tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 03

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 03


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains group, bi-sexual and lesbian sex.

In the previous two chapters, a young nurse named Marie was gang raped and her new husband murdered on their wedding night before they could consummate their marriage. Marie's younger sister, Jenn, moved in with her in a house in a quiet town on Long Island's south shore. Jenn, a Psychology student and a licensed massage therapist, has been bringing men and women home to share with Marie in order to show her the gentler side of sex. Jenn and Marie have several weekly rituals. On Saturday nights, Jenn brings home a new lover to share. Every other Saturday afternoon, on Marie's weekends off, they visit the grave of Marie's husband. On Friday nights, they have dinner and sex with their lawyer and dear friend, Holly. On Thursday nights, Jenn gives Marie a full body massage. Jenn tried to start a new ritual on Wednesdays of going out to the movies, but Marie discovered that five of the theater employees were among the six men who raped her, including the man who stole her virginity and killed her husband.

Please feel free to give constructive criticism. It's the only way I can improve.


It was Friday night. Marie and Jenn were having dinner with their friend, Holly, and Holly's husband, John. Originally, these Fridays were shared only among the three women. Eventually, however, the evenings became less about sex. Holly absolutely loved having sex with the two gorgeous sisters, make no mistake. However, the evenings left her wanting cock. This is when she instituted a Saturday night ritual at home with John. John had no complaints about the great sex he was having with Holly. Now that their sex life had improved so well, Holly no longer needed to fuck Marie and Jenn. That was when she began to bring John. Marie felt uncomfortable the first night John came to dinner. Total honesty had been very important to Marie since her husband died hours after they wed. Marie insisted that John be made aware that the three women had been having sex.

To soften the blow, as it were, Marie also offered (for that one Friday night only) for John to have all three of them in whatever combinations he desired. John, being a full blooded male, was not going to pass up a night with the three hottest women he'd ever known. When dinner was over, John was led upstairs to Marie's bed. The ladies danced for John as she sat on the edge of the bed watching. As they danced, they kissed and undressed each other. John has been to strip clubs before but had never seen one dancer stripping another. It was unreal. To add to it, one of the dancers was his dazzling wife who danced between two stunning women who could pass for twins. There was soon a tent in John's trousers. Holly spotted it first, but Marie was the first to react. Marie continued to move to the music playing on her stereo, but was moving towards John. She grabbed a pillow from the bed and placed it between John's feet. Marie knelt on the pillow and unzipped John's fly as Jenn and Holly began kissing and feeling each other up. Marie deftly deep-throated John's cock (Jenn had been giving her lessons) and once she got a nice rhythm going bobbing up and down on his log, she deep-throated him again, held it for at least twenty seconds and went back to bobbing. John was very surprised Marie was able to take him all the way down, since he had a very large dick. Jenn and Holly came forward towards John. Marie scooted closer to John's right knee as Holly took the middle position and Jenn was by his left knee. The three phenomenal looking ladies took turns pleasuring his cock, balls, and thighs. At one point a deep-throating competition broke out and John thought he would swoon. He announced when he felt he was going to cum. Holly took his cock in her mouth as Jenn and Marie each sucked hard on his balls. Holly slurped down John's cum as soon as he shot it into her mouth. The last deposit into her mouth was bigger than she expected and some dribbled down her chin. Jenn quickly licked her face clean and the three women Frenched each other to share the taste.

The ladies then stood up and began to undress John. John was tall, about 6'2" and thin but still reasonably attractive. The women worked very well as a team and soon John was naked and centered in the bed. The ladies kissed him and rubbed his body all over. John's cock had one of the quickest recoveries he'd known in his life. The sex became fairly wild, for John's tastes, once he was stiff again. At one point, John was standing on the side of the bed. The ladies were side-by-side facing away from him on all fours, asses high. John was fucking Jenn's pussy hard while simultaneously finger fucking Marie and Holly. The moans of all the women were getting John pretty hot, but then something John had never experienced before happened. Jenn came, and seeing her set off Marie which set off Holly. John had never seen a chain-reaction orgasm before, but he loved it. At another point, John was fucking Marie doggy style while Jenn and Holly fingered each other. Jenn, as John was really hammering her older sister, suddenly broke away from Holly and pushed John's chest back and scooted his legs forward. Marie moved with him and soon she was fucking him in Reverse Cowgirl. Holly would be forever grateful to the sisters for teaching John that maneuver.

