tagBDSMThe Hanky Code Pt. 17

The Hanky Code Pt. 17


Mistress paused, to let the enormity of her comments sink in. What would Archie her husband be doing now?

Would he be stripping at this point or frantically checking on the websites he'd been on and erasing his history. He was caught and if he only knew how his life was going to change, he might not have looked at some of the more extreme sites he had.

"You've been a very naughty boy, you should have told me what you wanted and needed. Then I could have taken our sub/Domme roleplay further, much further."

"I've seen the countless stories of Big black cock cuckolding, water-sports, forced bi and forced gay scenes and sissy training, on your computer Archie. All of them, so many dirty things you've looked at and wanked over."

"As for the hypno sissy videos I've sat and watched the ones you've watched over and over again, to understand exactly what you need. Well you like the idea of being a dirty little slut and sucking huge cocks, now that I can help you with."

"I've even checked how much poppers you use when I'm away overnight. Just realize right at this minute, I know what a slut you want to be."

God he was in deep and now it really would be starting to dawn on him that there was no way out from this. If she knew everything he'd watched, liked and messaged about, he was well and truly fucked.

"Don't forget Archie on Literotica I can see every single comment you've made under your subbiguy alias."

"I've read every single comment you've made in your messages on Collar Space, your profile on Fetlife and every photo you have loved. I know so much about your depravities now."

"But they are no longer your depravities to control, now they are mine, you are mine and unless you submit completely and utterly to me there will be no future for us."

She smiled a predators smile into the camera, then carried on talking to her husband.

"Now just look at what you can become Archie, take a long hard look at pig here. As you can see a little out of shape just like you, a little pathetic cock that could never hope to please a woman just like yours. He is you, just a properly trained and programmed version of you."

She looked into the camera and I felt sure would have her husband transfixed.

"This pig walked into a gay sex shop, not even two full days ago an outwardly straight married guy. Now look at him, or should I say it. Just look at the dirty whore he has become."

I was kneeling looking into the camera, I could hear what she was saying and I was pleased by it.

"Look at these lovely long false eyelashes and these very sexy nail extensions in time you'll have these too. Not to mention pigs beautiful little titties and these fabulously huge nipples, both of which we can achieve with a few little saline injections, which I intend to become proficient at giving you."

My place now was to be the best pig I could be for Master S. I wanted to help her to ensnare her husband. I thought that was what Master S would have wanted.

Now the thoughts, that I wanted to be dressed, to be restrained, to be full and to be watered and fed were circulating in my brain. Even with the low level of poppers in my system. God I needed something big in my ass soon. I needed to be full every day in every way. I needed cum.

Mistress Fiona turned and began to stroke the back of my head, then moving over my shoulder to my B cup tits, caressing me, then down to my nipples. She rolled one in her fingers, I was in heaven and let out a little moan.

"Look Archie, it's not fighting it, even a little, it just accepts what I say. Its mind and soul have been freed so it can be a completely whorish, slutty pig. The one he's always dreamed of being deep down. Just like you've begun to dream Archie."

She massaged my tit and nipple roughly and I did all I could do and simply moaned with pleasure, my cock twitching.

"Archie I know you've fantazised about being just like pig here. You've thought about it each and every time you've wanked your little cocklet, haven't you."

I guessed he'd be nodding his head at this point.

"Well I'm going to set you free to be the best slut you can be. As your Mistress not just your wife."

"So it's time to strip Archie and go to the walk in wardrobe and there is a large box on the floor, get it but don't open it until you're kneeling in front of the computer."

She knew he wouldn't see this until later in the day, but obviously thought he was bound to follow instructions.

She even paused in the film for a couple of minutes to allow him to collect the things.

"Remember Archie, I know what you want, I have what you need."

"So that's what you're going to get now, total and utter control."

"Let's get you prepared, as I dress pig here in front of you for this education session, open the box and everything you need for your first training session is in there. I'll want you to copy what I do, I hope you understand Archie. It's very important."

"Get your poppers Archie and take 5 of the longest breaths you can in alternate nostrils. Hold each breath for a count of 10 before you exhale."

