tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 01

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 01


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This story, which starts slowly, contains descriptions of violence including detailed descriptions of rape. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Marie was doing her best not to be a "bridezilla". She wanted to have a beautiful wedding, of course, but knew that it was the marriage that would be important. If anything did go wrong today, she thought, it would be something to chuckle about in twenty years. Marie looked at herself in the mirror as she finished her makeup. Her long black hair was up in a beautiful bun with the veil pinned into it with a lovely jeweled comb. Her grandmother's dress was altered to reflect a more modern look and to accommodate her C cup chest.

At 5'9", Marie was tall but not terrifyingly so. Her bare arms looked slender but toned. Marie's entire body in the dress seemed toned but she looked as though she had enough curves to look like a very beautiful woman. She felt gorgeous for perhaps the first time in her life. At age 26, Marie was still a virgin. She had saved herself for her handsome fiancé, Trent. She had saved herself for today.

As Maid of Honor, Marie's younger sister, Jenn, was doing a marvelous job of reining in the chaos. Flowers that had arrived late were set up on the sanctuary of the church. All the bridesmaids were accounted for and looked wonderful in their lilac dresses. Jenn had even gone to the sacristy to make sure Trent and his ushers were here. Jenn walked up behind Marie, who was still admiring herself in the mirror, and gingerly placed her hands on her older sister's shoulders.

"So," Jenn asked, "are you ready for Mom and Dad to come back here?"

Marie's eyes did not leave the mirror but rose so that they met the reflection of Jenn's eyes. A smile appeared on Marie's face. Jenn was being so delicate with Marie, well, with everything. From the way she gently touched the white dress at the shoulders so as not to smudge it, to how she wrangled their parents as a rancher might handle a pair of bulls. Marie smiled as she looked at the reflections in the mirror. Jenn was a few inches taller than Marie, perhaps two inches. Where Marie had the hazel eyes of their mother, Jenn had their father's blue eyes. Jenn's breasts had been steadily creeping up on reaching a D cup, but other than that the two sisters were nearly identical and had often been mistaken for the other one. Jenn, who had just turned 21 last month, was still in college and was running this wedding like she ran her overfilled course load. She ran it like a tight ship.

"Yes," Marie said finally after letting out a sigh, "I guess it's time to get this started."

Jenn opened the doors to the "dressing room" that was detached from the main alcove of the church and allowed her parents, Catherine and Harry to step in. Catherine placed a hand on Jenn's chin and gazed at her in a silent gesture that said how proud she was of the arrangements Jenn had made. Harry smiled pleasantly at his "baby girl" and Jenn escorted them to Marie. Both Catherine and Harry were tall and thin and the way they held hands so naturally showed the love they had for each other. Although each was sporting gray hair these days, Catherine and Harry still appeared very active and vital. When Catherine finally saw her oldest daughter wearing her own mother's wedding gown, altered as it was, a tear trickled down her cheek.

"I knew she was going to cry," Jenn said.

"Yeah," said Marie as she turned to face her family. "I owe you a dollar."

"You girls really bet on whether your mother would cry?" asked Harry.

"No, of course not," said Jenn. "That was a foregone conclusion. We bet she would cry before Marie was actually facing her."

The sound of the church's organ alerted everyone in the dressing room that there was five minutes before the service started. Jenn clapped her hands loudly to get everyone's attention and got everyone in their place. Catherine gave Marie a kiss and Jenn had her escorted to her seat by Frank, Trent's brother. Jenn did a final check that everyone was ready and when she heard Pachelbel's Canon she pointed to Cindy, one of Marie's friends, to open the door for Katie the flower girl and Ben the ring bearer to begin their journey down the aisle. Jenn had arranged for Katie and Ben to proceed together so they wouldn't be as nervous about walking that long path. From the "ooo's" and "ahhh's" and the camera flashes, Marie and Jenn both knew the kids were doing just fine. One by one, the bridesmaids took their turns walking down the aisle until it was Jenn's turn. She gave Marie a quick peck on the cheek.

"I love you, sis," Jenn said with a smile before stepping in time with the music down the aisle.

