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The Handy Man


The day started out just as any other weekday. Kelly had seen the kids off to school and dropped her husband off at the train and was now at home waiting for the handyman to repair a few things around the house. Kelly had finally talked her husband into hiring someone to do the work since he had been so busy at work lately and no longer had the time to do these minor repairs. Truth be told she would rather have someone else do it anyway, as much as she loved her husband he just was not as mechanically able as he pretended to be.

By 10 am Kelly had finished her most of her chores and was weeding her flower beds when she heard a truck pull into her driveway. Standing up and brushing the dirt from her hands and knees Kelly walks around to the front of the house to meet the handyman.

She made it to the front in time to see the door of the truck open and watched the man walk towards her. "Hi I am Scott the handyman are you Mrs..."

"Kelly please" she interrupted and extended her hand. Scott took her extended hand and Kelly felt her knees melt as she looked into his warm brown eyes. Trying to shake the chemistry she felt standing so close to the stranger standing before her Kelly say "follow me and I will show you what I need to have done" Smiling Scott releases her hand and says " lead the way"

"I am so glad you could come on such short notice" Kelly says longing to fill the silence between them as they headed for the kitchen. "I have wanted to have these things done for months. I was finally able to talk my husband into hiring somebody to do it for us. I am sure you hear this all the time wives waiting for husbands to do repairs until they can wait no more. Look at me rambling on. Can I get you a soda, coffee anything? Kelly could feel the flush that rose up her neck and across her face as the handyman smiled a shy grin and said, " thanks for the offer but I am all set."

"Well then why don't we get to it then" Kelly said as she began showing him why he was there."

"What I need is to have this light fixture hung in the dining area, the steps on the back deck are loose and finally the door to my bedroom doesn't close very well" looking up from her notes Kelly adds " will you be able to do this in one trip or will you need to come back"

"I won't know until I get started" Scott said as he was looking over the new light fixture and making a mental list of the tool he will need.

A little while later Kelly can't help but to watch Scott working so efficiently. From her vantage point in the kitchen she could not tear her eyes from his strong arms and firm ass. He had a hard strong body that a man get when he works hard not from spending an hour a day working out on a treadmill. The ease with which he used this tools impressed her. Far more than she would admit even to herself. She felt stabs of longing deep within her each time he bent over and showed her his fine form.

Kelly's body was responding to the sheer masculinity that her handyman oozed with his every move. "Oh this is too much, I need to work off some of this frustration" Kelly says to herself. "If you need anything I will be out in the yard" Grabbing a soda and a magazine Kelly heads for the yard but her mind stayed with the handyman. The early fall sun was hot on her skin feeling like a warm caress. Closing her eyes Kelly leans back on her lounge chair and lets the warm rays lick her exposed skin.

Looking over her shoulder to be sure she wasn't being watched Kelly inches her skirt higher up her thighs "may as well extend the tan as long as I can." As time passes her mind continues to focus on the strapping handyman and his solid masculine ass and tan powerful arms her pussy getting more moist with each moment. With another glance to be sure no one was looking Kelly begins to tease her erect nipples. Her passion building her inhibitions long gone she recklessly begins to touch her clit and ease the throbbing that is growing more persistent with each passing moment. A slight moan escapes her lips as her excitement builds. Soon her fingers are moving rapidly on her clit and pinching her swollen nipples. Her climax building stronger and stronger.

"Looks like there are a few more things the husband doesn't have time to take care of, perhaps I can offer some assistance" spoken in a low soothing voice that could have only come from one person. Kelly jumps and scrambles to right herself. "I didn't hear... excuse...Omigod I cannot believe this just happened. It is not what it looks like." Kelly stumbles on her words. "Well I guess it is what it…did you need something?

"Actually I was just coming out to fix the steps when I heard a noise and came to investigate. Please don't be embarrassed, obviously you need some attention and I can help if you are interested. As you can see I could use a hand myself, you put on a pretty good show." As he was speaking Kelly looked at his swollen crotch and the pulsing in her pussy became too much, throwing caution into the wind she smiles and says "if you will follow me I think we can work something out."

Using all her strength and dignity to keep from running she takes Scott's hand and leads him to her bedroom. Closing the door behind her she smiles and says, "nice job it hasn't closed like that in years, you work fast I hope not in all things." Before he can answer Kelly is on her knees working open his zipper and pulling his pants down around his work boots. Scott's large swollen cock leaps into her waiting hands and is quickly swallowed by the horny housewife. "Oh man that feels good, you suck cock so good baby." Reaching down he pulls Kelly up to him and they move together to the bed and quickly disrobe. Scott pauses for a moment to appreciate the beautiful set of tits before him.

"Very nice" was his only words before taking the a nipple into his mouth and teasing it until Kelly is writhing in ecstasy. "I like to the job right sometimes that means fast and quick others times it means paying close attention to the details. How do you like it?"

"Anyway I can get it" was Kelly's only answer. Moving his rough hands down the length of her smooth silky skin until he reached her wet pussy. Two fingers penetrate her pussy and are brought to his mouth. "So very sweet" he purred as he began kissing down her torso. When he reached her bare mound he looked up to catch her eyes before unleashing his skilled tongue on her dripping pussy. Kelly's body spasmed with each lick and within moments the handyman was rewarded for his hard work with a mouthful of her delicious juice. Scott continued to lick and suck her clit savoring her taste and teasing her to new heights. Slowly while he is licking he pushes a finger into her pussy which causes her body to flood his face again. Working another finger he starts to fuck her pussy with her fingers while licking her now erect clit.

"Omigod, Omigod, Yes Yes Oh fuck YES!" Kelly screamed as she came harder and stronger this time. "Please fuck me NOW!" She yells as she can no longer wait to have his fat cock buried in her pussy. Sitting up and position the head of his tool between her wet pussy lips. The Handyman takes a moment to tease her lips with his swollen head before plunging into her with one thrust. "Yes" she moans as her hips begin to move with his.

"Harder, Fuck me Harder" Kelly demanded "Oh yea, that's just how I need it"

Scott pulls out and before she can stop him flips her over and Plunges in from another angle.

"You want it hard baby, I'll show you the way you need to be fucked."

Harder and faster he drove his dick in and out of her. Her body riding the waves of passion that consumed her. Over and over she reached her climax until she could feel her juices dripping out of her.

"Oh Oh," Scott started to moan, I am gonna cum. Two more deep hard thrusts and he pulls his cock out of her pussy, flips her around and cums on her firm tits.

Kelly is left breathless on the bed, The clock reads 2pm the kids will be home soon.

The Handyman is getting dressed. Leans over and suck a nipple between his lips before saying "looks like I will have to come back tomorrow, if that is ok with you."

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