tagGay MaleThe Hanky Code Pt. 16

The Hanky Code Pt. 16


Melinda opened the door to a very large guy, not tall but fat almost round. He waddled in smiling and sweating profusely. He carried a large Gladstone bag giving him the air of an old fashioned Doctor.

Mistress Caprice said "Welcome Mr Smotherer, I hope you're pleased with your pig."

"Ohhhhh yes, she looks perfect, I really have worked up a sweat on the walk here, ummmm that lovely mouth and nose. That pretty little plugged pussy too, I'll have such fun using her."

"You'll both be staying to watch I presume."

"Yes and Melinda will take care of the filming and make sure your privacy is respected, you just enjoy yourself and if you need anything passing, just let Melinda know, we have quite a few toys you can avail yourself of."

"I need to get on that face quickly and scratch the particular itch I have in my ass first."

As he said this he started undressing and hanging his sweaty clothes over the chair to the side of the bed.

I could see his small cock just under his overhanging belly. If I'd seen this guy in a gay bathhouse previously, he would have turned me off completely, but now I just needed piss or cum, I wanted and craved dirtiness. I knew it was my place as a pig. His entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat he really did smell ripe.

Melinda ordered me to take 4 huge hits of poppers before she removed the nose plugs, I knew what was going to be happening so loaded up on as much slut juice as I possibly could.

I was humming again, the shelved ecstasy still affecting me. Then I felt the bed dip massively as he added his sweaty manly bulk to the mattress, he was on all fours next to me and looked like a big fat sweaty pig himself.

Then he lifted one heavy wobbling thigh over my head and positioned his big fat, sweaty ass over my mouth, before pulling his flabby ass cheeks apart to reveal a shaved well-worn asshole with big swollen glistening lips. The aroma was overwhelming, sweat, piss, cum and ass all at once. The smell of dirty gay glory holes or saunas.

I showed my true pig colors lifting my head and extending my tongue, all captured in HD to show what a fucking whore I was.

"Now Sissy pig, you'll only get to breathe when that dirty slutty tongue of yours has opened my butthole up. When you do you'll find not only some nice surprises but also I'll let you breathe."

"Do bear in mind though that if you don't get in really deep, deep enough to open me up, then I'll take your breath until you black out. Then I'll bring you around and start again. So make an effort."

Then he sat down heavily on me, placing his rosebud directly over my mouth. He released both his cheeks from his grip and they clamped over my own cheeks sealing them completely and not allowing me to breathe. My nose deep in his sweaty ass crack only got the occasional sniff of air as he moved back and forth.

Then he realized I was still getting a little air and tutted then moved back to seal that off.

"Get on with it pig!!."

Hearing his muffled order, I tried to raise my head to delve my tongue in deeper, but he held me firmly to the bed. The intensity of the poppers was greatly enhanced by the lack of air.

His aroma was soaking into my pores, saturating my nasal passages, fuck now I really was a dirty faggot pig. I worked my tongue as hard as I could into his ass, getting the surprise of a taste of piss as I opened his shithole a little.

First only a few drops then a full torrent which I tried to swallow, but what I couldn't, soaked my face and filled my nostrils, breathing was becoming harder and harder.

I kept working my tongue but as I couldn't breathe my throat was convulsing as if I were swimming a long way underwater. I needed air.

Mr Smotherer obviously realized this and raised up a little so I could hear again as I gasped in air.

"Now pig, you'll have tasted the piss in my ass which I saved for you, I called in at Steamworks before I came here to get 5 big loads of hot mens cum in my ass, finished off with a piss enema, as I knew you'd be hungry."

"But before I settle back down on you slutty mouth, I am going to replug you. I know the acorn plug you have in is big and will hurt coming out, in fact the way I will yank it out will hurt a lot."

"Because I think whores like you deserve pain, but if you so much as take a moment to stop sucking your treats from my asshole, I'll plunge that plug in and out of you until you pass out."

"If however you can be a good pig and get every last globule of spunk out of my dirty ass and swallow like the good cum whore you are, then I will replace your acorn with my biggest ElektraStim electric plug, the Intimidator."

"I understand you've experienced the Folsom large elctro plug, but that's only 1 ½ inches in diameter, the Intimidator on the other hand is a full 2.75 inches in diameter, it's fucking huge." He was giggling as he said this.

