tagGay MaleThe Hanky Code Pt. 13

The Hanky Code Pt. 13


His cock was back up to its huge level, it was all encompassing and felt as though it was running through my entire body a second spine for my body.

He stood up and I expected more of the slamming squats, but it seemed Master S liked a varied gym session. His massive hands cupped my widely spread ass cheeks pulling them apart still further.

He then did short bicep curls lifting me until the harness clips were at full stretch and only his God like cock head was left in me. Rocking me in his hands, pulling my cheeks as wide as he could, so that the tip of his cock gently stretched my pussy to its new found limit. Although the pain was intense, I was beginning to love that pain, to need it.

It wasn't that the pain had changed to pleasure, it was still pain, but that was what I'd been reprogrammed to need. I was just breathing in more poppers and floating on my ecstasy and popper high, genuinely happy and focussing on the sensations ripping through my body, it was amazing.

Then he not only dropped me, he pulled me down as fast and hard as he could, to ensure I was fully impaled.

Every last bit of breath was pushed out from my body, the sheer volume of his cock made the Cyborg seem gentle and small, I felt like I was being ripped in half. My clit still stood to attention, showing to everyone out there that I loved every fucking second of this abuse.

I hadn't made a sound and then it dawned on me that I'd stopped taking any breaths. I was simply an animal being fucked hard and trained to submit.

I almost blacked out, with not breathing and then he lifted me up again and I could breathe, once more he did his arm exercises keeping me bouncing just on the glans of his head.

It felt amazing, my cunt lips, tightening ever so slightly under the head of his glans then opening again as he lifted me slightly higher. The orgasm which was always near, started to surface and the moment before it finally hit, just before I could wallow in the pleasure, he dropped me again onto that rod of steel.

This time felt even deeper, not that that was possible, but he was so deep within me. This lifting, then the unbridled pleasure following by slamming down in intense, overwhelming pain, carried on for I know not how long.

My emotions ebbed and flowed, I was ecstatic one second and trying to survive the next, this was repeated endlessly. He'd cum once and heavily and obviously the second time for him was going to take much, much, longer, the question was could I survive this shafting.

I was being worked over so hard that I couldn't breathe at times, then would be on the edge of orgasm, only to have Master S rip it away. He was accomplished at edge play it would seem.

He fucked me like this for what seemed like an hour, I was almost delirious, desperate for relief, desperate for an orgasm.

He also used my nipples if I got too close to orgasm, clenching so hard on them that I gasped in pain. The huge nipples I now had were directly wired to my pussy and my clit and the electric shocks ran through my pig body as he mercilessly squashed them with his fingers.

I was in a complete haze, of drugs, more poppers, pain and the odd moment of pleasure, the feelings amongst the most intense I'd ever experienced. I couldn't hold on to any train of thought for more than a few seconds. No longer capable of coherent thought. Just responding to the stimulation of the rape at that particular second.

I heard Master S's breathing change, become more ragged, but I couldn't make the connection, until he slammed me down one final time and pumped me full of the second load of his bull seed. He really was breeding his pig well.

He sat back down on his throne, giving his legs a rest, but with me fully impaled and full of his cum. He sensually massaged my tits, nipples and stomach.

"Ummmmm such a good pig, now you have my seed in you, now that I have bred you, you'll always need more of my seed. You have been impregnated by your Master. My seed is the strongest you'll ever have in your pussy and you will crave it always."

"Soon I'm going to feed you every last drop that drips from your gaping cunt as my cock withdraws from your bitch body and once you have eaten my cum, it will be the only thing you'll get true satisfaction from."

What he said was hypnotic, as I rested fully on my superiors huge cock. My clit simply twitched and hardened ever more, as he spoke soothingly into my ear. Almost whispering to me, he'd induced a serious hypnotic state in his pig. Now he knew I was completely suggestible and he could plant triggers in my sub conscious.

"Now pig remember, you need my seed, you'll have a deep seated hunger that only my cum will satiate, you will crave it all the time. When you try to satisfy this hunger with other men's cum, you'll need at least 10 full loads just to take the edge off your hunger, do you understand piggie?"

"Yes Master S I understand, I will hunger for your cum, I need your cum, I crave your cum."