It was a one night only offer, but since that night John had been coming to Friday night dinner with Holly and sharing excellent conversation. With John's continued presence, the new Friday night ritual became Dinner and Board Game Night. Maybe it wasn't quite as wicked as Dinner and Sex Night, but they still all managed to have fun. This particular Friday night, however, was two days after Marie had identified the majority of her rapists working at the movie theater she and Jenn were planning to go to so they could see the new Sandra Bullock flick. Marie told the story over dinner, with Jenn adding color commentary; as Holly and John sat spellbound listening to the sisters tell the amazing tale of Marie's bravery.

"Holy shit," said Holly at one point. "Holy motherfucking shit. Shit, Marie, you are my new hero! You need a special day..."

"I covered that," said Jenn.

Holly smirked and said, "I'm sure you did. I meant you should have a parade with marching bands and fire trucks. You are fucking amazing, Ree. You nabbed five out of fucking six. What the hell... Oh, my God I love you, Ree."

"Will you be my lawyer for this, Holls?" Marie asked.

"Your lawyer for what?" asked Holly, visibly confused. "You mean your lawyer for the civil trial?"

"What's a civil trial?" asked Marie.

"Why do you guys keep answering questions with more questions?" asked Jenn.

"Ok," said Holly. "There are two types of trials, criminal and civil trials. At a criminal trial, the accused faces jail time. In a civil trial, the accused may have to pay financial restitution. This is going to be a rape and murder case so it will be a criminal trial. I can't be your lawyer at the criminal trial. The District Attorney's office will be in charge of the case. Your lawyer will be an ADA, but my firm might be able to get me to sit as second chair. Maybe. I could be your lawyer at the civil trial, though."

"Wait, wait, slow down," said Marie. "You're going way too fast and I have a ton of questions."

"Fire away," Holly said.


"That stands for Assistant District Attorney," said Holly.

"Second chair?"

"You can have more than one lawyer represent you at a trial," replied Holly. "You can have a team. The ADA would be Lead Counsel. This is the person who gives the opening statement and the closing arguments and questions most of the witnesses. The second chair takes notes and hands over any files the Lead Counsel needs. If I can be your second or even third chair, I can be sitting at the table with you during the trail."

"I'd like that," said Marie. "Ok, you said it had to be a criminal trial and then you said you could be my lawyer at the civil trial."

Holly chuckled and said, "Yeah, ok. Murder trials are special. They break the rules of every other type of case. Murder trials are the one type of case that can have both a criminal and a civil trial. The civil trial, if you want one, is where you try to get money out of the accused. As your attorney, I would advise you against a civil trial. The defense team would take great pride in ripping you apart on the stand and you certainly don't need the money."

"No," Marie agreed. "I don't need the money."

"Which reminds me," said Holly, "why are you crazy bitches living in Lindenhurst instead of Bridgehampton?"

"We like it here," said Marie. "The Hamptons are so far away from where our lives are."

"Except on Saturdays," said Holly.

"What do you mean?" asked Jenn.

"You told me you go to Calverton Cemetery every other Saturday to visit Trent's grave. Calverton is about halfway between here and Bridgehampton. You have inherited what can only be described as a castle in Bridgehampton. Why not have sleepovers there after leaving Calverton?" Holly asked.

"We have sleepovers here on Saturdays," said Jenn.

Holly smiled and said, "Imagine the sleepover parties you can have there."

"I'd show up," said John.

Three distinct female voices said, "Quiet, you."

The next Thursday, Marie had her therapy appointment with Kevin Clarke. Marie completely blew Kevin away with her tale of reporting the location of her rapists. There was a thrill, she explained, when she called the police and was able to watch those pricks get arrested. It was amazing that they all worked at the same place and only one of them had the night off. If her movie night had been Saturday, she would have netted all six. There was a huge manhunt for Bobby going on.

Kevin was less concerned about the police issues and more interested in how Marie was feeling. She let out a sigh and she said she was dealing with everything. She would be asked to testify at the trial. She was nervous about that. The defense team would say things like she was asking for what she got.

"Let me stop you right there," Kevin said. "You were in a wedding dress changing a tire with your husband. Your husband was trying to defend your honor and was sliced open. You were a virgin and these six animals raped every orifice of your body. These are facts, Marie. You did not ask to have your husband and your virginity stolen from you. You remember that and make sure they remember that."