I simply nodded my head to show that I had experienced the complete mindfuck that only electric butt plugs can provide. The plug would be a lot smaller than the Acorn I'd been wearing but solid stainless, I'd certainly feel it.

" So you understand that you have to retrieve your food and then I will let you enjoy being fucked by the electric plug and use the controls to encourage you to go even deeper into my hole."

Again his pig nodded.

"As I've been fucked thoroughly 5 times today, by some lovely big juicy cocks, you shouldn't find it too hard to open me up and get your entire mouth into me to taste your Masters true essence."

"Again if you fail to please me and fail to bring me off anally, then I shall starve you of air until you black out, then bring you around and start again. I suggest you go hard at your work pig."

Mistress Caprice lowered her head to mine, breathing in the aromas as though they were perfume, she loved seeing my utter, dreadful, degradation up close.

"Now please him pig, I don't want you to die on me."

Fuck this was going further and further by the minute.

She then held a bottle of poppers to each nostril in turn allowing me to take on 3 big hits with each nostril, she didn't even have to ask.

Just as I held in the last popper breath, the lights went out once again as Mr Smotherer lowered his sweaty orbs over my face, his heavy lipped asshole straight over my mouth.

I couldn't breathe and having held the poppers in and not being able to exhale they were hitting me in an altogether new way, a pig hit.

I worked my tongue as fast and furiously into his dirty asshole as I could, I knew I'd pass out soon, then I had it open a little way and my first feed of some globules of spunk slid into my open mouth.

Being fed, made me redouble my efforts to get more of the goodness and protein I needed and craved. I opened his hole wider forcing my lips into its slackness. More and more cum mixed with piss filled my mouth. Without air I couldn't swallow the mouthful.

Just as I started to convulse again, he gave me a breath. As he lifted off me I breathed in deeply through my nose and held the goodness in my mouth for him to see.

"Good pig, now swallow your swill and we'll see if we can get you some more."

I swallowed, was made to take 2 more hits of poppers in each nostril as he lowered his ass. I felt my heavy rubber panties being lifted to the side of the plug and then I felt the acorn plug being ripped from me.

At least it felt like it was being ripped when in truth it was being cajoled out of my pussy, it was just so fucking huge it felt like I was being fisted once again.

As it dropped out onto the bed, the feeling of emptiness was limitless. Then immediately I felt the heavy metal of the big ass electric butt plug being forced in.

To be fair it went in pretty easily so sloppy was my used cunt by now.

I was still working my tongue to get every last morsel of spunk from Mr Smotherer's dirty ass.

I felt the plug being fiddled with and presumed the electric box was being fitted to it.

Then I knew it had been as the unmistakable hit of the current caused my pussy to contract and clamp onto the plug. Fuckkkkk I loved this feeling, one of my absolute favourites.

I was slowing a little with the tongue as I savored the feeling of the butt fucking I was getting. This did not please him and he increased the speed of the convulsions.

I heard him shout "Work you bitch."

So I did pushing his asshole wider and wider open to work my lips in as much as I could. Almost lifting his ass from the bed as I pushed my head up and into his arse.

Once in a session with Mistress Valeska in the UK, she had described the feelings that an electric butt plug could induce, as being like being fucked by ten hung black guys in a train, one after another. Fuck she was on the money with that description.

The intensity had been turned way up and I was just licking and slurping as my asshole was reamed by this electric monster. The pummelling was multiple times per second, my cunt contracting and relaxing over and over again.

The feelings were amazing, the plug forcing my cunt to clench completely almost drawing the heavy plug inside my pussy, then the complete release with the weight of the plug bearing down and feeling for a millisecond that it might slip out. Before the inevitable tight clench back onto the neck of the plug. All of this on a continuous repeating loop a few times a second.

The result was that my pussy was becoming slacker and slacker, feeling the plug dominating me as it pummelled my insides. As I'd experienced in the past it was the most effective way to open an ass pussy really wide for fisting.

I was still licking as hard as I could slurping up any little globules of cum that I could feed upon.

Mr Smotherer was enjoying it, riding my face with a fucking motion, in fact he was using my face to fuck his sweaty asshole and loving every second of it.

Then just as suddenly he lifted off, I swallowed and gasped in more slut juice before he returned to fucking his ass with my mouth and nose.

