tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 05

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 05


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains violence, including forced male-on-male sex. It also contains masturbation, lesbian sex, interracial sex, group sex and married couple sex; in no particular order.

In the previous chapters, a young nurse named Marie Stevens Melar was gang raped on her wedding night minutes after witnessing the violent murder of her husband. Marie and her younger sister, Jenn Stevens, moved in together. Jenn is pursuing a Master's Degree in Psychology and is a licensed Massage Therapist. Discovering that Marie has sexual desires, which is uncommon for rape victims so soon after the event, Jenn tries to show Marie the gentle side of sex by bringing home sexual partners to share. Jenn has one lover, Chloe Drasher, she is not sharing with Marie. Marie is seeing a therapist on a regular basis and is making excellent progress. Marie has a strong support system, which includes Jenn, Chloe, Holly Sullivan (Marie's lawyer and a friend of Marie's late husband), Holly's husband, Jenn and Marie's parents, and people from work. Marie has identified her attackers and two trials were set up. Marie was shot at the first trial, but was still able to testify.

Thank you very much for the votes and comments on the previous chapters. Feel free to give constructive criticism. It lets me know what to work on.


Tony used to smile all the time. It drew people to him. Now, he did not remember how long ago it had been since he last smiled. He remembered, of course, why he stopped smiling. It was no longer painful, at least, and it was all Tony's fault, anyway. He never should have resisted. Axe was absolutely right when he punished Tony. Tony needed to be taught. Resistance was not acceptable behavior. Tony needed to learn that. Tony did not blame Axe for punishing him. It needed to be done, even if Tony didn't understand that at the time. Tony, back then did not -- could not -- see his place in the world. Tony's friends had that problem, too, in the beginning. Axe punished Tony's resistance, sensibly enough, by grabbing his flashlight and knocking out Tony's front teeth; top and bottom. Eight teeth were missing from the top and six from the bottom. Axe didn't really knock them out, obviously. He smashed them with the flashlight. Tony had to see the dentist who came to the prison on Thursdays. The dentist had to extract the remainders of the fourteen teeth. The dentist told Tony he could be fitted for partial dentures once his gums healed. By that point, Tony didn't want his dentures any longer. He had, since, learned his purpose and the dentures would interfere with that. Tony often wondered, since it ultimately led him to discovering his special gift, if perhaps it was good that he resisted on the first day inside. Not that Tony would ever think of resisting again. Axe taught him that lesson well. All Axe had been trying to do, really, was take the four convicted rapists to the shower room to honor the tradition. All new rapists here had to fulfill the tradition. Tony resisted being pulled into the shower room and Axe kindly smashed Tony's teeth in to put Tony in his place.

Tommy did not learn the lesson Axe was teaching and tried to fight. Axe allowed Tommy to punch him several times before Axe and the other guards beat Tommy to death. Since Tommy could not learn a lesson, he would teach one to the other three. Tony, Pete and Calvin quickly learned the new lesson and allowed the guards to escort them into the shower room. Axe removed Tony's clothing in an effortless speed that could only come from practice.

Tony had learned not to resist. His painful, bloody, mouth continually drove the lesson home. Tony would like to think it was Tommy's death that scared him into compliance but, truth be told, it was the pain and the blood. Tony was bent forward against a wall and his legs were kicked apart. Tony's coveralls were balled up and stuffed into his bloody mouth as his ass was penetrated. He assumed it was Axe who made him scream into his jury rigged gag, but he honestly had no idea. The sounds that, at first, seemed to be echoes turned out to be the muffled screams of Calvin and Pete as their asses were also violated.

Axe -- it had been Axe after all -- grunted in Tony's ear, "This... is what... rape... feels like. Do you... like it?"

Tony was, obviously, unable to speak and violently shook his head.

Axe asked, "Don't you love my big black dick in your scrawny white ass?"

It was replied by another vehement head shake.

Axe thrust in and asked, "Don't you love me shoving my big dick inside you?"

Tony answered with a fervent head shake.

"Oh?" asked Axe. "Then why the fuck would you shove your junk into someone who doesn't want it?"

Tony had no answer for that; even if he had been able to speak. Axe reared back and reamed the hell out of Tony's ass. He turned Tony away from the wall, while still fucking him, so Tony could see his friends getting ass raped.

