The Halloween Prank


I thought my mom was going to freak out, but she just froze. She was teetering in her heels with her arms out by her sides and looking down at what happened to her dress with this surprised and daffy expression like "Duhhh...?" She seemed to be in such a daze that she didn't even lift her arms to cover her bare boobs. Her wet, half naked body was on complete display and she didn't know what to do about it.

The guys -- except the one standing by the front door -- were halfway down the lawn, but they all stopped and turned to look at my mom. As soon as they saw her just standing on the porch looking down at her dress half torn down her body, they all turned back and moved back up to join the other Ninja and surrounded my mom. I found myself inching closer to the porch. Part of me wanted to tell the guys to leave my mom alone, but part of me -- loving the way she had that daffy confused look on her face, for once not so perfect and snobby -- wanted to watch what would happen next.

My mom looked up from her body and saw that the four Ninjas were suddenly standing around her on our front porch. She turned her head from side to side and I could see her blushing. The guys moved closer around her, pressing against her half naked and wet body.

And suddenly... I felt myself getting the most instant hardest boner. Maybe it was the look on my mom's face. Maybe it was seeing her practically naked in her tiny black thong and sexy black thigh highs. Maybe it was the way the guys were beginning to put their hands all over her. I guess for those first few moments, I was just as frozen as my mom was... and I couldn't stop watching now the guys had her how they wanted her.

Their hands were all over her body. Rubbing and groping and squeezing her big boobs. Hands swarmed along her hips and rear, tearing her black dress lower. My mom was gasping and swaying on her heels between them as they pulled her this way and that. I feel so weird admitting this, but it was so hot to watch it happening to her.

Even though they still had on their Ninja masks, I could tell who was who surrounding my mom. Nick, Dave, and Steve were crowding in front of her and groping her boobs. Chad had stepped behind her. He'd pulled the back of her wet dress up and aside so her rear and the tiny black thong she had on was exposed to him.

Brad was using both hands to squeeze my mom's rear. He pressed his pelvis against her rear and grinded as if they were on a dance floor. I saw him use one hand to grab the thin strip of my mom's black thong from between her cheeks and stretch the lacy material back and then let go, having it snap back between her legs. My mom jumped slightly and I heard her gasp with surprise.

Nick pulled the lower half of his Ninja mask down his face and leaned in to start kissing my mom's left boob. As soon as he did, Dave pulled down his mask and started licking her right one. My mom gasped again and her head tilted back as if she was about to pass out. Steve was also trying to duck his head between Dave and Nick so he could motorboat his face in her cleavage.

I couldn't believe this was happening to my mom right on our doorstep. I glanced behind me to the dark street and didn't see anyone or a single car pass by. All I could hear behind me was the sounds of the guys groping my mom and her gasps. When I turned back to the doorstep, what I saw next was really surprising.

My mom's arms were dangling by her sides and her head was rolling back, her eyes closed as Nick, Dave, and Steve continued to kiss and lick her bare boobs. Brad was still standing behind her and now he had his hard cock sticking out a flap in the front of his Ninja costume. One hand was still on my mom's hip keeping her in place and his other hand was holding his erection and slapping the tip of his cock on my mom's ass.

"Ohhhhh..!" My mom gasped louder and opened her eyes, trying to look behind her, but with Nick, Dave, and Steve in front of her and kissing and fondling her boobs and the way Brad had positioned himself, she couldn't manage it. Brad slapped his cock on my mom's ass a few more times, each time getting a gasp from her. Then he pulled the thin material of her tiny black thong from between her cheeks again, but this time he scooted his cock against her ass and let her thong go causing it to trap his cock against her ass.

My mom gave a little squeal and tried to squirm away from Brad, but with his hard cock held in place by the thin strap of her thong across her ass, she couldn't. Brad put both hands on either side of her hips and rubbed against her. The other guys saw this and began laughing and cheering him on. And for a moment, I even heard myself laughing from the look of surprise on my mom's face.

Nick, Dave, and Steve were just standing in front of my mom and laughing as she was trying to wiggle away from Brad. Her boobs were bouncing a bit and she gained enough sense to put her hands over them, but her tiny palms could barely cover the perfect 36C's she'd paid for. It feels weird to admit it... but it was pretty exciting to see my mom go from always being so prissy and snooty and full of herself to half naked and helplessly confused by her predicament.