I was in complete pig mode, no longer thinking, just doing what I was born to. Satisfying a Master and serving as a whore for Mistress Caprice and being filmed all the time, showing the depths I had sunk to.

The electrical pounding I was taking was bringing me to the edge of orgasm and as Mr Smotherer finally hit the edge, he moved up and backwards on my head pushing his now turgid, smelly cock deep into my mouth. I opened wide and took his entire length into my throat.

Sucking and licking for all I was worth, his sweaty balls over my eyes, his thighs slamming down on my cheeks as he fucked my throat with all his weight on my.

At the same time he took my caged clit head in his mouth and began to suck. With that and the face fucking I was taking and the massive electric plug in my ass, fucking my prostrate I was pushed over the edge a squirted my sissy juice into Mr Smotherer's mouth, just as he made a large deposit in my throat. It would make great dirty film footage.

He rested for a few seconds before dismounting from his piggy and standing looking down at his dishevelled slut, before he put his mouth over mine. I opened eagerly for my fix of my own sissy juice which I just had to have.

His tongue delved into my mouth, intertwining with mine and letting all my juices flow into my mouth.

As he unlocked his lips from mine, I swallowed involuntarily. He kissed me gently on the lips.

"What a beautiful pig you are, my slut, I truly enjoyed using you today, you have satisfied me wonderfully."

I was still being fucked hard by the plug and having cum, the intensity went up to an extreme level.

"Should I turn the electric plug off Sir." Melinda asked, but I could tell she didn't want to be told to do that as she smiled lasciviously as she said it.

Mr Smotherer looked into my eyes longingly.

"No, I still have more time and slut needs a good long proper fucking, for cumming without permission. Just scoop up any cum that has leaked from the pig pussy and coat the nostrils once more, then put the slut juice nose plugs back in and lets watch the pig squirm."

"Now that I think of it Melinda, put the urinal gag on too and sit the pig up so it can swallow more easily I have a pretty full bladder."

I was being fucked mercilessly and starting to moan as Melinda gagged me effectively with the cock gag at the end of the funnel which she strapped over my wig.

I was a urinal once again, an electrified urinal moaning into the gag.

"Give the pig more to moan about Melinda, put the clover clamps back on and add some weights."

"Yes Sir, with pleasure." Revenge was sweet.

Melinda scooped up the last of the cum beneath where my ass pussy had been and smeared it into my nostrils then pushed the nose plugs in hard so that every breath was soaked in poppers once more. I was being kept at a very high level of sluttiness with the constant heavy intake of poppers.

Even though my natural submissiveness always dipped when I came, the constant level of poppers never allowed the slightest dip. Nor did the hypnotic triggers flying around my drug addled brain.

Then the clamps and Melinda purposely pulled hard on them pulling me forward slightly straining on my straps. Then she smiled into my eyes and added two weights to the chain joining the clamps before dropping them and hearing me squeal in agony.

"Melinda have you got a full bladder we need some quiet."

" Yes Mr S, I can happily fill the urinal if that's what you'd like?"

"Yes please Melinda, as much as you can please I want the pig to stretch the corset before I leave."

Melinda stood up on the bed resting her pubis on the edge of the urinal and released a heavy clear stream of fresh drink for pig into the funnel until it was full. I swallowed and swallowed to drain it. She simply stood there releasing to fill it a few more times.

I was awash with piss.

Mr Smotherer sat there naked, enjoying the view and watching me drinking and being fucked by the plug, the weights swinging forward as I rocked on the plug.

Mistress Caprice was sitting next to him, her pole jutting out from the open zip of her rubber panties.

"May I help you with that my dear, I could do with my ass being filled again."

"That would be my pleasure Mr S." Mistress stood and looked over at me as Mr S knelt across the end of the bed and pulled his cheeks wide apart.

Mistress lined up and without lube or preamble slammed into his piggy rear, he groaned and moaned.

Melinda had a large strap on by now and moved to his head presenting the bulb to his mouth, he opened wide to accept it.

Here I was in the most intense porno scene I could ever imagine, watching another pig being spit-roasted as I was fucked by the unseen electric plug.

The sight was such a turn on I approached another unwanted orgasm. Mistress was fucking him in unison with Melinda and the sight was beautiful a complete turn on for a whore like me.