That day felt so long ago to Tony. Tony, after the initial rapist's tradition, was brought to his cell separately from his friends. Tony was thrown, almost literally, into a cell with a huge motherfucker who was introduced as Trunk. Trunk shoved Tony against the wall and fucked Tony's already bloody ass for what seemed like hours. Soon after that day, Tony learned he was not a person here. He was property; and he could be traded like a baseball card. That is, it turns out, exactly what happened. The one trade Tony saw, the first trade, was one week of his services as "bitch" in exchange for two cartons of menthol cigarettes and an unread magazine. He did not know what the other barters consisted of, nor did he know how many times he had been traded. Tony had long since lost track. From day one he had learned not to resist. This had evolved into someone walking up behind Tony and placing their hands on Tony's shoulders. Tony then walked to the nearest "private" area; he had quickly learned where those places were, removed his clothes and waited for further instructions. Some would simply fuck him. Some would tell Tony to clean their junk afterwards. Two insisted on a full on blowjob. That's when his purpose in life was discovered. Tony's gums had healed at that point. When he gave his first ever blow job, he tried to suck hard and the bald gums grazed his owner's dick. The sensation of the massaging gums sent Tony's owner over the edge. Tony sucked and swallowed as quickly as he was able. He swallowed the vast majority of the spunk.

Tony would never know this, but his value increased overnight. What Tony did notice was he was getting his ass reamed less and was giving more blowjobs. He had earned the nickname Gumby and did not have to worry about getting shanked. He was fairly safe because there were several people waiting to own his ass. After earning his new name, Tony was actually in a position to learn news about his friends. He learned Marlon's murder trial was coming up soon. He discovered that Pete, who wasn't strong enough to accept the life of a "bitch", tore up his bed sheets and wove them into a noose long enough to hang himself in his cell. Marlon aside, since Bobby killed himself in the courtroom, Tony and Calvin were the only ones left.

Chloe deftly tugged the V-neck collar of Jenn's top to expose Jenn's left breast. She massaged both of Jenn's breasts until her nipples resembled pink bullets. Jenn's hands gently massaged Chloe's ass and pulled Chloe closer. Chloe, then, cupped Jenn's breasts and squeezed her nipples. Chloe's pussy was getting wetter. She touched Jenn's cleavage, caressed her lovely globes and ran her fingers between Jenn's tits. Chloe's panties were soaked. Jenn and Chloe made out, their tongues softly pressing into each other's. Chloe kissed Jenn's bottom lip, ran her tongue across it, then kissed Jenn's full mouth again. After a few moments, Chloe bit Jenn's lip. Jenn moaned. Jenn took Chloe's hand, put it under Jenn's skirt and pressed it against her panties. Jenn's soft panties were thoroughly drenched. Chloe could feel her cunt swell. Chloe felt Jenn's slit and her swollen outer lips over the outside of the soaking panties. Through the panties, Chloe traced her fingers up Jenn's wet pussy and pressed her index finger into Jenn's slit. Chloe rubbed her fingers against Jenn's sopping pussy through her panties. Jenn's breathing became heavy and her cleavage was pronounced. Chloe kissed Jenn's chest and pulled Jenn's top over her head to better expose her amazing tits. Chloe unclasped Jenn's nude bra and bit each of Jenn's nipples. Chloe pressed her crotch against Jenn's thigh. Sensing what Chloe wanted, Jenn pushed her thigh into Chloe's pussy. Jenn was breathing heavily and loudly. Chloe bit Jenn's nipples harder and then sucked them hard, one after the other. Chloe kissed and licked and sucked. Chloe slid her tongue around Jenn's left nipple. Chloe put her whole mouth over Jenn's nipple to suck it hard. The talented redhead gently used her teeth on Jenn's nipple. Jenn moaned and arched her back in an attempt to push her breast farther in Chloe's mouth.

Chloe took Jenn's other nipple between her fingers and squeezed. Chloe pressed herself into Jenn's thigh and felt a small orgasm rise. Chloe could feel the heat emanating from her sex. Her fingers squeezing Jenn's tit, Chloe ran her other hand up between Jenn's thighs; up to the top of her thighs. The redhead could feel Jenn's wetness, but she stopped before reaching Jenn's pussy. Jenn's knees buckled slightly. Chloe closed the refrigerator door and sat Jenn on one of the stools at the kitchen island. Chloe squatted, somewhat, between Jenn's legs and pressed her face into Jenn's cleavage before giving her a quick motorboat. Jenn arched her back, put her hands on the back of Chloe's head and pulled Chloe in tightly. Chloe kissed her way down Jenn's body. Chloe kissed her way to the brunette's ribcage, eliciting another long moan from Jenn. Chloe kissed, nibbled and licked Jenn's body, covering Jenn's flat stomach and the sides of her waist. Jenn spread her legs, almost involuntarily for Chloe who quickly filled the void Jenn created. On her knees before Jenn, Chloe kissed everywhere. Chloe was feeling Jenn's almost D cup tits and hard nipples. She moved her fingers into Jenn's mouth for her to suck them. Chloe did not want a single part of Jenn to feel untouched.

