tagGay MaleThe Hanky Code Pt. 18

The Hanky Code Pt. 18


I was fast asleep, dreaming such sinful, delightful dreams when I felt my hands and ankles being restrained.

Then I felt a heavy body sit astride me and it pulled down hard, forcing a ball gag into my mouth. I tried to resist but my teeth would have been smashed. The ball gag pushed into my mouth and my head was lifted as it was buckled tightly behind me, as I tried in vain to break free.

My eyes were open but the room was dark, all I could see was the shape of a number of guys around me holding my feet and hands and then the guy astride me.

A cloth soaked very heavily in poppers, was placed over my nose and mouth and then a hood tied tightly in place and fixed with what felt like some form of collar which was so tight around my neck that breathing became increasingly laboured.

The guy got off me and I was lifted to my feet. My rubber bra was pulled roughly off me and I felt nipple clamps being attached to my still swollen nipples.

My arms were then pulled into some arms of an and item of clothing, I couldn't tell in my still sleepy state what it was until both arms were pulled over my chest and fixed in place.

Fuck it was a straight-jacket, what the fuck was happening to me. The pressure of the arms over my clamped tits made for an agonising walk.

I tried to shout out but was slapped hard across the head as one of the men then whispered in my ear.

"Shut the fuck up bitch, you've had you fun, now time to pay the pig piper."

I was thinking what the fuck is he talking about, had fun? I'd been through most every degradation possible and dealt with some extreme humiliation and hard core fucking.

Then they bent me over and the lock on the back of the belt of the tight double thickness rubber panties I was imprisoned in was unlocked. Shit how did they have the key for that.

Then the acorn plug was ripped out viciously, my cunt had clamped onto it so hard during my sleep, the motion of it being pulled out so quickly was agony.

It was replaced as brutally with another plug, it felt cold, like metal. Then as the electric shocks started I knew what it was. More to the point it was at a very high setting fucking me as brutally as I'd ever been fucked.

I was moaning not with pleasure but instant agony, the setting was too much and my legs buckled.

Two sets of arms held me up and I felt myself being walked out of the door, along a corridor and into an elevator. I heard the rattling of the old fashioned guard across the door being closed.

I presumed this must be a staff elevator as the one I'd used didn't have such a door.

I could tell that we were descending and for some levels.

The walked me out from the elevator and the concrete was cold beneath my feet. I stumbled forward being fucked so solidly by the electric butt plug, the nipple clamps being rubbed hard by the straight jacket with every step. My clit in its cage was also being rubbed mercilessly by the fabric of the jacket tied between my legs.

The poppers were affecting me, but just heightening my feelings, not making me horny in the least, this was a truly intense experience.

I was walked through a doorway, my shoulders hitting the door jamb as they walked me through.

Then I felt ankle cuffs being locked on, the straight jacket was removed, God it was cold in this room.

I was made to kneel on a bench and then my hands, ankles and thighs strapped or cuffed in place. It must have been one of those Y shaped benches, my legs wide apart, my pussy exposed, there were two holes for my tits to poke through.

The hood was removed and the cloth with poppers but then a pair of some sort of blackout goggles were put over my eyes, my head was tilted up by a pad under my chin, then the ball gag removed, presumably to allow full access to my throat and my head then strapped tightly to the bench.

I couldn't move a muscle. What the fuck was happening.

I felt her breath on my ear, sensing someone was there and had a faint whiff of perfume.

"Now then pig, it's me and now it's time for my real revenge. Mr Smotherer and that lovely couple didn't take you anywhere near far enough for my satisfaction after what you made Mistress Caprice do to my ass."

Shit it was Melinda and she sounded properly pissed off.

"My ass is still as swollen as it was and I just think I'm carrying out Master S's orders, to ensure that you are as trained as you the dirtiest pig you can be."

She let the words sink in, Master S didn't know about this, fuck what might go wrong. What was I in for. I was already feeling the butt plug so much more as it relentlessly fucked me without my constant stream of poppers or ecstasy, I needed my slut juice.

I began to moan more loudly almost crying with the pain of the butt plug fucking me so hard.

"That's it cry bitch, no more poppers to help you, I'm going to starve you of them, this will all feel so much more real without the help of your slut juice."

Now I really was crying, she was so fucking mad with me, what was I in for this time.

The nipple clamps were taken off from below and replaced with others which I felt Melinda adding heavy weights.

"Let's see how long we can make your pig nipples."

I then heard the shuffling of a few sets of feet coming in and could smell the rankness of some one. They smelled of stale sweat and piss and it was not an appealing aroma, it made Mr Smotherer seem hygienic.

Again she whispered in my ear.

"Let me tell you half of what you're in for pig, I have sold you again and I'm sure that won't surprise you, but who i sold you to might surprise you."