"And if you can't get my cum, what will you need?"

"I'll have to get at least 10 men to feed me their cum Master, more and more men to satisfy my hunger and please you."

"Good little slut, that's it, whenever you travel and you're not in San Fran you will be in contact with me and beg me to send you to get your fix of cum from many men, won't you whore?"

"Yes Master I will be on Skype and beg to be sent to satisfy whoever you send me to, just to get my fix."

"Now for your own cum slut, you will always eat every last bit of pig juice that comes from your clit, never waste any, you are allowed to spurt you pig juice when I say, but then you'll eat it all up, every single day. It won't satisfy you though, it will just make you want my cum even more. Every day, in every way you'll want my cum to feed your hunger, now say it."

"Every day, in every way I'll need Masters cum to feed my hunger."

"Every day, in every way I'll eat all of my own pig juice."

"There good little piggie, when you leave here you will want poppers every day, to remind you of me and the amazing fantasy weekend you've had. Each and every time you take a sniff of poppers you'll think of me and what I've done to you. You'll think of my huge cock fucking you, then you'll want more and more poppers and you'll sniff more and more."

"Every day, in every way you'll need more poppers, say it."

"Every day, in every way I'll need to sniff more poppers and be reminded of you Master."

"As your face and body warms up and your clit hardens, you'll think of me raping your cunt and you'll need to fill you dirty whorish hole immediately, you'll need to have your hole gaping on cam for me."

"Every day, in every way you'll need your pussy, plugged, stretched and gaped. Say it slut."

"Every day, in every way I'll need to plug, stretch and gape my pussy Master S."

"Then the thirst will build, the thirst for my piss. Again just like the cum, only my manly piss will truly satisfy your thirst. You'll need a gallon of other men's piss to get the same effect."

"Every day, in every way you'll thirst for my piss, or you'll have to drink a gallon of real men's piss."

He didn't need to say it again, I simply repeated my new mantra.

"Every day, in every way I'll need Master's piss, or I'll have to drink a gallon of piss from other men to satisfy my thirst."

"Now pig you understand all of these rules for when you travel, what your true role now is, and what your limits are pig?"

"I understand my rules Master and my role as your cum and piss pig to be sent to satisfy anyone you want me to, without any limits."

"Perfect pig, now breathe in more and more poppers, hyperventilate until you feel them over loading your system, it's time for your final training pig."

I focussed on breathing as he'd ordered me to, short sharp breaths to take in as much as I could, remembering watching Sissy Hypno videos with the commands to breathe in and hold and then count. I breathed in and held it, then breathed in more, soaking my brain with poppers to be a good pig for my Master.

My face was flushed, my body heating up, my clit rock hard again, thanks to Masters drugs and the ecstasy. All I could feel was Masters hands holding my tits, his cock still owning me. I was getting overloaded with drugs and the words he had made me repeat were swirling around my addled brain.

I need to feed on Masters cum, I need to drink Masters piss, I need poppers, I have to be plugged, to be stretched. The triggers were settling into my subconscious to be brought back to life whenever and wherever Master S pleased. I would have no choice in the matter, just cravings, desperate longings to be satisfied.

"Pig what do you want to be trained in next, tell me out loud, look into the camera lens and tell your audience."

"Master please train me to take your fist, get me ready for the farm and the pigs, the dogs and the horse, please Master S, make me a better pig."

Master S was unlocking the clips that held us together.

"Guys in the sling for the final event please."

The two shadow guys came out and lifted me up and off my magnificent Masters cock, as it left me I felt completely empty and in desperate need to be filled again, which was just as it should be. Just what Master S wanted from his pig.

One of the guys took a pretty large plug and just pushed it into my cunt in one motion, the copious quantities of Masters S's cum proving to be the perfect lube. Now I was plugged me to keep the seed inside me until Master was ready to feed me. His seed staying in me a little longer to ensure I was fully bred.

I was taken to the sling and laid on my back in it, they released my hands and my aching legs were unstrapped and my ankles lifted to the top of the suspension system and padlocked in place, holding my legs wide apart and up in the air. I couldn't even feel my legs after they had been strapped and confined for so long. If they had stood me up I would have fallen to all fours just like the pig I was being turned into.

