tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 09

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 09


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains violence, elements of lesbian sex and light bondage.

Previously, in this series, a young woman witnessed the murder of her husband on their wedding day before she was violently raped. The woman, Marie Stevens Melar, was an Emergency Department nurse and used her training to get through traumatic experiences to push all thoughts of grief to the back of her subconscious. She had gone through the motions, but not allowed herself to grieve. She lived in a house on Long Island's south shore with her sister, Jenn Stevens, and Jenn's betrothed, Chloe Drasher. Marie identified her attackers and testified against them in court. Marie had a few scars, one from the night of her rape when she was nearly stabbed to death; one from a gunshot wound to her shoulder. Marie had a support system in place: her housemates, her parents, Catherine and Harry (who, secretly, are into bondage), her brother-in-law, Frank (who, not so secretly, has a crush on her), her judge friend, Holly (who may or may not have raped Marie in the process of comforting her) and several nurses with whom Marie had slept. Kevin, Marie's therapist, had noticed that Marie finally seemed ready to begin the grieving process she has denied for so long. Chloe had been hit by a driver who was texting. Frank flew up to see Chloe. Jenn stayed in the hospital room with Chloe. Marie had given notice and left the hospital. She had crying spells due to sadness and guilt. She moved into Tarabella, an immense manor in Bridgehampton. Dori Lee, the woman who hit Chloe, had been caught. Marie started working with a support group. Marie came to Ossining Correctional Facility, also known as Sing Sing, to face her three surviving rapists.

Thank you very much for the votes and comments on the previous chapters. Please feel free to give polite constructive criticism. I'm happy to answer questions, except about what's coming next. I do, eventually, read all the comments and often respond to them. So you are welcome to ask questions or, politely, tell me what I'm doing wrong. How else will I learn?


Marie faced the man who killed her husband, who stole her virginity, and who nearly killed her. She had hoped he would be the last one she'd visit.

"Oh, shit," said Marlon over the phone-like contraption with a huge grin on his face. "Look who it is! Did you miss me, bitch? Is that why you're here? Did you miss my big, black, cock? I knew you would. I own you, bitch. I knew you'd miss my cock."

"Actually, I didn't," said Marie honestly. "That's not why I'm here."

"Of course it is," snarled Marlon. "I popped your cherry, bitch, and I own your ass. I own that sweet pear shaped ass of yours and I'm going to fuck it again the next chance I get. Put your tits on the glass."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, bitch! Take off your shirt and bra and put those fine titties of yours on the glass. Do it right the fuck now."

"I don't think so," said Marie calmly. "I'm just here to face my demons. Well, guess what? I've faced you. You don't own me, little man. You don't own my ass. You don't even own yourself. Your ass is the property of the New York Department of Corrections. Also, not to burst your bubble, but the only time your cock was big was when it was the first one I ever had inside of me. Stop fooling yourself. You do not have a big cock."

Marie hung up her phone. Marlon was shouting something at her but she could not hear him. Marie turned to the guard who let her in. The guard nodded his head and signaled another guard on the other side of the glass. That guard escorted Marlon out of his chair and brought him back to the door on that side. Marlon was still shouting when he was marched through the door. The door closed.

Marie stayed where she was and watched as another convict was brought through the door. This one was Calvin. He and Marie picked up their phones at the same time.

"What the fuck do you want?" asked Calvin in an angry voice. "This place doesn't have conjugal visits."

"No," said Marie. "It has you, though. I wanted to see how you were doing."

"You want to know how I'm doing?" asked Calvin. "Bitch, don't make me laugh. You came here to make sure I was still in my cage so you could feel safe. Well, you can go home now. I'm still in my fucking cage."

"That's all you're going to say to me?" asked Marie.

"Did you want something else? Did you want an apology? You ain't getting one. I'm not sorry I squeezed your titties and I'm not sorry I fucked you. I'm happy as hell I fucked you. When I jerk off at night, I think about you. Is that what you want to hear?"

"No," said Marie, "but I understand why you said it. Be well."

Marie hung up and again signaled the guard. Calvin was soon escorted out. Marie watched as he marched through the door. He left silently. He did not shout or carry on the way Marlon had. When the door opened again, Tony was marched out. He took his seat and he and Marie lifted up their phones.

"Oh, it's you," said Tony simply.

"It is I," said Marie. "Did you want to call me a bitch?"

"No, Ma'am," said Tony. "I don't. The only bitch in this conversation is me."