Chloe unzipped Jenn's skirt. She opened the skirt and kissed her way to the top of Jenn's soaked panties. Chloe ran her tongue between the elastic band and the lovely flesh. Jenn let out another moan. Chloe licked Jenn's pussy through the drenched panties. Chloe loved licking the soft material and feeling Jenn's wet stickiness. Jenn rocked her hips and let out a sigh. Chloe was in love with how Jenn smelled and tasted. Through the panties, Chloe licked down the length of her cunt. She went down the dripping slit and back up. Chloe consciously avoided Jenn's clit. She licked Jenn's outer lips though the underwear. Chloe could feel with her tongue how swollen Jenn's outer lips were. Chloe licked the seam of the panties, her tongue darting between Jenn's outer lip and her inner thigh. Chloe lapped up Jenn's juices. There was a rhythm, at that moment, to how Jenn's hips moved. Through the underwear, Chloe pressed her tongue onto Jenn's clit. Jenn instinctively pressed into Chloe's face and made circular motions with her hips. Jenn moved faster and harder, pushing Chloe's head into her almost desperately. Jenn arched her back again and in a steady rocking motion, came hard in Chloe's face, through the panties. Jenn was gushing. Jenn rode Chloe's face as the redhead pulled the panties to the side and slipped two fingers smoothly inside Jenn. Jenn's pussy spasmed as she came again. Chloe pulled Jenn's panties down, putting her lips and tongue on Jenn's pussy and then covered Jenn's clit with her mouth.

Chloe was getting so horny at Jenn's shaved cunt that the redhead slid two fingers into herself. Chloe impatiently pulled her own thong down and, with some difficulty, extricated herself from it without falling over before she returned to touching herself and tasting Jenn. Chloe's tongue slid to the bottom of her dark haired lover's pussy to a soft wet spot and was instantly rewarded with a thrust of Jenn's hips. Chloe licked and let her tongue slide inside Jenn a tiny bit. Jenn let out a guttural moan. Chloe slid her tongue up Jenn's inner lips, to just under the clit, and then back down. Jenn was dripping wet and incredibly swollen. Chloe moved her tongue up near Jenn's clit again, then down and inside Jenn. Jenn thrust herself forward and slowly fucked Chloe's tongue. Chloe could feel the heat and wetness on her tongue. Jenn's pussy spasmed. Chloe put two fingers inside Jenn again and ran her tongue up the inner lips to the fold next to Jenn's clit. Chloe took the pink fold between her lips and licked Jenn. The red-haired lesbian pushed her tongue gently next to Jenn's clit in up and down movements.

Chloe was pleasuring herself with her other hand and felt her own orgasm approaching. Chloe slipped her two fingers out of Jenn so they could slowly return with a third. Chloe slid her fingers in then out, then slid them gently up either side of Jenn's inner lips towards the clit without touching her clit. Jenn moaned lovingly. Chloe rubbed her own clit faster and harder. She used her tongue and fingers on the spot just next to Jenn's clit. Chloe put her tongue directly on Jenn's clit, rubbing the sides with her fingers. Chloe felt her orgasm building as she rubbed her own clit. Chloe's pussy was aching and swollen. She felt ready to explode. Jenn started to grind into Chloe's face. Chloe's pussy began to spasm. Chloe's mouth was over Jenn's clit. Chloe's orgasm was growing in waves. Jenn grunted as she lurched her hips, began to grind, came hard and pulled Chloe's head into her cunt. Chloe then began to motorboat Jenn's cunt. Jenn's pussy tightened around Chloe's fingers and spasmed. Her hips continued to jerk into Chloe. Jenn's pressed the back of Chloe's head in deeper, threatening to smother her. When Jenn's orgasm subsided, Chloe licked and kissed Jenn's pussy, thighs and stomach before returning her attention to Jenn's pussy. Chloe was sitting on her knees on the kitchen floor; three fingers in her own cunt. Chloe sighed softly. She moved the fingers of her other hand, almost instinctively, back up to Jenn's pussy, up to Jenn's clit and back down. Chloe felt Jenn everywhere. Chloe stopped wherever Jenn responded and lingered on Jenn's sensitive spots. Chloe found her way around every sensitive area of Jenn's pussy with her fingers. Chloe brushed her tongue across the tip of Jenn's clit and broke away for a second as they both moaned. Chloe put her tongue back on the tip of Jenn's clit and moved it in tiny circles. Jenn grunted and moaned.