My hands were raised above my head and the mittens locked in place so that I was spread-eagled. My pussy wide apart, plugged and ready for Master S to enjoy.

As I looked down, the site I saw were the mounds of my beautiful pig tits topped off by the now 1 ½ inch long thick nipples. My distended, piss and cum filled pregnant belly hiding from my view my 6 inch rock hard clit, still with the completely retracted foreskin remaining in place. The black leather of my harness finishing off the picture.

Master S stood in front of me between my legs looking into my eyes.

"Now for the coup de grace slut, time to become my fistee and earn that red hanky you want so much."

"Now tell me pig, you have been fisted before you said?"

"Yes Master S, by two Mistresses in the UK."

"Did you enjoy it pig? I'm guessing we all know the answer to that question."

"I loved the feeling of being completely owned internally by someone Master, but they had very small hands."

"Excellent pig, then with my massive fists you'll really feel owned won't you?"

"Yes Master S, please make my hole even bigger with your fist, so I can take a horse cock for you."

"That's what we all wanted to hear pig, now fill those little lungs of yours with poppers breathe in as much as you possibly can as the time is now."

"But first lets feed you my seed so that your hunger is satisfied, tell me what you need pig?"

"Every day, in every way I need Masters cum to feed my hunger."

Master S had unplugged my pussy and held a cup underneath collecting the globules of his seed as they dripped from my gaping cunt.

"Now start to bear down to get more of this precious food out of your pussy to satisfy your hunger, you need this."

I had so little control of my pussy now, that I wasn't sure if the attempts at clenching made any difference, but still I tried, I needed to be fed my Masters seed, I longed for it.

"That's good pig, some nice big globules of feed coming out for you to feast upon.

As I was bearing down I had no control over my bladder and a constant stream of piss was coming out of my clit and streaming over my belly and covering me in my own piss.

"Get a bottle Drey and collect his drink will you please."

I was simply wallowing in my own waste, a true pig.

Drey walked up and fitted a large bottle over my clit head to collect whatever emitted from it, to then water me with.

Master S took out my nose plugs and coated my nostrils with his cum then replacing them in tightly, the scent of him was intense and I loved it. Then he gave my still slightly swollen lips a coat of lip gloss and then began to pour his food into his pig, nice and slowly so I could see each appetizing morsel as it dropped into my open mouth to be greedily swallowed.

Once Master S had finished feeding me, he clipped a funnel gag to my mouth and strapped it onto my head, then taking the bottle from my clit and pouring the contents into the funnel, before replacing the bottle on my clit to catch the constant stream of piss which was now coming without any help from me. The bottle was to the side of my leg, allowing clear access to my cunt for Master S.

The sliminess of Masters seed which 24 hours ago would have horrified me was now ambrosia, I loved the slight bitterness and longed to have the taste in my mouth for as long as possible, but now it was being washed away by the saltiness of my cloudy piss. The hunger came back I needed to be fed more.

He pulled up the black chair between my legs and lubed up both his hands liberally, rubbing them together and coating his forearms for me to see. My clit was twitching as the piss continued to pour out.

Fed, watered, harnessed and wallowing in my own filth, I was a happy pig, I just longed to be filled properly now.

"See guys pig is not only ready for this, it craves this, it has to have this to be happy now."

I felt Masters fingers of one hand, made into the classic fisting shape, the fingers outstretched to allow access to my cunt, before the inevitable clenching of the fist once at home inside his pig.

He pushed forward rocking me back in the sling as his four fingers met resistance from my pussy, then I felt his thumb pressing under my balls trying to stimulate the prostate from the outside or almost holding me as you would a ten pin bowling ball.

He steadily rocked his hand back and forth, setting the sling rocking and holding his hand firm and slightly further up with each swing, until my stretched cunt gave up the fight and let the full width of his curled fingers in. I then felt his thumb at the outside of my cunt, worming it's way in beside his fingers.

He was using his other hand to wank my clit, which was still issuing forth a steady stream of piss, now that the seal had been broken. Drey simply emptied the bottle once it was full into my funnel and then continued to fill it.