"As you know the tenderloin isn't that far away and it's amazing what people there will do for a fix or a fuck. Not exactly a Craigslist ad for them. But one of the guys from the hotel has been down and informed the lowest of the low that there is a human urinal they can use, then all they have to do is turn up here."

"One of them asked if he could come in the urinal and we then told them all that if they want to fuck the urinal throat they should go ahead and enjoy the rich businessman who would normally look down upon them and pass them by."

"You have a line up slut and you'd not believe how disgustingly dirty some of these people are. But look at it this way you'll be giving pleasure to the worst off people in society, almost philanthropic of you."

"I've given them your mouth for the next hour and you will swallow every last drop however disgusting as you know I'll be catching anything you miss and force feeding it with you.

"Try not to vomit as I know that always tastes worse when you're made to swallow it back down."

She was mad, and giggling as she said all of this.

"I said I'd find some Beasts for you and first of them is here, ohh and by the way the nice ones are at the front of the pig line, they get worse and worse at the back of the line. Keep that thought in your tiny little slut mind."

"Ohh and feel free to beg me for poppers, but you're not getting any, it's time for pig reality to hit home on that tiny brain of yours."

Then the full aroma hit me and I tried to turn my head from it but couldn't move at all, the rankest smelling cock head was pushed into my mouth.

The taste was awful and then a stream of some of the strongest salty piss hit the roof of my mouth. I began to swallow as quickly as I could but the unseen person leant forward pushing his smelly cock deep to the back of my throat, making me gag the piss out of my mouth and nose.

"Go ahead fuck his face Sir."

"Fuck me, first time a lady's called me Sir." He chuckled as he rammed into me squirting piss everywhere.

He continued to fuck and thrust holding onto my armpits for leverage, making me gag with his cock and piss filling my mouth. He was loving it and the desperate swinging of the weights on my nipples combined with the electric fucking of the plug had me in a very scary place. I needed the help of some poppers to bring my inner slut out.

Then the three sources of pain all made me think of Master and the need for cum and piss, so although it was awful beyond thought, I was at least going to be doing his bidding.

The taste of unclean cock in my mouth was making me gag more and more and finally the cock was pulled out and I was given a full facial.

"Now that's what a call a business man face" said my assaulter. Slapping me hard for good measure.

Melinda scooped up his cum and fed it to me from her fingers.

"That's it pig, bet you loved that taste, he was the cleanest. While they use the urinal and your throat as a cum deposit, I'm going to try something new."

"Fisting, well new for me to be on this end of it and also I'm going to use both hands on you, no matter how much you scream,no matter how loudly, you will be double fisted tonight."

"How does that sound slut."

"Please no Miss Melinda, I'm so sorry, Master S wouldn't want this, can I have some poppers to help pleassssseeeeeee."

"Ha begging after the first , just think how real this is going to get after 10 and then you'll still have a line, don't ever cross me again pig."

"No Missss I won't, please let me have poppers."

"Maybe when it's all over and you're even more broken that you are now, maybe then I'll take pity whore. But don't you understand, you need to feel all of this and feel it entirely to become a true pig."

I felt the butt plug being turned off and taken out, then what felt like a speculum being slid into my cunt. I felt the 3 or 4 bars of the speculum opening me wider and wider as I heard the ratchet being cranked up.

Without the poppers it was real, fuck so real, but the open air feeling of my gape was exciting as was in some weird way the thought of my ass taking both of Melinda's hands, fuck that would be amazing.

The ripe aroma of another cock hit me, just before the uncircumcised head was pushed into my mouth. Then the horror as I felt the foreskin being retracted and heard the following order.

"Not cleaned under the hood for a while, pig so bathe my cock head for me and clean him up bitch."

It was without doubt the worst thing I'd ever done, truly repulsive but with more weights added to my tits and the extra ratchet every few seconds on the speculum blocking my mind out, I just did as I was told cleaning under the glans as best I could before I received my feed of cum, no piss for this one, but certainly a hell of a lot of cum to go with the treats he'd saved under the hood for me.

I swallowed thinking at least it was food and that process continued with the next guys in the line. Smelling of piss, crusty cum and sweat I was just a pig mouth to be used and used.

If I'd had the poppers I might have even been enjoying the dirtiness and degradation, but now a steady stream of tears was being skull fucked from my eyes.

Melinda had obviously stretched me as far as she wanted and was playfully dipping her full hand into the huge hole she had turned my cunt into , it really was a bucket cunt now, but could it take two hands.

She left the speculum in place and said to the assembled company if any of them preferred pissing into the cunt or cumming in it they were welcome she then added feel free to fuck me through the speculum but warned unless they had very big cocks it wouldn't be very tight.

I heard the shuffling of a few behind me and then the piss started to fill me, as soon as each cock was taken out the pressure of my insides expelled most of the piss or cum, my clit was constantly dripping with other mens piss and cum as it dribbled out of my insides.