Marie's eyes opened wide as she asked, "You're a bitch here?"

"Yes, Ma'am. That I am. It taught me one hell of a lesson."

"What lesson was that?" asked Marie.

"That I'm not as big as I thought I was," said Tony. He gave what once would have been a very charming smile and, instead, showed off the huge gap that used to contain teeth.

"What happened to your teeth?" asked Marie.

"Oh. They were knocked out with a flashlight," said Tony. "Well, that's not really true. The flashlight broke them, and the dentist had to pull out what was left."

"Why were you hit with a flashlight?"

Tony gave the same mostly toothless smile and said, "I had to learn my place. I had to learn not to resist."

"You had to learn not to resist what?" asked Marie.

"Not to resist Axe's cock," said Tony very calmly.

"You were raped in prison?" Marie asked.

"Ma'am, I've taken at least two cocks every day since I was sentenced," said Tony. "That's what they do to rapists here."

"So Calvin and Marlon were also raped here?" she inquired.


Marie asked, "Tony, aren't you angry with me?"

"No, Ma'am," said Tony. "I have no reason to be angry with anyone but myself. I'm the only person I can control, so I'm the only one I can get upset with."

"Thank you, Tony," said Marie. "It's been nice talking to you."

"Thank you, Ma'am," said Tony. "That's nice of you to say. Have a nice day."

Marie thought about the three conversations she'd had in Ossining all the way back to the Hamptons. She had been surprised by all three of her remaining rapists. She absolutely could not believe how little Marlon had changed and how much Calvin and Tony had. The latter two were completely different people. Two years earlier, Marie had seen Calvin as the passive one. She thought he had only been following orders. Now he was bitter. She didn't know how honest he had been with her. She didn't know if he really pictured her when he mastubated.

The biggest surprise had been Tony. He was so polite, Marie even allowed him to call her Ma'am. It seemed appropriate the way he said it. It was his way of conveying respect. She actually liked it.


Marlon was grabbed by four of the other convicts after his visitation. One of them had heard the way he spoke to the white woman who visited him. The convict and his three friends disliked the way Marlon had treated that seemingly nice woman. They threw Marlon against a wall and held him there. They took turns punching Marlon until they wore themselves out. They let Marlon fall to the floor. Marlon stayed there until after they all left and then he picked himself up and walked to the prison library.

Marlon waited patiently for access to a computer.


Once Marie had returned to Tarabella, Jayne gave Marie another tour. They had decided to break it down into several small tours each day. Marie knew the basics so far. She knew how to get to her room. She knew how to get to four of the entrances. She knew where the dining room, sitting room and living rooms were. She knew how to get to at least three bathrooms on each floor.

This day's tour included parts of the grounds. Marie was shown the tennis courts, the stables and the pier. Standing on the pier, Marie was put in the mood to lay out on the beach. She invited Jayne to join her.

"I don't think that's a good idea," said Jayne.

"Why not?" Marie queried.

"Are we still operating under the rule of complete honesty, Ms. Marie?"

"Always," said Marie.

"Well, then, I don't think it's a good idea, Ms. Marie, because it's too much familiarity with my employer. Also, and please don't be offended, I have a little girl crush on you."

"Nonsense," said Marie. "I already consider you a friend. Your salary and responsibilities will not change because I choose to hang out with you. I may choose to hang out with other members of the staff as I get to know them. I'm going to address that when I speak to the staff tonight. I'm flattered you have a little crush on me. I'll admit I'm attracted to you, too. I don't want that to get in the way of us being friends. Now get your ass inside, get in your bathing suit and meet me out on the beach."

Jayne said, "Well, if you're sure..."

"I'm sure," Marie insisted.

Jayne was nervous but she agreed to meet Marie on the beach. Jayne was a beach bum at heart and wasn't going to give up an opportunity like this. Tarabella had one of the finest private beaches in Suffolk County. The public beaches in Bridgehampton were all full of Hollywood types trying to make contacts. There were nice beaches in Montauk, but they were all rocky. Tarabella had nice sand and no networking actresses. Marie and Jayne retreated into the house to get changed.

Marie wore a blue one piece that had a little cut out which revealed her flat stomach. Marie's jaw dropped, briefly, when she saw Jayne's silver print bikini. Marie knew, suddenly, what F cups looked like. The two women laid out in the sun. They helped each other apply sunscreen. The moment wasn't as sexually charged as Jayne had anticipated. Her employer was thorough in massaging in the cream, but she was fast. There was no time to savor the experience. Jayne took that as her cue. She quickly and efficaciously applied Marie's sunscreen and stopped all physical contact once the job was done.

