tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 02

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 02


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains elements that could be considered incest. It also contains actual incest, lesbianism and adultery. The forced sex from the previous chapter is alluded to.

In the previous chapter, a young Emergency Department nurse had saved her virginity for her wedding day. After the wedding reception, on the way to their hotel and their wedding night, the newlyweds had a flat tire. As they were changing the tire, a pack of six 19 to 21 year olds came up to them asking to kiss the bride. They killed the groom and the new bride was violently raped, taking her virginity. She was stabbed and left for dead. Being a nurse, she was able to bandage her wounds using what was left of her wedding gown. She was taken to her own ED and given a rape kit so all specimens left on her could be collected. She and her new husband had purchased a new home that they had furnished but not moved into yet – there were no memories there. The woman, Marie, moved into the house with her younger sister, Jenn. Jenn is a fourth year psychology student and a licensed massage therapist. Jenn has begun a new ritual, on Thursday nights of giving Marie massages that lead to orgasms.

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Jenn was the rock Marie clung to in the stormy sea that was her recent life. Jenn was right there holding Marie's hand for the funeral, the will reading, and the trips to the national cemetery. Trent, who had been Marie's husband for less than six hours, was a veteran and was buried for free in the national cemetery near Middle Island. It was such a long and depressing drive that Jenn would drive her there every other Saturday, the Saturdays Marie had off from work that is, and would hold her hand the entire time they stood at Trent's grave there.

Trent had been a lawyer with a fairly successful practice. Holly Sullivan, a colleague of Trent's, had been executrix of the will. Marie was the sole beneficiary of the will. She was also the sole beneficiary of Trent's insurance policy. Both had recently been updated and Marie was listed as spouse on both of them. Marie asked Jenn to excuse them then as she asked Holly a personal question that had been troubling her. Jenn was not offended at being excluded and happily waited in the lobby playing one of the apps on her cell phone to pass the time. Marie, it had seemed to Holly, was very nervous about whatever she needed to ask and so Holly was happy to give her all the time in the world to ask it.

"Does it count?" Marie finally asked.

"I'm sorry," Holly excused herself. "Does what count?"

"The marriage," Marie explained. "Does the marriage count legally? We were only husband and wife for five and a half hours or so and we never consummated the marriage."

Holly suppressed a laugh. She asked Marie, "Is that what you're worried about?" Marie nodded and Holly assured her, "The marriage license was signed and filed. You and Trent were married legally. You are the legal beneficiary to his assets and the firm will see to it that the insurance company does not try to weasel its way out of paying your claim which we have already filed on your behalf. The money is legally yours and not a soul can say differently. You're just going to have to accept the fact that you're rich now." Marie had to admit to herself that Holly Sullivan was a strikingly beautiful woman. She was 5'10" just an inch taller than Marie. She had light blonde, practically platinum, hair in the cutest little pixie cut. Her skin was lightly tanned and it complimented her hair nicely. Holly was in her business suit. It was a white silk blouse under a black pinstripe skirt suit. Holly was sitting on the edge of her desk and her knees were showing.

"I just can't get my head around this," said Marie. "I never knew Trent had so much money."

"He hid it well," said Holly. "I only knew because I help draft the will. Trent didn't want to be known for his parent's money. He drove a dependable but common car, he lived in a furnished apartment, and he stayed in to cook instead of going out on the town. The Melars were old money, too. His parents, before they died, had property in the Hamptons, which is now yours obviously. You probably have enough now if you and your sister wanted to retire."

"Jenn's not ready to retire," said Marie. "She just got accepted to a graduate school in the city. I couldn't retire. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't an ED nurse."

"What's an ED nurse?" Holly asked, not bothering to figure out the abbreviation for herself.

"Emergency Department," said Marie softly.

"One thing you should eventually do with yourself?" Holly asked before answering her own question. "Learn to relax."