And suddenly my mom's squirming stopped. She came to a stand still. Her eyes went wide with surprise and her lips parted as she gave a breathless gasp. She remained frozen in that position, her hands on her bare breasts, somewhat leaning forward at the hips where the top half of the wet witch's dress had been pulled down. Her long legs in dark thigh highs trembling slightly as she tried to remain standing in her strappy black heels.

That's when we all saw that Brad had a firm grip on my mom's waist and was now thrusting his hips against her rear. There was a slight slapping sound of skin against skin and his rough grunts mixing with my mom's breathless gasps meant one thing...

"Holy shit!" Nick exclaimed with glee. "He's fucking her!"

Nick, Dave, and Steve surged even closer in front of my mom. Their hands on her shoulders and arms, holding her in place as Brad rammed her from behind. Dave craned his head around to look behind my mom and he cackled, "Oh damn! He's really in her pussy!" I couldn't help but peek around Dave to see for myself. Brad had pulled my mom's tiny thong across her rear and I could see his erection -- the shaft glistening with wetness -- thrusting forcefully between my mom's legs with a slight squishy sound.

I heard my mom's surprised gasps shift to breathless moans. I looked at her and saw she was blushing uncontrollably, her full lips parted in a sensuous gape. Her hands could barely contain her breasts from bouncing in time with Brad's rigorous thrusts. I swear I could see her hips sway and begin matching the rhythm of Brad's cock thrusting into her. I was astounded -- and overwhelmingly turned on -- to see that my mom was losing control of herself and giving in to being fucked like a porn star on her own front porch!

To confirm what was obvious to all of us crowding around my mom, Brad laughed and said, "This bitch is getting so wet. She's loving it!" My mom blushed a deeper shade and looked over her shoulder with eyes wide at Brad in his Ninja costume. He took one hand off her hip and grabbed her hair, twisting his fingers through the honeyblonde highlights and causing my mom to give another gasp of surprise while forcing her to look back at the boys in front of her.

I was standing a bit off to the side and could see Brad fucking my mom's shapely figure. I had never seen her like this and it was beyond anything I could ever have imagined seeing my mom like. She was moaning louder and giving little surprised sexy squeals when Brad would ram deep into her. He kicked his foot between her heels to drive her legs wider.

"Ohhhh...!" My mom groaned. The force of Brad kicking her heels wider provided the momentum for her to lean over at the waist. I had been so busy watching Brad banging my mom from behind that I didn't even notice that Nick, Dave, and Steve -- who were still standing in front of my mom -- now all had their cocks sticking out of the front of their Ninja costumes.

The moment my mom was forced to lean into Nick, Dave, and Steve, they instantly began rubbing their cocks in her face. Their hands pulled at her hair and fought to be the one to make her suck them. It resulted in their cocks slipping and sliding over her lips and cheeks. The moment my mom's lips parted as she gasped from Brad's deep bangs, one of the guys used the opportunity to guide his cock into her mouth. I saw my mom eagerly suck whichever cock was thrust past her lips. I could hear the slurping and gagging sounds she made.

Steve was jerking himself at my mom when he suddenly groaned and his spooge erupted from his cock to scatter gooey white gobs into my mom's hair. Meanwhile, Nick had his cock in my mom's mouth while Dave was pressing his tip close to her lips. "Swordfight!" Nick shouted and he and Dave pressed their tips together to smear the purple gloss on my mom's lips and both pushed into her mouth. Dave's hips jerked and his thick jizz overflowed past her lips and down her chin. That's all it seemed to take for Nick to grunt while pulling his cock from my mom's mouth and gush his thick milky load across the tops of her swaying tits.

"Time to give this trick her treat," Brad exclaimed. He pulled his cock from between my mom's legs and took a step back while holding his cock in one hand. With a few quick strokes, his cum spurted from his cock and streaked up her back. He aimed his tip across her rear and let the rest of his creamy white drops ooze onto the curves of her ass and on flimsy material of her black thong.

By then Nick, Dave, and Steve were already running from the porch and disappearing into the dark shadows at the edge of the lawn. I saw Brad wipe his cock off on what was left of my mom's witch costume hanging off her hips. He gave my mom's ass a slap to which she moaned and he looked over at me and winked. "Happy Halloween," he said and hurried off the porch to join the others already disappearing into the shadows down the street.

By the time I turned back to the front porch my mom had somehow regained her composure and moved inside. I had time to glimpse her half naked, cum streaked figure hurry behind the front door as it shut. I was left standing by the front porch, realizing a huge stain was spreading on the lower half of my homemade Ninja costume where I'd came while watching this all. The image of my mom being used by my friends lingered in my mind while their laughter echoed off into the night.

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