Once Jenn had completed her journey, the music changed. Harry looked to Marie as if asking if she were ready. She nodded with a smile and they began Marie's final walk as a single woman. Marie watched as the entire church stood and turned to face her. It was a little disappointing because just before they did that, Marie had caught a glimpse of Trent. Now she was unable to see him. She continued walking with her father and slowly she was, as she walked, revealing more and more of Trent. He looked amazing in his tux. He was clean shaven, which was unusual. Normally, he kept himself a little scruffy. His dark brown hair was neatly combed to the side and he had a beaming smile as he could finally see Marie clearly. Marie lost sight of everything other than Trent and before she knew it, Harry was turning her to face him, carefully lifting her veil and softly kissing her cheek. Harry took his seat and Marie took the last few steps to be at Trent's side.

Marie had hoped for a simple ceremony but to appease her parents agreed to a Wedding Mass. This meant that Communion would be served. It also meant there would be readings and a sermon. Marie wasn't looking forward to that. At the moment, after Jenn took Marie's bouquet, as she was holding Trent's hand and looking into his eyes she was in no rush for the ceremony to end.

During the sermon, Father Joe said something interesting. He said that most brides think of the wedding day as the happiest day of their lives. Father Joe said he thought it should be the opposite. Since every day of marriage should be better than the day before, he felt the wedding day should be the saddest day of a bride's life as her life got happier and happier from there. She understood what he was saying, of course, but it just seemed like a really stupid thing to say at a wedding. Did he really want this to be the saddest day of her life? Marie tried to put the sermon out of her head when Father Joe called her and Trent forward for her vows.

Trent stuttered just a little tiny bit during his vows and as Marie looked up into his eyes, she knew she would treasure that moment. Trent was 6'2 and his large hand on Marie's made her feel so safe. She did not feel nervous at all. She just felt loved. She felt the love from Trent. She felt the love from everyone gathered here. She was in a wonderful place. There was a moment of electricity in her heart when Trent placed the ring on Marie's finger. Marie's lips, when it was time for the kiss, melted into Trent's. She felt complete.

The rest of the service, Communion and all, rattled on without her as Marie took turns staring at her ring and at her handsome new husband. She was so happy she couldn't believe Father Joe had suggested this should be the saddest day of her life. All the attendants had been served and it was time to take her first walk as a married woman.

It was agonizing standing at the doors of the church, shaking the hands of people who were going to try to blow bubbles in her face in a few moments. She had a patient smile on her face as person after person congratulated her and Trent. When it was finally time to go to the limousine, Trent looked at her with a big grin on his face. He gripped her hand tightly and they ran to the limousine before they could be assaulted. The limo took them to Argyle Park in Babylon where the rest of the wedding party met them and they spent several hours having their pictures taken by the waterfall in the park. As tiring as the photo session was becoming, Marie knew there was no rest in sight. The reception was going to be just as draining, but at least there would be food there. When the photographer was finally satisfied, she told the wedding party she would meet them at the reception. Marie got a huge hug from Jenn and then she returned to Trent so they could go to the limousine. This time, there wouldn't be as much kissing because Jenn and Trent's older brother, Chris would be joining them in the limousine as part of their job as Maid of Honor and Best Man. That's not to say there wasn't any kissing going on during the drive to the reception.

The reception was loud and entirely too long but the food was good. Jenn made sure to quickly remedy anything that seemed to be detrimental to Marie's appearance. She straightened Marie's train any time it was needed. She brushed Marie's black hair out of her eyes with fingertips after any vigorous dancing affected the image of the beautiful bride. Jenn had two towels waiting when the cake was cut. She just knew there was going to be shoving instead of feeding and produced the towels the instant they were needed.

Marie spent even more time shaking people's hands as she and Trent walked around the reception hall to greet everyone and thank them for coming. Marie hugged all her fellow nurses from the hospital and Jenn was two steps behind with a box of tissues when the nurses made Marie cry tears of joy.

It was finally time to leave. Frank, Trent's younger brother, handed Trent the keys to his car. Trent would now drive himself and his beautiful bride to their hotel suite where they would spend their wedding night. Tomorrow afternoon they would drive to the airport to begin their lovely honeymoon in Maui. Marie was excited and a little nervous about her wedding night. Any fears she had, however, left her mind as soon as she looked into Trent's deep brown eyes.

Trent noticed the gas gauge. They didn't have enough fuel to make it to New York City. He explained this to Marie and told her he was taking the next exit. He cursed Frank aloud for not filling it up on the way to the reception hall and Marie laughed. Trent loved that laugh.