Marie chuckled at this. "You're right. It's just so much has happened in the last few weeks and nothing is going the way I planned. I really need to find a MMMMMPH"

Marie was cut off as Holly kissed her on the lips. It was soft and gentle but it was firm enough for Marie to feel that Holy wasn't going anywhere until she got a response. Marie unconsciously opened her mouth slightly and felt a soft tongue invade her mouth. Marie moaned in Holly's mouth as their tongues gently wrestled. Holly was so patient and so gentle that Marie did not realize Holly was undressing her until her blouse had pooled around her ankles. Marie stiffened and tried to push Holly away, but got lost in Holly's insistent kiss and her gentle touches up and down Marie's exposed back. Holly deftly unclasped Marie's bra, but made no attempts to remove it. She merely got it out of the way of rubbing Marie's back. Marie continued to moan even after Holly broke the kiss so they would be able to breathe. After catching her breath, Holly leaned in for another kiss and Marie did not resist her. Holly's hands went inside the waistbands of Marie's skirt and panties and massaged the two glorious globes that made Marie's ass. Holly hooked her thumbs in to the waistbands and without unfastening the skirt, pushed the skirt and panties beyond Marie's knees where they fell to join her blouse. Holly helped Marie step out of her clothes and her shoes and led Marie to her large oak desk. Holly smiled at Marie, pulling the bra which was Marie's last remaining article of clothing off her arms and casually tossed it on the pile, before helping Marie to lie on the desk.

Holly was gentle and patient. She kissed Marie on the chin and that little spot just under her chin. She licked and suckled Marie's earlobes. Holly's soft hands kneaded Marie's C cup breasts. Holly only paused long enough to remove her suit jacket, her lips never leaving Marie's skin. The kisses traveled down Marie's neck and soon Holly was nibbling on Marie's collarbone. Marie was cooing and moaning softly and could not for the life of her understand why she wasn't resisting this. She had been a virgin less than a month ago and now she realized that since her wedding day she had never resisted sexual contact. She had been raped by six men and did not resist. That, Marie comforted herself by rationalizing, was because she had been trained at work not to resist a rape attempt and because she was certain they would kill her when she no longer entertained them. Marie never resisted her Thursday night rituals with Jenn. That, Jenn repeatedly told her, was not sex but just an intense massage. It occurred to Marie that she had always been on the receiving end of sexual contact and was never the one to give it. She reached up slowly and began to unbutton Holly's silk blouse.

Holly smiled and let the luxurious material slide off her body. Marie was rubbing Holly's back and kissing the top of Holly's head as Holly continued to travel down Marie's body. Holly finally reached Marie's full soft breasts with her lips. Holly's right hand remained to minister to Marie's left breast. Her lips took over pleasing Marie's right breast and Holly's left hand slowly begin to glide along Marie's flat stomach. Holly licked the areola in a slow patient circle, getting close to but not touching Marie's pert nipple. Holly did this a few times before flicking the nipple with her tongue and then sucking hard on the nipple. Holly released the breast from her mouth and her left hand slid up to continue that breast's pleasure as her right hand drew lazy circles on Marie's stomach and Holly's mouth did exactly what it had done to the right breast to the left one.

Marie had now unclasped Holly's expensive bra and pushed it down each of Holly's arms. Holly slid her hands out of the straps and Marie pulled the bra out from between them. Holly climbed up on the desk on top of Marie. She continued to pleasure Marie's ample chest as her own naked and succulent breasts rubbed Marie between her navel and her crotch. Marie's hands traveled lower on Holly's back and reached her pinstripe skirt. Marie tried to do the same trick of pulling down the skirt without opening it but as Holly was on all fours at the time that was fairly impossible. Marie unzipped the skirt after a few attempt and slid Holly's skirt and panties past Holly's firm ass. Holly reached down to pull off her own skirt and panties. Both women were now naked on the desk. Holly smirked to herself that the door to the office was unlocked but knew nobody would interrupt them. The men at the firm did not like to deal with grieving and sobbing widows and were very happy this assignment was Holly's.

Holly was very happy as well. She slowly kissed her way down Marie's taut stomach. She eagerly licked out Marie's thankfully clean navel and proceeded steadily lower. As Holly was now too low to kiss, Marie ran the fingers of her right hand through Holly's short hair and used her left hand to massage her own tits. Ever since her rape, Marie described her body parts using the crass terminology of her rapists. She said "tits" and "cunt" now. She wasn't entirely sure why.