Chloe pressed her own legs together as she savagely rubbed her own aching wet pussy. Chloe slid two fingers into Jenn's cunt, palm up, and then slid them outward pressing into the top of the inside of Jenn's pussy. Chloe pressed up inside Jenn's pussy, behind the pubic bone, and slowly slid her fingers back and forth. Jenn cried out in pleasure as Chloe was inside her pussy rubbing a ridge. Jenn moved her hips and Chloe sawed her fingers against the spot inside Jenn. Chloe circled Jenn's clit with her tongue. Jenn got wetter and her cunt swelled around Chloe's fingers. Jenn stopped moving but her moans were very loud. Jenn thighs and pelvic muscles quivered. Jenn's breathing was very fast as she continued to moan. Jenn's hips shot up off the stool as she grabbed Chloe's head. Jenn gushed on Chloe's fingers. Jenn made another circular motion with her hips; her breathing and moaning became stronger, louder and faster. Jenn held the back of Chloe's head and fucked her clit against Chloe's face, sliding back and forth against her. Jenn took control of the hand Chloe had inside her. She pistoned Chloe's fingers in and out of her cunt. Jenn made high-pitched gasping sounds, still using Chloe's fingers to fuck herself. Chloe touched her own pussy with her free hand and was surprised at how wet she still was. Chloe returned two fingers inside her own pussy and pressed her clit into her palm. Chloe's pussy clamped around her fingers as her hips jerked. She moaned into Jenn's pussy and licked her clit hard. Jenn fucked herself faster with Chloe's slender fingers. They were incredibly loud as they each had a mind-numbing orgasm. When they each returned to earth, both still breathing hard, they looked lovingly into each other's eyes. Marie burst into the kitchen.

"Sorry," Marie said. "Coffee emergency."

"Shit," said Jenn. "I completely forgot why I came in here."

"Probably to get something to eat," suggest Marie, "before you got eaten instead. Is there a room in this house you two have not been intimate in?"

"Your room," Jenn and Chloe said very nearly in unison.

"And it's staying that way," said Marie. "God, a few month ago I would have dragged both of you in there with me and fucked until we lost the ability to walk. I just don't crave sex anymore. I have no idea why not."

"Most likely because you're no longer projecting a protector status on Holly," offered Chloe. "I'm not as good as J is at expressing Psychological Theory in laymen's terms but it would seem, keeping in mind that correlation does not mean causality, that you essentially faced your fears head on and so your subconscious no longer needed to shield you from reality. At the trial, you became your own protector. As your libido was somehow tied to your subconscious need to please Holly and J, it vanished when you replaced them in your mind as protector and comforter, respectively."

"So, you're saying that I've been suffering from dementia?" asked Marie.

"Something like that," said Jenn. "When do you want to go to the cemetery?"

"Right after breakfast," said Marie. "I want to get home early. I'm going out tonight."

"Oh?" asked Chloe. "With whom are you going out?"

Marie casually replied, "Dharmesh."

"Wait," said Jenn, "you mean Dr. Patel?"

"Yes," said Marie. "He's taking me to a restaurant in Hicksville."

"Which one?" asked Chloe curiously.

"House of Dosa's," said Marie. "Dharmesh is a vegetarian and he thought it was too soon to cook for me in his home, so we're going to Hicksville."

"That is such an unfortunate name for such a nice town," said Chloe.

"So," asked Jenn, "is this a date?"

"I guess so," said Marie demurely. "It's a storefront restaurant but he asked me to dress up."

"Good for you, Sis," said Jenn. "Let me shower and dress real quick so we can go to Calverton right after breakfast."

Jenn took longer thn she expected because Chloe joined her in the shower and they became distracted. Marie sipped her coffee but didn't start breakfast until she was joined by her housemates. As they ate, they chatted casually.

Every other Saturday, on Marie's weekends off, the three ladies would ride east to Calverton National Cemetery and visit the grave of Marie's husband, Trent. Jenn and Chloe would silently hold her hands as Marie talked to the grave marker about what was going on in her life. Today was no different, and yet it was. On this particular Saturday, Mrie seemed to be asking the grave marker for permission to go out on a date. Marie explained that she had been feeling an attraction to Dharmesh since returning to full duty status at work. She was shocked and elated when he asked her out. She felt guilty since it was just over a year since Trent died. This would not be schizophrenically induced sexual experimentation. This would be a date. If the two graduate level Psychology students saw anything strange about the young widow confessing her feelings to her husband's grave marker, neither let it show. Satisfied she had been completely honest to Trent's memory and to herself, the three lovely ladies headed home. The trip away from Calverton was always easier than the trip to it. Marie spent a big part of the afternoon preparing for her date while Jenn and Chloe cuddled together on the living room sofa and watched a movie.

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