She paused to give her husband time to take his slut juice.

"Robert pass me the choker please."

Robert reached over to the bed and passed the choker to Mistress, now Archie would be able to see him on camera for the first time.

I realized I was staring at the same sight Archie would be looking at.

Those sculptured chocolate abs, muscular thighs, taut butt cheeks and most of all that magnificent swinging club of a black cock.

Circumcised, a big bulbous beautiful head, veins running up and down the length, it was stiffening, swelling and rising by the minute.

Archie would be staring at the cock that was going to fuck his wife in all 3 holes as he watched. I found myself jealous of Archie, what an amazing moment this would be for him.

Mistress Fiona placed the CUM WHORE choker around my neck and tightened it an extra notch compared to earlier. She seemed to appreciate that my breaths were much harder to get in and that it increased the intensity of my breathing, which was presumably her aim.

"Now pig do you want some slut juice to help you?"

"Yes please Mistress, I need my slut juice, please let me have some Mistress Fiona."

"You see Archie, not just a need but a deep seated craving, pig just has to have it."

She got Robert to pass the two bottles of poppers and the nose plugs and shoved them roughly up my nostrils.

I leaned my head back and breathed in for all I was worth, overloading my senses again, ohhhhhhhhhhh pigggie heaven, here I come.

As I leaned back I didn't realize that the result was pushing my smaller tits and big jutting nipples forward and for my clit to be straining up and forward too.

In animal terms I was on heat, making a show for Robert, trying to get myself bred. The choker pushing forward and shining in the camera lights said it all.

"Now stand pig and let's get these stockings on. She had rolled up the rubber stockings and I put my hand on her shoulder as she gently put them on me and rolled them up in turn."

"Archie I presume you've found your stockings there and that you are putting them on slut. Yours are seamed so make sure the seams at the back are straight."

"Then padlock the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs on and get the 8 inch black dildo I've bought for you. Its thicker than you pathetic little butt plug so you'll need a lot of slut juice to help you, so load up on those poppers."

"Lube the full length of the dildo then use the suction cup to fix it to the floor in front of your desk, so you can see the screen at all times. Make sure you have the box easily to hand, it has to be within easy reach slut."

"Once you have that, kneel in front of the dildo and put the head just inside your ass pussy for me."

Again a pause to give him chance to catch up.

While she gave him time, Robert passed her the big thick black dildo I'd been impaled on previously for Mistress Caprice. She used the suction cup on the wooden floor and I simply knelt up to allow her access to put the dildo at my pussy entrance.

The contrast on the screen of my small but turgid white cock standing straight up with the huge black dildo below it ready to fuck me would not be lost on Archie.

"Right Archie, whenever pig has to take another inch, so do you, when he does so you will follow immediately, I hope you understand for you sake."

"I want to show you with pig, just what level of depravity is possible, just how low we can aim to go. So take it all in. Study every moment."

"First I want you to understand the psychological cravings placed in pig and how they now control him."

"Robert if you'd be so kind."

Robert replaced Mistress Fiona standing to my left, his cock now at my head height. He used his hands to guide me to face him so that Archie would be able to see every inch going into my slutty throat. I had to rotate carefully to keep the head of the dildo in my cunt.

Mistress Fiona turned to Melinda and asked her to put wrist and ankle cuffs on and attach them to each other.

As Melinda padlocked them all in place and connected each wrist to each ankle, all I could concentrate on was the stunning slightly wet cock head bobbing a few inches from my mouth.

I was leaning forward a little as if to take a little lick when Mistress Fiona strode forward and slapped my face.

"Not yet pig, what about your lipstick and hair."

"Sorry Mistress Fiona but Master Robert looks and smells so good."

"Look at this Archie, look deep, this is your future, he's longing to taste Robert. Knowing that's the only way to get his satisfaction, his ambrosia, but we have a few more improvements to make to show you how those Sissy Hypno videos you love so much, will work out for you."

Melinda got the message and had me turn my head away from the beautiful cock to do my deep red lipstick, to reapply eyeliner and eye shadow, before Mistress Fiona crowned my with my black bob wig.

