the front, but instead my mom started to take the tiny steps she could in the tight dress to chase the guys off the porch. They all turned and ran from her, except one that I noticed -- and she didn't -- that stepped to the side of the front door and let her wobble past in pursuit of the other three. I watched as that Ninja by the front door waited until my mom had stepped onto the porch and then he shut the front door on the end of her witch dress dragging behind her.

My mom was so determined to chase the guys that she didn't even hear the front door close on the end of her dress. She was halfway onto the porch when the long clingy wet black dress pulled against her body. Instantly the front of the dress slipped down causing her bare boobs to pop out. At the same time, the material of her dress tore along slit up the side and ripped all the way up to her hip, exposing the tops of her dark thigh highs and the front of her tiny black thong.

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