Holly had reached the neatly trimmed triangle of hair that pointed to Marie's vagina. Holly rubbed her chin in the hair, earning herself a soft coo from Marie. Holly's tongue eagerly went lower. Holly did not rush as she pleasured Marie's pussy. She used her tongue to explore the folds gently and carefully. After Holly learned of the attack that took the life of her dear friend and the violation of his widow, Holly decided that she would give Marie what she needed. Marie's first sexual experience had been rough, violent and hasty. She needed, Holly knew, to be treated patiently and gently. Holly did not tell her husband that this was what she had decided to do for her friend's widow. Holly had been very happy with her decision to do this and Marie had not been resisting it at all.

Marie was losing her mind with pleasure as Holly ate her out so carefully and lovingly. This was Marie's first lesbian experience, if one didn't count the Thursday night ritual with Jenn. She had never in her twenty-six years experienced any contact of this nature until last month. Oh sure, Trent kissed her and rubbed her body over her clothes. She had taken her shirt off once and let him feel her tits through her bra. That was as far as she ever let him go and Trent had been patient with her and accepting of the fact that she was saving herself. It was his patience that drew Marie to Trent and it was this same patience that Holly was exhibiting now. Marie found it so attractive. Holly did not rush and Marie appreciated her for that. Only now was Holly's skilled tongue entering Marie's sopping wet cunt. Marie obligingly spread her legs allowing Holly better access. She cooed and moaned and gasped as the talented tongue explored inside the delicate folds. She pulled Holly's hair which encouraged Holly to push her tongue deeper. Holly was thrilled to hear Marie call out. She knew her office was pretty much soundproof.

Jenn was getting bored with the games on her phone. She checked the phone's clock and let out a sigh. She stood up, smoothed out her clothes and gave her body a stretch. Jenn glanced absentmindedly out the windows before walking over to the receptionist's desk.

"Excuse me," Jenn said politely. "Do you think it would be ok if I popped my head in Ms. Sullivan's office to see how much longer they're going to be?"

"I don't see how that could do any harm," the obviously gay male receptionist said. "But if they're still tied up you come right back here to me, ok sweetie?"

Jenn smiled and thanked him and strode casually down the hall. She found the office easily enough and was about to knock but decided to just do as she'd told the receptionist she would. She opened the door and popped her head in. She was completely shocked but a little pleased to see her older sister naked on top of the desk ramming pelvises with the equally naked lawyer. Both women looked amazing as they thrust themselves against each other. There were loud grunts and moans now that Jenn had not heard while the door was closed. She stepped inside carefully and quietly shut the door. She locked the door without a sound as she marveled at the sight before her. Jenn stepped out of her shoes and walked cautiously behind her sister. Both of the women on the desk had their eyes closed and were lost in their own pleasure. Slowly, gently, Jenn placed her hands on Marie's shoulders and gave her a back rub. Marie was so lost in her bliss she did not notice the extra set of hands massaging her back. It wasn't until Holly had tweaked both of her breasts that Marie realized there were too many hands on her. She opened her eyes slowly, hoping not to lose the powerful sensations she'd been feeling and saw the smiling face of her kid sister beaming at her.

"Is this a private party or can anyone have a dance?" Jenn asked still smiling.

Holly seemed taken aback but did nothing to try to cover herself or stop her thrusts against the older sister. Holly looked at the two gorgeous women. She knew there was a five year age difference, but the physical distinctions between the two were minimal. They could have been twins, really. Holly was excited when Jenn began to strip. Jenn yanked off her pullover top and shucked herself out of her bra and began rubbing her naked tits up and down Marie's back and Holly began to grind her crotch against Marie's. The back rub also continued and Marie was being overwhelmed by all the physical stimulation. These two women, Marie thought, were so gentle. She was falling in love with the both of them. Jenn moved from behind Marie and began feeling her sister up as she casually kissed Holly on the lips.

When they broke the kiss, Holly smiled and said, "Well you are a little overdressed for this party. Do you mind amending that?"

Jenn smiled and slid quickly out of her slacks. She had not been wearing panties, both of the naked women on the desk instantly noticed. Jenn was pulled up on the desk and placed in the center. Marie kissed Jenn's cheek as Holly gained control of Jenn's hot mouth. Both women were rubbing Jenn's huge tits and her back at the same time. Jenn was moaning in Holly's mouth as her own hands took to exploring Holly's gravity defying C cups. None of these ladies considered themselves to be lesbians. They were just exploring each other and fulfilling their needs.