Mistress Caprice didn't last too long and slammed balls deep into his fat ass and shuddered. Mr S came a few dribbles shortly after.

Melinda removed the 8 inches of rubber from Mr S's throat and he gingerly stood up in the bed like a young elephant and turned away from me, standing over the funnel so I could see in technicolor his ass pulsing to eject my latest feed.

I kept on swallowing into my full stomach straining the corset and longing for the plug to be turned off. Suddenly feeling the thickness of the texture rather than registering the taste, but knowing I was being fed as well as watered made me happy.

Then the Mistress and Mr S sat down breathing heavily to see how their pig coped with the assault and Melinda curled up between Mistresses legs suckling on her semi-flacid cock.

"Well I hope you've enjoyed your time Mr S, but it is coming to an end we have another guest due shortly."

"I've had a delightful time thanks, and pig looks so pretty in all her leather and rubber. Shame her makeup is so smeared but no doubt you'll have Melinda fix that, I suppose I should take the plug out now."

The relief I felt to hear that the plug was coming out was short lived.

""No not yet, you get yourself cleaned up and packed and you can take it out at the last second if you like to give the plug time to really do a job on opening pig up, it'll definitely need that for the next clients."

"Excellent, I'll just get dressed and enjoy watching pig coping with the onslaught."

I'd zoned out, was just taking in as many poppers as I could having emptied the urinal, that is until Mistress Caprice chose to empty her snake into my urinal funnel. I thirstily drank even though I now desperately wanted to piss.

"Mistress the couple I spoke of earlier are very keen to film a cuckolding scene with a difference. She's a hot wife with her very very well endowed black bull and they want to use pig and film it, to show her husband his future under their dominant rule."

"Ummm Melinda, nice find, that sounds so sexy, how do they want pig to be presented?"

"They'd like him kneeling naked and erect so that they can show her husband, how they will modify him and his behaviour as they dress and use pig."

"So do they want his stomach drained of piss, or full as it is now?"

"She has asked that we drain it as much as possible but understands that the stomach will remain somewhat distended, they do want us to retain every drop of piss that comes out of pig, so they can show her husband how he'll be used as a urinal for his wifes constant use and any bulls she brings home."

"Ok then leave the plug in until Mr S is ready to go, remove the clit cage, fit the catheter and drain pig into the bags we brought. Once drained, strip pig, take off the clothes and clean the make-up of his face. Stop the poppers so that pig is desperate to get some more when they arrive."

"Yes Mistress, will do."

First she unlocked the padlocks on my shoes and removed my 5 inch high heels, which was a huge relief. Then my cuffs were removed, Melinda had me stand up and walk into the shower, her carrying the Folsom electro box which controlled the massive butt plug which was currently still assaulting my cunt. The weights hanging from my nipple clamps swinging viciously.

She took off the urinal funnel, putting it to one side. Removed the poppers and nose plugs first, then the wig and nipple clamps. As the clamps were removed my huge swollen nipples were agony. My hands automatically went to press down on my tits, but Melinda swiped my hands away, calling me a stupid slut.

She pulled the rubber panties over the end of the plug to ensure that it stayed firmly in place. She unclipped the garters from the stockings and rolled them down my legs and began to untie the back of the corset.

As she removed that I looked down to see my tortured nipples, still showing the indentations of the clamps little teeth, but will blood flowing back into them.

My saline tits were undoubtedly reducing in size by the hour, now down to a small b cup. The corset was removed and although my tits had reduced in size the nipples were still as obscenely large as last night.

My belly a tight pregnant drum filled with piss and cum.

Finally Melinda took the CUM WHORE choker off my neck. I was naked but for the rubber panties and clit cage.

"Ok Slut, you're next clients are happy for you to keep the false eyelashes and nail extensions on, knowing the work that goes into them, let's get the rest of the make-up off you and the red nail polish. Your clients want a more natural look. Kneel for me."

I carefully did so with the plug still working feverishly away at me inside my tight rubber panties.

"Let's wash some of that makeup off with my special pig make up remover, namely piss."

What a surprise, Melinda was taking every chance she could, pulling my face into her pussy as she let another stream fly into my open mouth, I was forced to swallow what I could and she used the piss to wash my face as much as she could.

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