"Mrs. Trent Melar." She caught herself repeating different variations of her married name as they rode to the gas station that would get them to their hotel in New York City. Marie was happy to have a Long Island wedding but was very excited about a night in the city and a Hawaiian honeymoon. A sudden bang shook Marie out of her thoughts.

Marie asked her husband of the last five hours, "What was that?"

"That was a flat tire," said Trent in an irritated voice. "Remind me to yell at Frank about all this when we get back home. Trent released his seat belt and began to take off the jacket of the tuxedo.

Marie seemed nervous and asked, "Where are you going?"

Trent chuckled and said, "Someone has to change the tire, and I don't feel like waiting for AAA on my wedding night." He gave Marie a soft kiss before opening his door and popping the trunk. He took the tire iron out from the space it usually sat between the driver's side door and his seat. Marie clicked open her seat belt and opened her door.

Trent looked at her and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Watching my husband change a flat, apparently," she said with a smile. "I'm not going to sit in the car while you jack it up. It wouldn't be good for the jack."

"Well, maybe you should wait in the car until it's time for the jack," Trent said. "We haven't broken down in the greatest of neighborhoods."

"Then I definitely want to stay next to you," said Marie.

Trent kissed her gently on the lips and got out the jack and the spare. He inspected the spare carefully. He would hate to replace one crappy tire with another. He was silently cheering that he paid the extra money for a full sized spare and wouldn't be putting a donut on his car.

Trent and Marie talked blissfully enough as Trent unfastened all of the lug nuts. Marie collected them and held them safe, ready to hand them to Trent as he needed them. Trent jacked the car up and pulled off the flat, staining the shirt and pants of the tuxedo in the process.

"Aww, shit," he said as he saw the stain.

"That's ok," said Marie. "I'm sure there's a one hour dry cleaner in the city we can go to before we have to go to La Guardia tomorrow."

"Yeah, I know," said Trent. "It just pisses me off, that's all. I'm really going to yell at Frank when we get back from Maui."

Trent put the flat tire in the trunk and carefully put the spare on in the vacancy. He checked it before asking Marie for the first lug nut. He hand-tightened it a few threads before asking for the next one. When Marie was down to two lug nuts in her hand, Trent noticed she was rolling them around in her palm. He laughed.

Marie asked him, "What's so funny?"

"Those aren't the only nuts you're going to be playing with tonight," said Frank with a huge grin on his face.

Marie loved that grin. Her nerves about tonight were all memories when she saw that grin. She was about to walk up and kiss him when she heard a noise that made her freeze. It was the sounds of several young men speaking loudly to each other and laughing and the sounds were getting louder. She looked over to the sounds until she saw the six of them walking in a not so organized fashion towards the newlyweds and their disabled car. If she had to guess from their faces, Marie would have thought they were all about nineteen or twenty years old. They were all drinking beer and sharing a joint as they walked and talked. One of the six guys looked up and saw Marie and Trent. He smiled and walked quickly towards them and the other five followed suit. The guy in the lead was about twenty with spiky dirty blonde hair. He was muscular. They all were muscular. Marie was certain all six of them lived in a gym. Their heights ranged from somewhere around Marie's 5'9" to Trent's 6'2". None of them were taller than Trent.

The spiky haired guy asked, "You guys having trouble?"

Trent nodded. "Flat tire," he said. "But we're almost done changing it." He gestured to Marie to hand him the next lug nut. As he placed it on, Trent slowly placed his left hand on the tire iron that was still in the jack.

The spiky haired guy smiled. "Oh," he said. "So you don't need any help?"

Trent smiled and said, "No. We're pretty good here. Thank you, though."

One of the other guys, a tall young black man with a shaved head, walked up behind Marie. He turned to the spiky haired guy and said, "Shit, Tony. Look what we got here! That is one nice ass."

Trent was very angry now. He looked at the man with the shaved head and said, "That's my wife. Do not disrespect her."

Tony, the spiky haired guy, saw his friend getting upset at that. "Calm down, Marlon. It's all cool," said Tony to his friend. Tony turned to Trent and said, "Marlon likes pretty things is all. So, you two just got married?"

Trent gestured for and got the last lug nut from Marie. He said, "Yes, that's right."