Marie had developed a real trust with Kevin. She was always honest with him and did her best not to leave anything out. It was these sessions that instilled her preference for complete honesty in all aspects in her life. The rest of the session, Marie was talking about going back and forth about using the estate in Bridgehampton. Kevin made a remark that he wished all his clients had that sort of problem.

Marie was very busy at work that month. Warm weather often brought alcohol related casualties to the hospital. Alcohol related casualties meant a very loud Emergency Department. It also often meant patients who didn't know how to keep their hands to themselves. Marie was very good at redirecting grabby drunks. She kept them occupied with things other than grabbing her tits and ass. When bringing them food didn't work, there was always putting an IV in each arm to reduce how far they could grab. The trick was to occupy them before they made contact.

The Monday after her therapy session, there was a grabby drunk who was faster than Marie. Marie was occupied and didn't see him coming. Before she knew it, she was being crushed from behind by a big inebriated jerk with tattoos covering both arms. His hands were smashing her C cups into her chest and rubbing her hard. This, essentially, was an assault. Marie had the legal right to defend herself but had the professional responsibility to keep the patient unharmed. Marie stamped hard on his right foot and shimmied out of his grasp and then called a security alert. She didn't injure him so there would be no reason to involve the police. Security restrained him and the man was placed on a one to one watch. Under the security team's recommendations, the one to one watch was a male.

Jenn was doing well at school. She had a friend, Chloe, who was in both of her summer classes with her. Jenn was physically attracted to Chloe, yes, but she also loved Chloe's mind. Chloe was 5"6" and had unruly red hair that matched so nicely with her blue-green eyes. She had a provocative wiggle to her walk that drove Jenn crazy. Chloe was a B cup, but she wore clothes that made her body look very inviting. Chloe had a way of talking with her hands that for some reason Jenn found very sexy. Jenn had been daydreaming about Chloe's body for several weeks now and decided to talk to Chloe about it after class one day. Jenn was inheriting Marie's preference for total honesty. At the end of Monday's class, Jenn tapped Chloe on the shoulder and nodded her head in the direction of the quad. Chloe nodded her understanding and held up two fingers, meaning she would meet Jenn in the quad in two minutes. Jenn nodded and walked to the quad, waiting for Chloe.

"Hey, J," Chloe said almost exactly two minutes later. "What's up?"

"I wanted to talk to you," Jenn said.

"Duh," replied Chloe with a smile. "We are talking. What's the subject?"

"You are."

"Finally," said Chloe.

"Huh?" responded Jenn.

"Please tell me that you're going to tell me that you cannot stop thinking about me," Chloe said, "because I have been beating myself up trying to say that to you."

"I think you just did, and that was what I was going to say, almost verbatim," said Jenn with a smile.

"Oh, thank God," said Chloe. "So, what do we do about this?"

"That's what I need to talk to you about," admitted Jenn. "You see, my sister and I have this thing where we try to be completely honest with people..."

"That's a good albeit potentially naïve policy," said Chloe.

"Yeah, well, I need to tell you that I've slept with my sister and I've sometimes brought home lovers to share with her, usually on Saturday nights on weekends she isn't working," confessed Jenn. "I really like you and I'd like to make love to you but I don't want to share you."

"Wow," said Chloe. "There's complete honesty and then there is complete honesty. Holy shit, J."

"Too much?" asked Jenn with a nervous look on her face.

"Oh, no," said Chloe. "I find it refreshing. I guess I should be the one to decide if I'm being shared or not, right? What does your sister look like?"

Jenn smiled and said, "She looks a lot like me. Same hair, same face. She's a smidge shorter than I and has slightly smaller boobs. Oh, and she has hazel eyes."

"So," Chloe said, "If the two of you were sitting together in a Jazz club and I walked in, I wouldn't be able to pick you apart?"

"If we were sitting together at a picnic table on a sunny day, you might not be able to pick us apart," answered Jenn.

"Sure, I would," said Chloe matter-of-factly. "I love your blue eyes. Do you have the same voice?"

"No," said Jenn. "Hers is a little lower than mine. Similar speech patterns, though."

"Huh," said Chloe. "Who's older?"

"She is," said Jenn, "by five years and three months."