The feelings of Master pulling my foreskin even further back was excruciating and it took my focus slightly from the insanely large fist entering me.

"Ohh well done pig, we're at the knuckles now the final frontier."

Master S sounded truly pleased and so I simply took on as many extra poppers as I could inhaling like a mad man.

"That's it pig, breathe in your juice, here comes my hand, the hand of your God to claim you."

I breathed in over and over again, trying to cover the pain, even after his cock I felt I was being split asunder.

"Here we go pig, now is the time, take my hand."

I swallowed a massive mouthful of piss, breathed in and held it and then tried to bare down on Masters hand as he held his hand firm as my body swung back towards him.

Then the moment we'd been working towards, the ultimate climax for a pig, the amazing feeling as the knuckles entered and my greedy cunt consumed Masters hand. For anyone who's never been fisted, normally the moment is both terrifying and ecstatic, although you have managed to take a fist, you wonder how it will ever come out, it almost feels weirdly claustrophobic.

This time though I felt none of that worry, I was complete, a perfect pig on my Masters arm, it felt simply amazing and I squealed out through the funnel with joy as I swallowed another pint of piss.

"Ohhhh yes my pig, well done, now you really are a true pig, now I can whore you out to the farm, you not only can take on a horse you deserve it you piggy whore. Fuck you will make me some serious money."

Drey removed the gag as I was no longer pissing uncontrollably.

"Are you ready for the true fisting though, the punch fucking of your insides, this will hurt, but you need the pain as much as you need my seed slut, don't you?"

I'd only been fisted hard once, by a sexy Australian Domme called Caprice in London and she was so very small, it had made me cry and whimper at the time, but I loved it.

This by contrast was brutal, as though my insides were in a boxing match with Master. All I could do was breathe and try to survive again.

As he punched forward he was rotating his arm, stretching me still further, a good part of his forearm inside me.

I continued to breathe, swallow on the outward stroke, I could do nothing, concentrate on nothing on the inward stroke.

Then Master slowed down and became more gentle until I felt him removing his hand from me altogether, it should have been a relief, but straight away I wanted him back inside me. I shouldn't have worried.

This time he curled his hand and simply pressed forward pushing the sling back, as my body weight bore down on his hand, finally my cunt accepted him back in and then once again he withdrew. He continued this for stroke after stroke until I was taking his hand like a horse takes a vets hand.

Then he took it a step further clamping both hands together as if he was going to pray and then pushing forward, this time though I simply couldn't accommodate both hands, not by a long chalk.

"I knew that would be too much for you pig, but once you've been to the farm, you'll probably be able to take both hands, I think we should have that as an aim for your next time here, pig, what do you say to that."

"Yes please Master stretch my cunt further next time and please give me a double fisting, I would love that Master."

"I genuinely think you will slut and I'll make sure you do, I've not had many pigs who could even take one of my fists let alone two, you dirty fucking whore. What a job I have done on you, now you are my pig."

"Yes Master S, thank you for transforming me."

"Well slut that's the end of the film, we've finished earlier than I thought, it's only 10 am, so you can go back to your normal life and get ready for your call to family tonight, once you've chosen your $1000 of free toys. That's right I've increased the amount as a reward for your efforts, although Steve and I will choose and fit you with your toys and then send you on your way back to normality."

"Please don't send me away now Sir, I need more."

"Ohh don't worry slut I'm not done with you by a long chalk, you'll be on cam for me later today and doing my bidding all around the world, now that you have contracted to be my pig whenever you travel."

"Thank you Master, thank you so much."

Fuck I meant it, from the bottom of my depraved, fat, smooth body, I meant it, I felt complete. In the haze I was still in, I couldn't even think about the implications facing me, my swollen belly, my tits for fucks sake, the huge fucking nipples, my still slightly swollen lips. I should have been thinking what do I do about these but that was beyond me. I was incapable of rationale thought.

The guys came back to unshackle me, taking off the mittens and the mask, so no more poppers, my legs allowed to dangle down and get the blood flowing once more.

The drugs were still affecting me hard so I couldn't think straight. My pussy was gaping completely, the natural elasticity gone, a raw open would that needed to be filled to take away the aching loss I was beginning to feel.

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