Marie marvelled over Jayne's body. Other than her large breasts, there was not a hint of fat on Jayne. Jayne was actually rather slim. After watching her run in the sand, it was obvious to Marie that Jayne's breasts were real. That came as a surprise to Marie who had been wondering since she first met the buxom head maid.

Jayne noticed Marie looking at her body. She was ok with it. It gave her an excuse to do the same thing. Jayne had already seen Marie naked, but still enjoyed looking at her in the one piece. The oval cutout was perfectly placed to give a very sexy appearance to the suit.

It didn't take much for Marie to convince Jayne to go in the water with her. The water was freezing cold at first. Marie dove into a wave and Jayne followed suit. The water seemed warmer after that and they were able to enjoy a nice swim together. Jayne and Marie each had a major case of headlights and neither was shy about noticing. They laughed and played in the water before returning to lay on their towels and dry in the sun.

Marie was calm. Her morning had been terrifying as she rode out to the prison. She could, at this point, relax on the beach with her stunning friend and employee. Marie was content to lay on the beach until the wind picked up and she began to feel cold. She looked at Jayne and they silently agreed it was time to go inside.

They walked to the southwest entrance, where the outdoor shower was located. Marie went first. She removed and rinsed out her swimsuit before washing all traces of sand and lotion off her body. Jayne was astonished to see that Marie wrapped her hair in a towel, but did not cover her body.

Jayne followed her new friend and employer's lead. She spent a bit longer in the shower than Marie had, mostly due to her thick curly hair. She wrapped her hair in a towel and wiped her feet on the mat before following Marie into the house. They each went to their separate rooms. Jayne told Marie she would report to her in the Master Bedroom once she was finished drying and dressing.

When Jayne was back in her new uniform, she left her quarters and headed up the servant's staircase to the Master Bedroom. Marie was not in the bedroom, having gone to the bathroom. Once there, after voiding her bladder, Marie slipped into the hot tub. She felt contentment. Jayne knocked on the door and Marie invited her in.

"It's a shame you had to get dressed," said Marie teasingly.

"I don't think the rest of the staff would appreciate my being naked in the manor, Ms. Marie."

"Fuck them."

"No, thank you, Ms. Marie. You're the only woman here I'm attracted to."

"You really have embraced complete honesty, haven't you?"

"I've always been quick to adapt to new rules of the manor, Ms. Marie."

"Unless the rule is to simply call me 'Marie.'"

"That's not a proper rule, Ms. Marie."

"What if I asked you to call me Marie whenever you weren't on duty."

Jayne thought about that for a few moments before saying, "Yes, I could do that, Ms. Marie. Shall I dry you, Ms. Marie?"

"In just a minute," said Marie. "I'm almost done. Mmmm, I'm glad there's a hot tub in here. Ok. Could you please help me out?"

Jayne held up her right hand to support Marie as she walked down the steps from the hot tub. Jayne held up a large, soft, towel and wrapped Marie's body with it. Another towel was used to wrap Marie's hair. Jayne led Marie to the comfortable chair in the Master Bedroom. Jayne had helped Marie unpack and, therefore, knew where everything was. She pulled out a lacy bra and a matching pair of panties. Jayne then got out a long sleeved tee shirt and a pair of jeans. She held up each choice for Marie's approval. Marie nodded her consent and Jayne went about dressing her boss.

"Um, what are you doing?" asked Marie.

"Why, I'm dressing you, Ms. Marie."

"Why?" asked Marie.

"It's one of my duties, Ms. Marie. I often dressed the late Mrs. Melar after she'd had a bath."

"That's ok," said Marie. "I'd really prefer to dress myself."

"As you wish," replied Jayne.

That evening, Marie and the staff gathered in the ballroom. Several of the staff members thanked her for the new uniforms. Marie accepted the thanks gracefully. She began the meeting by letting the staff know she did not enjoy the class system. With that in mind, things would be changing at Tarabella. Staff would, from that moment on, be allowed to use all stairways and entrances at any time, regardless of whether or not they accompanied a member of the Melar family.