"Not that anyone's counting," said Chloe with a laugh. "Who's the better kisser?"

"I really wouldn't know."

"Ok, last question," Chloe said. "Are you full blown on the girl's team or do you switch hit?"

"Yeah, I'm a switch hitter," admitted Jenn with a shrug.

"Of course you are," said Chloe. "The pretty ones are always bi. Come to the Vag Side, J. We have cookies."

"You think I'm pretty?" Jenn asked.

"Come here and I'll show you what I think about you," Chloe said, smiling.

Jenn leaned forward and Chloe wrapped her arms around her and kissed her hard on the lips. Soon they were Frenching. Jenn held Chloe in her arms as they massaged each other's tongues. When they eventually broke the kiss, each girl was staring dreamily at the other.

"You don't live around here, do you?" asked Chloe.

Jenn shook her head and said, "Long Island. Suffolk County."

"Huh," said Chloe. "Do you live anywhere near the Long Island Rail Road?"

Jenn said, "Ten blocks from the second-to-last stop on the Babylon branch.

"That'll work," said Chloe. "Take me to your home. When we meet your sister, I'll let you know if I want to be shared. If I do, it won't be tonight and it will only be once. Can you work with that?"

"Yes, I can. Let's go."

Chloe took the subway to school so it was easy for her to leave directly from there. She had no car to worry about. She followed the way to Jenn's car and climbed in merrily. Chloe told Jenn she could not believe Jenn drove in every day from Long Island. Jenn admitted that she didn't like traveling on trains. Chloe told Jenn someday soon they were going to take a long ride and Chloe would make her love trains. Jenn rolled her eyes at this.

When they arrived at the home in Lindenhurst, Marie was cooking dinner. Jenn introduced Chloe and the two graduate students washed their hands before helping to get dinner on the table. The one thing about Jennifer Stevens and Marie Stevens Melar was that they cooked enough that there was always enough for at least one guest. Chloe was not going to starve.

Chloe was having a very pleasant meal with the Stevens sisters. They were chatting about a whole host of different topics. The sisters talked about whether or not to actually go ahead with a Wednesday movie night and if they did it had to be at the Babylon Theater. There were a few topics such as that which left Chloe clueless as to what they were talking about. During a lull in conversation, Chloe made it clear to Jenn, if not Marie, that a night of sharing was in their future. Jenn saw that coming. Anyone who met Marie fell in love with her. It wouldn't affect a long term relationship with Chloe if such a thing were in the cards.

After the dishes were done, they put on a movie and the three ladies watched it until Jenn excused herself and Chloe. Marie smiled and wished them a good night and reminded them to keep the noise levels down, which struck Jenn as ironic since Marie was the screamer. Chloe and Jenn were practically giggling as they went up the stairs.

Once in Jenn's room, Chloe practically tackled Jenn to the bed. Giggling, they kissed and stripped each other and Jenn reached spastically for the nightstand drawer that held her toys. Chloe looked very excited when Jenn whipped out a huge double sided dildo and a huge amount of K-Y. Both girls were very painstaking in their efforts to lube up each end of the dildo. Jenn was rubbing herself as she lubed her end in an effort to get wet and get it in more quickly. Chloe observed this and, thinking to be a great idea, did the same. Soon Jenn felt ready to insert her end. She pushed and pushed and pushed that purple beast inside of herself. When Jenn stopped pushing, Chloe pushed herself at the other end and slowly moved herself closer to Jenn. There was some strain on Chloe's face as she thrust the beast into herself a little bit at a time. When they each felt stretched to their limits, there was still at least a two inch gap between them. They then tried to find a common rhythm as they each impaled themselves on the beast. Slowly, with each combined thrust, the lovers grew closer and closer. The first few times their clits bumped, Jenn had the sensation of someone turning on and off a stereo in her head. She heard Handel's Hallelujah! Chorus in her head and then it was silent. Hallelujah! Silence. Hallelujah! Silence. Their labia touched and Jenn was able to molest Chloe's perky tits. It was the Hallelujah! Chorus all over again. Chloe was moaning and grunting and gasping almost musically and Jenn was providing the harmony. Sweat was pouring off Chloe and her wild red hair was sticking to her face in some areas. Chloe had kept her eyes tightly closed for several minutes and once she opened them the green in her eyes really stood out. The combined pace increased and Chloe's moan were getting louder.

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