At one point, Jenn had pushed Marie flat on her back and was eating her out as she, herself, was down on all fours. Holly was behind Jenn on the side of the desk licking Jenn's pussy and ass from behind. All three women moaned in joy at the sensations they were feeling. Holly was so amazed at the similarities and differences between the two sisters. Marie, the older sister, seemed so submissive. Holly wasn't sure if this was because she had been recently raped out of her virginity or if she would have been naturally so. Jenn, it was obvious, was quite dominant. When Jenn wanted something, she took it. Holly enjoyed the contrast. She really loved the different tastes of the two women. Both women tasted of vanilla and mango but there was something spicier about Jenn's taste. There was nothing wrong with how Marie tasted, certainly, but there was ineffable electricity in Jenn's secretions that Holly found almost addicting. Holly had managed to bring Marie to climax three times before Jenn joined them and she was determined to get the little sister off at least as many times.

Holly was fingering Jenn's warm wet pussy as she gave a sloppy licking to Jenn's tight asshole. After at least four minutes of this, she switched. She licked Jenn's pussy and slowly pressed her slick finger into Jenn's rectum up to her first knuckle. Again, Holly was in no hurry. She left her finger still as her tongue danced inside Jenn's wet pussy. Jenn's rectum relaxed its grip on Holly's finger slightly and Holly slid it a little further. She stopped when her finger was gripped again and she continued this game of pushing and stopping until she could not physically insert her finger any further. After her finger was in to the hilt, Holly waited once more for Jenn's asshole to let go. Once she did, Holly began to slowly piston her finger in and out of the tight hole.

Jenn loved the feeling of Holly finger fucking her ass. She shared her happiness with her loving sister and she drilled her tongue deep inside Marie's tasty pussy. Jenn's fingers delicately traced the scar on Marie's belly from where she'd been stabbed last month. Jenn had always loved her sister, but have never shared Marie's valuing of virginity. Jenn lost hers in college at the age of 18. Now, at age 21, it intrigued her that she was the more sexually experienced of the two sisters. She knew that Marie had been gang raped, but even that did not compare to Jenn's own experience. Jenn had once successfully taken seven boys at once during a lacrosse team party.

Jenn could just remember how it felt to have two dicks in her ass, two in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in each hand. She had become a legend on that night but had never become the campus slut. She had showed the boys that she was in control of the sex. It only happened because she wanted it to and if anyone tried to touch her without permission they would get a broken hand for their troubles. It was an outstanding thing for college boys to know of a woman's sexual prowess and still respect her and Jenn had accomplished this. Jenn, being bisexual, was also well known to the ladies on campus. She was well respected in that quarter as well.

Marie was almost screaming now that Jenn's tongue was quickly bringing her to orgasm. Jenn remembered Marie telling her about the rape, when she could eventually talk about it. The rapists had repeatedly told her to keep quiet. Jenn was so proud of her sister's ability to verbally acknowledge her pleasure. Marie might not ever fully recover from the traumas she faced, but at least she wouldn't be boxed in by them.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jenn, oh Jenn, I'm cumming Jenn," Marie said.

Jenn did not stop plunging her tongue in her sister. She rode the waves of Marie's climax with her and helped Marie ride it back down. Marie pulled her sister's long hair lovingly as a way of thanking her. Marie was discovering her body with Jenn's help and, now, Holly's help also. She was so thankful for showing her what intimate contact could be like. She knew she wouldn't be a lesbian but, from her recent experiences with her sister and her lawyer, she now knew that sex could be gentle. It didn't have to be painful and terrifying. It could be slow and relaxed and fun. She could never repay these two women for their services.

Well, she could never entirely repay them. She did, however, begin a new ritual in her home. Every Friday night, Holly would be their dinner guest. The invitation would eventually be extended to Holly's husband, Mark, but not for a very long time. Marie enjoyed the weekly rituals in her home and cherished the reasons for them. The Thursday night ritual actually came about because Thursday afternoons were Marie's therapy sessions. Marie began seeing a therapist the day after she was released from the hospital. The insurance company has set it up.

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