Staff would be allowed to eat meals in the main dining room, even if Marie was eating in there. This new rule was shocking to the majority of the staff, but Jayne saw where Marie was going with this. Staff would be allowed to use the third floor gym, the pool and the beach once their daily duties were completed. Staff was encouraged to call their employer "Marie" after the completion of their duties. Staff would be allowed to engage in casual conversation with Marie.

Marie gave the staff the opportunity to ask questions. Most were too nervous to speak up until Jayne asked if it was also permissible to use the third floor shower and hot tub after using the gym. Once Marie stated that it was, other questions were asked. The tennis courts and stables were open to staff use after all the work for the day was completed. The staff was allowed to reserve the ballroom for special events.

The staff became more and more comfortable with the new rules as the question and answer period went on. When all the questions were answered, Marie wished the staff a good night. Equivalent sentiments were returned to her and many staff members, who were now off duty, called her "Marie".

On Thursday, James drove Marie to her appointment at Kevin's office. Marie told him about her trip to Ossining. Kevin was blown away. He told her that wasn't exactly what he had in mind when he told her to face her demons. He asked for more details and was almost visibly repulsed upon hearing Marlon's request for Marie to put her breasts on the glass. Kevin seemed to understand Calvin's reaction to Marie. Kevin seemed genuinely surprised to hear how the visit with Tony went.

"Do you think you could forgive Tony?" Kevin asked.

"I don't know," said Marie. "He seemed genuine, but it could have very well been an act."

"Would that make a difference to you?" asked Kevin.

"Ugh. I don't know," Marie said. "It probably would. I could, maybe, forgive him if I thought he was sincere. If I found out this was all an act, I'd hate him. I don't know. I don't want to hate him. I want to take him at his word and believe he's reforming. I... just... can't. I can't completely trust him. He was such a dick. I have no idea what he went through besides what he told me. I don't know if it was enough to make him stop being a dick."

Most of the session was devoted to talking about Marie's experience in Sing Sing. The hour slipped by quickly. Kevin congratulated Marie on her bravery and her honesty.

Friday was a rough day.

The guilt and sadness overwhelmed Marie. She knew, intellectually, she had no reason to feel guilty. Her heart did not listen to her head. She began to weep. She wept through breakfast. She wept on the beach. She went back to her room and curled into a ball, sobbing.

The staff made the decision to leave Ms. Marie alone. They liked their new boss. They loved the new uniforms. They were adjusting to the new rules. They decided to do all of their daily chores very well, but to give the boss lady her space when possible.

It fell, then, to Jayne to check on Marie. She did so discreetly throughout Friday and Saturday. Jayne would bring up trays of soup and juice and leave them for Marie. Jayne would return an hour after leaving the tray, glad to see some things had been ingested, and bring the used tray back to the kitchen.

Tarabella's staff worked efficiently during the day and used the amenities of the estate once all the work was completed. The staff worked even harder on Saturday and Sunday after having a taste of the rewards Marie had bestowed upon them. Jayne made certain the staff realized these were rewards and the free time was not taken for granted.

Sunday afternoon, around two, Jayne went in to the Master Bedroom to retrieve the tray she'd brought up earlier. Marie was sitting up in bed with her arms wrapped around her knees. Quite a bit of her hair was matted to her face. She was sobbing. Her entire body quaked. Jayne lifted the empty tray and was about to leave silently.

"Wait," said Marie quietly. "Don't go."

"As you wish, Ms. Marie."

"Please," Marie said, "sit here next to me."

Jayne put down the tray and sat on the bed by Marie's knees. Jayne noticed Marie was still wearing the clothes she wore Friday.

"Excuse me, one moment, Ms. Marie."

Marie asked, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to draw you a bath, Ms. Marie."

"I don't want a bath."

Jayne said, "I do not care." Jayne stood up and walked to the en-suite bathroom. Marie heard the running water. About two minutes later, the water stopped and Jayne returned to the side of the bed. Jayne extended both hands, palms up, towards Marie. Marie took Jayne's hands and Jayne pulled Marie to her feet. Jayne walked Marie to the bathroom. There was a towel on the floor by the tub. Jayne led Marie to stand on it. Once there, Jayne removed Marie's clothing. Marie did not resist. Jayne placed Marie's soiled garments in the hamper. Jayne guided Marie to the tub of steamy water. Marie laid down in the tub. Jayne pushed gently on Marie's shoulders until Marie's hair was enveloped in the hot water. Jayne opened a container of shampoo & body wash. Jayne rubbed the liquid into Marie's scalp.

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