Each time there was a new cock in my cunt, a new one would start to fuck my throat, I swallowed as much piss and cum as I possibly could, but no way I could drink it all, no doubt Melinda was saving it for me.

The cocks were getting rougher and rougher at fucking my throat almost as if seeing the last one made them desperate to go even harder.

Then Melinda stopped the men at my ass and loosened and then removed the speculum.

"Don't think I'll need any lube guys, you've done that job for me."

I felt her fist at the entrance hole, because it was a hole and she punched forward getting very little resistance for her petite hand. She punch fucked my ass pussy in time with the guy doing a number on my throat, me crying all the time.

Then she pulled out and spat into the open gaping wound before I felt the extended fingers of both her hands palm to palm as she began to apply pressure.

I would have bellowed out in pain, but the large thick dirty cock fucking me wouldn't allow the sound out.

Melinda just leaned into her work and then feverishly rocked her hands back and forth, rotating them occasionally, opening me wider and wider each minute.

I kept swallowing and she kept rocking backwards and forwards with her hands pressuring my internal sphincter, teasing it, thrusting into it, opening it inch by painful inch. Working harder and harder as she reached both sets of knuckles.

"Now guys I need the biggest most brutal guy to use pigs throat to take pigs mind off what I am about to do."

I was beside myself sobbing into the cock I was gagging on, covered in piss and cum just desperate for a fix of slut juice, my tits having more weights put on them to increase the pain to take my focus from me stretched pussy.

One cock was taken out and another huge thick one replaced it and started to fuck the back of my throat making me almost vomit with every stroke.

It worked in that the weights and the beer bottle thick cock just forcing its way down the back of my throat took most of my focus as Melinda cried out with joy.

The moan I emitted was unlike any I'd ever uttered or ever heard, it was the moan of an animal in deep distress.

"I wish you could see bitch, although you will later when I show you the footage, but now ¾ of my hands are in you, one last push and I'll own your ass and be able to then open my arms a little and stretch you more than ever before."

She was giddy with excitement and judging by the way the vagrant at my head was using me, he was pretty excited too as he dumped another load of cum deep into my belly.

My pussy gave up its last bit or resistance and I was a broken sobbing mess in absolute agony. The poppers wouldn't have made much of a difference but I now understood why she'd not let me have them. It ensured that I felt the pain that she'd felt, multiplied by ten and Melinda was loving giving that pain to me.

I wanted the feelings of pain to meld into pleasure, but it was too intense. Melinda was almost purring with pleasure, her pussy would be dripping wet at the excitement of her double insertion.

I realized that I was almost blacking out from the lack of air caused by the girth of the cock lodged down my throat, I hadn't even thought about breathing with Melinda's two arms spreading me so wide.

As the cock was withdrawn from my throat Melinda slid one arm out causing more pain, she then clenched her small fist and proceed to punch fuck my pussy. After the two arms, just one felt amazing, my pussy sliding up and down her arm in time with the thrusts of the huge cock in my mouth.

The dirtiness and horniness of the situation was now overcoming me as was the assault on my prostate by Melinda, another orgasm rocked me as I milked a huge load of cum from the big dirty cock in my mouth, I came in my clit cage.

Melinda must have been wanking with her free hand and she screamed in orgasm too as all three of us came quite close to each other.

I was spent, a wreck.

Melinda walked around to my head picking up the bowl from beneath me which was full of piss and cum, she passed the bucket to the remaining guys in the queue and told them the face fucking was over, but they could fill the bucket with cum and piss which would be recycled through the urinal shortly.

Grumbles and moans from them, but most were so turned on with the live porno they had just seen that a few strokes had them unloading into the bucket for my slops.

She came to my head and pushed her dripping pussy to my mouth for me to worship, I simply did so tasting her juices once more.

"Ummmm well done pig, you did well, just one more bucket to drink and I'll lock you up in bed for the night.

I was unstrapped and then yet another big dildo was suctioned to the bench and I was lifted onto it and the urinal gag strapped on once more.

Melinda allowed me some massive hits of poppers saying that I deserved them as she began to pour the piss and cum mixture into my urinal. I swallowed pint after pint, my stomach distending once again.

Once the bucket was empty Melinda unbuckled the urinal.

"There you go slut, full of piss and cum once more as you always should be. Well now that you've been fed so well we can get you back in your rubber attire and off to sleep to get ready for your business day tomorrow."

She had two of the guys redress him in his Rubber bra, they lifted him off the dildo and bent him over. Then Melinda rammed the acorn plug back in place and they pulled up the tight rubber panties.

Take him back to his room and let him get some sleep.

As the two guys left him stuffed on the bed, the door creaked open and Melinda came into the dark room.

"Now sleep bitch and I'll be back in a few hours to get your ready for your business day."

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