Tony smiled again. It seemed to be his natural center to be smiling, although it could have been the beer and the pot. "Nice," he said. "So, is it ok if we kiss the bride?"

Marie visibly stiffened when she heard Tony suggest that. She also noticed that Marlon stepped a little closer to her. She was very worried and she looked hopefully towards Trent. She just wanted to get out of here. If six quick pecks on the cheek would do that, she would be happy to comply. After looking at Marlon and some of the others, however, she had a feeling they were going to want something more than that.

Trent smiled and said, "That's very nice, guys, but my wife and I are very tired. We just want to finish up here and get some sleep. Why don't we just shake hands and call it a night?"

Marlon grabbed Marie harshly. He pulled her by her breasts so that her back was against his chest. "Hey, Mister," Marlon said, "we're just trying to be friendly. All we're asking for is to kiss the bride. What's your problem with that?"

Trent tensed up and immediately Tony and the other four stood between Trent and Marie.

"Please let go of my wife," said Trent as calmly as possible.

"I don't want to," said Marlon as he began massaging Marie's breasts through her wedding gown and her bra. "I want to kiss the bride."

Marie turned to Marlon and in a very calm voice said, "If I let you kiss me, will you let me go?"

"Sure I'll let you go," said Marlon with an easy smile, "but I want a good kiss."

Marie looked at Trent for a second, gave him a little nod, and turned back towards Marlon. As she turned, his hands drifted to her lower back. Marie leaned in for a soft kiss. Marlon's right hand grabbed the back of her head harshly as his left hand pinched her right ass cheek. Marie gasped and that was all the opening Marlon needed to slide his tongue in her mouth. Marie was struggling as Marlon explored her mouth with his tongue before finding her tongue and massaging it. She tried to push herself away from him but his grip on her was too strong. He held her head firmly and the fingers of his other hand were digging into her ass, pulling her closer and crushing her body against his. She could feel his erect cock pressed between their bodies. Marie was running out of air and began breathing through her nose. The sounds of satisfaction to be breathing again Marie made sounded like moaning to Marlon so he kissed her even harder and caressed her tongue more with his own.

Trent took a step forward and Tony and two others cut him off quickly. Tony said, "He's just friendly is all. It's ok."

Marlon sucked on Marie's tongue to finish the kiss and then handed Marie to the other black man in the group, saying, "Here you go, Cal. You keep her for a sec."

Marie looked at Marlon quizzically and after she caught her breath she said, "You said if I let you kiss me, you'd let me go."

"I did let you go," said Marlon. "I just didn't say for how long. You got her, Calvin?"

Calvin, who was 6'1" and very muscular, had tightly cropped hair. He said in a very deep voice, "Yeah, Marlon, I got her."

Trent's left hand was still on the tire iron. He cleared his throat and said, "Fun's fun, guys. Let my wife go. Now."

Marlon faced Trent angrily and shouted, "Or what?!?"

Trent pulled the tire iron out of the jack and thumped it into his right hand. "Or I will make you let her go. Please let her go now."

Marlon stepped up to Trent in a seemingly casual manner, his hands at his sides. "How are you going to make me let her go," Marlon began to ask, "when you're fucking dead?" Faster than Trent could react, Marlon pulled a knife from his pocket and slashed Trent's throat. Marie screamed as Trent's blood splashed onto the car. Trent dropped the tire iron with a loud clanging and Marlon stabbed Trent in the navel. Marlon ripped the knife from Trent's body and after the body landed with a thud, Marlon kicked Trent's body several times. Marie was sobbing. Marlon walked quickly up to her and placed the bloody knife flat against her cheek.

"You need to shut the fuck up, and you need to shut the fuck up right now," Marlon said threateningly.

Marie was instantly quiet, although her body was still shaking. Marie knew she was going to die. She just saw the murder of her husband and she knew the first names of three of the men involved. She knew she was going to die. She also knew she wasn't going to die right away. She knew what Marlon wanted. Marie was an Emergency Department nurse for a hospital in West Islip. Every year, the security department gave an in-service on rape. She knew immediately that she was about to be raped. The security officer giving the in-service had repeatedly said not to resist. Marie saw no point in resisting. They just killed the man she loved and were going to kill her. The fact that they were going to torture her first did not change the fact that she was going to die.

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