"Look into the camera bitch and tell Archie who you are and what you want."

I turned from the cock facing me to look directly into the camera.

"My name is Peter Johnson, although now I am pig, or cunt, or slut, or whore. I need to be fucked and to taste cock and to be fed multiple loads of real mens cum everyday and to be forced to drink lots and lots of piss."

"I need to be plugged, stretched or fucked as often as possible and to have my slut juice whenever I can."

As I said these things, the collar was making my breaths short and deep and I was overloading my system with poppers.

To my side, out of view of the camera, Mistress Fiona had opened a laptop and there was a live stream of two cameras in her husband's office.

One to the side of the desk looking at his chair and the other looking straight on at the chair. The computer showed a split screen with both images but no sound.

She was obviously streaming the footage that we were currently filming with me to his computer but with a 20 minute delay. So he was watching the very start of the film.

Archie had just sat down at his office desk and read a note on his desk and had clicked on his email from his wife and was now opening the film file.

He did look a little like me, receding hair, slightly overweight, smart trousers and crisp white shirt, a standard businessman, just as I had been 2 days ago.

The look of first pleasure, then horror on his face as saw his wife dressed as a stunning dominatrix, auburn hair tumbling over her black corset, was priceless. He must have heard the first words from Fiona's mouth, from 20 minutes ago when this all started.

As he heard her tell him that she'd seen every website he'd visited, the photo's he'd liked, the videos he's watched, his look of horror grew. His mouth was agape. He was though rubbing his cock through his trousers.

Then I got the answer to my question of his reaction, he didn't stop the file or start to erase searching history, he simply unzipped his fly and took our his small but ragingly hard cock.

So he was now watching us just 20 minutes behind real time. I'd understand the reason for the 20 minutes as time went on.

"Now let's get on with filming, Robert, time to take your pleasure and feed the pig. Ohh but before you do, put the nipple clamps on pig with the weights, Archie you need you're nipple clamps on now my darling sissy."

"I presume you've applied the lipstick from the box and the eyeliner, don't worry about the nail extensions or false eyelashes, we'll get to those later for you. But do put on your platinum blond wig Archie."

"The pig is yours Robert, Archie watch every second of this, because later Robert is going to cuckold you and do this to you."

I was again straining to lean forward a little but I needn't have tried, Robert held the back of my wigged head and simply said.

"Open wide whore."

I opened as wide as I could and he slammed 6 inches or so of his throbbing manhood into my mouth hitting the back and not getting full access to my entire throat.

Ohh to see Archie's face as he saw this in 20 minutes time. The weights attached to the chain running from one enlarged nipple to the other swung backwards and forwards increasing the level of discomfort.

I sank back onto my dildo taking in more depth as I struggled to take Master Robert fully, he simply carried on ploughing forward until my throat gave up the fight and he was through the blockage.

Mistress Fiona was by the side of my head.

"Look Archie, is your mouth watering for Master Robert's cock do you want to taste it like Cum Whore here, you can stroke a little but don't you dare cum until I order you to."

"Watch Archie, this is your slut maker, the only cock that will be going in my pussy from now on, a real mans cock, you'll get to clean up though, as you love those creampie pics so much."

"Archie you should have at least 4 inches of that dildo in you by now, if not sink lower bitch."

Robert basically fucked my throat as aggressively as Mistress Caprice had earlier. I simply sank fully on the dildo and was content that I was being a good pig, even when I could barely breathe.

"Now pig when Robert cums, I want it all held in your mouth for Archie to see."

I simply moaned some sort of yes Mistress which was unintelligible.

Robert removed most of his length from my throat just before he cock began to pulse and fill my mouth with cream.

I knelt there, make up smeared, wig slightly askew with my mouth wide open and completely full of cum, I turned to face the camera.

Fiona was again kneeling by me and looking into the camera.

"Archie, this will be you later, and this will be your sustenance, your food. Now swallow pig."

I dutifully swallowed my food. The feeling as I swallowed was one of happiness, but I needed more, after all it was not Master S's perfect cum. I needed a few more mens cum to satisfy my hunger.

"Thank you Master Robert for feeding slut."

Mistress Fiona pushed me down hard onto the dildo until I was flat against the floor. "Archie, all of the dildo should be in you now. Get me ready for Master Robert now Pig."

She was standing astride my face, her ass facing the camera and that would be all her husband could see apart from her clenching butt cheeks as I licked her out.

She was soaking wet but so, so tasty, I licked, blew and stroked until she said enough.

She got onto all fours by the side of me and in front of the camera looking into the lens as Robert knelt behind her.

"Archie no tugging on you cocklet, in fact connect your wrists to your ankles, leaving the bottle of poppers open in front of you. Just watch Roberts face as he sinks into my pussy, he's the only one who gets to be inside my pussy from now on."

Robert slammed into her as she pushed back , my cock was aching watching them, such a turn on, how Archie would be feeling was anybodies guess.

Mistress Fiona was in absolute raptures enjoying his huge cock splitting her in half and reaching places her husband could never hope to get to.

He fucked her hard until she came wildly on camera putting on a special show for her husband. Then Robert shuddered for a second time as he filled her with his seed.

She continued to shake until finally her orgasm stopped and again she looked into the lens.

"Now Archie, that's what I look like when I cum properly, you've not seen that for years and now you'll get to see it much more often as your restrained in position to watch Robert fuck me."

"The next treat for later on today is that I'm going to put on some lovely rubber panties and make sure all Roberts many seed is kept in my pussy for you to lap up later."

"I'm saving it so you can show me just how much you like cream pies."

"We have a couple of more aspects of your training to show you first though."

"Melinda please could make up pig as the urinal, I'm sure the 3 of you all have full bladders."

Melinda was only too pleased and raced to the bathroom to get the urinal funnel gag. She came back and I simply opened my mouth in anticipation. Just before she gagged me with the penis gag, Mistress Fiona scooped some of Roberts cum up and coated the gag with it.

Archie would clearly be able to see the glistening gag going into my mouth.

Once I was strapped in place, still impaled and sideways onto the computer Mistress Fiona again came too address Archie on the camera.

"Don't worry Archie I know you don't have a urinal gag there, but I have bought this one and will be bringing it home with me shortly."

"At times you will be kept in it for a few hours at a time when I have the need for a full recycling urinal. Don't even think about arguing with me, I've seen the stories and your comments on them about your desire to be forced to drink piss. As they say, be careful what you wish for bitch."

"So here goes Archie, we're all going to use the urinal one at a time, apart from me, I don't want to lose any of your cream pie."

Melinda stood astride my funnel and purposely aimed her concentrated stream of warm piss at my face for it to drip down and fill the funnel. I did my duty as a urinal. My stomach again growing little by little.

Then Mistress Caprice came onto cam, fuck I wish I could have seen Archie's face as he saw her huge cock spitting out her piss for me to recycle. Finally Master Robert once his cock had deflated a little, pissed into my cup, a long continuous stream filling the funnel to the very brim.

I drank and drank and drank. Each mouthful extending my stomach a little more, rounding it off.

Once I'd finished, Melinda released me from the gag and took it away to wash it for Mistress Fiona.

"Now Archie for the ultimate humiliation for a man, pig is going to be fucked on camera in front of you by Robert. This will be you later on."

She hadn't told her husband when, but now I thought I knew what the 20 minutes of timelag were for. I guess they lived close by.

I could only imagine what Archie was feeling as he went through this experience, the humiliation of being on cam being way less intense, than if Robert were in the room with him.

That's why I understood that on cam he could impale himself on the dildo, would he have been able to do that if Robert were there in the room with him, I doubted it.

It's amazing though what people will do on cam when it feels like the person is miles away, their inhibitions are so much lower than in person. I wondered if Archie might regret that.

My wrist cuffs were unlocked from my ankles and I was told to get on all fours the weights hanging from my nipples swinging vigorously.

Then I was told to lower my head to the floor and my wrists were attached to my collar. I couldn't move even if I'd tried.

I was sideways onto the camera still and felt Master Roberts cock head at my cunt entrance. No lube, no warning, just one deep slam until he was balls deep.

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